Testo Extreme Anabolic

Testo Extreme Anabolic by Nutracell Labs Review – Can It Enhance Level of Workouts and Recovery?

What Is Testo Extreme Anabolic?

Testo Extreme Anabolic, produced by Nutracell Labs, is a healthy, effective testosterone booster for improved bodybuilding and exercise results. This unique supplement is specifically formulated to imitate the intensity and strength of anabolic steroids to provide athletes with a powerful T-boost. It accomplishes this goal with use of clinically tested catalysts that have effective anabolic action and are nutrient-rich. Once in the body, these substances activate the leydig cells, stimulating these cells to manufacture greater amounts of testosterone for better sports performance. This fitness enhancing product is safe, effective and provides rapid-action with impressive lean muscular growth within just a few weeks after your initial dose, without use of any synthetic ingredients.

Some athletes are not aware of the fact that steroids can actually reduce your body’s levels of natural testosterone, rather than acting as T-builders. While some anabolic steroids can cause unpleasant or even harmful side effects and inhibit your body’s production of testosterone, Testo Extreme Anabolic is completely safe for daily use, without the risk of adverse effects. With the powerful energy-enhancing and muscle development properties of this specialized sports formula, you will experience strong and lasting energy bursts for intensive workouts while building massive, dense and flexible muscles. Your body will also shred extra fat swiftly, without the need for additional exercise and with no need to eat less of your favorite healthy, nutritious foods. You may be surprised at how quickly you start gaining a strong, muscular yet streamlined physique for an impressive, ripped appearance.



As a major institute for muscular development and exercise performance enhancement, Nutracell Labs conducts scientific and nutritional research concerning the creation and production of advanced, effective, fast-acting and legitimate natural sports supplements. Based in the UK, this fitness aids manufacturer’s primary supplement is currently Testo Extreme Anabolic. This empowering testosterone booster was carefully formulated to increase bodily energy levels, muscular growth, body strength and endurance for athletes with the desire to triumph over increasingly difficult workouts and competitions. This formula was carefully researched and tested, both scientifically in the lab and practically through use by serious athletes, for complete efficacy and safety before being placed on the consumer market for sale.

This company is an innovator in the area of cutting-edge legal anabolics production, especially because its leaders know that increasingly greater numbers of modern athletes are searching for a safe, effective and powerful alternative to use of harsh steroid-based products. At Nutracell Labs, the focus of the entire staff is on the discovery and production of pure, healthy supplements that significantly increase your body’s testosterone counts while developing new lean muscles, strong bones and sharpened mental focus with the drive to succeed at bodybuilding and sports pursuits. Especially because this unique sports supplements producing institute works very closely with expert scientific formulators and active athletes in training, the staff is well aware of the need for natural, safe and empowering supplements like Testo Extreme Anabolic that promote rapid, impressive recovery after exercise, free of stress, fatigue and pain. All products manufactured by this company contain multiple natural ingredients with fast, powerful, positive and healthy action in the body to enhance every aspect of your bodybuilding workouts, sports training and competitive athletic performance.


How Testo Extreme Anabolic Works?

This unique supplement formula has an extensive list of pure, active ingredients, all of which contribute support to your muscle building and athletic activities. As well as having natural and herbal components that raise your testosterone levels for greater exercise energy, stamina, mental focus and emotional drive to succeed in sports, this formula contains ingredients that improve joint activity, burn fat and transform it into energy. Other ingredients enhance dopamine and serotonin levels for better moods and self-confidence and increase bodily levels of nitric oxide. Higher NO counts supply greater oxygen levels to muscles via your bloodstream, fueling them for sustained exercise strength and endurance. Nitric oxide also dilates blood vessels and arteries, promoting faster and stronger blood flow throughout your circulatory system to energize and empower your entire body for better sports performance.


Ingredients of Testo Extreme Anabolic

This unique athletic supplement contains a proprietary blend with the following pure, effective and safe ingredients to enhance modern bodybuilding and all levels of sports training and activity:

Tribulus Terrestris

This nutritional herbal plant has been used since the days of ancient Ayurveda natural herbal medicine in Bulgaria, India and China. It continues to be categorized as an Ayurvedic herb when used for the same purposes it was in ancient Bulgaria, India and China, including testosterone boosting for increased lean muscle growth, greater body strength and higher energy levels for better sports results. Also called “puncture vine,” this plant has an outer coating of prickly spines. Today, this plant is harvested in warm and tropical locales in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia, and it is in demand for the production of health and sports performance enhancing supplements.

Damiana Leaf

The Mayan Indians and other native people in Mexico first consumed this herb as an energy booster and mood raiser. Since then, this versatile herbal leaf has been discovered to increase the amount of oxygen in your body, which fuels your muscles, tissues and internal organs when transported throughout your system via your bloodstream. The two major varieties of this plant used as herbal healers and nutritional supplementation are Turnera Aphrodisiaca and Turnera Diffusa. This plant grows freely among the rocky hills of Southern California, Texas, Central America and Mexico.

