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Test Matrix by PhD Nutrition Review – One Great Organic Testosterone Booster

What Is Test Matrix?

Test Matrix is an anabolic support complex made for physical performance enhancement and post-cycle hormone therapy. The supplement is primarily designed to preserve and potentially increase the user’s strength and endurance, as well as improving the quality of muscular growth. The supplement is also intended to provide the user with an expedited fat metabolizing rate and immune system fortification.

As a testosterone booster, the product is primarily intended for use by strength-focused athletes who are heavily involved in weightlifting/bodybuilding and also show a notable need for testosterone supplementation to continue improving their performance. The supplement is designed as less of an overt energy booster and more of a counterbalancing factor against gradual muscle and stamina degradation from extreme training.

Test Matrix is manufactured in capsule form, and the specified serving size is four capsules per dosage. The capsules are meant to be taken immediately before bed, ideally with 16 ounces of water. There are 120 capsules in each container, providing 30 servings per container.

Users are advised to take their nightly dosage on an empty stomach, preferably at least one half hour following their most recent meal. For safety purposes, the supplement is exclusively meant for the use of customers over the age of 18 and should be kept out of reach of children. Women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to refrain from taking the supplement in any capacity.



Test Matrix is exclusively manufactured by PhD Nutrition. PhD Nutrition is a UK-based supplier and retailer and that primarily manufactures sports supplements used for strength development, muscle mass growth, performance intensity and recovery. The company was founded in the year 2005 and has operated for approximately one decade.

There are five specific category ranges that PhD Nutrition organizes its products into: performance, mass & strength, recovery, body sculpting, and superfoods. Based on its intended effects, this product occupies four out of PhD Nutrition’s five official supplement ranges. PhD Nutrition’s ingestible products are all made with adherence to the International Olympic Committee(IOC)guidelines.

PhD Nutrition’s inventory is marketed towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a significantly active lifestyle. The manufacturer’s best-selling products, in the same vein as Test Matrix, are designed as muscle mass gainers meant for athletes with protein-heavy diets. Currently, this product is the sole testosterone booster that the manufacturer offers to professional bodybuilders and strength-focused athletes.


How Test Matrix Works?

The way that the testosterone booster works is the origin of its name. The “Matrix” in Test Matrix is a reference to five different “Matrices” that are meant to create its various intended benefits. The five matrices are as follows:

  • Anti-DHT Matrix, increasing the production of leydig cells;
  • Anti-Aromatase Matrix, preventing testosterone from turning into estrogen;
  • Free Testosterone Activator Matrix, raising the body’s free testosterone levels;
  • Mineral Matrix, providing an influx of minerals meant to stabilize the heightened levels of testosterone.

Each of the five Matrices composing Test Matrix are intended to cooperate with one another as the user’s testosterone levels rise. The intended slowing effect on testosterone-to-estrogen conversion is accomplished by the mitigation of aromatase. The supplement’s properties are also meant to inhibit unwanted DHT production.

The cumulative chemical effects are meant to manifest in a fashion that the user should find apparent during and after heavy strength training. The rise in testosterone levels is meant to lessen the rate at which the user’s muscles break down in the middle of intense physical activity. The ideal effect is for the athlete to become capable of longer periods of uninterrupted exertion, with only minimal muscle degradation.

Like most other muscle-building and dietary supplements, the full effects of Test Matrix cannot be anticipated without an active effort on the athlete’s part to engage in the activities that its ideal effects would facilitate. Athletes are advised to actively maintain a training regimen and dietary plan that compliments their desired benefits from the supplement.


Ingredients of Test Matrix

The supplement’s nutrition table specifies the following blends of clinically-dosed ingredients:

  • Stinging Nettle Extract, Saw Palmetto, and Bulbine Natalensis – 644 mg;
  • Chamomile, Resveratrol, and Hesperidin – 300 mg;
  • Tribulus Terrestris – 1000 mg;
  • Fenugreek – 820 mg;
  • Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc – 130.5 mg.

Test Matrix is also reported to contain trace amounts of ZMA, intended to facilitate deeper sleep. Other ingredients found in the blend of micronutrients are silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, and vegetable grade magnesium stearate. The majority of the ingredients composing the supplement are naturally-occurring compounds.

A number of the key minerals that contribute to the supplement’s ideal effects are commonly purchased for their individual benefits for weightlifting athletes and bodybuilders. Some of the functions of these individual ingredients can be summarized as follows:

Zinc – The benefits of Zinc for bodybuilding and weightlifting lye in its contribution to metabolic energy. The inclusion of Zinc gives the supplement some potential to improve the user’s energy metabolism, slightly increasing the default rate of calories burned from regular activity.

