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TestBoost by Nature Lean Review – High Strength Testosterone Booster for Men of All Ages?

What Is TestBoost?

TestBoost is a testosterone-increasing supplement aimed at men over age 30 who want to avoid or reverse the age-caused loss of testosterone. However, men of any age can benefit from the enhancement matrix of testosterone boosters and support agents, and many bodybuilders find that this supplement improves their muscle appearance and performance. Testosterone is needed by nearly every man, and when the levels of this hormone begin to decrease due to age or other natural reasons, this supplement can heighten levels safely by naturally accelerating the creation of the hormone in the man’s body.

Because of the increased testosterone levels, this supplement helps users build lean muscle while reducing overall body fat. Strength is increased via improved protein synthesis, and even bone density is increased because of calcium retention. Other intrinsic changes include an increased basal metabolism that burns fat faster, higher red blood cell count and blood volume and greater stamina for workouts and daily activities. Many users find that their focus and concentration, as well as their motivation levels, are enhanced with this supplement. Therefore, it maximizes vitality and athletic performance both before and after workouts.

Unlike many other testosterone supplements, TestBoost provides full-strength doses of each of the active ingredients. Because of this strength, the product will optimize testosterone creation if it does not actually provide an increase. The ingredients are completely natural and herbal, meaning that there are no known health-related risks or side effects for this supplement. There have not been any reports of harm or ineffective use either. Therefore, this supplement has been used by athletes around the world to take advantage of these safe and natural benefits.



The manufacturer and distributor of TestBoost could be somewhat of a mystery due to some contradictory information regarding the supplement. The logo claims that the site is maintained by NatureLean, a company that can be traced through the terms and conditions to Miami, Florida. However, there is very little information available about this specific operation.

In addition to the NatureLean logo, the conclusion of the official site lists that the parent company is owned by TJ Nutraceuticals Ltd., a company incorporated in May 2015 in the United Kingdom. This location has been conveyed through a company that provides registered offices but not the actual place of business for limited companies. In fact, there are nearly 26,000 companies registered to this same address in London.

It is likely that this supplement is produced by well-known Miami Supplements, LLC. This is the same manufacturer of the popular Detox & Cleanse Complete and FenBurn products that have gotten a solid reputation over the last several years. The privacy page of the official supplement website lists this company as well. However, definitive proof of ownership is unclear at this time as Miami Supplements, LLC does not offer this product on its sales or information pages.

However, the good reviews and results that have been shown in tests and anecdotal evidence prove that this supplement fulfills its claims in nearly all cases. In addition, there is no evidence of untrustworthiness or malpractice with the manufacturer.


How TestBoost Works?

By utilizing the many ingredients included in TestBoost, a male’s production of testosterone can be significantly increased. In addition, several other areas of the body will be positively affected through the use of this supplement. The systems most commonly improved are the skeletal, muscular and endocrine, but the circulatory and respiratory systems also receive a boost with this supplement. It should be noted, as well, that it does not include any synthetic hormones, so all effects are the result of natural hormone reductions and releases.

First of all, the ingredients increase the testicular response to Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). When the male’s hypothalamus receives the supplement, LH and FSH signal the male organs to manufacture more testosterone. For men who are already producing lower-than-normal levels, this supplement is providing an increase that puts them closer to normal levels.

Men who are still producing the typical levels of testosterone can benefit from higher levels that will improve their performance and stamina. This is because this supplement also causes an increase in Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), another hormone in the male body. When GHRH is enhanced, the anabolic pathways are boosted as well. More anabolic pathways translate to an increase in new cells throughout the body. Although this process requires energy to complete, these new cells are distributed through many of the body systems, including the muscles.

Not only does this supplement stimulate testosterone production, but it also reduces prolactin throughout the body. Prolactin is a natural body chemical that can actually cause depleted stores of testosterone and lowered testosterone levels overall. With prolactin decreased through the use of TestBoost, the testosterone level is automatically higher in comparison. In addition, the user’s body is free to increase the production of testosterone. This can lead to higher energy levels and greater stamina for all activities.

