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Testo 360X Review – Fitness Solution for Men

What Is Testo 360X?

Testo 360X is an organic dietary supplement designed to raise the body’s production of free testosterone for maximum workout performance. Its formula consists entirely of plants, botanicals, fruits, seeds, root extracts and minerals. It is manufactured in the United States and sold primarily in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. It is designed to help men pack on lean muscle mass, increase strength and power and attain maximum fitness, faster. Its active ingredient is an amino acid called L-Arginine.

It is posited as an effective solution for a variety of men’s health and fitness needs. It may be a safer and fully legal alternative to anabolic steroids for sports nutrition supplementation. It may also be effective in raising circulating testosterone levels for older men who have experienced muscle atrophy, fat gain and lethargy due to age-related testosterone decline. It is also posited as a solution for any man who wants to get shredded faster as well as for bodybuilding and weightlifting professionals looking to improve their performance in competitions. It is designed as a daily supplement to be taken before workouts along with a protein-rich diet and a rigorous strength-training program.



Testo 360X is manufactured by a United Kingdom-based health and fitness supplement supplier named Hexagonal Health and Beauty. Its products are manufactured in the United States per the certification stamp on the product website. Still, it does retain fulfillment facilities and a corporate location in the United Kingdom. It does not currently have an official website nor does it appear to be active on any social media channels. It offers skin care products as well as muscle-building supplements.

At minimum, Hexagonal Health and Beauty may want to offer a mission statement on the Testo 360X page. Better yet would be a full company history in order to offer transparency and a sense of trust among their customer base. As many customers prefer to invest in well-established companies, doing so may not only help to keep its buyers informed but also to provide a direct link for inquiries.


How Testo 360X Works?

This performance-enhancing product features an amino acid-rich formula that is designed to work synergistically to enhance the body’s natural processes. Its primary function is to stimulate levels of free testosterone production, which is loosely defined as the stores of testosterone available to be used for building new muscle proteins. The amino acids in the plant extracts are formulated to maximize the body’s absorption and processing of protein for optimal myogenesis. With elevated energy levels and heightened strength and endurance, users may translate this boost into more frequent and more intense strength-training sessions, thereby making it training session count. This boost may also translate into faster and more dramatic weight loss and muscle-building power.

Another way Testo 360X claims to work is by increasing the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a molecule that plays several important roles in exercise performance. The manufacturer asserts that it not only helps users pack on lean muscle mass by driving more protein-rich blood to working muscle tissue but also by shortening recovery time between training sessions. It is believed by many in the bodybuilding community to boost the immune system, to reduce inflammation and to promote increases in stamina and strength. It may also contribute to allowing users to exercise more frequently by lessening muscle cramping and soreness.

One risk the manufacturer runs is giving the impression Testo 360X will do the muscle-building work for them. Some men may be looking for a “magic bullet” that pumps up their muscles and gives them their dream body without having to work out or to maintain a healthy diet. On the contrary, this supplement is designed to enhance a new or pre-existing workout not to replace exercise but to enhance it. According to instructions, it must be used consistently for a minimum of two months to see the most extreme results. Users are also encouraged to enrich their diet with lean proteins, especially following a training session.


Ingredients of Testo 360X

The product website gives a general overview of this potent amino acid formula blend designed for “complex action.” The ingredients are formulated with the goal of saturating muscle tissue with nutrients to ramp up endurance levels and to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. This manufacturer makes claims that it will “supercharge” DNA at the molecular level to build shredded, lean muscle even while users sleep so that “no added exercise is necessary to see immediate results.” These are impressive claims that the website does not substantiate with research and data.

Another drawback is the fact that there is no detailed ingredient list on the official Testo 360X website. Although it does describe its active ingredient, an important muscle strength-facilitating amino acid called L-Arginine, it doesn’t list any other specific ingredients. Considering the importance in supplements’ ingredient lists regarding possible allergens, additive amounts and other pertinent factors, the manufacturer would be wise to post this on the website. What is known about L-Arginine, its key ingredient, is that it may be an effective vasodilator. This means it widens blood vessel walls to drive more nutrient-rich blood to stressed muscle tissue for more strength and energy during workouts and a faster tissue repair period afterward.