Magnesium – A dietary mineral, Magnesium’s main contributions to weightlifting are blood pressure regulation and the preservation of bone strength. The demographic most suited for using testosterone boosters on a regular basis are advised to be especially mindful of the pressure on their joints, and ideally, Magnesium would serve as an additional protective factor against sudden bone damage during weightlifting.

Vitamin B6 – This family of B vitamins is meant to serve as another contributor to metabolic energy. Bodybuilders who are concerned with maintaining a high-quality cutting phase would, in the best case scenario, benefit from being able to metabolize their caloric intake at an expedited rate due to Vitamin B6 supplementation. Vitamin B6 also plays a role in metabolizing protein for greater muscle building.

Resveratrol – The role of Resveratrol in promoting higher-quality weightlifting is purportedly tied to its action as an anti-inflammatory agent. Weightlifters in the market for testosterone boosters are usually more susceptible to delayed onset muscle soreness DOMS from heavy training sessions; to counteract this, anti-inflammatory agents might possibly relieve the athlete of some of the pain from muscular swelling after training.

Bulbine Natalensis – Derived from an herb native to the southernmost regions of Africa, Bulbine Natalensis has gained a reputation in some circles as being a potential promoter of higher testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels. The potential of the herb as a testosterone booster is optimistic if verified, though there is still room for more controlled testing for its full efficacy.



Taking the ideal chemical chain reaction of the five specified Matrices into account, the basic advantages offered by the supplement are as follows:

  • Elevated muscular endurance;
  • Heightened strength output;
  • Enhanced quality of recovery;
  • Assisted free testosterone preservation.

The athletes most likely to benefit from using Test Matrix consistently are weightlifting men and professional bodybuilders over the age of 25. As the the male body’s natural rate of testosterone production steadily falls with age, testosterone boosters offer a potential method for counteracting the gradual degradation of power.

Should the effects of this testosterone booster manifest as advertised, older weightlifters and bodybuilders may be able to prolong the amount of time that their muscles are receptive to intense strength training.

The dietary elements of supplement’s ingredients would, if effective, serve to mitigate the amount of fat retained from the athlete’s meals. For bodybuilders in the process of cutting down to extremely low bodyfat percentages for the purpose of competition, a passive calorie-burning effect could potentially be advantageous. Of course, the overall effectiveness would still rely on individual eating habits and stress levels.

Aside from the tangible effects, the preservation of consistent strength gains from lifting weights at an older age could conceivably be beneficial for self-esteem. Higher self-esteem, if conducive to an improved disposition, could serve as an indirect defense against potential fat retention caused by stress-induced cortisol production.

Ultimately, the main advantages offered by Test Matrix are potential defenses against the gradual degradation of physical vitality and metabolic energy that occurs in male strength athletes and bodybuilders experiencing testosterone decline; this could translate into the capacity for training intensity that would otherwise be unrealistic.

As opposed to supplements aimed at teenage and young adult athletes without any need for testosterone supplementation to improve performance, Test Matrix could potentially exercise its effects in a manner much more congruous to natural limitations of bodybuilders and powerlifters approaching middle-age.

Younger strength athletes whose bodies still produce peak levels of testosterone might conceivably be able to use the supplement to some effect, though the results may not align with the ideal results intended for athletes who have a natural testosterone deficit. Prospective buyers are advised to thoroughly consult their primary care providers to assess their level of need for the supplement’s proposed advantages.



In accordance to PhD Nutrition’s manufacturing policies, Test Matrix falls within the established guidelines of the IOC for acceptable supplementation. Due to its IOC adherence, bodybuilders and weightlifters who wish to compete on a professional level will not be banned explicitly for use of the supplement. Aside from eligibility to used at an Olympic level, the supplement does not currently possess any official certificates.



The results from using Test Matrix will vary among athletes with different needs, though the current testimonials available for the product are relatively positive. A power lifter reported that the product caught his eye due to its feature of slowing down testosterone-to-estrogen conversion, and it became the second testosterone booster that he cycled.

In the power lifter’s subsequent experience taking the capsules on a nightly basis, he suggested that taking the four capsules before bed might potentially disrupt the sleep pattern of other users. Despite his comments on possible sleep cycle disruption, he went on to confidently report that the in-gym effectiveness of the supplement met his expectations.

The lifer commented that while Test Matrix shouldn’t be considered an exclusive energy-boosting supplement, the improvement to his training intensity was satisfyingly potent. He also reported that the supplement provided him with a more subdued, subtle flow of energy as opposed to an eye-popping blast of high-octane energy.

