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Test Reload by Mike Chang Fitness Review – Should You Use This Product?

What Is Test Reload?

Testosterone boosters like Test Reload are in a crowded category, but one that is heavily sought after by countless men who find that their efforts in the gym are no longer producing the same solid results that they used to before their bodies reached that critical transitional male age of from 25 to 30 years old. This supplement is such a powerful and life restoring and altering product that it can solve these challenging issues without men having to resort to injections, prescriptions, steroids, and other radically drastic and often negative side-effect producing measures. This is the reason that this supplement and those in its competing class are so popular, because they are said to be both safe and naturally effective. In the case of this formula at least, the manufacturer claims that is also 100% natural. With Test Reload, users have the added comfort and assurance that the product is produced, marketed, and repped by the well-known internationally followed fitness program called Six Pack Short Cuts, brought to users by leading fitness guru Mike Chang, a well known figure both in the United States and around the international fitness world as well.



Mike Chang Fitness is the creator and purveyor of this Test Reload product. As fitness consultant and coach, he also founded the well-regarded fitness program Six Pack Abs Shortcuts system. When Mike was younger, he lived a lifestyle that caused him to be out of shape, lacking in confidence, and ignored or mocked by women. All of this changed radically for Mike when he started exercising, dieting, and living an improved all around lifestyle. He lost weight, gained his now-famous six pack of impressive muscles, and completely changed his whole life immediately and forever.

In 2010, his posted workout videos made him into a YouTube phenomenon. These showcased his extraordinary results to the world and led to the founding of his Six Pack Abs company and program. Now Mike boasts an impressive 400 different YouTube videos with more than 2 million subscribers and over 222 million individual page views. It is no exaggeration to claim that he is among the most influential of voices and personas of all time within the online fitness and dieting universe.

Some users have questioned whether or not they can believe and trust him. Some claim that the chatter on forums including Reddit and Bodybuilding are not always so flattering of Mike Chang and his methods. Many of these disgruntled voices have claimed that his world-famous Six Pack Abs Shortcuts program is not really so revolutionary nor amazingly effective after all. Others obviously swear by it based on the enviable numbers of subscribers that he boasts. Only by trying out his methods and supplement can one be personally sure.


How Test Reload Works?

The advertised solution to the problem, Test Reload, is a testosterone booster claiming that it is able to increase a man’s natural testosterone levels and production without having to resort to chemicals, and to boost muscle mass and increase all around strength. The product labels and literature claim to increase a man’s natural testosterone levels by a full 40% in a mere 12 days. The success of any of these formulas always comes down to the active ingredients within the formula under consideration.

The idea is sound in principle, as testosterone is in fact the principle fat burning and muscle building component within the male organism. The results from scientific research do indicate that men can improve their muscle strength and size, as well as energy levels, with greater testosterone levels by combining such natural supplement elements as Fenugreek with others. Meanwhile, D-Aspartic Acid works on the hormones in the central brain to boost the testosterone rector sensitivity that aids with effective building up of the muscles. Masca Root works to activate testosterone production for faster creation and delivery of this most male of human growth hormones. The extract of White Button Mushroom blocks the unwanted conversion of this testosterone into estrogen. As many serious bodybuilders and competition level athletes already know all too well, estrogen has negative “feminine body” effects on a man, including acne, man boobs, loss of muscle, male balding, extreme fat storage, and even water retention.


Ingredients of Test Reload

Test Reload is comprised of four critical and all natural ingredients. Fenugreek is useful for increasing testosterone levels by ensuring that the testosterone molecules remain free. It also helps the male body to build up its serum test levels by stopping it from abandoning the organism. This permits a higher flow of free testosterone within the male form, which the body is able to employ to good effect to help the man’s body with better muscle mass level and size. The evidence presented by scientific research demonstrates that this can create bigger and better muscle strength and size, higher energy levels, and larger amounts of testosterone. There is an enzyme in the body called SHBG that attempts to lock down all of the body’s free testosterone to prohibit the body from utilizing it. The advantage of Fenugreek is that it labors to stop this from happening.

The second ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid. In clinical tests, it has demonstrated its ability to improve the natural organism’s testosterone production levels. It actually functions by working on the central brain to set off a hormonal release that ramps up the testosterone receptor sensitivity for greater effectiveness in muscle building. It can also improve testosterone levels that help to create the proper scenario for developing large and ripped looking muscles rapidly.

A third ingredient, Maca Root, fully turns on the masculine testosterone production system so that it quickly increases its testosterone levels. Thanks to Maca Root, the testosterone production continues to run at full production. This is actually accomplished by boosting the levels of luteinizing hormones released that work to signal the man’s tests to create and release higher amounts of testosterone.

The last of the major active ingredients is the extract of White Button Mushroom. It has been demonstrated to support and optimize proper levels of estrogen in males by blocking a part of the body’s natural converting process from testosterone into estrogen. This is supposed to help lower the feminizing side effects which make men weaker, flabbier, and less energetic.

The formula is finished off with a combination of ingredients Beta Alanine, Mucuna Pruriens, and Boron Citrate. Beta Alanine boosts a man’s overall endurance when he is working out. Mucuna Pruriens supports testosterone production. Boron Citrate further helps to grow the levels of testosterone in the male organism.



