Testadrox Review – What to Expect from This Testosterone Booster?

What Is Testadrox?

Testadrox is a compounded testosterone booster, or potentiator. It is classified as an all-natural bodybuilding supplement because it contains no “gray area” ingredients and synthetics. It is delivered in a standardized tablet coated with a tasteless, digestible, and easy-to-swallow cellulose layer.

This supplement was inspired and designed from the needs of athletic men who require stabilization and maximum use of their personal testosterone reserves. Efficient use of these reserves is what causes the body to exhibit markedly male traits, which of course, includes quick muscle growth. Testosterone reserves decrease with factors like age, improper nutritional balance, and not exercising at optimal levels.

Since it is difficult for men to achieve peak physical performance without adequate testosterone use, a paradox in testosterone supplementation exists. How can muscles grow unless testosterone wasting in the body stops? This type of booster is designed to prompt a man’s body to use a greater percentage of his naturally bio-available testosterone output through heavy resistance training stimulation.

Scientific proof of the effects of testosterone on muscle vitality, repair, growth, and consequent density led to Testadrox’s inception. The sports performance experts behind its formulation have identified key plant and mineral combinations that substantially decrease testosterone wasting, and can even be a catalyst for increased hormonal production. This is an extremely new supplement on the market however, and very little clinical research has been formalized to address its efficacy within the bodybuilding community.



Production and distribution of this product is overseen by Testadrox, a company with headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, US. Consumers needing further information about it can use their publically-listed address and phone number:

(PO Box 6645)
8390 E Via de Ventura F-110 #260
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Phone: 888-224-8821

This company is US-based and complies with all Federal laws and statutes regarding male athletic performance supplementation production, sales, and regulation. Testadrox contains no previously, or currently controlled substances. This means the US Food and Drug Administration does not need to review claims made by its makers. This company places great value on feedback from men who have experienced results, and encourages consumers to research the science of testosterone boosting for success in the gym.

This supplement owes its existence to men who have historically been searching for a way to stop, and even reverse, the affects of low testosterone levels. This manufacturer seems to be concerned with pinpointing cutting-edge athlete science breakthroughs, and helping men of all ages and fitness levels experience the transformations they desire.


How Testadrox Works

The key to this supplement’s efficacy in creating the ideal physiological environment to gain muscle mass and increased metabolic functions, lies in the body’s androgenic pathways. Testosterone is perhaps the most powerful androgen hormone in the male body. It is responsible for triggering explosive muscle fiber recruitment and expansion.

As men age, androgen receptors connect less and less with serum testosterone due to diminished production in the adrenal glands and testes. This radically lowers testosterone’s ability to maintain muscular levels. Estrogenic effects begin to “take over.” When this happens, many men experience overall weakening, less ability to exercise strenuously, and lose interest in preserving and gaining muscle.

Testadrox completely permeates the bloodstream. It creates an environment where virtually all free-form testosterone is delivered to an androgen receptor. Instead of a sudden life-changing loss of strength, repairability, and noticeable growth, a bodybuilder’s muscles are prompted to work and grow as they always have. In theory, this potentiator tricks a man’s body into producing muscle like it did before hormone levels lowered.

Of course, this supplement isn’t just for lifters, bodybuilders, and active men who are experiencing low testosterone levels. Any man serious about maximizing the power of their existing male androgens can benefit from a booster. The purpose of this bodybuilding product is having no unused, or wasted androgens.


Ingredients of Testadrox

This product contains the FlowViv MAX-TEST proprietary blend. Every active ingredient in this formulation comes from plant, or mineral sources. Plant-derived ingredients include,

Horny Goat Weed Extract

Cholinergic neurotransmitters are responsible for specific testosterone actions. AChE enzyme instantly inhibits these cells. Horny Goat Weed is proven to block AChE.

Tongkat Ali Extract

This Malaysian Ginseng is a natural estrogen-blocker. When testosterone levels lower, estrogen floods a man’s body. Tongkat Ali helps prevent muscle atrophy and shrinking due to the presence of estrogen.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This fruit supports the functions of the prostate gland and testes, which are the prime complexes for strong testosterone production. When hormone levels are “reactivated,” this extract helps correct imbalances in male organs.

Orchic Substance

This extract is another powerful glandular booster to combat periods of low testosterone production. Unlike Orchic Glandular, Orchic Substance is not derived from animal tissues.

Wild Yam Extract

High levels of Diosgenin, a plant sterol, helps create an anabolic environment when testosterone works to build and expand muscle fibers. Wild Yam has massive amounts of Diosgenin due to the elements found in the soil where it is cultivated.


The extract from this root contains 2 percent steroidal saponins. Saponins are a type of serum surfactant, or glue, which helps free-form testosterone travel effortlessly to where androgen receptors of muscles are located.

