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Test Shred Review – A Cool Natural Supplement or Not?

What Is Test Shred?

Test Shred is an all natural testosterone booster for men. It contains only natural ingredients that work with the body to produce natural testosterone and help provide energy and make it easier to increase muscle mass and burn fat. It may be taken by athletes and bodybuilders or any man seeking to increase their athletic performance, strength and muscular build.

The ingredients of Test Shred are delivered in capsule form that is taken twice a day. It is best taken with a meal or right before a workout. Some of the effects of Test Shred will be noticeable quickly, while the increase in testosterone levels will take some time to reach full effectiveness.



Test Shred is produced by a company of the same name. This is a very common practice with supplement produces that create only a single type of supplement. That can be an advantage because it means that the producer is wholly focused on the single product. They are more likely to invest in it and in the customers that are interested in purchasing it. On the downside, it usually means there is very limited information about the manufacturer, their practices or their reputation or ability to provide effective and well-researched products.

In this case, information about the manufacturer is even more limited than normal. There is no provided address or source for ingredients on the product page. The manufacturer does provide a customer service phone number and standard business hours. It also appears to be an international company because contact information for the USA, Norway, Denmark, France and Sweden are all provided separately. This could mean that the company has offices in various countries and intends to ship the product internationally.

In cases like this, the reputation or validity of the manufacturer is not much to go on. Instead, customers will need to analyze the product based on what is known about its ingredients and the effectiveness of the formula used.


How Test Shred Works?

Similar to many natural testosterone boosters, Test Shred uses a formula of botanical ingredients that help to stimulate testosterone production and energy levels in the body. This means that the testosterone produced is purely the body’s own natural testosterone.

Free testosterone is considered the testosterone in your body and bloodstream that actually has an effect on the body. Only increases in free testosterone have an effect on muscle mass and endurance. This supplement combines three key ingredients that have been shown to enhance endurance and testosterone levels in both human and rat trials. This effect is due in part to both the stimulation of testosterone production as well as mimicking the effects of testosterone in certain areas of the body, such as the testicles.

A secondary effect of some of the ingredients used is the increase in nitric oxide levels. This is usually a critical part of effective testosterone boosters and bodybuilding supplements. Although nitric oxide is unrelated to testosterone, it supports the effects of enhanced testosterone on muscle endurance, strength and growth. Increased nitric oxide increases blood flow throughout the body. This means that greater amounts of blood, nutrients and oxygen are available for the muscles to do work.


Ingredients of Test Shred

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is a herb shown to have a variety of health benefits, and it is taken in supplement form to improve overall health. It is similar to clover and is native to the Mediterranean region. It has been used as a supplemental and folk medicinal herb for hundreds of years. Modern research has begun to unlock the various benefits of the compounds found inside Fenugreek. The seeds are the part of the plant usually used medicinally and ground up into supplement capsules such as Test Shred. Certain medicinal practices also make use of the leaves, and the leaves are eaten as a food crop in certain places such as India.

In terms of bodybuilding and testosterone boosting, Fenugreek has been studied to result in an increase in free testosterone levels in the bloodstream. This straightforward effect has led to it being a very popular inclusion in testosterone boosting supplements.

With Fenugreek, it is important to have a critical analysis of its effects on hormones and the reason why it may result in dramatic increases in testosterone levels. Studies have shown that the primary method of action for Fenugreek is to inhibit the formation of DHT. DHT is a derivative form of testosterone that occurs naturally in the body. It traditionally gets a very bad reputation as a cause of hair loss in certain men who are sensitive to its effects. Despite this, DHT is actually shown to be a more potent form of testosterone and may have a greater impact on muscular strength and endurance compared to regular testosterone.

As can be seen from this research, Fenugreek is something of a mixed bag in terms of testosterone benefits. It certainly increases testosterone levels. That fact is clear and inarguable. Since this comes at the cost of DHT, however, the increase in testosterone levels may not have as much of a benefit as one would expect. The body is being deprived of a more potent hormone in exchange for a weaker one. On the other hand, if a consumer is considering other health conditions or hair loss, then the inclusion of Fenugreek may be a perfect testosterone boosting option for them.

