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Test HD by MuscleTech Review – Should You Order This Organic Testosterone Booster?

What Is Test HD?

Test HD, a natural testosterone booster from MuscleTech, is a major sports performance supplement that elevates your energy levels, increases endurance and sharpens mental focus to help you master rugged, demanding bodybuilding goals and succeed in athletic games and competitions. Even if you are someone who exercises regularly at your local gym to keep your body fit, strong and agile, this strong-acting formula can keep you in great shape. Steady users of this powerful exercise enhancer include fitness advocates of all types, people who like to exercise regularly, sports team players, or beginning, intermediate and advanced level bodybuilders. Accomplished bodybuilders, pros and trainers are also often loyal users of this effective formula.

As a primary growth hormone in the body, testosterone enables you to develop strong, well-defined muscularity while supporting energy for physical activity. Especially designed with all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients in carefully calculated percentages to enable even bodybuilders who have experienced difficulty with developing lean muscle mass to build strong, powerful physiques, Test HD supplies the steady energy bursts that athletes need to get to the next level of achievement in their sports training and performance. When scientists and natural nutritionists create exercise enhancing formulas that contain pure substances that all have strong energizing and strength-building properties and effects when ingested as separate sports supplements, the resulting product is a winner for supporting all strenuous physical activity. Athletes who choose Test HD as their number-one fitness aid gain support from the empowering effects of a specialized formula with a varied and versatile list of properties and benefits for better athletic achievements.

This fast-acting, hardcore testosterone elevator includes high levels of shilajit, a mineral compound that is found in and extracted from formations at the lofty altitudes of the Himalayan mountains. The raw extracted rock is then processed and put through a purification process, after which it can be combined with other natural substances to form powerful, healthy energizing supplements for use by exercise enthusiasts and muscle-builders. This processed shilajit contains high levels of bioactive contents such as dibenzo-pyrones and also fulvic acid, which has the patented name of PrimaVie®. This processed form of shilajit increases ATP energy in cellular tissues to be used by the body for physical activity and exercise.



The MuscleTech® line of natural bodybuilding and fitness supplements is kept fresh and innovative in design and content through a collaborative effort involving the supplement manufacturer, MuscleTech®, and the acclaimed Goldring Centre for High Performance Sports at the University of Toronto in Canada, where the MuscleTech Metabolism and Sports Science Lab is located. At this advanced laboratory, new supplement formulas are continuously created, tested and produced as healthy, safe, empowering sports performance aids for the consumer market. Dedicated leaders of this supplements company would like their business to become known as the worldwide authority in nutritional sports supplements creation today. Company and university scientists, nutritionists and medical specialists study biochemistry, lipid oxidation muscle metabolism and sports performance in preparation to formulate new products to benefit modern exercisers and bodybuilders. This group of specialists also collaborates with researchers from more than 20 other research centers and universities around the world to examine familiar and newly used ingredients for new sports enhancing products, and research studies by this advanced group of supplements formulators have led to many breakthroughs in fitness aid production since this company was founded in 1996.

MuscleTech believes in focusing the company’s efforts on real science for real results in the creation of their unique fitness products. Although they are deeply involved with scientific research and its results for designing new formulas for the natural sports performance supplements market, this unique team also incorporates practical experience in its research findings and results. For example, there is a university stadium which includes a group of Olympic style platforms for heavy weight-lifting activity adjoining the expansive research facility where the team creates new formulas. New products can be tested simultaneously both in the laboratory and in the performance arena for complete assessment of efficacy and safety.


How Test HD Works?

This unique exercise enhancing formula with multiple testosterone boosters, including strong-acting boron, is specifically designed to raise your body’s testosterone counts for improved athletic strength, endurance and sports activity while not exceeding the normal safe, healthy content ranges of this powerful natural growth hormone. If you take this innovative formula as directed, by ingesting one caplet twice daily, you will soon experience positive energy boosts, increased stamina and the beginnings of new lean muscle growth in your body. You should take one caplet in the morning and the second one in the middle of the afternoon for best results. The majority of bodybuilders, both novices and experienced muscle-builders, depend on testosterone boosters to help them develop greater levels of energy, strength and stamina as well as more lean muscle mass, and this outstanding product from MuscleTech is the favorite choice of T-boosters among many of these athletes.


