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Testo Extreme Review – Can You Gain More Power & Muscles With This Test Booster?

What Is Testo Extreme?

Testo Extreme is a testosterone-boosting supplement formulated to increase free testosterone levels in the body. By increasing testosterone, the manufacturer claims it will maximize muscle-building, increase energy and vitality and enhance workouts. This product is designed for men above the age of eighteen who are looking to boost their workout performance. It is marketed in fitness industries around the world and comes in capsule form. Its ingredients are comprised entirely of natural plants, extracts and botanicals.

This product is marketed as an effective method for men from a wide range of demographics to up their fitness levels and workout quality. It is geared toward professional bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness professionals. It is also designed for athletes who are looking for an edge to up their sports performance. Last but certainly not least, it is marketed toward the average male who is looking to look and feel better in the gym and in everyday life. The manufacturer claims that men who have significantly depleted testosterone levels due to natural age-related testosterone loss may also find significant advantage in using this workout supplement.



Testo Extreme is manufactured by a company by the name of Maxx Live LLC. Its headquarters appear to be located in West Palm Beach, FL. Although there is not much information online in regards to company history, it appears that this manufacturer offers a limited number of successful testosterone-boosting supplements. Some customers may find the lack of detailed company information off-putting, considering the fact that many buyers prefer to invest their money in established merchants. However, one way this manufacturer appears to offset this information deficit is via their trial offer, which gives men the chance to test the product out free of risk.

As a testament to the company’s success, they offer an additional no-cost trial of their second well-known testosterone-boosting supplement on their website. It is likely that this will reassure potential buyers that this merchant is at least established enough to offer not one, but two products that have an established name in the fitness/diet industry. Clearly, the official product website seems to imply, if Maxx Live LLC is able to offer multiple successful workout supplements, one might deduce that they must have some level of credibility in the fitness industry.


How Testo Extreme Works?

As most men are well aware, testosterone is known for its anabolic capabilities. This means that it is able to increase strength, stamina and endurance, which in turn increases muscle mass and physical fitness levels overall. For men (perhaps) newer to the bodybuilding world, testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. Higher free testosterone levels boost energy levels and increase blood flow to the muscles. This not only means muscles are not only able to function more easily and efficiently but are also able to recover more quickly after an intense workout.

According to instructions, the user is directed to take two capsules daily with water. The directions reasonably state that the capsules are intended to be taken in conjunction with vigorous exercise and a healthy diet. For maximum results, this regimen must be maintained for no less than eight weeks. Users are specifically instructed not to exceed the recommended daily dose of two capsules. As with any pills — even with natural ones such as these — it is important to read the ingredient list carefully, as a segment of users may experience unpleasant side effects and/or interactions with other medications.


Ingredients of Testo Extreme

This t-booster’s proprietary formula blend consists of various herbs and extracts known for their effectiveness in the bodybuilding world. Each bottle comes with sixty capsules. The first listed ingredient is Eurycoma Longifolia, a.k.a. Longjack. Longjack is a flowering plant indigenous to Malaysia and various other Asian regions. It is alleged to improve endurance and mental focus. With increased endurance, of course, comes a greater ability to lift longer and pump more iron.

Testo Extreme’s second listed ingredient is Ethyl Ester. This is essentially Creatine with an Ethyl Ester attached. It binds to protein receptor sites, which supposedly leads to better workout capabilities and increased lean muscle mass. L Citriline is the third listed ingredient. Many fitness professionals believe this amino acid promotes blood flow to the tissues, soothes muscle soreness and promotes more efficient muscle building in general. Also listed is Trillium Erectum, a flowering plant native to North America that many believe promotes increased levels of free testosterone in the body.

The fourth key ingredient is Potency Wood, a lesser-known supplemental additive in the bodybuilding world. Also known as Muira Puama, this is a type of bark many believe is effective in calming the nervous system and increasing energy levels. It is also purported to raise mood levels as well. Some bodybuilders also believe that Muira Puama is especially effective because the muscle gained by its use is permanent (as opposed to other extracts’ muscle-depleting side effects that can occur once a user ceases taking them). Other ingredients in Testo Extreme’s formula include Saw Palmetto, Yam Extract, Sarsparilla Extract, Tribulus Extract, Guarana Seed Extract and L-Arginine.



