Testo Bio Max

Testo Bio Max Review – A Good Way to Supplement Your Body or Not?

What Is Testo Bio Max?

Testo Bio Max is an herbal workout supplement intended to boost free testosterone levels in the body. Its formula is designed to maximize workout potential in order to facilitate increased testosterone production, better blood flow to muscle tissue, improved strength and endurance and elevated energy levels, to name a few purported advantages. It is marketed to adult men ages eighteen and up (with the exception of men with certain medical conditions). Its ingredients are derived from plants, herbs and natural extracts. It is marketed and sold all over the world.

This workout supplement is geared toward any man who is looking to improve workouts in order to attain a better physique faster. It is also marketed to weightlifters and bodybuilders who are seeking an extra edge to up their training performance. In addition, this product is designed for athletes who are looking for a safe, legal way to boost their t-levels in order to gain an edge in the game. Lastly but certainly not least, it is marketed to be especially beneficial to older men looking to boost the testosterone loss that naturally occurs with age. This supplement is manufactured and sold in capsule form.



Testo Bio Max is manufactured by a company named Active Life Supplements. Active Life Supplements makes and sells a variety of herbal performance-enhancing workout products in markets across the world. The company appears to be based in Mississauga, a city located in Ontario, Canada (although their return address for their distribution centers is located in Coral Gables, FL). Unfortunately, not much information is available about the company online. The copyright date on the official product website is 2015, so it is likely this merchant is fairly new.

In order to foster trust with more cautious consumers, Active Life Supplements may want to at least post a brief company history on their product websites. As some buyers are hesitant to invest their money in products from companies whose establishment is not publically known, this knowledge would likely help buyers feel safer choosing to spend their money with the merchant. Facts like how long the supplier has been in business, how they got started and what their health/business philosophy is, would be especially beneficial. Links to other fitness supplements they offer would also likely be appreciated by customers who are interested in checking out further options.


How Testo Bio Max Works?

This supplement works by inducing a complex chemical reaction that results in the increased production of free testosterone levels in the body. When the capsules’ formula hits the bloodstream, it dissolves and begins the chain of chemical events. It then stimulates testosterone production in two ways: first, it encourages t-level elevation by activating the chemical process. Second, it works by suppressing hormones that inhibit the production of testosterone. Both processes result in increased power, performance and lean muscle mass.

The directions state to take a capsule or two daily before each workout. Each Testo Bio Max capsule should be taken with a glass of water and should be utilized in conjunction with an effective exercise regimen and protein-intensive diet. A small segment of users may experience side effects or allergic reactions due to the plant extracts involved; thus, caution should always be practiced when beginning any new diet supplement. Additionally, it is important to remember that these pills are not magic bullets. They will be effective only when used alongside a good diet and exercise.


Ingredients of Testo Bio Max

The manufacturer boasts a proprietary herbal blend of well-known testosterone-boosting extracts. First on the ingredient list is L-Arginine HCL. This is an amino acid that is utilized in the biosynthesis of proteins. The official product website claims “Nobel prize-winning technology on blood flow” in relation to the ingredient, though it does not cite its source for such an award. Notwithstanding, L-Arginine HCL is known in bodybuilding communities for its effectiveness in stimulating blood flow to muscle tissue, which helps not only maximize each pump when lifting weights but also to recover much quicker.

Second on the ingredient list is Maca Root (a.k.a. ‘Peruvian Ginseng’), a root vegetable that is primarily grown in the Andes mountain ranges of Peru. This root is believed to balance hormone levels and increase energy, while it is also extremely high in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and phytonutrients. Many fitness experts believe it is effective in significantly increasing endurance. In addition to Maca Root, Siberian Ginseng, a natural herb the merchant claims will boost the immune system and increase muscle strength, is another important ingredient. Other ingredients listed on the product label are Epimedium (Epimedium Sagittatum), Gingko Biloba leaf and Magnesium Stearate.

Another important ingredient in Testo Bio Max’s proprietary all-herbal blend is Tribulus Terrestris, an annual plant extract that is currently all the rage in fitness supplements. It is widely believed that Tribulus Terrestris is effective at muscle-building by triggering the release of Nitric Oxide, which then drives oxygen and blood flow to working muscles to maximize workouts and shorten recovery time. Athletes often take this supplement before workouts, while bodybuilders often prefer to mix it into protein drinks. Yohimbe is listed ingredient in the product description formulated to activate blood flow and ramp up energy.



