Testo Fuse XL

Testo Fuse XL Review – How Can It Improve Your Workouts?

What Is Testo Fuse XL?

The ingredients in its formula blend are designed to work synergistically with the body’s natural processes to significantly increase testosterone production for maximum strength and energy. Its ingredient list is 100% organic with no harmful substances added. Its active ingredients are Fenugreek Seed Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Magnesium and Diindolylmethane. Benefits to consistent use may include accelerated workout gains and muscular hypertrophy for faster fat-burning and more hard, lean muscle mass. It comes in the form of capsules and was also designed for optimal nutrient absorption, thereby potentially speeding up the process of myogenesis.

This testosterone amplifier is believed to have been researched, developed and manufactured in the United States. It can be used to enhance athletic performance as well as to increase testosterone production in men experiencing age-related testosterone decline. According to the manufacturer, it must be used consistently and for a minimum of approximately two months to obtain the most dramatic results. It also promises to raise energy levels, to maximize strength and stamina, to aid in the fat-burning process and to enhance cognitive function. It is designed specifically for healthy adult males who maintain an active lifestyle and a healthy, portion-controlled diet.



Testo Fuse XL is manufactured by a health, wellness and fitness solutions supplier named Advanced Physical Development, LLC. This company’s corporate headquarters are located in Belleville, New Jersey (in the United States). Advanced Physical Development, LLC also retains return facilities in Englewood, Colorado (also in the United States. According to online sources, it also offers sports-specific fitness consulting services. It was established in 2014 with the mission to promote and to support overall health- and fitness-related well-being.

Advanced Physical Development, LLC is active on a number of social media channels in order to better connect with its customer base. The company can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Most importantly perhaps, it maintains an official website wherein fitness enthusiasts can find nutritional advice, workout tips, fitness blogs, additional nutritional supplements and more. Online sources cite that is is a partnership company and is believed to staff between 1-10 employees. Cautious consumers are likely to find great value in this manufacturer’s easy accessibility, informative nutritional and workout content and range of wellness-dedicated products.


How Testo Fuse XL Works?

This testosterone booster is formulated to regulate hormonal function for maximum lean improvements in muscle strength, size and performance. As fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike are well aware, testosterone is an androgenic steroid hormone crucial to physical characteristics such as strength, myogenesis, stamina, endurance and more. It also plays an essential role in repairing torn muscle fibers after strenuous workouts to build new, stronger lean muscle tissue. As such, deficits in testosterone levels often lead to muscle atrophy, reduced strength and stamina, diminished endurance abilities, physical and mental fatigue and more. The compounds in this product’s formula blend, then, may help to restore lost testosterone levels in men who are experiencing a decline as a result of age, or for other reasons.

It is important to note that the bioavailable supplies of testosterone free for purposes of building new muscle are referred to as ‘free testosterone,’ or ‘circulating testosterone.’ This is essentially what supplements such as Testo Fuse Xl are aiming to increase. The manufacturer asserts that this product is not designed to be a meal replacer, nor is it designed to treat medical issues. It also asserts – and reasonably so – that anyone considering incorporating this (or any other) nutritional supplement into their fitness regimen, is advised to consult with a health professional to rule out any medication interaction, health conditions or potential allergens caused by any of the plant extracts in the product formula. Lastly, an important feature in its formula design is to enhance the process of protein synthesis, thereby helping the body to build and repair new muscle cells for maximum strength gains.


Ingredients of Testo Fuse XL

This ingredients in this organic muscle growth complex are formulated to work together to improve protein synthesis and to stimulate natural testosterone production for the potential of more lean muscle mass gained faster. Its official website promises optimal nutrient absorption to help users get the most out of every workout. Key to its formula blend is Fenugreek Seed Powder, an annual plant cultivated all over the world that is thought to improve cardiovascular performance and testosterone production. Its seeds are rich in minerals such as Folic Acid, Riboflavin, Iron, Zinc and Magnesium. This herb has a long history of myriad medicinal uses and may help to significantly increase free testosterone supplies, while another of its ingredients – Diindolylmethane – is another natural compound with a long history of use for wellness purposes as well as for testosterone-boosting purposes.

Another of Testo Fuse XL’s key ingredients, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, is derived from a root plant and is commonly used to increase energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity. It may also be effective in raising mood levels, as it has been used as a mood stabilizer and enhancer in numerous cultures worldwide for many years. It may also help to increase the process of thermogenesis, thereby potentially helping users to burn more calories at an accelerated rate. Magnesium, an important mineral often incorporated into fitness supplements, may help to increase muscle growth as well as to actively increase testosterone production. It is widely thought to support a healthy immune system overall, while its role in energy production have made it popular as an athletic performance enhancer.