There are a variety of advantages offered by this Test Reload. It improves muscle mass and boosts testosterone production and levels without resorting to chemicals. Besides this, it builds up a man’s all around strength and stamina. It delivers higher amounts of energy to the organism. It also blocks the production of excessive estrogen. Higher levels of production that accompany these bigger and better levels of testosterone include a superior muscle to fat ratio, the capability of attaining leaner mass and muscles with less strenuous efforts, and an improved general mood which helps a man to concentrate better on his muscle-building endeavors in the gym.



There are no advertised certificates or certifications to this Test Reload product. Mike Chang is a media hound and should have sought some of these organizations and their certifications out. It is unclear why he either did not or could not obtain one or more of them in the process.



This Test Reload performs precisely as it claims it will. For in excess of 4 weeks, I have consumed the supplement, and I have already lost over 7 pounds in the process, and I have a greater level of energy. This is why I completely recommend the product. While I have taken other competing testosterone boosters before, this one has proven to be really the best one for sure. You are able to feel the difference as it works on you, and you enjoy a stronger and more impressive looking physique when you engage in an effective workout program alongside taking the supplement. My body had no issues with this formula and I did not experience any unpleasant side effects. My personal advice is to go out and get some of this supplement as soon as you possibly can. – Francisco Castellucia, Newark, NJ

After feeling week and impotent for so long, I again feel alive, years younger, and proud of myself once more. Get on this Test Reload supplement and stay with it and continue your exercise program. Both you and your family and friends will all be truly impressed by the results. I can’t say enough what a difference a few months of taking this and working out have made for me, my all around form, and my hated but now thankfully ex-belly fat. All this and I am 41 years old too. – Ivan Schouten, Cincinatti, OH

I have always respected Mike Chang. When I saw that he is behind this Test Reload, I thought I should give it a try, so I ordered it. I researched the product while I was waiting on my shipment to arrive, and I learned that I should be able to pack on 15 or more pounds or even a greater amount in muscle mass in only a month. I thought that was an extreme prediction, yet when it arrived and I began to take the supplement, I found in a month later that I had packed on an impressive 18 pounds of solid muscle. All this is to say that the formula worked very well for me personally, so I give it a solid five star rating. Great job Mike Chang; you are the man in my book! – Ian Bartolli, Sicily, NY


Money-back Guarantee

Mike Chang is pretty confident that his program will make yet another success story out of any man who orders and takes the Test Reload product as directed alongside his typical exercise regimen. This is why he provides all purchasers with an unconditional 60 day guarantee and money back policy. He states that if a buyer is unhappy with the product for any reason whatsoever, then all he has to do is to mail back the container in 60 days or less to receive a full money back refund. There will not be any hassles, run around, or penetrating questions posed. Even for those people who have consumed the entire Test Reload container, they only have to mail back the empty bottle to get that month’s purchase price fully returned, less the shipping and handling charges. Mike is offering a trial of his signature product from Six Pack Abs at no risk for fully 60 days with this policy. All that buyers are required to do to obtain their money back is to either message the company via their online form on the members’ only website, or to email their support department at Six Pack Shortcuts and let them know about the return shipment that is on the way.

Mike states confidently that he has already helped out literally hundreds of thousands of men who needed to see major improvements in their bodies and workouts. This is how he has the supreme confidence to sell each of these products along with this ironclad refund guarantee. He claims that the majority of his past customers are continuous repeat business clients even many months later. To see why his users all boast of a serious competitive edge in the gym and in life in general with their building faster muscles and burning off fat easier, he suggests that men take the plunge and order the entirely risk-free product today.



When clients order the Test Reload via Amazon Prime service or from some of their Amazon fulfillment vendors, there is no cost for shipping and handling. From Mike’s Mike Chang Fitness, there are shipping and handling charges that vary depending on where the individuals who are ordering reside. Other vendors will have their own particular policies and procedures on shipping and handling costs.


Customer Support

Six Pack Abbs and Mike Change Fitness sites provide users with Email addresses, toll free phone numbers, and online contact forms. The only customer service channel that they appear to lack in their operation is a live online customer chat. Various other vendors will each have their own levels and days of the week of customer support.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Six Pack Abs is serious about safety and security issues as they pertain to their members. Their site claims to be Comodo Secured, McAfee secured, and a Verified Authorize.net merchant. This means that they offer at least 128 bits SSL level of standard e-commerce operation security for the protection of their client’s sensitive personal details and credit card information.



Mike Chang Fitness as the direct manufacturer is offering a special limited time offer promotion on the product. Rather than having to pay the $97 retail price on the formula for a one month supply, users are able to obtain it from him directly at $67 per bottle. To do this, users must agree to sign up to an auto enrollment program that will see the formula shipping out every month to their address. Besides this, Mike is offering a no extra charge bonus product to be included with the shipment called Monster Mass, his greatest muscle building formula yet. This product increases muscle mass growth faster than any other means, per Mike Chang.

Other means of purchasing the Test Reload formula are through a limited number of authorized suppliers, like Amazon. It has been found there at a competitively priced $74.99 for a one month supply. This includes free shipping on the product and does not require any auto enrollment reshipment policies, so it makes it about as competitive as ordering the product from Mike Chang directly without having to be stuck in the monthly reshipment program.






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