Most importantly, Maxx LLC claims that regular use of Testo Extreme— in combination with a rigorous exercise routine and a diet rich in protein — will allow the user to get ripped quicker. Since heightened stamina and endurance are also purported benefits, this would in turn lead to better workouts and more power and energy in everyday life as well as a more toned physique. Although the official website states that this product’s results are “clinically proven,” there is no link to specific statistics or studies that would back this claim up. The company would do well to link to these clinical results for added credibility. The bottom line, however, is that the biggest purported advantage to this product is more lean muscle mass.

Another tremendous advantage is that Testo Extreme promises to jack up testosterone levels to counter the natural testosterone loss that happens with age. As stated in the official product website, by the time a man is eighty years old, testosterone levels are commonly only 20% of what they were in his twenties. Also as stated by the website, testosterone begins a steady decline in men in their early thirties. Not only does lessened testosterone mean a softer body, it can also mean lower stamina, energy and depression. With regular use of this product, the manufacturer promises more energy and even an uplifted mood.



Testo Extreme comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This stamp is clearly visible on the website and is backed up by the risk-free trial program. This certificate testifies to the fact that the company is confident enough in their product to offer such a deal. This is a major purchase incentive for customers who may be on the fence about trying the supplement out and need the added assurance of a risk-free guarantee. Clearly, it seems the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product.

In addition, also clearly visible on the official website is a ‘Made In the USA’ stamp logo. To many consumers, this is an indicator of not only product quality but philosophy as well. Fit men from the United States can try this supplement out knowing they are supporting their national economy while they are working on getting ripped. In theory, they can also be assured of a certain standard of manufacturing and distributing quality of the product.



I noticed a difference almost right away. When I take these Testo Extreme before a workout, I can feel it. I have more energy, I can lift longer and I can do more reps. I would recommend this to any guy who’s looking for an extra edge while they’re training hard. My wife can’t stop complimenting me on my six-pack! – Jay, account executive in Lauderdale, FL

The capsules are easy to take and they don’t leave a bad aftertaste like a lot of supplements do. These will definitely help you get buff faster. Since I started using Testo Extreme, I’ve had more power and energy to train harder than I have in years. I’m in my forties, and I feel like I have more energy than I did in my thirties. If you’re willing to eat right and put in the necessary work, these will give you the extra edge you’re looking for! – Raymundo, construction worker in Dallas, TX

This has been an incredible addition to the protein shakes I take before I work out. The pills go down easy and they don’t taste bad in the least. I’ve lost fifteen pounds since I started taking these a couple of months ago, and I don’t think I would’ve lost nearly as much weight without them. I can finally see the abs beneath the layer of fat I thought I’d never get rid of! I’ve recommended this supplement to all of my gym buddies. – Stefan, Texas

While these pills have been a big help in pumping up my pipes and taking my workouts to the next level, the biggest thing I think I’ve gotten from them is confidence. No more t-shirts when I go to the beach. There’s no way I’m covering up the results I’ve gotten from all the long hours I spend in the gym (and the ladies seem to appreciate it, too!) The stuff has majorly helped me tone up and lean out. If you’re willing to put in the training time, this stuff will really help you up your game quickly. – Jim, graphic designer in Knoxville, TN


Awards & Media Coverage

Most notable about Testo Extreme in regards to media coverage is the fact that the manufacturer offers a one-month premium membership to free workout videos from celebrity trainers to help men reach their fitness goals while they work out. These videos are offered as part of the free trial package. They are valued at $199 and can be viewed on a Tablet or a Smartphone. These pro trainer video programs are undoubtedly an excellent supplement to a good training routine and the capsules themselves. Many buyers will find this an irresistible incentive to try out the product, as this is one of the best freebies for any testosterone booster on the market.

The official website offers a list of personal trainers who have worked with many celebrity sports stars. Teams these trainers have worked with include the San Francisco 49’ers, the Miami Dolphins, the Boston Red Sox, the Pittsburg Steelers, and the New England Patriots. The list of celebrity clients these trainers have worked with includes Frank Gore, Jason Taylor, Manny Ramirez, Lenny Kravitz, Heath Irwin and Wes Walker. Considering the fact that this supplement is also marketed toward athletes looking to up their game, this will likely draw a wide sports demographic.