Once the testosterone levels are elevated, this supplement assists the body in absorbing the hormone and making it more available biologically to other organs, muscles and systems. The unique combination of ingredients pushes the male body to find uses for the increased testosterone, and most of it is siphoned into the musculoskeletal systems. The absorption is typically quick with this supplement, and most people are able to make use of the hormones biologically.

Finally, this supplement reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, a common process in males known as aromatase activity. When this conversion is slowed, free testosterone is increased and estrogenic effects are reduced. Common effects of estrogen in males include gynecomastia, a condition in which males grow breasts, and excess water retention. Both of these effects can challenge a bodybuilder hoping to create a more chiseled, muscular physique, and this supplement can be preventative.


Ingredients of TestBoost

Despite the opacity of the manufacturing of TestBoost, the ingredients and the quantities of those ingredients are clearly displayed on the label. This makes it very simple to know exactly which supplements are included in it and how each might be impacting its overall use. Many of these ingredients are part of other testosterone-boosting products as well.

D-Aspartic Acid

One of the strongest ingredients of this supplement is 100 milligrams of D-Aspartic Acid. This is a form of the amino acid more commonly known as aspartic acid, and it is a neurotransmitter and stimulant that helps signal the body to produce more testosterone. This is the ingredient that pushes the release of LH and FSH. In addition to this important function in producing more testosterone, D-Aspartic Acid regulates the overall levels of testosterone which may balloon by almost 50 percent in just two weeks of using this supplement.


Fenugreek in an amount of 100 milligrams is the next strongest ingredient in this supplement because it is also known to increase testosterone in men. Fenugreek contains a chemical compound called saponins, a composite shown in studies to drastically increase bio-available testosterone in just two months. Bodybuilders often choose Fenugreek because it increases testosterone without increasing estrogen at the same time. Furthermore, Fenugreek helps regulate blood sugars throughout the day and reduce fat.

Vitamin D3

With 5200 international units of Vitamin D3, TestBoost provides a vitamin lacking for many people who do not spend enough time in the sunlight. Studies show that low levels of testosterone are often linked with low levels of Vitamin D3, so increasing this vitamin can improve testosterone naturally. In fact, some researchers have found that low levels of both Vitamin D3 and testosterone can lead to a decreased life span. Although most supplements use 5000 IU of Vitamin D3, this one goes slightly above that average.


It also includes 11 milligrams of Zinc, a compound that when too low can be responsible for the pituitary gland not releasing enough LH for testosterone production. Therefore, adding some Zinc to this supplement encourages increased testosterone levels. Athletes and bodybuilders need Zinc because deficiencies can lead to more exhaustion and therefore less testosterone. However, most men can handle up to 30 milligrams of Zinc without any adverse effects, so TestBoost could probably include even more of this mineral for added testosterone improvement.


The 200 milligrams of Magnesium help increase the amount of free testosterone in the male body. This form of testosterone gives many different benefits to the overall health of a man, and it pairs exceptionally well with Zinc. In studies with martial artists, Magnesium has been shown to substantially increase testosterone and athletic performance after about a month of use.

Mucuna Pruriens

The lesser-known ingredient Mucuna Pruriens, included in a quantity of 200 milligrams, supplies L-Dopa, an amino acid proven to boost Human Growth Hormone and testosterone. L-Dopa is also known for lowering stress hormones and cortisol, making users feel better overall. In addition, Mucuna Pruriens reduces those prolactin levels in men. This depletion of prolactin, a predominantly female hormone, allows an increase in testosterone and an increase in the effects of testosterone.


The final main ingredient in this supplement is BioPerine at 10 milligrams. Studies have shown that this mineral increases the absorption rates of many of the nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis by up to 20 times more than normal. This means that men who take this supplement are able to fuel their testosterone with greater nutrient levels without wasting the nutrients they take in through food and other supplements. Many modern supplements include BioPerine because of its seemingly magical methods of allowing the body to absorb so many important nutrients.