Ingredients of Test HD

This effective energizer and bodybuilding aid contains a group of effective, natural components, including the following substances:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

This ingredient is extracted from a Mediterranean plant that produces fruit and has an exterior coating of spines. Known as puncture vine, this plant has offered fruit, roots and leaves for use as holistic treatments for centuries, and it is included in this modern sports performance formula due to its capacity to raise testosterone levels of the body and speed up blood circulation to fuel muscles with nutrients for improved exercise and muscle-building.

Shilajit Extract – PrimaVie®

This form of shilajit extract is a standardized, purified nutritional substance that increases energy levels and rejuvenates your entire body, preparing it for better athletic endurance and performance. This pure ingredient with origins in the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains enhances muscle strength, functions and flexibility, enabling you to perform more strenuous and difficult workouts at the gym and to succeed more easily in competitive sports events.

Boron Citrate

This rare mineral is not commonly used as a micronutrient in health and sports supplements. This substance does not appear on the accepted list of essential vitamins and minerals, and there is currently no standard minimum requirement for boron in the human diet. Boron is, however, a strong testosterone booster and has been proven to be more effective at raising bodily counts of this major growth hormone than the most highly promoted natural products you see advertised as testosterone elevators.

Brassica Oleracea – Broccoli Powder

This mustard plant is actually the vegetable predecessor of the majority of dark green veggies we are familiar with and eat today. This large family of edible vegetation includes kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and kohlrabi. Rich in vitamin and mineral content, both broccoli and its first cousin, cauliflower, contain healthy levels of Vitamin C, which is essential for the good health of all your body tissues and organs. Vitamin C also generates collagen, a structural protein, which is necessary for maintaining strong blood vessels and bones so you can be strong enough to engage in strenuous exercise regularly. These vegetables also have high Vitamin K (phylloquinone) content, which facilitates the production of bone cell proteins that are needed to form new bone tissue with high mineral content for stability. The major importance of Vitamin K in the body, however, is that it strongly assists healthy blood clotting activity.

Urtica Dioica – Stinging Nettle Extract

This active natural herbal ingredient has been used for many years to support and enhance joint activity, alleviating stress and helping to repair wear and tear from heavy exercise and lifting heavy items such as weights used in bodybuilding and muscle-toning exercises.

Mucuna Pruriens – Velvet Bean Extract

This ingredient is a natural testosterone booster, increasing your body’s energy and endurance levels for performing difficult, heavy-duty workouts. It is also a mood elevator, giving you greater feelings of self-worth and confidence to succeed in your sports activities and bodybuilding training.



This natural, effective sports supplement offers definite user advantages, such as:

  1. It harnesses the power and lasting effectiveness of testosterone for greater energy, stamina and muscularity.
  2. It boosts ATP energy levels for sustained workouts and strenuous physical activity.
  3. It raises free (active) testosterone counts in your body within just seven days after your first dose.
  4. All ingredients of this formula are clinically tested for efficacy and safety.



The MuscleTech company leaders give certificates of recognition to sports and bodybuilding trainers, coaches and instructors as well as gym owners and managers when they promote the use of Test HD among their gym members, students and trainees. Many of these members of your local sports community also take this athletic performance supplement as their primary bodybuilding and exercise aid. These MuscleTech certificate recipients usually display their certificates on the walls of their gyms, workout rooms, exercise instruction rooms and offices as a constant reminder to gym users of the value and benefits that this nutrient-rich supplement can provide for them as sports players and bodybuilders of different skill and achievement levels.



