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Testo Rampage Review – A Legit Testosterone Booster or Not?

What Is Testo Rampage?

Testo Rampage is a testosterone supplement that helps bodybuilders accomplish their goals. The company that produces it especially boasts about its ability to re-enrgize in the midst of a workout, alleviating the low points that are inevitable in a workout. As such it is especially for those who are already disciplined in their workout routine but have found themselves stuck at the same level of maximum weight they can lift or maximum length of their workout for a while. This supplement is designed to help overcome those stuck spots and to start improving again.

These exercise plateaus are particularly common among men over 30 whose bodies do not naturally produce as much testosterone as before. The product intends to improve strength and endurance through an increase in testosterone levels. Because a decrease in testosterone tends to yield an increase in weight, this supplement was created in order to help customers to manage weight as well as overcome the fatigue associated with exercise once testosterone levels decrease, therefore empowering those who take it to work out in a manner that is longer, more rigorous, and towards the accomplishment of goals that previously looked impossible.

As new testosterone is produced in the body ingredients in the product are released to ensure that the whole body can safely adjust to the hormonal changes induced. This particular supplement also claims to dramatically decrease recovery time. Furthermore, it promises long lasting results in part because it enhances the biosynthesis of proteins. It works with the customer’s present workout routine to improve it wherever necessary. Effective use requires knowledge of one’s own body both in terms of what workout goals are reasonable and a diet that fits the individual’s body. As these things all work together, then, the supplement encourages an overall healthy way of life.



Testo Rampage is produced by the Mengenix company. This company is known its production of a variety of male enhancement supplements. All of its products, like the Testo Rampage testosterone supplement are geared toward aspects of men’s health, especially as related to increased rates of hormones like testosterone that enhance workout performance. The manufacturer guarantees that all its products are made entirely of natural ingredients and that each supplement contains superfoods, thus assisting in all areas of health to improve nutrition and to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

The manufacturer claims that all of its supplements are healthy and safe with no negative side effects free of ingredients that cause crashes after a short period of boosting energy as is associated with many supplements. The manufacturer offers products with similar goals but differing emphases. One supplement is triggered specifically toward ripped muscles, while another is predominantly purposed in the reduction of improved muscle recovery. Likewise Mengenix Testo Rampage is predominantly triggered towards the energy benefits associated with increased testosterone. Testo Rampage includes the benefits that are common for the other two as well, but energy is its main focus.

How Testo Rampage Works?

Taking two Testo Rampage pills before a workout corresponds with healthy workout and dietary habits that have already been established to bring about the desired results of energy, endurance, and general fitness. The testosterone released in the body through these pills helps bodybuilders towards longer, more intense, and more effective workouts so that they can meet their athletic goals. Because Testo Rampage is focused on improving energy levels, it works best when used in combination with another of Mengenix’s products since the two together to provide all the benefits of a higher testosterone level.

Mengenix Muscle Rampage works with Testo Rampage to send the new testosterone produced through Testo Rampage where it will do the most good toward building muscle mass. The two together take workouts to a new level of rigor and produce a new level of results helping to make more difficult goals achievable. Since Testo Rampage boosts testosterone levels, it does help towards all these aims of a testosterone supplement by itself but not to the same degree as is possible when used in combination with Muscle Rampage. The one helps to maximize the effects of the other. Therefore, both of the supplements work their best when used together.

These two products taken together also work best for men aged 30 and older whose bodies have begun to decrease in their natural production of testosterone. They work together to help its users regain the muscle strength, energy levels, and vascularity that are all hindered with the reduction in natural testosterone production in the body. Studies have shown that once men reach the age of 30 testosterone levels decrease by 2-4% per year. This means the results of these two products become necessary in order to continue to be able to reach bodybuilding goals.


Ingredients of Testo Rampage

Testo Rampage contains tongkat ali, the most scientifically tested ingredient for the safe increase of testosterone. It is also believed to be the primary ingredient for improving energy and promoting the growth of muscle mass and body strength. Nettle root is another ingredient specifically for enhanced production of testosterone. It is what makes the biggest difference toward reaching or maintaining a healthy weight. Horny goat weed helps decrease the effects of stress and various other physical, mental, and emotional states that can hinder bodybuilding goals.

Saw palmetto is used to increase energy and endurance as well to enhance motivation for workouts. Boron amino acid chelate is especially important for a stable metabolism. While it impacts metabolism it is also at work complementing the other ingredients that help bone and muscle development. As such, all these ingredients work together to safely increase testosterone levels, to improve energy levels and metabolism, and to strengthen muscles and bones.