One or two simple capsules a day purportedly take the place of a complex mixture of different pills, not to mention notoriously dry powdered shakes. This pared-down supplement routine is definitely an advantage provided it is as efficacious as the manufacturer describes. It is not currently known whether this ingredient list includes any filler (as is not uncommon among the current crop of fitness supplements). Users are advised to consult with their physician to determine whether any of the botanicals in the formula may cause an allergic reaction, a medication interaction or whether they may interact negatively with alcohol.



Testo 360X may provide the extra fuel boost necessary to optimize workout abilities so men can work out harder and more frequently, thus leading to accelerated weight loss and lean muscle. It may be an all-natural, safer solution to increase testosterone levels using only nature-based extracts. It may also heighten energy levels to promote not only more intense workouts but also a sustained, consistent energy throughout the day. It also promises to help increase vascularity for more powerful pumps and for greater muscle size and strength. Other benefits may include a significant improvement in endurance levels.

Perhaps one of this product’s biggest potential advantages is the ability to raise free testosterone naturally for older men who may have experienced age-related testosterone decline. Such symptoms of decreased t-levels include fatigue, muscle weakness and hormonal imbalance; Testo 360X promises to provide a safe solution to combat these negative effects. In addition, it promises to prevent damage to muscle tissue by way of its amino acid-rich formula. It essentially promises to not only fuel workouts but also to promote faster post-workout muscle recovery. Other potential non-physical benefits include improved self-confidence and sharper mental focus.



The checkout section bears a certificate reading ‘Proudly Made in the USA.’ To many consumers, United States-made products symbolize an assurance of premium quality. All such products must pass a minimum standard of quality control in merchandising practices, food safety and other standards. In other words, consumers who prefer US-made products often prefer to invest in these because they ensure at least some efficacy as well as because they must follow rigorous safety standards. The company promises its customers that the product was created in the USA at all stages of research, development and manufacturing.

The product also presents some intriguing facts about exercise science and how it can contribute to meeting these needs. For one, the website emphasizes the importance of the several hours after gym sessions and how important this time period is is for muscle recovery and growth. As such, Testo 360X may help to restore the balance of nutrients, to combat muscle fatigue and to prepare the body for subsequent sessions. To further educate customers, the company may want to add bullet point statistics to underscore this nitric oxide booster’s potential effectiveness.



This is the first test booster I’ve tried that didn’t make me irritable or angry once it kicked in. I would say my mood has even improved because of how great feel about how toned I’ve gotten, and how much I’m looking forward to taking my training sessions to the next level. My pumps are getting outrageous. I’ve upped my workout regimen in intensity and duration, and I am now getting into some of the best shape of my life. This is a great game-upper for men who like to sweat. – Damon C., personal trainer in Aldridge, ME, USA

I’ve had low ‘T’ for years now, and I didn’t think there was much I could do about it. When I turned 50, I decided it was time to try something new. I came across Testo 360X while doing online research and saw there was a trial program available. It hasn’t even been a month since I started using it before my workout sessions, and I’ve already been seeing lines of definition popping up everywhere. This has definitely helped me get my mojo back. – Zane B., construction worker in Dublin, Ireland

I worked hard in the gym for months, and I feel like this has been working equally hard for me. I sweat it out four days a week now instead of two, and I’ve dropped over ten pounds. All the guys at work have been asking me what I’ve been doing differently. I’m telling everyone about my new “secret weapon. – Joseph N., account executive in Wales, the United Kingdom

I’ve tried quite a few fitness supplements, but this is by far the best in terms of the energy kick it gives me before training sessions. My muscles are shaping up nicely, and I’ve even lost some weight. My girlfriend and I are both big fans. – Mario L., maintenance supervisor in Dundalk, Ireland


Awards & Media Coverage

Testo 350X has been featured in a number of media outlets. One such outlet is Muscle & Fitness, a bodybuilding magazine dedicated to full workout plans as well as advice regarding nutrition, supplements and muscle-building. According to the product website, it has also been seen on Men’s Health. Men’s Health is a popular men’s publication dedicated to fitness, nutrition and general lifestyle. It has also appeared on Men’s Fitness, another popular publication centered on training, nutrition, workout routines and weight loss. These appearances have all likely contributed to its popularity among the weightlifting and bodybuilding subsets.