Despite the fact he never got the sense of being “wired” during his workout, such as with various thermongenics and vasoldilators, he reported that the benefits to his physical performance provided by were swift and significant. He had been going through a frustrating plateau in his strength development prior to taking Test Matrix, but during 30 days that he used the supplement, he managed to lose 10 pounds of fat.

In addition to losing fat, the lifter also reported that he was able to develop muscle mass as well. He reported that the benefits he experienced while taking the supplement exceeded that which he had been limited to when only using protein shakes and preworkout drinks.

While the physical benefits the lifter was able gain were satisfying, the lifter also reported an unexpected drawback. During the month spent using the supplement, he reported that he experienced hair loss in spite of anti-DHT properties meant to prevent such a thing from occurring.

Even with the unexpected effects on his hair volume and sleep, the lifter’s verdict on Test Matrix was that the proposed performance benefits were just as advertised. He reported that the increased muscle mass were especially satisfying for the supplement’s value. The lifter stated that if other athletes are willing to take the chance that their bodies won’t react differently than his own and aren’t terribly concerned with hair loss, then the testosterone booster will do what the manufacturer claims it will for them.


Awards & Media Coverage

As of now, Test Matrix has not been thoroughly covered by mainstream media outlets. The supplement is still relatively obscure compared to more well-known testosterone boosters, and thus, a wide-sweeping public opinion on it has yet to be formed. While a handful of customer reviews put effects of the product in a positive light, due to a current lack of mainstream exposure, it has not been the recipient of any official awards.


Money-back Guarantee

All PhD Nutrition products can be purchased with the right to receive a refund to the original purchaser’s credit card. A refund for shipping cost will only be granted if the customer receives a faulty container or cancels their order under DSRs.

If a note card refund is requested, then it may take approximately ten business days for the request to be processed and completed. Customers that request credit card refunds should anticipate that their estimated waiting time could depend on the particular policies of their personal card issuer.

If a return request for the product is not made within 14 days of receiving the supplement, then the return may approved at the manufacturer’s discretion. In order to assure the full right to a money-back guarantee, customers should make a point of minding the time frame in which they consider making a return request.



Deliveries are shipped on working days, between Monday and Friday. The costs of delivery are calculated upon checkout, after the customer specifies the destination and the delivery speed. Delivery times for will typically range from 1 to 5 days for deliveries ordered to the UK, and from 2 to 6 days for deliveries ordered to Ireland.

Most orders placed on working days will generally be processed and dispatched within 24 hours. After making an order, is advised that any shipping amendments or cancellation requests should be made by 2pm on the following business day.

To ensure the purity of the contents, customers should be sure to confirm that the safety seal is intact and free of imperfections before accepting their delivery on the day that it arrives.


Customer Support

Customers are entitled to making online inquiries with the manufacturer for questions regarding their product. PhD Nutrition is open to respond to pending inquiries from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. In addition to a customer support email, the company also offers customers a phone number and a fax number as additional lines of contact.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout process is conducted with an assurance of secure payment. Accepted forms of payment include Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal.

As part of PhD Nutrition’s publicly disclosed privacy policy, customers are permitted to visiting and browsing the website without needing to share their identity before checking out with a product. Personal information will not be disclosed or used for any purpose without the customer’s explicit consent to such.

Upon checkout, the customer will be asked to provide their legal name, invoice address, credit or debit card number, email address and telephone number. The manufacturer will use the provided information for administration and customer service purposes.

Third party companies in the same group as PhD nutrition will only acquire and use the customer’s provided information for special offers and promotions if it is explicitly consented to by the customer. Should the customer choose to provide feedback about their checkout experience, the feedback may be shared with PhD Nutrition’s suppliers and other customers.

Under the guidelines specified by Data Protection Act 1998, customers are given the right to view a copy of any personal information about themselves that has been retained by the company after conducting a transaction.



One order of a 120-count Test Matrix container is priced at $32.85. The standard shipping fee is usually $6.57, which brings the total price of a single container up to $39.43, though any orders made to the UK above $21.90 are eligible for free shipping. The product’s Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is $57.57, which would make the offered price of $39.43 comparable to an approximate 30% discount.

While adjusting and finalizing the particulars of the order, customers will be provided with a window that displays the total cost of the transaction. While filling out relevant information to finalize the order, customers are entitled to receiving a certain number of reward points that can be redeemed for the reduction of their next order’s total.

In the event that a first-time customer chooses to register as a new member before making a purchase, they will be entitled to a 10% discount on their first order. If Test Matrix is the first product that a newly-registered customer orders from the company, then the base price before shipping will be reduced from $22.49 to approximately $20.24.






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