This awesome supplement from MuscleTech is a great testosterone booster to raise your energy, stamina and drive for better exercise and bodybuilding workouts. It will get you over the rough spots on the path to becoming a better performing bodybuilder or sports team player. Its rich contents of Vitamins C and K promote healthy tissue growth and blood clotting in the body, both of which are essential for safe physical activity that is strenuous or that you engage in frequently. This unique formula can definitely get you to higher levels of skill and achievement, so don’t miss out. Get your first supply of Test HD today! – Brad T., New York, USA

If you need a new fitness supplement, MuscleTech has the ideal choice for you. With regular use of this powerful, fast-acting and effective fitness aid, you will reach greater heights of endurance and achievement with each daily training session or practice time at the gym. You will build strong, new lean muscle mass while shredding extra body fat for a streamlined, powerful physique. Get your first bottle of Test HD today and get ripped! – Ted J., New York, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This MuscleTech product is gaining new enthusiastic users every day as more bodybuilders, team players and regular exercisers learn about its many advantages and benefits. Because of this, Test HD is predicted to be a future winner of such esteemed awards as the Bodybuilding.com Supplement of the Year award and others. In addition, it is expected to gain media coverage for its value and effectiveness in boosting your body’s testosterone counts for greater energy and stamina for strenuous exercise and bodybuilding workouts as well as for building a streamlined physique with new lean muscle mass. This popular supplement is currently receiving notice and praise on sports and bodybuilding website forums and in athletic site newsletters. It will soon receive media coverage and exposure from mainstream media sportscasters and publications.


Money-back Guarantee

This supplements producer offers all customers a money-back guarantee for any supplements they purchase with which they are in any way dissatisfied. If you are not completely pleased with your order, payment, delivery or use of Test HD, this customer-focused company wants to hear from you right away. When you contact the MuscleTech customer support division, the employees will work with you for the purpose of resolving your issues and problems completely. If the support team is unable to solve your problems, they may ask you to return the unused portion of your supplement. Afterward, a support team member will arrange your refund for your product purchase without further questions.



This very responsible sports supplements producer uses only reliable, experienced packers and shippers for delivery of your supplement. For shipping international orders, MuscleTech uses quality transport carriers and often additional ground transportation, such as a local trucking business in your locale to deliver your product right to your door or post office box. Packaging materials are water-resistant and sturdy to avoid damage to your product during the shipping stage, and shippers check addresses carefully to ensure delivery to the correct address. If your package of Test HD does not arrive, is damaged or if you should receive the wrong product in error—although such occurrences are rare—just contact the MuscleTech customer support staff by phone, email, online support ticket or company website chat services to request a replacement order or refund for your supplement order.


Customer Support

The friendly, helpful customer support team members are very well-informed about all company supplements as well as the purchasing, shipping, delivery and use of each one. No matter what your concern or problem with the order, receipt or initial use of Test HD, this professional team will work with you to resolve your issues. If you received a damaged product, a team member will arrange a replacement order or a refund for you, without additional questions. If your supplement package arrived in good condition and ready for your use, but you have questions or problems concerning its usage, this dedicated group of team members will work toward solving your problems and answering all your questions thoroughly and clearly. You can reach the customer support team by phone, email, or online support services 24/7, so be sure to contact a team member with all your queries and issues.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Payment and Checkout processing is always safe and secure on the company website. This advanced sports supplements producer is well aware of the serious problems of online hackers and identity thieves, and the company uses sophisticated encryption technology on all pages of its site to safeguard all your personal information when you purchase your supplement online. All your personal data entries on the site will be protected, including your name, address, email and credit card numbers. MuscleTech wants to ensure that your Test HD purchase experience is a good one so you will want to continue purchasing your monthly or quarterly supplies on the company website.



You can purchase 90 caplets of Test HD on the company’s website at prices that generally range from $89.99 to $52.83 at different times throughout the year. Because there are periodic product promotions featuring discounted prices, you can even obtain 90 caplets of your sports performance aid for as little as $20.99 during these sales. There may also be seasonal sales at holiday times, so be sure to check the MuscleTech site frequently to avoid losing out on these special bargain prices for this product. You can have an auto-pay arrangement, also, which allows your regular order, whether monthly, quarterly or yearly, to be charged to the credit card number that you leave on file with the company website.







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