Money-back Guarantee

Fortunately for buyers who may be undecided as to whether or not to take the plunge, Testo Extreme comes complete with a 100% 14-day money-back free trial. This trial includes a one-month supply of capsules. The only charge is a minimal shipping and handling fee. After signing up for the free trial, customers will be automatically enrolled in the company’s autoship program. This means that the customer will receive a new one-month supply of the supplement every thirty days and that the credit card on file will be automatically charged.

Fortunately for men who would rather order the product personally and on their own time schedule, this auto-ship program can be canceled simply by calling the customer service number provided. This must be done within eighteen days after the order has been placed. Some customers will likely enjoy this convenience, while others who wish to opt will likely find it to be an inconvenience. For those who are not satisfied with their product, they must simply call customer service to obtain an RMA number and then ship their bottle to the Riviera Beach, FL address listed on the website. The company advises customers that they are not responsible for any processing fees that may be imposed on credit cards by their bank.



For the free 14-day trial, the shipping and handling fee is a nominal $4.95. According to the official website, the standard ground mail service is shipped via United States Postal Service First Class Mail. For those who want their order shipped ASAP, an Expedited Shipping Option is available. For Expedited Shipping, all packages will be mailed out one the same day for all orders placed before 1:00 p.m. EST. For orders placed after the 1:00 p.m. EST time window, packages will be shipped the next day.

Customers will likely find the Expedited Shipping option to be a plus, since comparatively few health supplement companies offer this option. In addition, the company guarantees that packages will arrive within 3 to 5 business days. Buyers are advised that the company does not ship on holidays, Saturdays or Sundays. The website also notes that they do not guarantee dates or arrival times. Overall, the manufacturer wins points for shipping options and reasonable policies.


Customer Support

Testo Extreme customers can reach the merchant’s customer service department through several channels. The first — and likely most convenient — is through the support email address provided on the website. The second channel of support is via a toll-free 1-800 number. Third, potential or current customers can reach a representative by mail to the listed address in Riviera Beach, FL. The same address is also listed for return purposes.

All means of customer service are provided clearly and with great accessibility on the company’s official product website. Unfortunately, however, the company does not offer customer service hours of operation for the telephone number. Customers may find this to be a tremendous inconvenience when expecting help from a representative and finding it unavailable (especially considering some companies offer round-the-clock customer service). At the very least, Maxx Live LLC should clearly list their customer support hours so callers know what to expect. It would also be advisable for this merchant to dedicate an online section to customer service policies and procedures for interested parties.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Upon entering information to place an order for the free 14-day trial, customers will see several security logos clearly visible at checkout. The first of these is a Verified By VISA logo, which offers the customer enhanced safety and security for both their personal and financial information. The second security logo visible at checkout is Norton Secured, formerly Symantec Trust Seal. This logo means that the website is secured by a Symantec SSL Certificate and authenticated by Symantec. Buyers will likely find reassurance that the manufacturer has invested in the safety of their online financial data.

Another security assurance present at checkout is the assertion that this is a 128-bit SSL Encrypted Page. What this essentially means is that SSL utilizes encryption to exchange a session key between the client and the server so that the customer’s credit card numbers are encrypted to the eyes of the company processing the transaction. This communicates to Testo Extreme’s customer base the fact that the company keeps all information totally encrypted and secure. In addition, it is stated via the official website that no customer information is ever shared with third parties. Additional privacy information is also stated through the website’s privacy policy.


Pricing & Free Trial

Per the 14-day trial period, the first month’s supply of Testo Extreme is free of charge. If the customer does not cancel within eighteen days of the order date, the credit card on file will be billed $89.95 and enrolled in an auto-ship program. The customer will then be shipped a fresh bottle every thirty days for $79.99 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Orders are also subject to any state- or region-specific applicable tax. While the checkout system does accept most major credit cards, it does not accept PayPal, which many customers will likely find to be a major drawback.

Also included with the free trial is a bonus free two-week sample of an additional product. It is another testosterone booster well-known in bodybuilding communities. The company claims that it has been shown to further elevate t-levels when taken with Testo Extreme. The value on the two-week sample is normally $19.95. As far as purchase incentives go, the merchant provides a major win with the additional sample and the free one-month celebrity training video subscription.






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