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TestCore Pro Review – Improve Your Body The Right Way

What Is TestCore Pro?

TestCore Pro is a testosterone booster claiming to boost your testosterone and muscle mass within 30 days of starting the product. It’s goal is to help build muscle, make the body look more physically appealing, and also says it will reduce fatigue by up to 30 percent while also increasing performance in the gym and also overall strength. There are many photos on the website and also a video that show strong and muscular men lifting a lot of weight, so at the outset the results look promising.

The manufacturer says that it will produce more testosterone in the body through its good quality ingredients. It also says it will reduce the percentage of the person’s body fat and get more cut muscle. And it will help you work out longer and lift more weight and have more reps. The product is tested by GNC Labs and is therefore observed by a third party to ensure quality ingredients and that it contains what the company says it contains. It also has a lot of positive reviews, however there are not many sites to buy TestCore Pro from and the few there are direct you to another site selling another product to buy.



There is a site promoting the product TestCore Pro but no other manufacturer listed. The site says that the product is all-natural and will help build muscle and improve the athlete’s performance. There also aren’t many places listed to buy the product. There are several websites, but it is not available at GNC or some other mainstream supplement websites. Also on the website whenever you click to order the product you are redirected to another website with another product to order, which is problematic.

It also isn’t available for retail sale, which probably helps with their profit, but doesn’t make the product available for different prices. It also means that there are only a few options for purchasing, and only online options are available. There is also not complete information on the ingredients in the product. This information might be obtained by contacting them, but there is not a Contact Us section on the website.


How TestCore Pro Works?

An ingredient in TestCore Pro called Eurycoma Longifolia is meant to increase the testosterone levels in both animals and humans. Along with the booster are proteins that are all-natural. The product was made to help the muscle develop and grow, specifically immediately following the workout. When the protein enters the body right at that time helps the muscles develop. The information about the ingredients in the product came from other sources than the original site, however, so it is uncertain as to whether the ingredients listed are the actual ingredients in the product. Since there is a lack of ingredient information on the original site, this is also a problem.

Also, amino acids are included in order to help with muscle increase such as L-Glutamine, promoting their growth. You are supposed to take one pill of the product two times per day. The best results come after combining the supplement with the workout. The workouts themselves should consist of heavy weights and a low amount of repetitions. Results vary, but should be seen in as soon as three weeks, and most should see improvement after 30 days. t.


Ingredients of TestCore Pro

TestCore Pro has all natural ingredients according to those producing the product and are supposedly refined in clinics. The ones we know about are L-Glutamine and Eurycoma Longifolia. The summary also says there is a combination of amino acids and proteins. There aren’t any complete listings for the ingredients in the product. However, they are made under the watch of GMS. GMS are certified laboratories that have experiences members testing their products.

Also according to the producers, there are no negative side effects when using TestCore Pro. Reviews also didn’t say that there are negative side effects. There are actually only positive reviews available saying that they noticed a huge increase in energy, a measurable amount of fat loss, and remarks that they felt younger. One also said that they were able to see results almost immediately. Though it is good that the products are tested by GMS, it would be best if all of the ingredients were listed so that customers could have peace of mind buying the product. It would be good if they could know what is in the product and what the dosage is.



Some customers using the product have commented that they have seen a great increase in their strength and also generally in their alertness and perhaps being less tired with more energy. Also there should be a better release of cardiovascular ability while still having power. Another advantage is the workout recovery times. The less the recovery time, the more time you can devote to building muscle. Again however, since there are only positive reviews it might leave you to wonder if they were simply for promotion. They did say you are not to take the product if under the age of 18, however, and also to consult a doctor if there were any negative side effects.

There also is no excess sugar or calories in TestCore Pro that will make your efforts counterproductive. They also say that the capsules are the most productive and advantageous if taken just before your workout routine. the overall muscle should leave you with more strength and a better physical appearance which will also help boost your confidence. This supplement can be combined with other supplements for maximum effect.



The manufacturer for the product says that TestCore Pro is made in the United States. Also it is under the facility GMS labs, which have experienced staff that aid in testing the product. They are there to make sure the ingredients are what the manufacturer says. However, since there is not a complete list of ingredients listed, there isn’t a real way to check up on the information to say that it is accurate. There is a small certificate listed at the bottom of the site but it appears to be generic and not from any recognisable company.

But it is reassuring that a separate organisation from the manufacturer, is putting a seal of approval on the product. This means that a third party is checking to make sure that the product is made from good ingredients that aren’t harmful to the body. However remember that dietary supplements do not have to be FDA approved, so though there is an assurance, there might be non-FDA approved ingredients in the product. Also remember that it is only sold on the main website, of which it appears there are a couple of different ones. But if you see any replicas on other general distribution sites, it’s probably not actually TestCore Pro that you are purchasing. However again, it is difficult to verify this information from the sites that offer the product themselves.



There is not a large number of testimonials about TestCore Pro, but there are a few. One customer said that he felt 20 years younger as a result of using the product. He also felt pleased with it because it helped him with his assertiveness. He also said that he hadn’t had problems with aggressiveness, which is one negative side-effect some users of other products have complained about. Another said that he felt like he idd in his 20’s again, as if he ha turned back the clock. A man from New Jersey said that he had receive a huge workout boost along with losing fat on his arms, his back, chest and legs. He also said he felt much better and had been using the product for a longer amount of time.

