Testo Blast XL

Testo Blast XL Review – How Good Is This Testosterone Boosting Complex?

What Is Testo Blast XL?

Testo Blast XL is a sports nutritional supplement, made with testosterone boosters, amino acids, and supportive vitamins and minerals. Customers are invited to try a Free Trial, which can be ordered from the product’s website, simply by filling out a form. This free trial will cost only $4.95, which covers the cost of shipping and handling, although customers are then entered into an auto-payment subscription service, which must be actively cancelled if customers do not wish to continue it.

Customers are instructed to take two capsules of these supplements every day, before working out, preferably with a healthy, balanced meal. Users report feeling the effects of the testosterone boosters and proteins right away, which gives them an initial energy boost with no crash later one. While working out, users report that they experience an increase in strength and stamina, and report an shortened recovery time and greater results with regular use.

Since this supplement is made from all natural, plant based ingredients that have all been the subject of published scientific studies, it can be considered safe for use by almost every one. Individuals who are under 18, pregnant, or are suffering from a health condition should not take this powerful supplement, however. WHen in doubt, customers should always consult with their doctor before starting a supplement or exercise regimen, even when the product is as safe and natural as this one.



The manufacture of Testo Blast XL is a company called Sanatate si Fitness Online, which makes a number of health and nutrition related products. According to their information online, this company is located in Moldova, although it does business in supplements and other health products all over the world. It also makes beauty supplements and other items related to health and well-being. There is no Facebook or other social media accounts that appear to be available for this company. However, they can be reached by using the toll-free number that is provided on the Testo Blast XL website, or by emailing them with the email address that is listed. There is also an address for returns that is located in South Carolina, in the United States, although it is unclear if that goes directly to the company.

There is little information available on the Internet about Sanatate si Fitness Online, but customers can read about the company’s policies and procedures on the Testo Blast XL website. Customers should consult the Terms and Conditions page for a great deal of legal and other information about the company and its policies, including the subscription service and means of making returns. Customers are encouraged to call the company and speak with a customer service representative about any concerns or questions they may have.


How Testo Blast XL Works?

Testo Blast XL is a testosterone boosting supplement that is meant to be taken daily for maximum results. Every day, before working out, users are instructed to take two supplements, preferably with a meal. This supplement may provide an initial boost of energy, which motivates athletes to start working out right away. This is backed up by the increase of testosterone, which allows users to lift harder and work out longer, which leads to fairly quick results. The testosterone also promotes an increase in muscle mass and decrease in healthy fat, especially when paired with regular exercise. The additional vitamins and minerals provide further support for healing healing and recovery, which makes it easier to work out more frequently.

Users report feeling the results of this supplement soon after starting it, with an increase in motivation and energy right away. They also report that the effects of the testosterone begin soon after, allowing them to lift heavier weights and hit the gym more often. The physical effects can be seen after a month or more of regular use, and although users will see results even if they don’t work out, exercise magnifies the effects. Unfortunately, users must continue to take the product to see the results, which will fade after users stop taking it.


Ingredients of Testo Blast XL

Testo Blast XL is a proprietary blend of testosterone boosters, which means that its exact ingredients and their quantities are only known to the manufacturer, although the label gives some indication. The primary ingredient in this supplement is L-Arginine, a very well known and established amino acid that is essential for the health and growth of human muscle. Athletes who take this supplement will receive a powerful boost of this protein, which leads to an increase in the growth of muscle fibers and provides energy to work out harder and more frequently.

This amino acid is supplement by a blend of herbal testosterone boosters, including the very famous herb Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus Terrestris is very popular in the bodybuilding community because it naturally raises the level of free testosterone in an athlete’s body without side effects or chemical ingredients. This testosterone leads to more energy, greater muscle gain, fat loss, and increased stamina, and is the building block of all muscle gain and men’s health.

Finally, these testosterone boosters are backed up by a few essential vitamins and minerals, which prevent hormonal balance naturally. Zinc has been proven to prevent testosterone deficiencies, and will help any user who may be suffering from naturally low testosterone rates due to age or illness. Other vitamins provide hormonal support as well, and they also work to improve overall health and recovery time.