Nettle Extract

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the most potent of all male hormones. When levels decrease, DHT is aromatized and becomes useless. Nettle helps DHT remain in the bloodstream where it can produce extreme muscle growth and strength gains.

Boron as Boron Amino Acid Chelate

This rare trace mineral interacts with other essential vitamins and minerals. Once testosterone levels are boosted, Boron magnifies their effects. This is especially important when a man grows more lean tissue.

Other non-active ingredients are included in this supplement to give the tablets their appearance, and help with digestion and product storage. These include Calcium as Calcium Carbonate, which is the chosen delivery catalyst for the proprietary blend. The other non-active ingredients are mainly preservatives, binders, and color.



Taking Testadrox allows bodybuilders experiencing temporary athletic and muscle growth plateaus to counteract low testosterone level effects. While this supplement does not contain testosterone, it maximizes the power of existing male hormones to work properly. It also creates a cascade of improvements throughout a man’s entire body.

Without adequate testosterone, muscle-building efforts are minimal at best. When muscles grow and become more dense, the body’s metabolic rate rises. This helps with fat loss and an increase in well-being. Even if overall testosterone levels decrease due to age and other factors, keeping its utilization maximized is key to muscle growth at any life stage.

The most incredible advantage of taking this supplement as a bodybuilder, is not having to guess if androgenic hormones are being efficiently and completely used to grow. Even if a man’s testosterone levels are only a fraction of what they used to be, that amount will be transported to vital muscle systems instead of being wasted.

Another advantage is having the right combination of muscle-building hormones working without the need for dangerous and unpredictable synthetics. The body recognizes every ingredient in this supplement as positive to maintaining health and vitality. Bodybuilding is an arduous process, but with all-natural supplements, the gains are measurable, visible, and worth all of the exercising effort.



Testadrox has received three ratings certificates. The first is the Made In The USA certificate given to qualified products by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Some of this supplement’s exotic ingredients are imported, but it has a great deal of domestic ingredients as well. The FTC considers this qualified because a significant portion of the supplement is domestic, and the entire manufacturing, advertising, and packaging processes are performed in the United States.

The second certification is the Natural Seal. This supplement is considered completely natural by the laws of the State of Arizona, which is where it production facility and corporate headquarters is located. It is not necessarily made with organic and non-GMO plant extracts, but it is recognized as being made from all-natural ingredients. There are no synthetic, or chemical delivery agents.

The third earned certificate, which is becoming more and more essential for bodybuilding supply companies, is the SSL Secure Transaction label. This means the company that produces and sells this supplement is authorized to use a private online domain and server to advertise and collect digital payments. A Secure Sockets Layer validation is necessary for licensing and distribution of a consumer product using globally-recognized software encryption. In short, this certificates lets consumers know that this supplement is offered by a legitimate bodybuilding supplements corporation selling a product, or service online.



My aim in bodybuilding is to continue to see gains like I did in my best early competition days for as long as possible. I have been a competitive natural bodybuilder for over 20 years, and I understand the important role of testosterone in maintaining energy, so every workout is productive. I believe this product helps me stay strong, and is perfect for keeping a natural status for every competition.

Michael, 41, Dallas, TX

I have recently overcome some serious health problems, and am now just getting back into the gym. I workout to keep my strength and clarity for work and recreational activities like water skiing and hiking. I’ve been taking this testosterone support for about three months. Though I don’t see a great deal of muscle gains yet, I do have a renewed desire and energy level for tackling exercise. This supplement has helped me stay focused on new goals.

David, 55, Atlanta, GA

I am the type of person that refuses to ‘spin my wheels’ when it comes to exercise. In the past few months I have noticed a huge drop in my energy and strength levels. My doctor identified the problem as being tied to low T-levels. He informed me that I am a candidate for hormone replacement, but I completely rejected that advise. Instead, I am starting a regimen with this booster. The science behind this supplement seems solid, and the ingredients are natural. I can’t wait to make a turnaround.

Joseph, 62, Miami, FL

I’m not sure if my T-levels are low, but I’ve been having a hard time lately with my energy and staying lean. A friend recommended Testadrox for both, and I’m excited to give it a shot.

Markus, 28, Los Angeles, CA

I don’t want to brag, but I am an easy gainer. I am one of the lucky guys who grows muscle easily with resistance training. I have added this supplement to my supplement list, along with other metabolic enhancers, BCAA, and high-quality protein. The combination is amazing, and I’m not going to stop.

Matthew, 23, San Francisco, CA


Awards & Media Coverage

Testadrox is a new supplement to the bodybuilding scene. Though it has recorded an impressive amount of consumer outreach and volume sales, it has yet to be recognized formally for industry awards. Due to the fervor and diversity of the bodybuilders indicating positive experiences with this supplement, it is likely to be recognized in the future.