Testo Fuse XL comes in easy-to-use capsule form and can be used either alone or in combination with protein shakes and/or other quality supplements, for purportedly faster lean muscle gains and improved workout performance. It may work to stimulate testosterone production, increasing the levels of bioavailable testosterone. Important benefits may include less muscle fatigue, improved hormonal regulation and heightened energy levels. It may provide a cost-effective, wholly organic solution to help older men regain lost strength and vitality. All of its ingredients are plant- and mineral-based, making it a legal, safer alternative for competitive fitness professionals such as bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters.

The extracts in its capsules may also help to increase endurance and stamina. Some users have reported significant weight loss benefits, leading to a leaner, more toned physique. It may improve the process of protein synthesis as well as accelerate muscle tissue repair for less cramping and downtime between workouts. In addition, some of its herbal extracts may help to improve mood and cognitive focus as an effect of increased free testosterone levels. Dedicated Testo Fuse XL customers can now stock up and save money by choosing from one of the multi-purchase promotional offers available on the official website.



Although the Testo Fuse XL website mentions research statistics regarding the role of testosterone in optimal physical and life outcomes, it does not provide specifics. The site also mentions a link between low testosterone levels and negative mood outcomes such as depression and irritability, though again it does not provide links to clinical studies. Its parent company – Advanced Physical Development, LLC – is also certified to provide fitness and general wellness consulting services. Its official website features professional athletes and other certified fitness coaches available to help users in their diet and fitness journeys. The site also provides a wealth of information from credible sources, which is likely to appeal to the savviest of fitness consumers.

Testo Fuse XL’s manufacturing and company reports that its policies are created in accordance with codes of consumer protection. In addition, this testosterone booster is 100% manufactured in the United States in accordance with federal safety regulations. The product website also certifies that the formula blend is 100% natural with no harmful additives. The site does not specify whether the laboratory in which it was developed is GMP-certified. For those newer to the fitness supplement industry, GMP is an acronym for Good Manufacturing Practices and is an important consideration when researching potential nutritional supplements.



Shortly after I turned 46 this year, I threw my back out and had to face the fact that I’ve let myself get incredibly out of shape over the years. I looked at my beer gut, my love handles and my saggy arms, and I knew I had to do something about it. Since I would get winded even climbing a flight of stairs, I knew I needed some sort of energy fuel to help get me through workouts. I started walking every day, lifting weights a couple of times a week and taking Testo Fuse XL regularly. Three months later, I’ve lost ten pounds and I’ve almost got the body I should’ve worked for years ago. — Jorge R., chief financial officer in Monterrey, Mexico

Since I started taking a couple of these capsules with my regular protein smoothies, I’ve been noticing a major boost in my endurance and energy levels. During my powerlifting routine, I can do more repetitions and lift for longer. I’d read a lot about Human Growth Hormone and how it helps to build bigger muscles, so when I came across this and saw that it was designed specifically to increase HGH, I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s ramped up the intensity of my cardio sessions and given me more fuel to lift weights. This stuff has helped me tone up and lean out in a big way. — Juliano O., martial arts instructor in Cancun, Mexico

With the combination of Testo Fuse XL and my new workout program, I’m able to attack each workout with strength and vigor I haven’t felt in years. I’ve increased my bench press, I’ve lost weight and I don’t get the soreness I used to get after strength-training. I also like that it doesn’t make me bloated like test boosters I’ve used in the past. I would definitely recommend this to other older guys who need some real help in the fitness department. — Lonnie B., fitness coach in Miami, FL, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The official Testo Fuse XL website does not advertise any media coverage at this time. However, judging by its presence in the online fitness community via blogs, forums and individual health and wellness-dedicated websites, it seems to have become quite popular among users. Some bodybuilders have reported success when stacking it alongside a quality nitric oxide-boosting supplement. It has been featured and reviewed by online health markets to seemingly positive reviews overall. Potential customers should be advised that, although it is sold by various online outlets at varying price points, the manufacturer asserts that its authenticity cannot be guaranteed unless purchased directly.

The copyright date on the Testo Fuse XL website is 2015, which makes the product itself at least two years old. As such, there is no mention (on the website) of its having won any awards as of yet. It has not yet received any nominations for awards or accolades in the health and fitness supplement industry. As very little information regarding awards or media coverage is currently available, interested parties may want to check such publications as Men’s Fitness and/or Men’s Health for (the potential of) any awards and/or nominations not mentioned on the manufacturer website.


Money-back Guarantee

Each standard purchase comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the customer is dissatisfied with the product for any reason, they may contact the customer service department to request a refund anytime within the first 30 days of the purchase. The satisfaction guarantee is valid on first purchases only; returns are limited to the transaction amount paid upon this purchase only. In order to request a refund, customers must include the empty bottle or any partially used product – along with any other purchases the customer may want to return – back to the company’s return department. Depending on the bank or credit card company involved, it may take up to 3-5 business days for a refund to post on a customer’s account.