Horny Goat Weed Extract

Horny Goat Weed is a herb that has been used extensively in Chinese folk medicine for hundreds of years. The leaves are typically the part of the plant that is used in medicine. Modern research has uncovered that it may have some effects on testosterone and also on nitric oxide levels in the body. It has also been shown to have an effect on a variety of other conditions that while not related to testosterone production may benefit an athlete or improve overall health. Of particular importance is the positive effect it may have on joints and bones. It has been shown to help prevent the development of back and knee pain, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. It may also reduce fatigue and promote energy levels, which can be particularly important for athletes or bodybuilders engaged in a rigorous workout routine.

The primary method of action for Horny Goat Weed is that it improves blood flow to various areas of the body. Increased blood flow means that nutrients and oxygen can reach cells in greater amounts. This allows the cells to endure stress and fatigue for longer periods without becoming damaged or worn. It also helps to repair tissues that may be damaged by strenuous exercise. This is likely the primary reason it helps improve joint function since circulation is a primary factor in healing worn joints and relieving pain. Joint pain and wear and tear on the joints is a common problem for intense athletes and bodybuilders even when they are younger.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris is a surprisingly common herb that is often known by other names such as Puncture Vine. The plant was originally from the Mediterranean region, but it has since spread to many other places in the world, including North America. Various parts of the plant can be used as medicines and in supplements, including the fruit, leaves and roots.

It is assumed that Tribulus plays a role in promoting the body’s natural testosterone production. In certain tests, subjects had a noticeable increase in free testosterone. The herb also has a history in some folk medicines to support its use. While some studies have shown benefits of Tribulus on testosterone production, there is an overall lack of formal research or proof to support the herb’s benefits. There is also an overall lack of research on the dosage that is required to achieve a positive effect.

Research has shown that the active ingredient most likely responsible for positive effects on testosterone from Tribulus is the concentration of saponins in the plant. Saponins are a phytochemical that has been shown to provide a dramatic increase in testosterone over a short period of time. The effective dosage, however, is very narrow. The most successful study used a concentration of 40 percent saponins. Dramatic increases in testosterone were noted within 10 days, but then the effect did not accumulate further. Obtaining this concentration is very dependent on where the plant used is harvested from. While Tribulus grows across the globe, only plants in Turkey, Bulgaria or Macedon were shown to have the 40 percent saponins sweet spot. The investigation also revealed that an extremely narrow dose was effective. Too little or too much, and the herb did not work well. This is one reason it is important to take a Tribulus supplement consistently and not attempt to take more than the suggested dosage.

Since the manufacturer’s of Test Shred do not specify any of the important information about Tribulus’s origins or saponins concentration, the overall benefit of this herb in the supplement is highly suspect. While a consumer may derive some significant benefits from the Tribulus there is also a good chance that it will have no effect.



The formula for Test Shred is simple and straightforward. There is a good chance that the product will have a beneficial effect for most users. It is likely to be most beneficial for those users who already have a low testosterone condition or who are older. It is unlikely to have a significant effect on a younger man who already has optimal testosterone levels.

The nitric oxide benefits, however, are not contingent on testosterone levels. All athletes are likely to benefit from increases in circulation provided by nitic oxide. It may benefit not only muscular endurance and strength but also greatly help with sports recovery. It may dramatically reduce the time needed for rest between workouts, and it may also greatly diminish the harmful stress intense exercise often places on the joints, especially in the back and knees.

Assuming the Tribulus extract in Test Shred works as intended, it may also show a relatively rapid increase in testosterone levels compared to similar products. Many plant-based testosterone boosters require several weeks to have any effect on testosterone and do not reach optimal performance until after three months. This is a significant time and money investment for highly delayed gain. Considering that all three ingredients in this product reach their optimal performance in less than 10 days, a customer can expect a much faster and more readily noticeable effect on their body and workouts compared to many competing products.



There are no specific certifications associated with Test Shred. This is not surprising considering that very few if any such plant-based supplements ever qualify for official certification. Often, certification is very expensive and time-consuming. It often delays the ability of the product to the market, and it is often too expensive for most small manufacturers and companies.

The good news in this regard is that there is very little need for such products to obtain certification. The ingredients in the product are well known and have been both studied scientifically and used in a wide variety of other products for many years in both the modern world and in folk medicine. Instead of looking at certification as proof of validity, it is important to examine closely the supplement’s formula and the information available on each ingredient as has been done here.