Glucosamine Sulfate

This form of a natural sugar can be found within or surrounding the cartilage or tissue that supplies cushioning for your joints. This substance also exists in the shells of many shellfish, and, in fact, Glucosamine Sulfate natural supplements are frequently produced using such shellfish. This healthy ingredient protects your joints from damage during harsh impact that joints are subjected to during strenuous athletics, powerlifting and other sports activity. It alleviates aches and pains resulting from this impact during your recovery periods following heavy-duty exercise.


This pseudovitamin, commonly called myo-inositol due to its content of the stereoisomer, myo-inositol, is found as a natural substance in animals and plants. With a similar chemical structure to that of glucose, this carbohydrate has a slightly sweet taste and is a common component of fruits such as cantaloupe and oranges. Inositol helps prevent the accumulation of fat deposits in the body and transforms nutrients into bodily energy. This active supplement ingredient raises your rates of blood circulation and aids your brain’s neurotransmitters in sending messages throughout your nervous system, improving your physical responses during fast-action sports. It also promotes calm, focused thought patterns and healthy, deep and healing sleep for better daily workouts.

N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride

This important amino acid is composed of L-Carnitine and Acetate and is produced by your body when L-Carnitine and Lysine are converted in your liver and then absorbed into your bloodstream for delivery as fuel to your muscles and other body tissues for energy during exercise. This effective compound is more bioavailable than Carnitine by itself for building larger, denser muscles. This versatile ingredient reduces fatigue, improves mental clarity, increases action of your circulatory system and aids neuro-transmissions between your brain and nervous system for fast, agile and skillful athletic movements and overall sports performance.


This trace neuro-amine (PEA) is a molecule in your brain that promotes greater levels of dopamine and serotonin for raising your moods, but it breaks down quickly into substances that are basically inactive. For this reason, supplementation is necessary to keep healthy levels of this important supplement component in your system. It also facilitates higher grades of sports activity as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter that sends messages to your nervous system and enables fast motor reactions during rapid-paced athletics to help you meet high performance goals. This ingredient also promotes fat shredding by your body for a slimmer physique with greater muscle definition and strength.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This extract is from the berries of the distinctive saw palmetto fan palm (Serenoa repens) plant, which grows low to the ground and looks very much like a palm tree. This substance has been used as a natural health and energy supplement for years. The plant grows naturally along the coastlines of the southern states of the U.S. and also in southern California. Today, these berries are sold in powdered, dried, capsule and tablet form as a balancing agent for hormones in the body, including testosterone. This extract helps stabilize and maintain high T-counts, supplying your body with energy, stamina and emotional drive to become a winner during difficult or strenuous athletic challenges.


As an essential amino acid, this ingredient is valuable for synthesizing nitric oxide, increasing its levels and activities throughout the body. It improves the flow of oxygen in your bloodstream, supplying fuel to all your bodily muscles. This supplement component also raises your levels of growth hormone while you sleep, and it enhances the REM cycles, or deep sleep patterns, rejuvenating your body and mind for the next day’s workout and other challenges. This ingredient can also promote fat shredding and serves as a diuretic, eliminating extra water from your body for better sports performance while helping you gain new lean muscle mass.


This beneficial ingredient is an herbal substance that promotes strong, flexible joints. It is especially helpful during long, strenuous workouts or sports events as well as during recovery after rugged exercise. Natural sources of this substance are many grains, milk, vegetables, fruits, coffee and tea.

Avena Sativa Extract

Avena Sativa translates as “wild oats” in Latin, and this plant is popularly called “oat straw” or “oat extract” today. Rich in calcium, phosphorous and the B vitamins, this pure ingredient assists your body in preventing or eliminating tissue and joint inflammation by decreasing bodily levels of cytokines, which are chemicals found in the immune system. The high mineral content of this ingredient strengthens your bones and overall body power, and Avena Sativa also can raise growth hormone counts in your body to activate increased cellular growth and empower muscles.

Ginseng Root Extract

As a very popular herb and supplement, Ginseng has long been used for boosting sustained energy and enhancing memory capacities of users. This helpful herbal aid also protects you from the harmful and tiring effects of both physical and mental stress. Functioning as an antioxidant to guard your entire body against free radical damage, this herb also alleviates muscle and joint inflammation while improving your mental alertness and focus during fast-paced or challenging athletics and bodybuilding.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This well-known stimulant, in natural form and in moderate amounts, can improve mental and physical activity. Caffeine can keep you alert and mentally sharp for around 3 to 5 hours after being digested by your body. It has also been shown to heighten your mental drive to succeed in competitive sports and difficult bodybuilding training. Caffeine Anhydrous has water levels as slight as just 0.5 percent, or no water at all, making it stronger, more concentrated and more powerfully active as a healthy stimulant to boost your concentration during sports action.


