Testo Amp X

Testo Amp X Review – Should You Use It?

What Is Testo Amp X?

Testo Amp X is a performance-enhancing testosterone booster designed to increase testosterone production in healthy adult men. Its aim is to alter body chemistry using only natural ingredients such as botanicals, vitamins and minerals for maximum lean muscle-building capability. It is formulated to increase strength, muscle pumps and stamina as well as to improve endurance levels and fat-burning. It may provide an all-natural workout boost for accelerated and more dramatic workout results in active users. In addition, it may also work to regulate hormone levels as well as to restore age-depleted testosterone levels in older men who may be experiencing negative side effects related to testosterone deficiency.

The active ingredients in this organic fitness booster are Maca Root, Tongkat Ali, Boron and Tribulus Terrestris. Many of the ingredients in the product formula have been used for hundreds of years in cultures all over the world for various health purposes. Testo Amp X is also designed to help competitive fitness professionals such as athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders raise their energy levels and muscularity for an organic, fully legal performance-boosting solution. It was recently awarded #1 fitness booster in its category and is sold online in the United States as well as in regions throughout the world. It comes in capsule form and is intended for use in conjunction with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.



As is not uncommon in the fitness supplement industry, there is very little information available online regarding this manufacturer. What does appear to be the case is that Testo Amp X is manufactured by a company sharing the same name. There are no links regarding this company on the official product website nor does the company have an official website of its own. It does not seem to be active on any social media websites. To better connect with its customer base and to further offer additional customer support, it may want to consider at least maintaining a few social media websites with which to establish a stronger presence in the online fitness supplement industry.

Since there is no mission statement or company history available on the product website, interested consumers are encouraged to contact a member of the company’s customer service department for any manufacturing-related questions (or for any questions whatsoever). Although it is very likely the case that Testo Amp X does offer other successful lines of health and fitness merchandise, its lack of public information may present a less-than-established impression to some consumers. As evidenced by the mission statement on the product website, what is known about the company is that it is committed to excellence in customer service as well as to standing behind their products.


How Testo Amp X Works?

The mineral-and-botanical blend in this testosterone booster is formulated to improve exercise performance and overall energy levels by stimulating a chemical reaction in the body, which then purportedly leads to both active and passive testosterone production. Free testosterone – also known as ‘circulating testosterone’ – refers to the stores of testosterone in the body available for building lean muscle, for hormonal regulation and for other fitness-related purposes. As fitness enthusiasts are likely aware, most of the body’s testosterone binds to two proteins called albumin and sex hormone binding globulin (also referred to as SHBG). This biochemical process prevents these stores from being available for muscle-building – or ‘myogenesis’ – purposes. What Testo Amp X aims to do is to increase supplies of circulating testosterone to restore levels that have decreased over time as well as to maintain a healthy hormonal balance.

Each bottle comes complete with a 30-day supply of 60 capsules. Usage instructions state to 1-2 capsules by mouth, preferably before or after cardiovascular and/or strength training sessions. The capsules dissolve in the bloodstream and then permeate the body, where the ingredients in the proprietary formula blend are then activated to not only actively, but also to passively increase production of testosterone. As with any premium health and fitness supplement, the more consistently this product is used, the more extreme results users will purportedly see. Instruction are also very clear about the fact that results vary by user; this is designed for healthy, active adult men who maintain a healthy lifestyle and a regular fitness and strength-training routine.

This workout booster may also work by stimulating the process of protein synthesis to work more efficiently. In biochemical terms, protein synthesis is a series of chemical reactions whereby amino acids are arranged into proteins. After exercise, muscle protein synthesis remains elevated for up to two full days after strength-training; in effect, the proteins and amino acids in this testosterone booster may work to increase muscle cells’ abilities to more quickly generate and repair muscle tissue. Users may also stack this product with other quality nutritional supplements and/or protein shakes to further optimize workout potential. Instructions also state that Testo Amp X must be used for a minimum of 90 days in a row in order to see maximum results.


Ingredients of Testo Amp X

One of the major draws to this particular testosterone booster is the fact that all of its ingredients are derived entirely from natural sources. Each of its formula compounds are extracted from plants, flowers, roots, seeds, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, however, the manufacturer does not list specific ingredients on the product website. This omission may prove especially frustrating to those who prefer to research the ingredients in the formula to rule out potential for medication interactions and/or other negative side effects. Still, fitness enthusiasts can find ingredient lists on health and fitness supplement sites online; according to one, the active ingredients here are Maca Root, Tongkat Ali, Boron and Tribulus Terrestris.