Since Testosterone Rampage is most effective when taken with Muscle Rampage, we will briefly discuss the most relevant ingredients in Muscle Rampage. Described by the Mengenix company as a weight trainer in the form of a pill, Muscle Rampage includes citrulline malate; studies have suggested that this ingredient dramatically increases muscle strength, improves endurance in anaerobic exercise, and decreases muscle soreness after exercise even from an initial dosage. The two supplements work together then to trigger and balance the various goals of bodybuilding.



As Testo Rempage increases the levels of testosterone produced in the body it works well with other hormones in the body to support stable hormonal levels. It is especially a great support for energy. It builds energy that helps bodybuilders motivate themselves for exercise to a significantly greater degree than is true prior to use of the testosterone supplement. It encourages longer and more intense workouts. It helps to significantly reduce muscle recovery time and assists towards less time and less pain in between workouts with a replenishment of energy occurring between doses.

As a testosterone supplement, it also works toward the growth of muscle mass, weight management, and overall improved health and physical appearance. However, some such advantages are reached to a much fuller degree and also much quicker when combined with Mengenix Muscle Rampage. Again, getting the best results of either one of these supplements requires the use of the other one. So leaner muscle mass is certainly possible with Testo Rampage by itself, but the results are even faster and more dramatic when both supplements are taken.

Customers commonly report success with this product, especially when the two are taken together. These common reports also attest to the general safety of the supplement along with its effectiveness. No major negative side effects or adverse health reactions are reported. Common positive side effects include increased mental alertness and focus, weight loss, and improved overall physical health. The lack of negative side effects and consistency of the listed positive side effects are applicable to Testo Rampage regardless of whether or not a given customer reporting his experience took it with Muscle Rampage.



Like most supplement, none of Mengenix’s products are approved by the FDA. However, there are other organizations that evaluate the ingredients, effects and level of safety of various supplements. If this product has received any certification from such an organization, its website does not advertise this. Investigations into any certificates it may have obtained have yielded no results. Nevertheless, customer reports on the product are in general very positive pointing towards a reliable view that Testo Rampage is a safe and effective testosterone supplement.

The product may not be known to have any professional certificates attesting to its ability to do what the company claims it does, to be a safe product, and to be a company that conducts its business according to the best practices of the industry. This does not mean, however, that we are unable to determine the validity of the company’s claim about this product. As we have looked at the ingredients of both Testo Rampage and its complementary muscle building supplement, we saw that both products include ingredients that have been subject to much scientific study and show that they are quite effective towards the intended results.

Furthermore, we will continue to work towards a determination of whether or not the supplement works to do what its company says it will do, if it is safe, and if the company is legitimate. We will seek out this information through data collected from reviews of actual customers who have used the product (some taking it alongside its complementary product and others using it by itself) and through customer reviews of the company’s customer service and those customers’ perception of the company’s fairness and accessibility.



One testimonial for the product says that its name does not do justice to its power. He says that already in the first week of use he suddenly felt like a new person and especially like a more masculine person. He does not indicate whether he used both supplements or just the one predominantly for boosting testosterone. However, by itself the product normally takes at least two weeks to start producing the intended results, so this seems to imply that he likely combined the two.

A second testimonial comes from a man who used the testosterone booster by itself. His purpose for taking a testosterone supplement was to increase lean muscle mass. He reported minor changes in muscle mass but extreme increase of energy helping him to make the most of his workouts even if the muscle mass was not quite what he was looking for. He also commented that other effects of testosterone that had nothing to do with bodybuilding were for stronger for him than any effect on his muscle building and strength training goals. His testimonial helps to advance the idea that the product is effective but much more so when taken alongside Muscle Rampage.

Our final testimonial comes from a man who did use both the Testo Rampage and Muscle Rampage. He says that before beginning to take these two products he felt very weak and had all but given up on the bodybuilding goals he had earlier in life. But he says that it only took four days of taking the two supplements before he could feel his strength increase. He said that he could tell that his workouts were productive for the first time in years. What he values the most about his experience was that he regained his love for working out.


Awards & Media Coverage

Just as the company has not publicly shared any certifications from organizations that investigate and attest to the safety of a combination of ingredients used in supplements, they likewise do not publicize any information about awards or media coverage surrounding their products if there has been any. The company has not garnered any significant attention or exposure in the media or in the health and wellness field. They claim, nevertheless, to be the top rated testosterone supplement on the market as rated among supplement customers.