Another customer said that he was very pleased with the product, and has found it most beneficial when combined with other products. He has seen a large increase in energy levels so much so that he doesn’t feel the need to rest. A man from Ohio said that he already felt a lot more energy and could feel that his muscles were working after just one dose. Another said that he kept his auto-ship membership when he found he liked the results. Another said that it also helped him feel younger and has recommended it to his friends. The reviews listed were very positive about the results. There was only one negative review that said it wasn’t worth it and that he encouraged people not to try or buy the product.


Awards & Media Coverage

There are a limited number of reviews for TestCore Pro. There are also no spots on social media where the product is listed or reviewed to see if it is any good over a larger population of customers. The reviews listed might therefore be only the positive ones by the company to promote the product. One said that after several weeks he felt a large increase in his energy levels and also was able to go to the gym more often. Another said he had to tell himself to stop working out because he had a lot of energy even during the rest days, so he had to make sure to take them.

Another man said he was in his 50’s and hadn’t felt he had a lot of energy for a number of years. He said the product helped him feel like he was in his 20’s again. A man in his 40’s said he lost 50 pounds of fat and had better defined muscle. Finally, one commented that he had been waiting to get back in shape and that the product improved his production rate by 50 percent. There is one YouTube video about the product that shows a before and after picture that looks impressive. However this video is just a promotional one by the company. So the company has a bit of promotional work to do to get the product name out there.


Money-back Guarantee

You can contact the company to cancel your account if you decide you don’t like the product. You have to do so during your free-trial period, which lasts only 14 days. However, since they say that you will see results minimally after three weeks, you might not be able to tell if there are results during the trial period because that is a shorter period. It might give you incentive to buy another supply. But that means that you will at least have to pay the $80-plus amount to test the product to give it the amount of time they said you will need to see results. So in reality you are actually paying more than just shipping for the trial.

Also, if you were charged for the bottle of TestCore Pro, you can contact the company within 30 days of purchase in order to get the cost refunded. Shipping costs don’t seem to be included, so they are probably on you to pay, which is the standard $4.95 each way. Overall TestCore Pro compares reasonably with other products as far as free trial and money-back guarantee standards.



For the free trial bottle of TestCore Pro but you will still pay the $4.95 shipping and handling to receive it. Once you have ordered the product it should be dispatched and sent to you within a standard 3-7 business days. It is only allowed to be shipped in the United States. Also if you decide you don’t want the product then you will need to ship back the bottle, so this will be an additional $4.95.

This is a disadvantage for international TestCore Pro product. Other products are able to ship internationally so they might miss out on business with this. You can also try to call Customer Support about any questions having to do with shipping, but there is only a number provided. Also the information should be fairly clear at checkout so there shouldn’t be any problems.


Customer Support

The Customer Support for the product is not great as there is only one number to call if there are any problems with the product. You can also call if you have any questions about the product. You can call the number provided on the site. There doesn’t appear to be an email or address listed directly on their site to contact that way. It is always nice to have several options regarding how you can contact them to ensure a response.

If you click on the order link you get sent to a secondary website that has an email for enquiries, but it is a different company located in Scotland, though there is an address there. So it appears this is a separate website. You can chat to the people to help with your order and they direct you to a different product at a different site. The chat help does not seem to be aware that there is a link that got you to where their product is to buy it.


Safe & Secure Checkout

the company seems to ensure that each customer who buys something from them keeps their personal information secure. Also, as with many other products, they say on their site that the privacy of the purchaser is their highest concern. The privacy policy is also listed on their site to get more information. There are also SSL certificates listed under the spot on the site to order your free trial. It looks like they are secured by GoDaddy.

This isn’t a main, trusted secure site, but GoDaddy is a reputable company. The checkout will be sent through a secure line and unauthorised people can’t act as if they are the producer of the product themselves and take your information. This means that you’re only going on the company’s connection to reveal your information. TestCore Pro may use your email and such information for promotional purposes. Usually they will let you opt out of promotions and other emails that you might receive so that you won’t get spammed, but you will need to go in an unsubscribe once you have received something. Otherwise if there is a box to check that you only want to receive information about your order you can opt for that.


Pricing & Free Trial

There is a free-trial period for TestCore Pro. However, you will still have to pay the standard shipping for the product, which is $4.95 one way per bottle. You also should note that you will become a member of their auto-ship program unless you cancel. Cancellation is time sensitive in that if you don’t do so within two weeks of originally ordering your product you will be charged again for the next supply of the product. Also since the free trial ends before results are supposed to be seen, you will probably end up paying for the product. Remember that you will be charged for shipping with each subsequent auto-payment.

The end of the trial period that comes after 14 days gives you that amount of time to try the product before you are charged for the product. If you don’t cancel you will receive a new bottle of TestCore Pro every month. Each bottle costs $84.87 so this means you will be paying this price every month for the product plus $4.95 shipping and handling. This is not the cheapest supplement on the market but not the most expensive, either. However for the amount you are spending you probably want to know that this is a great product. Since there is not a full list of ingredients listed, and also since you are redirected to another site when you go to buy it, you might want to look at other products as well as this one before purchasing. There were a lot of positive reviews, however.






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