The versatile herb of Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) can sharpen both mental focus and memory when used as a supplement component. It can also boost moods and physical agility and performance during sports activity. This herb can make shredding body fat easier and faster, and it also acts as an appetite suppressant to help prevent new fat deposits from accumulating in your body. Most of all, this nutritional herb raises your energy levels significantly for better sustained athletic performance and bodybuilding achievements. It has twice as much caffeine as coffee beans provide and is available in capsule form, as energy shots and as an ingredient in many popular soft drinks and energy-boosting beverages today.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is an excellent source of effective antioxidants, termed catechins, that support good cardiovascular activity when engaging in strenuous athletic activity or vigorous bodybuilding sessions. This ingredient is also a promoter of fat shredding, helping you streamline and strengthen your physique for a powerful, ripped appearance.



There are multiple advantages to making Testo Extreme Anabolic from Nutracell Labs your primary athletic performance supplement, such as the following:

This fitness enhancing supplement is composed of pure, natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and shown to increase your body’s testosterone production.

This formula will help even athletes who have had ongoing difficulty when bodybuilding in acquiring impressive lean, dense muscularity.

The high nitric oxide counts in this sports aid raise levels of oxygen in your bloodstream, delivering it as powerful fuel to all the muscles, tissues and organs of your body for improved body strength, energy and athletic success.

The nutrient-rich herbal contents of this fitness formula enhance your mental clarity, improve moods and strengthen your emotional drive to triumph in sports training and performance.

This exercise supplement helps you shred excess body fat for a leaner, sleeker physique with increased muscle size and definition.



Nutracell Labs officials often send certificates of appreciation to pro and amateur athletes and sports trainers of all types who promote the use of Testo Extreme Anabolic among their trainees, students and fellow athletes and instructors. Many of these sports industry professionals already use this unique formula as their major athletic supplement, and Nutracell Labs leaders want to recognize their efforts to influence other sports enthusiasts to use this outstanding product. Because the recipients of these certificates usually display them in prominent places in their gyms, training rooms and offices, many training bodybuilders and exercise advocates learn about this valuable fitness aid who otherwise might not know about it. Due to the enthusiasm and efforts of these pro and amateur athletes and trainers, many new customers who become regular users of this product today first learned about it from gym training programs.



Testo Extreme Anabolic from Nutracell Labs is a unique liquid formula that brings fast muscle-building and exercise results. When used daily, it boosts your power, stamina and determination to train diligently, build a strong body and become a winner in the sports performance type of your choice.

Wayne Winston, Portland, OR, USA

If you want a natural, empowering fitness supplement that builds awesome muscles, gives you great energy bursts, stamina and the drive to succeed at the most rugged, muscle-crunching workouts and sports games, try this amazing formula. You will get great athletic results and experience fast, painless recovery. Get Testo Extreme Anabolic now!

Jason Wrangler, Austin, TX, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Testo Extreme Anabolic is expected to win numerous awards for effectiveness as a major sports performance supplement in the near future. Such sports industry authorities as Bodybuilding.com and various others will no doubt want to recognize this specialized formula for its significant levels of efficacy and safety for today’s training and competing athletes and bodybuilders. In addition, this unique product is currently a popular topic on many online sports websites and in forums, chat site sessions and webinars, and it is predicted to begin receiving coverage by major sports news networks very soon.


Money-back Guarantee

Leaders of Nutracell Labs offer a money-back guarantee to any customer who has some degree of dissatisfaction with the buying, delivery or use of Testo Extreme Anabolic. Regardless of whether your issue or problem with this sports formula involves a simple question about an ingredient or a major concern about the recommended dosage, the company’s helpful customer support staff is always ready and eager to help answer all questions and resolve any problems you may have with this supplement. If no solution can be found for your problem, a staff member will process a full refund of your purchase price for this item.



This responsible supplement manufacturing company uses only professional, reliable domestic shippers and international transport carriers for shipment and delivery of all supplement orders. Each product is carefully packaged for safe, secure delivery to the correct destination, and Nutracell Labs is proud of its superior record for prompt, accurate delivery of each package, regardless of the recipient’s location. If, however, your shipment is delayed or fails to arrive as scheduled, just contact the company’s customer support staff to request a replacement order or a purchase refund.


Customer Support

The friendly, well-trained and helpful customer support team of this sports supplements producing company is always prepared to assist you with any questions, issues or problems that may arise concerning your new athletic performance supplement. If you encounter any problems with receiving or using Testo Extreme Anabolic, just contact this expert support team immediately for a solution to your issue with this product. This team has an excellent record of success at resolving customer problems. However, if an acceptable solution cannot be found for your particular issue, a member of the support team will arrange a complete product purchase refund for you promptly and efficiently.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout procedures on the company website are always safe and secure whenever you place an order for Testo Extreme Anabolic. Because advanced encryption techniques were used in constructing this site, you never need to worry about such personal information as your name, mailing address, email address, phone number or charge card numbers being vulnerable to theft or misuse when you shop on the website. You can relax and enjoy your purchasing experience while Nutracell Labs IT experts maintain the complete privacy of all your valuable personal data.



A one-month supply of Testo Extreme Anabolic is usually priced at $33. However, during product promotion periods or scheduled seasonal sales, you may find this sports supplement at lower prices ranging from $22 to $28 or even less. By visiting the company website frequently, you can stay informed about special product discounts or sales prices and take advantage of these bargains.






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