It does not appear to have won any awards as of this review. Since the copyright date on the website is current-year, it may yet attract accolades in the nutrition and fitness industry in the future. It has received positive reviews on a wide range of fitness websites, blogs and online forums. Overall, the online response to this testosterone booster has been widely positive as reported by user experience online. There does appear to be a high demand for it due to this media coverage.


Money-back Guarantee

The merchant offers an auto-ship trial offer for customers who would like to try before committing to buy. The only upfront cost for a 14-day trial period is the cost for shipping and handling. If the customer does not contact customer service to cancel the trial period before its conclusion, they will be enrolled in the company’s auto-delivery program. This means the buyer will be charged for the trial bottle and then shipped out a new bottle every 30 days thereafter. The customer’s credit card on file will be thusly billed for these shipments every delivery period.

There is also a 30-day return policy in place in case this supplement does not perform as expected. This company offers the rare advantage of accepting fully used products for full refunds (minus the cost of shipping). To receive a full refund, the customer must ship the partially used or empty bottle back to the company’s fulfillment facilities within 30 days of the date of purchase. All returns must include a clearly-marked Return Authorization Number written on the outside of the package, which are obtained from contacting a customer service member.



The Testo 360X order form was not, unfortunately, operational at the time of this review. This version of the Testo 360X website offers package delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom as well as in Northern Ireland. Trial program customers who are members of the subsequent auto-delivery program must contact customer service to cancel their order at least one day prior to the date the next bottle is scheduled to ship.

Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs. In addition, all shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. This includes straight sale purchases as well as returns. According to company policy, absolutely no return packages are accepted under any circumstances if marked ‘Return to sender.’ The manufacturer strongly advises anyone sending return packages to purchase shipping insurance in case it is lost or damaged en route back to return facilities.


Customer Support

Though Testo 360X’s parent company does not offer multi-country customer service satellite bases or an address for physical correspondence, it does offer two basic but effective means to access a customer support team member. First listed on the contact section of the website is a United Kingdom telephone number for customers who want to speak with a live representative. Listed secondly is an email address for service and support questions. Customers are encouraged to reach out via these means regarding billing, fulfillment or any questions at all. The website does not offer a live chat support function at this time.

Despite a live chat option or a physical correspondence address, the company’s customer service center is open from Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day. Product support team members are also available for any questions or concerns customers may have regarding their accounts. They are authorized to answer questions pertaining to shipping, company policy, how to correctly use this supplement and to modify or cancel customer accounts at any time.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The Testo 360X website is certified as a 128-Bit SSL Secure Site. This Secure Socket Layer technology uses key ciphers to scramble customers’ personal and financial data in the event a cyber attacker attempts to intercept it. Although 128-Bit SSL software is not as secure as 256-Bit SSL software, both are industry standard online transaction technology that work to authenticate and encrypt websites. This allows important information such as credit card numbers and other personal information to be transmitted securely from the customer’s browser to the website’s server. This manufacturer has clearly invested in doing what it can to protect its buyers as maximally as possible.

According to the Testo 360X privacy policy, Hexagonal Health and Beauty Ltd takes every precaution to protect users’ and members’ sensitive Information both online and offline. Customer data is accessible only to company employees who must process it only for purposes of completing the agreed-upon transaction. All employees are trained and kept current on all safety and security practices. Furthermore, customers may opt-out of emails and other company communications at any time. Hexagonal Health and Beauty Ltd stores all sensitive information on a secure server; interested parties may consult the privacy policy for more in-depth information on how customer data is collected, stored and utilized.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full retail price for a 30-day supply of 60 capsules is currently 113.33 USD or £84.99. This price applies both to trial program customers who decide to remain enrolled in the auto-ship program as well as for straight sale (non-trial) customers. There are not presently any discounts or other value incentives available for multi-bottle purchases. Since the order form on the Testo 360X website was not functional at the time of this review, it is not known what payment methods are accepted.

Regarding money-back procedures, refunds are generally processed within 3-5 business days or less once the shipping department receives the return package. It can take up to one billing cycle for the refund to post on the customer’s account (depending on the buyer’s banking institution). Customers are responsible for all applicable sales taxes pertaining to their region of order. The terms and conditions to do not appear to specify whether or not Hexagonal Health and Beauty Ltd, charges a restocking fee for units returned.






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