According to the manufacturer, there are numerous advantages to consistent use of Testo Bio Max. As bodybuilding and fitness buffs are well aware, testosterone levels peak and then begin to decline after the age of thirty. According to the product website, testosterone levels drop by 2-4% per year. The manufacturer claims that this product will help significantly increase testosterone levels, thereby pumping up strength and workout capacity as well as increasing hard, lean muscle mass — specifically by at least 35%, though the company again does not provide a source for this statistic. However, these advantages will likely provide a major draw to older men who are looking for a boost in their t-levels to up their game in the gym and in life.

Another advantage cited by the manufacturer is the product’s powerful thermogenic capabilities. Essentially, this means that its formula may be especially effective in burning fat, revealing the sculpted musculature underneath. Alongside active fat-burning capabilities come higher basal metabolic rates, which mean that the body burns more calories while at rest. The product also promises elevated energy rates, which is of course beneficial for not only better workouts but also more power for getting things done in daily life. Sharper mental functioning is another commonly cited benefit of testosterone booster use, likely due to the increased blood flow stimulated by ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris.

Other benefits of consistent Testo Bio Max use are also purportedly improved hormone production, greater stamina, better brain functioning, more explosive workouts and increased endurance. As decreased levels of testosterone often lead to muscle softness, low energy, fat buildup, a soft body and a depressed mood, Testo Bio Max promises to reverse these negative effects for a better, harder body. The company promises that the results get increasingly better with each month of use. According to the official website, maximum results can be expected to be achieved within ninety days of consistent supplement use.



On the official product website, buyers will find a range of certificates prominently displayed. One such certificate reads “Best Choice,” although the manufacturer does not display who awarded the title. Another certificate reads “Secure SSL Transaction.” This is especially important, given the fact that so many merchants online do not invest in the proper security channels to protect their buyers’ data privacy and personal information.

Another certificate reads ‘Made In the USA.’ This is an important consideration for many buyers who prefer to shop nationally for their products. They can thereby support their home economy while burning fat and getting ripped. The title also assures a certain standard of quality in the company’s manufacturing practices and product quality. Without a doubt, the manufacturer of Testo Bio Max certainly appears to have made efforts to meet quality and manufacturing standards.



Testo Bio Max never fails to get me jacked. I use it before each workout, and I think it makes a major difference in my energy levels and strength. Since I hit my late thirties, I’ve gotten a lot more winded doing less lifting than I ever have. Now, I can lift heavier weights than I did in my twenties. I would definitely recommend this to other guys who need an extra boost in the gym. – Tiadre, account executive in Bangor, ME, US

I got this because I noticed my muscles have been looking a little deflated in the last several years, and man, am I glad I did. After two months of using it, I’ve lost ten pounds and smoked the weightlifting goals I hadn’t been able to attain until recently. I also started dating a new girl I met, and I honestly think the confidence I’ve gained as a result of my new body has been a factor. It worked well for me! – Doug, financial advisor in Duluth, MN, US

Testo Bio Max has been key in my retooled training program. It has, without a doubt, done what it said it’s supposed to do – and more. I’ve increased my bench press by four pounds in a matter of months. This has also given me the energy to burn off the belly fat that’s been bugging me for years. This has been an absolute game-changer for me. – Tim, customer service representative in Tucker, WA, US

I had my doubts about workout supplements but decided to go for it because of the free trial program. Customer service was amazing in answering my questions, so I signed up and got my first bottle quickly. I was hooked in less than a month. My body looks more ripped, I can lift longer and I feel ten times more confident. I’ve already recommended this stuff to all my buddies and the guys at work. – Paolo, architect in Dallas, TX, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Despite having been in the health/fitness market since 2015, Testo Bio Max has made an impressive appearance on a variety of popular media outlets. It has appeared in such prestigious publications as Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy and Men’s Journal. Due to the number and quality of media appearances, it seems as though its parent company of manufacture is doing an effective job selling and marketing the product.

This pre-workout supplement has also made extensive appearance on the health/fitness/bodybuilding blogosphere online. Many blogger reviews have testified to the effectiveness of the product. It has also been discussed and reviewed on a number of bodybuilding websites and forums, particularly in its home country of Canada. Despite being among the newer dietary/workout supplements on the market, this product has made an exceptional splash in the world of popular media in print, television and online.