The greatest advantage of Testo Blast XL is that it provides all of the testosterone boosters that an athlete will need in a single supplement. This supplement is easy to use, with no powders to mix, drinks to consume, or complicated routines to remember. Users simply take two capsules every day, preferably with a meal, before working out. Users report that this simple routine makes it easier to remember to take the supplement, which leads to regularity and more consistent usage. Since this consistency will make the results happen more quickly, users will see results sooner and be more likely to continue working out.

Another advantage of this product is that it is made of all natural, safe, and plant based ingredients. This supplement has been deemed safe for use by all healthy adults, regardless of how much they work out or what their diet is. Users are, of course, cautioned against using this product if they are in poor health, pregnant, or under 18 years of age. However, all other individuals can feel confident that this product is safe for their consumption, provided that they use it according to the directions on the label.



This product does not advertise itself as holding any of the traditional supplement certifications, including GMP or NSL. It is possible that Testo Blast XL is simply too new of a product from a small company and therefore hasn’t yet applied to receive these certifications. Since it is most likely manufactured overseas, it also is not under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America, which provides some protection for consumers. However, since it is being sold in the United States and Europe, it must be in compliance with the safety rules and regulations in both of these places, which are very stringent.

The validity of this supplements claims are best judged by the Free Trial that is offered by the manufacturer on the product’s website. They apparently have enough confidence in the quality of their product if they are willing and able to offer it for free for first time customers. Consumers can also judge the product based on the information that is found online, especially the reviews from independent sources, like fitness blogs and bodybuilding sites. These reviews have been mixed, but with more positive accounts than negative ones. Customers should make up their own mind on the product after trying it, although they should be sure to thoroughly read the Terms and COnditions before placing their order.



I love this Testo Blast XL! I started taking it every day and feel like working out all the time now, lifting heavier than ever. I haven’t had energy like this since I was in college. Thanks to this supplement I am back in the gym nearly every day!

– Bill R., Los Angeles, CA

I was skeptical at first because I’ve tried other testosterone boosters and wasn’t always happy with the results. I was pleasantly surprised this time, though. I could feel the difference right away. It’s been about 2 months of use now and I plan to keep taking it as long as I keep seeing results.

– Jean P., Atlanta, GA

This has totally changed my life! I used to be weak and lazy and never had the energy to work out like I wanted to. After taking this every day for a few weeks I could feel the difference and started lifting. Now I can see the results and hit the weights almost every day.

– George R., Miami, FL

Totally love it so far. I just got my first free bottle last week and so far I think this stuff is the real deal for sure. I totally felt a lot stronger and had a lot more energy to go work out right away. Then I got to the gym and lifted more than I ever did before! I think I’m gonna see some great gains after I use this for a while.

– Larry J., New York, NY


Awards & Media Coverage

Testo Blast XL is a fairly new supplement on the market, and has not received as much attention as comparable testosterone boosters so far. This is changing, however, and there are now many websites, forums, and blogs which discuss and review the Testo Blast XL supplement. These reviews are frequently mixed, although there are slightly more positive than negative reviews of this supplement. There are a number of bodybuilding websites that give the supplement positive reviews, mostly for its effects of muscle gain and increased stamina. Furthermore, many reviewers give the supplement high marks for being easy to use and safe for all healthy adults.

The ingredients in the supplement have received a great deal of media attention in recent years, with many articles praising them for their efficacy and healthfulness. L-Arginine, for example, has been written about in medical journals, including the British Review of Pharmacology, and reported on in Science Daily and Men’s Fitness. The herbal ingredient Tribulus Terrestris have received coverage in the Huffington Post, Men’s Health, and the Daily Mail. And the essential mineral Zinc has gotten a great deal of positive coverage in everything from the New York Times and Washington Post to Allure and USA Today.