This lack of public information supporting the claims of the company could be problematic. It could communicate to some customers that the company does not want its prospective customers to know too much about the product before they purchase it and begin to use it or even that the company does not really believe in the product. However, the reports from genuine customers who has used the product and benefited from it help to make up for the company’s apparent deficiencies with regards to certifications, awards, and media coverage.

Reviews of the product written by the product’s customers are very positive. The combination of these reviews serve as the best resource available to show that the product is effective, especially when used as part of the dual supplementary program the company offers and suggests. Furthermore, they indicate that the product (or combination of the two products) is safe when taken according to the packaging instructions and that no negative side effects or adverse health problems are associated with use of the supplements.


Money-back Guarantee

The Mengenix company promises a full refund including the cost of shipping and handling for all cases of unauthorized and fraudulent transactions. They state that any refund request outside of such a situation is assessed on a case by case basis. This means that the company gives no guarantee of refund or replacement for any situation other than an unauthorized order, yet they demonstrate a willingness to address problems and provide refunds or replacements when they determine it justified.

In the company’s Terms and Agreement document, they include examples of the types of instances in which they are most likely to deny a refund request. These are all unquestionably valid reasons including repetitive patterns of refund requests from the same customer. In some circumstances the company requires authorization from customer service in order to process a refund, thus meaning that the customer must be familiar enough with these terms in order to know when to contact customer service to make a complaint before simply returning the product.

While Mengenix may not offer a full money-back guarantee for all situations of dissatisfaction, they are clear and upfront about their refund and return policies, which cannot be said for all companies that produce supplements. They also specify that shipping and handling fees are not refunded except in the aforementioned situations of unauthorized orders. Because the company also offers a 14-day free trial period, they seem to show that they do care about their customers’ satisfaction with the product and about financial integrity.



Several prominent places on the company’s website guarantee that once an order for the initial supply of the supplement is made, they will ship it within one business day. However, their shipping terms in their Terms and Agreement document contradict this saying that they usually ship products between two and four business days after the order is made. They use standard USPS first class shipping which is normally received between one and three days of shipment.

When customers order the 14-day trial supply they are charged $4.96 for shipping and handling. This is the only cost associated with the first 14 days. However, the company initially sends a 30-day supply. Customers are automatically charged their first monthly fee 14 days after they make the order. Since the company only sends monthly supplies, this means that all subsequent monthly charges will include the same $4.96 shipping and handling fee.

Shipping and handling rates discussed in this section are for Testo Rampage only. Therefore, customers seeking to try both products simultaneously as recommended will need be subject to double the shipping and handling cost quoted above. Customer reports are generally quite positive with regards to the product and many aspects of the company’s business practices, but shipping is the most common exception. Many customer complaints have been reported regarding the automatic payment since the free trial period begins before the customer receives the product. Counting the maximum days for shipping and reception along with weekends factored in it is possible that a customer could receive their initial supply up to 11 days after their order leaving only three days of the free trial.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All websites related to the Mengenix company are fully compliant with all federal laws regarding internet privacy. Any personal information that they collect for sales or communications are are kept confidential and never shared with any third party entity. The server through which this information is transmitted is the most secure currently with SSL certificates and encryptions that ensure a checkout process that is safe for customers’ identities, finances, and computers.


Pricing & Free Trial

Although new customers are sent a 30=day supply when they order the free trial, the trial period only lasts 14 days from the day of the initial order. After those 14 days are complete, both charging and shipping are automated. The customer’s credit card on file will have $93.78 deducted monthly beginning with the 15th day after the first order. Based on the times in which that first month’s supply are ordered and shipped, each subsequent shipping of monthly supplies are automated, ensuring that the customer should never go without a dosage from the time beginning the free trial period until the time of cancelation.

The problematic timing of the free trial has been mentioned already. It is one of only two significant complaints commonly given by customers. The other common complaint is the cost. This is more expensive than several other trusted testosterone supplements. Especially since the production of optimal results requires an additional product, the price does get quite high. The quoted price of $93.78 per month is only for the supplement that this article is primarily concerned with. The complementary Muscle Rampage costs the same monthly price, therefore doubling the overall cost when both are taken.

To obtain all the results that make a performance enhancing supplements worthwhile for bodybuilding purposes, prospective customers are looking at spending almost $200 per month (including shipping and handling fees). This is indeed an extremely large amount of money. The product has an excellent reputation for effectiveness and safety, and the company has a similarly good reputation for upfront information, honesty, and quality customer service, nevertheless prospective customers will need to consider this financial aspect very seriously, as there are other products on the market that create similar results that do not cost this much.






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