Maca Root, an herbaceous plant indigenous to the Andes mountains of Peru (also called ‘Peruvian Ginseng’), is a pleasant-tasting root extract known for helping to balance hormone levels as well as for providing a natural energy boost. It contains various percentages of protein, fat, carbohydrates and amino acids. Tongkat Ali – also known by the names Longjack and Eurycoma Longifolia – is extracted from a flowering plant native to Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian regions – may contribute to improved vasodilation, thus potentially facilitating more effective workouts, shorter recovery times and more powerful muscle pumps. Tribulus Terrestris, which many

Another of this organic supplement’s active ingredients is an important mineral called Boron. Often included as an additive in health and muscle-building supplements, Boron not only contains mental alertness-increasing properties but may also help to actively stimulate the body to produce more testosterone. Boron is commonly found in foods such as non-citrus fruits, legumes and vegetables and help the body to more efficiently absorb and process certain vitamins and minerals. It also has a reputation as an effective performance booster for athletes. Symptoms of a boron deficiency can include decreased mental alertness and physical fatigue; thus, this supplement promises to utilize Boron’s energy-elevating properties to give men the stamina and endurance to work out harder and for longer.



Testo Amp X may help to fuel muscle growth at an accelerated rate for users who incorporate it into an active lifestyle and a rigorous exercise routine. The product website also asserts that its benefits may extend beyond the physical; it may – by increasing blood flow to not only muscle cells, but also to the brain – help to sharpen mental clarity and cognitive focus. The manufacturer asserts that the product formula was scientifically engineered to provide optimal hormonal regulation and lean muscle-building capability in men. It may also provide a significant strength and stamina boost to those who use this consistently and for a minimum of 90 days.

Another important advantage is the fact that this testosterone booster is 100% legal and may cause minimal to no negative side effects for most users, thus providing a safer, legal performance booster for athletes, bodybuilders and other competitive fitness professionals. By utilizing organic extracts that are known for increasing energy levels, it may promote more intense and effective workouts, thus potentially enabling users to see more dramatic results, faster. Some of its extracts also have a reputation for being potent vasodilators, which may translate to a greater blood, nutrient and oxygen supply to working muscle tissue. Other potential advantages related to improved blood flow may also include a shortened recovery time after workouts as well as less muscle soreness and cramping. Increased confidence as a result of looking and (potentially) feeling better, may also be important advantages to consistent use of this product.



The Testo Amp X website cites several important statistics on its official website. One such statistic states that, after the age of 30, testosterone levels begin to drop by an average of 2-4% each year. Symptoms of testosterone decline commonly include fatigue, muscle atrophy, fat gain and decreased strength and stamina. With a formula designed to stimulate active testosterone production safely and naturally, this product may counteract these negative effects in older men to restore a more youthful level of strength and vitality. The manufacturer would be wise to underscore this point by including any studies and clinical research that have been conducted on its formula ingredients.

Although the website does not mention such, there is some research pointing to the efficacy of one of its active ingredients, Boron. The study indicated that Boron may be effective in significantly increasing testosterone production in some segments of users. One small study reported decreased sex hormone binding globulin in eight healthy male participants who supplemented with ten milligrams of Boron a day of. This effect, concluded the study, led to increased free testosterone levels in the study’s participants. The official Testo Amp X website does not display any additional certification.



I’ve been using Testo Amp X before workouts for months now, and it has added new life to my humdrum training routine. It’s upped my endurance in a major way. My veins pop out like crazy now when I flex, and it’s even given me more energy for everyday chores like cleaning out the pool. Its given me more endurance in everything from bench presses to working in my garden in the evening. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective this has turned out to be. — Gavin Q., fitness instructor in Madison, WI, USA

I felt like I had kind of plateaued in my regular workout regimen, so I signed up for the trial program just to see what it could do for me. I realize everyone responds differently to supplements, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. In the two months I’ve been using it, it has really helped to give me more buzz while I’m training. I pop a couple of these before my cardio and weight-training sessions, and I can feel a noticeable energy boost right away. This has been an easy way to take my workouts up a notch and to get more done while I’m at the gym. — Jerome O., personal trainer in Kent, WA, USA

I was fifteen pounds overweight, I had no energy and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I decided to do something about it, so I started a new workout routine and ordered a bottle of this stuff right away. It gave me a great energy surge at the gym, which helped me to put in more time and training on the weight bench. My love handles are finally gone. Testo Amp X has done what it said it would do, and more. — Ivan T., marketing director in Sofia, Bulgaria


Awards & Media Coverage

Unlike many products on the current fitness supplement market, Testo Amp X has received an award in the health and fitness supplement industry. As advertised on the website, it was ranked #1 in its category in 2017. However, the manufacturer does not detail from which publication or website it received this award.