Those are the main ingredients in TestBoost. However, there are several other parts to the supplement puzzle. The 300 milligrams of Nettle Root Extract is another mild aromatase inhibitor that helps control estrogen and increase testosterone. The supplement also includes 125 milligrams of Oyster Extract, which is popular among bodybuilders, to supply more Zinc and enhance athletic performance and testosterone levels.

With 80 milligrams of Siberian Ginseng, it increases body strength, helps users withstand daily stress and improves blood flow. Finally, six milligrams of Vitamin B6 and 20 micrograms of Vitamin K2 also help with improving red blood cell counts and removing calcium deposits from the body’s arteries, both actions that will improve stamina and performance.



Part of the reason that this product has done so well despite being relatively new on the supplemental market is because of the many advantages that it offers. While many bodybuilders and other athletes will find great use for most of the aid provided by it, non-athletic men will benefit just as much. Most of all, this supplement is a clinically proven safe and effective natural treatment with no side effects.

These are just a few of the other advantages that come from using TestBoost:

  • A boost in muscle tone and mass;
  • An increase in energy and strength;
  • A reduction of body fat;
  • Support for weight loss;
  • An improvement of daily moods;
  • A reduction in insomnia and an improvement in sleep quality;
  • An increase of testosterone production naturally because this supplement stimulates the body to produce its own hormones;
  • A decrease in the symptoms of anemia, diabetes, and various inflammations that could interfere with athletic performance;
  • A reduction in joint pain;
  • A cause to feel better, more vibrant and more youthful.



Because TestBoost is manufactured in the United States, it is required to comply with all of the country’s regulations. In addition, since it is a dietary nutrition supplement featuring all-natural ingredients, it is a legal substance and not under the jurisdiction of the FDA. It was formulated by the manufacturer’s sports science department with the sole purpose of improving athletic performance and boosting testosterone.

Although many of the supplement’s ingredients are used in other similar supplements, some members of the scientific community are still skeptical about their overall effectiveness. For example, Mucuna Pruriens and Fenugreek are still somewhat new to athletes and bodybuilders. However, there are plenty of experts and professional athletes using these products that can attest for their abilities. For now, this supplement is a worthy foe to the other testosterone boosters currently on the market.



Despite being new to the market, there are a number of men who have given this product a try and who have found out about its exceptional abilities. These are just a few of the users who are already raving about the uses of this supplement and the improvements in their lives:

I began experiencing some of the classic signs of low testosterone production in my late thirties. I was tired all the time, my weightlifting had really tapered off and I was not even interested in going to work or to the gym anymore. I’ve tried a few different supplements since then, but I hadn’t really found anything that made much of a difference until I tried TestBoost. After a month using it, I realized that I was completing my weight reps faster and much more easily than I had been just weeks earlier, and I could actually increase the weight for the first time in a year. I feel better, I’m sleeping better and I’m just in a better mood each day.

– Samuel W., 45, Seattle, Washington, USA

I’m a little younger than a lot of men who start using testosterone-boosting products. However, I recently decided that I wanted to give professional bodybuilding a chance, and I have done everything I can to get my body in the best shape of my life. When I take this supplement, I know that I’m helping my muscles perform their best. Even better, I’m doing it all naturally! There are too many guys trying to take the quick way to the finish line, using steroids and synthetic hormones to get the results that I’m seeing with this all-natural formula. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use TestBoost.

– Jamie R., 27, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I recently retired from my construction job after nearly 40 years on job-sites. The last several years my body wasn’t cooperating, and I had to take a larger role in the office rather than outside with a hammer in my hand, and that really hurt my pride. When I retired, I found that I had more free time and less energy. I’m only in my early sixties, and I hope I have a few more decades left in me. I needed a way to help me sleep better, boost my energy and improve my overall outlook on retired life. I found all of that in TestBoost. I feel happier, lighter in my step and so much more optimistic that I can really enjoy my retirement and my favorite activities.

