Testinate 250

Testinate 250 Review – Can You Count on This Product?

What Is Testinate 250?

Testinate 250 is a scientifically formulated supplement that is designed to boost testosterone leading to an enhancement during bodybuilding workouts. It claims to lead to increased muscle mass that is lean and cut in quality, a decrease in fat to help with muscle definition, and of course increased testosterone levels. A lack of information on the product’s ingredients however might lead people to doubt what they are taking, if it has risky ingredients, and if it is effective. Also with this supplement there is not a lot of information on how the supplement works to improve muscle, decrease fat and help with workouts.

The site does inform the customer that the supplement does not contain creatine, which, though a proven effective ingredient in bodybuilding, often results in water retention and bloating to a significant degree. Also users of creatine have complained of muscle cramping. So if you are one who is concerned with aesthetics in muscle building, this might be an advantage as Testinate 250 does not contain it. Also to avoid cramps it is an advantage that the product does not contain this. Also it is said that the product is safe and lacking in negative side-effects, but without a list of ingredients there is no proof for this.



The company behind Testinate 250 is not named, but it is stated that the supplement is manufactured in the U.S.A. This might help the consumer feel better that the product was not manufactured in a Third World country with no regulations. However there is no address listed and no confirmation that the product is made in a safe environment, or that it was actually made in America at all. Also this might raise concerns for the quality of the manufacturing for the product.

The lack of information concerning the manufacturer and also lack of any reviews or evidence that the formula was made in a safe environment might concern consumers. Firstly because they don’t know what kind of environment the supplement was made in. The environment or machinery used in manufacturing might be toxic in some way or affecting the product. Also the environment the product was created in plus the ingredients used might cause an allergic reaction or otherwise harmful effect for the user. Overall the customer should be concerned firstly if the product was actually made in the U.S.A. with any good regulation and also what might potentially be in the product as a result of the place where it was manufactured. There is not enough information to confirm either.


How Testinate 250 Works?

Testinate 250 is a supplement designed to boost testosterone. It is a product that has been developed over a period of more than three years. It claims to have 100% natural ingredients that are also effective in increasing testosterone levels, resulting in more burned fat, more built muscle, and getting better results in energy which results in accelerating muscle-building and workout goals. It is also stated that due to the natural content, it is free from dangerous side effects.

The product needs to be taken once per day, one pill, after eating in order to get maximum results. However again, due to a lack of information concerning the ingredients this product contains, there is no evidence or scientific data that the contents work to produce results. Also due to the lack of listed ingredients, there is no evidence that the ingredients are 100% natural and therefore pure. And side-effects might be present from some of the ingredients, which if the consumer saw them listed, they could investigate to see if there are any reviews. Due to the lack of information, it is challenging to confirm if the product works or if it is safe.


Ingredients of Testinate 250

There is not a lot of information disclosed about the product, except that it contains three natural herbs. However the herb names and their origin are not provided. Also the formula is advertised as 100% natural, but this also can’t be known as the ingredients aside from the herbs are not listed. Because of this there is no certainty that the ingredients are safe or what the side effects might be.

There is a statement that there is no creatine in the product. Creatine is an ingredient in other supplements that has been known to cause bloating and water retention, causing possibly bodily discomfort and a lack of cut muscle appearance. This might help the potential customer know that they will look better as a result of using the product and not suffer from cramps. Some customers reviewed whether or not they would buy the product due to lack of labeling. Some said they would not as there were no details listed, others said they would still try the free trial offer.



The product claims to increase testosterone levels leading in turn to more developed muscle, fat loss and an increase in energy during workouts leading to accelerated effects. The advantage is that there are some natural ingredients which are supposed to make the supplement pure for the user. The more pure the product, the more certainty that ingredients will be safe for the consumer to use. Also due to the lack of creatine, there is less chance for bloating and water retention. Also because creatine was noted to cause cramps in users, the users of Testinate 250 would not experience bad side effects from this ingredient.

Also there are reviews which have confirmed the product’s effectiveness, stating that they were able to achieve the results they were looking for in the gym including more build muscle and loss of fat. They also said that they were able to see effects over time from using the product. They also said that because they were able to have increased energy and push themselves during the workout, they saw an increase in the rate of achieving their results. Overall customers did say the product was effective, and did not mention adverse side effects. Also the natural ingredients are an advantage over other possibly artificial ingredients found in other supplements that might cause negative side effects.



There are no specific listed certificates for the product, however reviews mention that the product was effective. Also the free trial offer says that if you cancel the order within the trial period you are not charged for the supplement. However some of the comments on a review from other customers said they were dissatisfied due to the amounts they ended up being charged for the product. They said that instead of just paying for shipping, they ended up being charged for the product.

Also Testinate 250 claims to have 100% natural ingredients that are pure and lacking in harmful side effects. Testimonies from users also said they didn’t suffer from ill effects after using the product. The one pill per day dosage is also a plus as other product recommendations are up to several pills per day spread out over a larger time period. And the product is said to not contain creatine, which has caused negative side effects for consumers of other supplements. The free trial, if it is legitimate, combined with the lack of expressed negative side effects, might lead the customer to try the product despite lack of listed ingredients and manufacturing information.