This bodybuilding supplement has procured recommendations from, and editorial features within, several leading men’s magazines. Men’sHealth editor Richard Mason has created an intriguing feature highlighting the success of this supplement amongst leading men in Hollywood’s elite. Maxim magazine labels it as the WWE’s “secret alternative to steroids,” and provides an in-depth interview with John Cena.

Playboy magazine chose this booster as the subject of an informative exploration of modern testosterone boosters. Finally, Men’s Journal has touted this booster as a safe and preferred supplement for men wanting athletic improvement without steroids. These magazines have a readership of tens of millions of men, and they are trusted sources for lifestyle recommendations. This bodybuilding supplement seems to have peaked the interests and gained the support of the most trusted men’s health and nutrition experts.


Money-back Guarantee

Testadrox offers a limited and conditional money-back guarantee for products not delivered, or delivered in a condition that is contrary to advertised specifications. All claims for this guarantee should be directed to the company’s claims fulfillment department, which is listed on the online order forms “Terms” page.

This product is designed to work in a gradual monthly progression. It is a natural product that produces results over time, not immediately like synthetics and chemicals. For this reason, money-back claims dealing with efficacy should only be made after a lengthy trial period. Some bodybuilders may not notice results right away, but the claims of the product’s manufacturers are based on 90 days of continual use. Simply stated, adhere to manufacturer specifications regarding product use before making a decision on taking advantage of the money-back guarantee.

All returned products, after contacting the company, are subject to a restocking fee of $19.95. Unopened products will be refunded after a refund merchandise authorization (RMA) order is created, which can take up to 2 business days. This money-back policy is rather simple, but does require patience and a full explanation of the reasons for return.



Testadrox is shipped through a relatively simple check-out process. The orders are classified as rush orders, and ship quickly. If the product is in stock, the order will be processed and shipped within 24 hours. Shipping methods and delivery carriers are arranged according to the customer’s geographic location, or post office box designation. The order is shipped in plain packaging with accompanying product information.

Finalizing and authorizing shipment is performed through an auto-ship system. This means a completed order is also a sign-up for a monthly product subscription. Shipments of continuing bottles each month require no additional registration, or online submissions. While orders are processed within a day of order completion, customers should allow 2-5 business days to receive the initial bottle.


Customer Support

Testadrox employs an automated ordering system, but does maintain a customer service center for questions regarding ingredients, pricing, subscriptions, and delayed shipping times. The customer service and claims fulfillment departments can be reached by phone at (888) 224-8821. This number should also be used to cancel a subscription, or return a damaged order.

Men who are serious about finding the best testosterone booster to aide their muscle-building and wellness goals should never use a natural product like this one without fully understanding what the product does. Though a wealth of information is provided on the company’s online descriptions and order pages, some questions regarding use and combining this supplement with others can be answered by contacting the manufacturer.

The customer service center is also available for any dispute resolution and claims. This service is ideal for discovering conditional subscription term details, as well as, the rights and responsibilities of both consumer and manufacturer.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Testadrox uses an encrypted online order page for all credit and debit transactions. This means personal information submitted is only viewable by the customer and the company’s order fulfillment center. The product order page is also protected by three globally-recognized authentication and security systems.

The first is the VeriSign Secured system. VeriSign Inc. is an American Internet domain infrastructure provider. It is responsible for authenticating and authorizing the use of private addresses for an immense number of businesses active in e-commerce. It maintains the integrity of all of this company’s zone files.

The second is Hacker Safe monitoring. This company helps to maintain worldwide safety of business Websites. It employs Hacker Safe to scan their files daily for suspicious non-consumer activities. This is a great indicator that this supplement company’s online operations are virtually incorruptible.

The third protection level is provided by McAfee Secure. This service scans e-commerce files and pages for the presence of viruses, phishing attacks, and all types of malware. It is also responsible for the ordering pages being compatible with all types of personal computer browsers. Virtually any bodybuilder, using any computer system, can safely order this supplement online.


Pricing & Free Trial

Finding the right testosterone booster can involve trying a variety of products in order to find the right one. This company offers a free initial bottle (30 day supply), for a nominal shipping and order reservation fee. The first bottle’s shipping fee is $4.95, plus a reservation of $.99, for a total of $5.95.

By authorizing payment for the first free bottle, a customer agrees to automatic shipments of regularly-priced bottles each month after that. Each regular 30-day supply of Testadrox is $54.95, plus shipping. In order to cancel the subscription after ordering the initial bottle, the request must be made through the customer service center no later than 21 days after the first online order. Men should be aware that the automatic ordering system will sent a second bottle at full price if they wait a full month to cancel their subscription.






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