Any returns must also include any promotional items and/or free bonus products, in the event of a refund request. Also according to the manufacturer’s return policy, all return packages must display a clearly-written Return Authorization Number obtained by emailing a customer service member at the provided email address. Each return request must contain the original order number for reference. Once customers requesting a refund have received an emailed confirmation of the request, they are allowed the option of either sending back the unused portion of the product or purchasing what is left. Details on the terms and conditions section do not specify how return portion costs are calculated.

Those curious to try Testo Fuse XL may take advantage of the manufacturer’s 14-day trial program. Once the evaluation period concludes, the customer account rolls over into an automatic monthly billing and replenishment program. Terms and conditions state that the member’s credit card on file will be billed for monthly auto-deliveries of a new 30-day supply beginning shortly after the trial’s conclusion. Membership remains in effect until and unless cancelled by the customer, while accounts can be canceled or modified at any time. As noted in the terms and conditions of the offer, this 14-day trial period includes processing and transit time (which subtracts from the 14-day period allowed for trial use).



Most orders are scheduled for delivery approximately one business day after order submission. Policy does allow, however, that there may be delays as pertaining to the customer’s region of order (along with other potential variables). All return fees must be paid at the customer’s expense – in addition, all charges incurred due to shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Processing for shipment begins as soon as orders are placed, and shipping is free for members of the Monthly Replenishment Program. As per the company’s shipping policy, all monthly auto-shipment cancellations must be received prior to the next scheduled shipping date.

Shipping and handling costs may vary based on the quantity of merchandise purchased, while merchandise may be delivered in separate shipments. In general, shipping time takes about 5-7 business days for most shipping locations. The buyer is responsible for any customs, taxes and/or other fees charged by authorities in the buyer’s region of order. At the time of this review, the cost of standard shipping is $6.97. Orders ship to any state in the United States as well as to the Northern Mariana Islands, to the Republic of Marshall Islands, to the Virgin Islands of the U.S., and more.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of Testo Fuse XL pledges a dedication to exceptional customer service on the official product website. Inquiries may be emailed via an easy-to-use submission form located on the site. There is also an email address listed for those who prefer more traditional means of communication. Furthermore, there is a toll-free 1-877 telephone number listed for direct access to a live customer service representative. The official Testo Fuse XL website neglects to specify the customer support center’s hours of operation.

General physical correspondence can be sent to Advanced Physical Development, LLC via its physical headquarters in Belleville, NJ in the United States. This manufacturer’s returns department is located in Englewood, Colorado. Company policy does not state whether it ships orders on weekends or on certain holidays. Customer service team members are trained to assist all manner of inquiries regarding product usage, shipping policies, customer accounts, returns, trial program membership and a number of other pertinent areas.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This manufacturer has invested in transactional customer security with a suite of safety and security software. Advanced Physical Development, LLC pledges its commitment to guarding all personal and financial information stored on its servers via its privacy policy on the product website. The policy states that all such information is stored on a secure server accessible only to select company members and vendors as necessary to complete the sale. Transactions are entrusted only to established third-party processing agents, banking institutions and distributors; accordingly, the site displays industry standard trust marks such as Verified By Visa, Verisign, TRUSTe Verified and McAfee Secure.

The privacy policy details the fact that no identifying customer information is disclosed to third parties for any reason other than as necessary for the agreed-upon transaction. Per current terms and conditions, this policy is effective upon publication and is subject to change at the discretion of the manufacturer. Customers with questions regarding this are encouraged to contact the customer service department for any information not detailed on the website. The site also uses 128-Bit Secure Socket Layer encryption technology to scramble customer data, making it unreadable in the event it is intercepted by cyber hackers. The safety seals mention demonstrate that the site is scanned for malware, viruses, phishing activity and other potential vulnerabilities, making its transactions as safe and secure as possible.



A single bottle of Testo Fuse XL containing 60 capsules for a full 30-day supply is currently $48 (for a $20 savings off the list price). Seasoned fitness supplement customers will likely agree that this price is approximately half of the current going rate for comparable testosterone booster. According to the terms and conditions detailed on the website, most orders are billed within 24 hours after the purchase is made. Accepted methods of payment are Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

This manufacturer offers a pricing advantage rare in the world of nutritional supplements: The opportunity for customers to save money via multi-bottle purchases. Buyers can save a total of $105 by purchasing two bottles for $99; this price includes one full bottle free of charge as a special bonus. The other multi-purchase option consists of three bottles plus an additional two free bottles, for $148 (for a $192 savings off the original list price of $204). Advanced Physical Development, LLC does, on occasion, offer special health offers and other promotional opportunities. In regard to returns, there is a minimal $5 restocking fee per unit returned (which is deducted from the refund credit issued).






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