I really like using Test Shred. I’ve tried several other natural testosterone boosters, but I was turned off by the incredibly amount of time it takes to see any effect. I usually just gave up on most of the products I tried and never really saw any benefit for the money I put in. That is not the case with this supplement. I actually started to notice an effect on my workout performance before I even finished the trial period, which was a first for me. Now after just a month of using the product, my workout times have increased dramatically and I don’t need to take nearly as many rest days as I used to. This is simply a great product with a reliable effect. – Matthew S. Stanton, San Antonio, TX, USA

This has been a great supplement for me. My workout routines have gone better than ever. You can really feel this product working in your body. You just seem to have more energy and you don’t get tired as easily. Now I can go almost 40 minutes and still feel great. Obviously, this has done wonders for my body. I finally have a hope of getting ripped and impressing my girlfriend. – Steve C. Silva, Kansas City, MO, USA

If you want to get in shape fast, then this is the product for you. Nothing else I’ve tried has been nearly as effective as Test Shred, and I’ve tried also sorts of complicated and flashy formulas with exotic products. I highly recommend this supplement to anyone seeking to whip their workout routine into shape so they can have the body they want sooner rather than later. No waiting two or three months for me. – Ken C. Young, Dayton, OH, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Test Shred does not appear to have won any awards. It also does not appear to have been covered extensively by any media sources. This is not terribly surprising and it does not necessarily mean that the product is not effective or less effective than competitors. Very few if any such testosterone boosting products like this receive any awards. There are simply too many similar products on the market for one to stand so far above the others as to get a special award.

By the same token, most media coverage for such products amounts to little more than paid advertising by the manufacturer and does not necessarily represent support or endorsement of quality. In this instance, the manufacturer of Test Shred has decided not to spend the extra money on advertising or hype. As is usually the case, the product must instead be evaluated on the more authoritative grounds of its formula and ingredients.


Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer does offer an explicit money-back guarantee for the product on its home page. This is actually rather rare for such products, which commonly offer complicated product returns that often do not really provide a full refund. A flat money-back guarantee is refreshing. It also shows the manufacturer stands behind the quality of its product enough to offer this to consumers which is a big plus. While no specific terms of the guarantee are provided, it can be assumed that customers would have to call the available customer service and explain their reasons for requesting a refund and receive instructions on the proper return procedures.



The manufacturer clearly provides shipping to the United States, Canada, Norway, Denmark, France and Sweden. Shipping to other international locations would be a question for the customer service department. The shipping is apparently free on both the trial offer and the regular subscription service. It can be assumed that standard shipping times apply. The product will likely arrive 2-5 business days after the order is placed.

The manufacturer’s order page also provides for shipping insurance at the cost of $1.99. Shipping insurance provides a guarantee that the package will be replaced free of charge if it is lost or damaged in shipping. This is a nice extra feature rarely included in the services of other such products.


Customer Support

Customer support for Test Shred appears to be surprisingly complete and available. The company readily provides contact information include phone numbers, email and standard business hours. It is one of the few companies that provides separate customer service options for several international locations, which could be a benefit to international customers not traditionally available with other products.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Placing an online order through the manufacturer’s product page can be considered a safe and secure transaction. The URL bar on the order page displays all the necessary security and encryption logos expected of an online ordering page. This ensures that customer information is kept properly secure when using the site and is safe.


Pricing & Free Trial

Test Shred is offered as part of the standard free trial with following monthly subscription that is very common for such products. The trial offer costs $7.99 and provides the product for 14 days. The company gives a 4 day grace period for shipping, so the actual amount of time a customer can expect to evaluate the product is really 10 days. The 14 day period begins the day the order is placed. After the 14 day trial period, the customer is automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription service that charges $110 per month for a 1-month supply of the product. A customer must contact the manufacturer and cancel before the trial expires to avoid being charged. The manufacturer in this case makes this slightly easier by providing an easy cancel link on the product page. This may save a customer from having to jump through hoops with customer service over the phone.

The full price for this product is much higher than almost any competing product even when shipping costs are included. Considering that the product contains only three ingredients that are relatively common in many competitors, the price seems to be rather high. A customer will need to carefully evaluate the effect of the product during the trial to decide if this higher cost is worth it. The good news in that regard is that the trial in this particular instance may be long enough to give a decent indication of effect.






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