One customer said they saw during their college years many fellow students with stronger and more defined muscle than they had. They therefore had the desire to see an increase in muscle mass and definition. This customer joined a gym and tried regular workouts involving challenging and rigorous training programs but failed to see much progress. His friend recommended Testinate 250 and he said the product helped him fulfill his workout goals and also resulted in the increased muscle mass and definition that he was looking for.

Another reviewer said that they ordered the product when they saw that there was a special offer for the product. They said that over time and taking the recommended dosage of the product, they saw a complete body transformation. The process took two months according to the customer. They said that the would recommend the product to everyone. So both reviews were positive in stating that the product was effective. However there were also reviewers that said they were charged for the product despite the free trial offer, which led to customer dissatisfaction.


Awards & Media Coverage

There are no specific awards or coverage by the media for this product, except for reviews and testimonials which seem to have mixed opinion. On the one hand the testimonials claim that the product was effective in helping them meet their bodybuilding goals. Mainly they reported increased muscle mass and definition, along with very transformative results after two months. They also didn’t list any negative side-effects from using the product.

However other reviewers said that they were charged for the product even though the product claims to have a free trial offer. Also the lack of listed ingredients led others to pass on trying the free trial or purchasing the product. And other reviews said that the lack of information listed about the ingredients should lead a potential user to question the safety of the ingredients, even though the product claims to have 100% natural contents. But the lack of creatine in the product might be seen as a positive. Finally, the effectiveness of the product seemed good, but the possible harm caused by ingredients not listed might cause a customer to pause before purchasing the product.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee listed on the site. To the contrary customers listed that they were billed after the free trial term was up and were unable to return the product or get their money back. One review said that they were offered 50% of the product price back only. Also they had to ship the product back to the Netherlands for $40.

It is claimed that the customer will receive their money back if they ship back the product within 10 days of ordering the product. However it might take 5-7 days simply to receive the product. This does not allow a lot of time to ship it back within the 10-day period. Also you will have to pay shipping. This could be more depending on if you have to priority ship due to time constraints.



Shipping cost for Testinate 250 is $5.99, the standard shipping fee. This seems reasonable as compared to other shipping costs for supplements. The product should come to you within the standard shipping time for normal post, 5-7 working days. Orders made on a Saturday or Sunday should expect the product to ship the following Monday. However the customer should note that they have 14 days from the order date and not the date they receive their purchase to cancel the order. The $5.99 fee is for a 30-day supply, so you should expect to pay this amount every month on top of the fee for the product.

Also, the customer can send back the product within 10 days of receiving the product, but they should expect to pay the shipping fee to send it back again. Also, one reviewer said they had to send the product back to the Netherlands instead of the U.S.A., and this shipping cost added up to $40. The $5.99 amount is reasonable, but beware that if you want to return the product there might be more shipping fees. Other than that the shipping and amount of time you wait for the product should be reasonable.


Customer Support

Customer support for Testinate 250 seems limited. There is no visible contact phone number or email on the site to buy. Also with other products there is a chat option to speak with a customer service representative but this was not available on the site. You are simply relinked to a checkout page. There might be an email provided or information after the purchase. It is a challenge to find support to speak with concerning the product.

One customer said they were able to communicate with a representative after purchasing the product in order to get a refund. However they said it was difficult to contact due to lack of personal response and replies with automated messages. When the customer finally got through to a representative there was a delay in response and it came only after repeated communication attempts.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout site is verified by VeriSign Secured, Hacker Safe and McAffee Secure, and there is a privacy policy stating what information they collect from the customer. They affirm in the policy that they value the customer’s privacy of personal information while they are visiting the site. Then they have a list of information they collect from the customer. All of the information is voluntarily given by the customer.

They take credit card information including name, mailing address, email, credit card number, name on the credit card, and billing address as well as phone number. They said they might retain the content of the emails sent from your email address, so you will want to make sure to take note of what you write to them. They also said they might share your information with advertising partners, so beware of spam. When you give them your email you might receive promotional information, but you can opt out of the information and save your email inbox. They also said they are careful to protect personal data through physical, electronic and managerial procedures.


Pricing & Free Trial

They do offer a 14-day free trial, but this is controversial according to some reviews. You will be charged the normal fees after the free trial offer has ended. Your order is also subject to auto-billing, so if the customer doesn’t cancel, your card will be charged each month and the supply of Testinate 250 will be sent to the address you provided them.

The free trial requirements are not clearly listed, and instead reviews said that you had to search thoroughly in the fine print to find the terms. From the date of purchase, not from the date you receive the product, you must contact the company to cancel your order. Also the lack of customer service information might make this a challenge.

If you don’t cancel the order within the 14 days, the full price of the product will be charged you. And you will continue to be charged thereafter until you cancel. And the price is approximately $100 per bottle. The pricing information is also difficult to find leaving the customer unsure of what they will spend once the free trial is over. One customer said that after they were charged they tried to get their money back, but they only got 50% of it.






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