– Roger D., 64, London, England


Awards & Media Coverage

With very little time on the market, there has not yet been a lot of time for official reviews or awards for TestBoost. However, this supplement is increasingly competitive with similar options that have been available for much longer. It is a relatively new hormone supplement in direct competition with the already-established Prime Male supplement created by Propura. However, the amounts of each ingredient, as well as some of the lesser ingredients themselves, vary between the two products to the point of making the two products very different.

Most media coverage has been spent in comparison of these two products, as well as matching this supplement against other testosterone boosters that have been released in recent years to acclaim and use. Many online growth hormone supplement review sites, as well as those devoted to athletes and weightlifters, have tried and reviewed this supplement with overwhelmingly positive results. Until the supplement has been available longer, allowing a true trial period, most awards and media coverage will be in the future.


Money-back Guarantee

Because it is so sure of the quality and effectiveness of its product, the manufacturer has a money-back, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with its products. This guarantee makes trying this supplement a completely risk-free purchase for the first 90 days of use.

Anyone who uses the product for at least this amount of time and does not see the results indicated can get his money back. Such indications of satisfaction include signs of increased testosterone production, improved energy and better moods. However, this guarantee only applies to purchases of enough supplement pills for three months or longer.

Anyone wishing to apply for the money-back guarantee must return all the used, empty bottles and any that still have pills within 180 days of the original purchase to receive the full refund. The manufacturer appreciates regular customers, so it provides this service to encourage customers to be happy and satisfied with their products.
If that contentment is not the case, the refund is available.



This supplement can be shipped nearly anywhere worldwide with few exceptions. Any purchase package of at least a three-month supply qualifies for free shipping. Orders that are placed during regular weekday hours are shipped within one business day, and weekend orders are shipped the following Monday. Shipping in the United States typically arrives within 2-5 days whereas arrival is 2-3 days in the United Kingdom. For the rest of mainland Europe, packages will arrive in 2-6 days. Anywhere else qualifying for this product will receive 5-14-day shipping.

All parcels sent will arrive in discreet packaging that will not be recognizable to anyone who sees it. All important instructions and identifying information is contained inside the outer packaging. This means that orders shipped to homes or offices will be equally secret, a feature that many customers appreciate as they begin a testosterone-boosting regimen.


Customer Support

There is customer support available weekly to those who order this product. Users can email or telephone the manufacturer to receive a quick and polite answer as soon as possible. The toll-free number, 1-888-244-5798, is available from Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. There is also an email address reserved for customers that promises to answer users’ questions.

The experts who respond to such queries are trained and knowledgeable about the product and its biological effects, so these experts can help users get the most out of their supplement. Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of a purchase through this method. Requests for returns and exchanges must also travel through this customer service path. In addition, customers may contact the company to review their personal information on file or to amend that information as necessary. Customers may also choose to have their personal information withdrawn at any time.


Safe & Secure Checkout

At this time, TestBoost can only be purchased online. All online orders are put through a third party to handle the payment by either debit or credit card. This third party ensures that all personal and card details are safe and secure before these identifying features are passed on to a chosen credit card merchant who also protects the information. The same process through a credit card merchant is used for telephone orders with a debit or credit card.

The manufacturer uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt all information entered on its website wherever a padlock symbol is visible. Data windows that do not include this padlock are not intrinsically secure. For personal safety, customers are encouraged to print and retain a copy of the receipt from the credit card transaction.



The price of this supplement is somewhat higher than many of its competitors, such as Prime Male. A single month’s supply retails at $97, but there are some discounts when more of the product is purchased at the same time. For example, a three-month supply of this supplement lowers the per-bottle price to just $87, and a five-month supply reduces each bottle to $77. Taxes and shipping additions may apply to these purchases.

Because this supplement is manufactured in the United States, the prices are converted online into other currencies based on current exchange rates. Once the purchase is complete, these prices will not be adjusted, so customers are encouraged to double-check the given prices before completing the transaction.






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