Money-back Guarantee

Would-be buyers will be pleased to know that Testo Bio Max comes complete with a 14-day money back guarantee. Included in the trial bottle is a thirty-day supply of capsules. The only charge (for the free trial) is a minimal shipping and handling fee. The trial period begins two days after the date the order is placed. This two-day time period allows for the potential of an extra couple of days’ transit time.

Once the evaluation period has expired, the customer will be automatically enrolled in the company’s recurring shipment program. This means that, unless the buyer calls customer service to opt out at least one business day before the end of the trial period, the buyer’s card will be charged monthly for the regular non-trial price of the product and then be shipped out a fresh thirty-day supply. If, on the other hand, the customer chooses to return the product, they must only call the company’s customer service department to request a refund and receive the necessary RMA number. The customer is responsible for paying all costs associated with the return of the product. In addition, the recurring fee program can be canceled or modified at any time by calling customer support.



According to the Testo Bio Max official website, all orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service. The shipping and handling fee for the trial offer is a minimal $4.95. Transit time for all orders is estimated to take between two to five business days. For non-trial orders, the non-refundable subscription fee plus the shipping and handling charge is included in the regular price of the product. The company notes that they do not accept any sort of returns marked ‘Return to Sender,’ nor do they accept returns that do not have a clearly marked RMA number.

Unfortunately for international customers, the official product website does not appear to deliver to countries outside of the company’s native Canada. This is a major disservice to men outside of Canada who would like to order the supplement. It is also a disservice to the company itself, since the merchant is very likely depriving themselves of extensive non-Canadian revenue. In the future, this seller may want to include a wider range of countries for shipping options on their official Testo Bio Max website.


Customer Support

This manufacturer provides a basic range of customer service options to assist both current and potential customers. First, the official product website lists a toll-free 1-877 telephone number for callers who prefer phone support. Customer service representatives are standing by to help between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. A customer support email address is also listed for buyers who prefer the convenience of email. Lastly, the company provides a physical mailing address located in Coral Gables, FL.

The website also lists a Mississauga, ON address of which to send any product returns. Although this merchant does not offer the extensive global range of customer support telephone numbers afforded by a few other health supplement competitors, it does cover the basics for anyone with questions at any point before, during or after the sale. In this respect, Active Life Supplements’ customer support is basic but efficient.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Judging by the security logo selection visible on the product website, this manufacturer has gone to some lengths to ensure an exceptionally safe and secure checkout. For one, clearly displayed near the order section is a ‘128-Bit SSL 24-Hour Encrypted Transaction’ logo that promises a 100% secure order form. This guarantees an encrypted connection between the server and the client so that financial information is not visible. Also displayed on the website is a ‘Verisign Secured’ logo. This is a global standard that ensures the authenticity of the website’s identity as well as assured data encryption.

The website also clearly displays a ‘ScamAlert Hacker Safe’ logo assuring customers that the website is tested daily. More information about this security logo can be found online. In addition to the security certificates mentioned, the checkout section also displays a ‘McAfee Secure’ logo. This security logo is designed to assuage customers’ fears about data security breaches and guarantees that every McAfee Secure site has been “tested and certified to be free of malware, viruses, phishing attacks” and other harmful sources of data breaches. Judging by the array of security logos visible on the product website, the manufacturer has done their best to ensure that no customer’s personal or financial information will be compromised.


Pricing & Free Trial

The regular non-trial price of a bottle of Testo Bio Max is $89.95, which includes shipping and handling charges. As previously stated, trial offer customers will be automatically enrolled in the company’s recurring shipment program, wherein their method of payment on file will be charged the full $89.95 product price with a new bottle shipped out to them every thirty days. This process will repeat until and unless the customer opts otherwise; then, they must then contact customer service to cancel. The product website checkout system accepts only VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

Unfortunately, the checkout system on the official website offers a very limited option range of payment methods. The company accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover. Fans of PayPal will most likely be irritated at the lack of option. Although the limited payment option range is very common in modern fitness supplement suppliers, Active Life Supplements may want to work on offering PayPal in the future for the convenience of their customer base and to get a leg up on the competition.






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