Money-back Guarantee

Testo Blast XL guarantees 100% satisfaction for all of their online customers and offers and number of different ways to return their product if necessary. THis supplement is available for all customers on a Free Trial basis, which allows individuals to use the product for a short time before deciding if they want to order it in the future. This trial, as advertised on their website, costs a flat fee of $4.95 for shipping and handling. Customers who try the supplement and do not wish to be enrolled in the auto-payment subscription service can call the customer service department and cancel their subscription within 15 days of placing the order. Although they will not be refunded for the original shipping and handling fee, they should not be charged any further, and can keep the free trial bottle that they received.

For customers who received damaged or otherwise unusable products, they can call the customer service department and return the items for a full refund. Customers will get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from the customer service representative and can use this number to return their product to the address that is provided. All merchandise must be unopened to receive a refund, so customers should plan their returns accordingly. All returns and refunds must take place within 30 days of placing the original order, regardless of when the shipment was received.



For the Free Trial of the Testo Blast XL supplement, customers are charged a flat fee of $4.95 upon placing their order. This fee covers all shipments made in the continental United States, regardless of whether it is a traditional mailing address, Post Office Box, or rural address. Shipments are sent out the following business day after the order is placed, which excludes weekends and holidays. Using standard shipping from the United States Postal Service, customers should expect to receive their shipment in 3-5 business days. However, customers are cautioned that the company can not guarantee the delivery time, so customers should plan accordingly for their purchases.

There is no express shipping currently available, so customers can not request 1-day or 2-day shipments, and all shipments are sent via the USPS. There is also no international shipping available, although it is possible that this may change in the future. Shipping and handling fees are nonrefundable, even if the supplement order is canceled and the order returned. Customers who have questions about shipping are encouraged to call or email the customer service departments, using the contact information provided by the website.


Customer Support

To contact a customer representative about any issues or concerns with a product, customers have a few different options. First, they are encouraged to first read over the website and check to see if their questions are answered in the information provided. The Website includes a very detailed Terms and Conditions page, which outlines all of the procedures for ordering, shipping, refunds, and returns.

If they can not find the answers there, customers should call the toll-free customer service number that is provided on the website. This number is available during regular business hours, and customers can speak to a representative directly. Calling the toll-free number is usually the easiest position to speak directly with an agent who can address any concerns.

For communication 24 hours a day, customers can always use the customer service email address that is provided on the website. This method may get faster results, since it is staffed more frequently throughout the day. Customers can also write to the mailing address that is listed on the website, although this address is provided to facilitate returns, not direct communication.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers who request a Free Trial of the Testo Blast XL supplement are guaranteed a safe and secure checking, using a number of protections and shields. The website’s payment page uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the industry standard for online commerce. According to the website, the page is also been deemed McAfee Secure, a well known company in the field of online security and protection. Further, it states that it is Norton Secure, which provides protection against viruses and other malicious attacks on your computer. Finally, the website also promises that its order page is Truste Certified, which guarantees protection for all online purchases.

Customers who use a credit card to pay for the shipping and handling on their order are also protected by the credit card company. According to the Privacy Policy of the TestoBlast website, customers personal and financial information is never sold or given to outside businesses. They do use cookies and collect some personal information for their corporate use. Customers may receive some informational or educational email from the company as well, but only if they opt-in to these communications.


Pricing & Free Trial

The price for Testo Blast XL is $89.95 for a bottle of 60 capsules, which is a 30-day supply of the supplement when used in accordance with the label’s instructions. Customers are automatically enrolled in a convenient subscription service upon ordering, which prevents them from needing to remember to reorder. Every month, unless it is cancelled by the customer by calling a customer service representative, user’s credit cards will be charged with this $89.95 payment. A single serving of the supplement works out to less than $3 a day, or $1.50 per capsule. For $3 a day, customers get all of the testosterone boosters and other ingredients in this packed supplement.

For new customers, Testo Blast XL offers a Free Trial, which allows people to try out this supplement for only the cost of shipping and handling. The shipping and handling fee is $4.95, and it is not refundable, even if you cancel the subscription after the Free Trial. In effect, customers are getting to try the supplement for less than 17 cents a day, which is a very low price. Customers are cautioned that they have only 15 days after ordering to cancel the subscription before being charged with the full price and enrolled in the auto-payment.






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