It appears to be well-known among members of the online fitness supplement community. It has been featured on a variety of online forums dedicated to health and workout solutions. Such outlets include internet radio forums, review websites, blogs and miscellaneous fitness forums. It has also been reviewed by fitness professionals on a number of bodybuilding blogs. At this time, it is unknown whether it has been featured or advertised on any commercial media outlets such as magazines, TV or radio.


Money-back Guarantee

Although Testo Amp X is available for sale via the official product website, all of the details regarding the company’s refund policy – as well as its terms and conditions – are communicated in Latin. Similarly, the site does not offer a translation option for any language. The company’s privacy policy is also communicated in the Latin language. This oversight may be off-putting to customers who may view this error as a sign of inattention to detail on the manufacturer’s part. As such, this company would be well-advised to offer their return policy information in the language applicable to their targeted customer base.

There are, however, details regarding the manufacturer’s current risk-free trial program (now offered exclusively to United States residents). For a small shipping fee, men who want to up their workout game can try this supplement out for 14 days at no additional cost. After the trial’s conclusion – unless customers contact customer service to cancel – the trial rolls over into a refill membership program. Term and conditions (on the checkout section) state that, on the 16th day of the trial, the customer’s account will be billed for the full retail price of the product used; following this, the account will be billed monthly until and unless the customer calls to cancel. A full-sized bottle will then be delivered each month to the member’s address on file.



Orders are shipped to all regions within the United States as well as to the Federated States of Micronesia, American Samoa, the Republic of Marshall Islands and to the Virgin Islands of the U.S. In addition, orders can be shipped to the Mariana Islands as well as to Puerto Rico. The non-discounted rate for postage and handling is $9.95. However, the manufacturer does offer a discount that reduces the total shipping and handling cost to a reasonable $4.95. Orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx.

According to the manufacturer’s shipping policy, orders are ready to ship within 24 hours of purchase. The website also provides an estimated date of delivery, though such times are estimates only and are not guaranteed. The site does not specify whether it offers shipping insurance for an additional cost nor does it specify whether it delivers on weekends and/or certain holidays. Customers are encouraged to contact the company’s support center for further details regarding shipping and handling.


Customer Support

This manufacturer has trained its customer service team to assist customers with a wide variety of queries. Support members can assist with such questions regarding billing, product usage, company policies, customer accounts and more. Those who would like to speak with a live representative may call the company’s toll-free 1-800 telephone number for live assistance. Support team members are also authorized to modify and/or cancel customer accounts. Any buyer who wishes to return an order within return policy guidelines must contact the company by phone for further instructions.

The customer service section on the Testo Amp X website does not, unfortunately, include any further information about its customer service department. Although it does include a mission statement asserting its dedication to outstanding customer service, it does not provide its hours of operation. Similarly, it does not provide an email address for customer support nor does the product website include a submission form for queries.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This manufacturer’s commitment to protecting sensitive customer information is evidenced by the numerous industry standard trust seals displayed on the product website. One such trust seal certifies that the site is protected by a secure 256-bit encrypted connection. 256 – bit encryption technology is utilized by millions of online vendors to safeguard all personal and financial information stored on company servers. This technology works by using key ciphers to essentially scramble sensitive data, making it unreadable to any hackers attempting to intercept this information. According to many technology professionals, it would require many years of continuous attempts to even begin to approach cracking the key ciphers.

The site is also secured by McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, MasterCard SecureCode and Verified By Visa. McAfee Secure is antivirus software put in place to secure website visitors from identity theft, spam, viruses, phishing and other such cyber threats. Norton Secured consists of similar antivirus software as well as ransomware protection, malware protection, a two-way firewall and antivirus capability. Another trustmark displayed on the site, Verified By Visa, offers additional security measures to Visa customers, ensuring the informational security of all certified eCommerce transactions. The product website also displays a MasterCard SecureCode security seal to certify that MasterCard customers are assured the additional security of a special PIN number specific to the individual MasterCard holder.



The full non-trial price of a single bottle of Testo Amp X – which includes 60 capsules for a 30-day supply – is currently $89.95. Buyers are responsible for all sales tax and other fees as applicable to their region of order. For fitness enthusiasts who would like to try before making a purchase commitment, the manufacturer offers a 14-day trial program for a minimal upfront shipping and handling cost. At this time, this offer is exclusive to United States residents only. The website does not state whether similar deals are available worldwide.

This manufacturer only accepts credit cards as a method of payment at this time. Accepted credit cards are limited to Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Those who prefer alternate payment methods such as PayPal may be deterred by this limitation. Since the website’s terms and conditions are communicated entirely in Latin, it is not known whether there are currently any discounts or other promotion offered by the manufacturer. Although this product may be available for resale from various sellers on the web, its authenticity is only guaranteed when purchased on the official website.






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