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Test Freak by PharmaFreak Review – Is It a Real Deal?

What Is Test Freak?

Test Freak is a testosterone boosting supplement that contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals. Natural testosterone boosters like Test Freak aim to enhance aspects of your physical and mental well-being so you can better perform in the gym or throughout your athletic activities. Unlike steroids, this supplement is a safe and legal alternative that boosts your body’s testosterone output, giving you the edge your body needs to withstand longer, harder workouts.

By encouraging your body to produce more testosterone, this supplement offers you the ability gain improve muscle mass. As with any bodybuilder, athlete, or fitness guru, muscle mass is of the utmost importance. Without muscle mass, you are unable to push your body to the limit and gain an edge over your competition. Fortunately, Test Freak fixes all that using a combination of highly researched vitamins and minerals to assist your body with natural testosterone production.



PharmaFreak, the manufacturer of Test Freak, has a longstanding history throughout the athletic community. Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau first founded PharmaFreak in 2008. They brought a conviction and dedication to the bodybuilding and athletic community that lead to the development of safe, all-natural products that assist with increased muscle mass and testosterone production.

Gauvreau brings forth a lot of worthy accreditation to the table with his years of research and in-depth knowledge. In fact, he is often hailed as one of the best researchers pertaining to dietary supplements and the like. The athletic and bodybuilding community often refer to him as “The Supplement Godfather” because of his extensive knowledge and ability to develop new and useful products.

Savva’s capabilities in the supplement industry are backed by his Bachelor of Physical and Health Education degree. Considering that he holds recognition as a famous bodybuilder, he has the inside knowledge necessary to understand what it is that bodybuilders and athletes need to fuel muscle mass. Savva often provides well-written publications for the health and fitness community, which has earned him his well-respected and hard-earned position at PharmaFreak.


How Test Freak Works?

Testosterone is a natural steroid hormone produced by your body. For men, testosterone comes primarily from the Leydig cells. Unfortunately, as your body ages, your ability to produce testosterone decreases. For some men, that decline happens sooner than others. A reduction in testosterone production prohibits your ability to build muscle mass.

In other words, when you go to the gym in the hopes of getting shredded, you may instead find that you feel worn out. Despite all your hard work and efforts, your body refuses to produce the results you want. Fortunately, Test Freak puts an end to all of that. The product works by increasing your body’s natural production of testosterone.

When you use this product, you are enabling your cells to continue producing necessary testosterone for a healthier, more toned physique. Test Freak works by triggering necessary compounds in your body through carefully tested and selected vitamins and minerals that promote testosterone production. By supporting your body’s natural ability to make testosterone, you are giving yourself the opportunity to work out and get results.

Rather than feeling winded and disheartened by your lack of results, Test Freak proves that it is a game changer for bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness junkies like you. Finally, you can get back into the gym and lift to your heart’s content. With this product, you can push yourself to the limits and feel the difference in your body, but in a good way. By enabling your body’s natural testosterone production, you can reverse the clock and get back to feeling like the young, fit bodybuilder you are.


Ingredients of Test Freak

Part of what makes Test Freak such an incredible product is the fact that it contains highly researched and clinically proven ingredients that support your body’s ability to produce testosterone. A product is only ever as good as the ingredients it contains, particularly when it comes to a product like Test Freak. The ingredients found in this supplement include:

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a necessary nutrient needed by your body to produce testosterone. Unfortunately, your body is unable to produce and store Vitamin B6, which is why you must add it in through either dietary means or supplements. Vitamin B6 assist your body in forming hemoglobin, which is a molecule that allows your body to carry oxygen via red blood cells.

By adding Vitamin B6 to your body, you are allowing yourself to maintain healthy glucose levels, fight off infection, produce insulin and amino acids, and transmit important messages between your body’s nerve cells. When all of that comes together, you encourage your body to produce natural testosterone necessary for fitness and health.


Despite its simplicity, Magnesium is an essential mineral needed to fuel your body’s ability to produce testosterone. The way Magnesium works is that it aids you in falling asleep and in lowering levels of anxiety. If your body feels tired or your mind feels stressed, it increases your body’s production of cortisol.

Cortisol is a nasty word among the bodybuilding and athletic communities. Anyone familiar with cortisol will tell you that in contributes to weight gain rather than muscle gain. If your body produces too much cortisol, you will begin to see the adverse effects no matter how much you work out. Fortunately, Magnesium blocks cortisol production by promoting a more restful night’s sleep and lowered feelings of anxiety.

People with lower levels of cortisol production often experience increased levels of testosterone production. Therefore, if your body currently lacks the ability to produce testosterone, it might have something to do with anxiety and a lack of sleep. By consuming a supplement like this that contains Magnesium, you are enabling your body to fight back and produce necessary testosterone.


Zinc is a crucial component needed for your body’s immune system to function normally. It is also required for normalized functions such as cell division. Zinc is often considered the master of the endocrine system. It assists your body’s enzymes so that they may break down food and nutrients needed to fuel your body’s overall health.

Sometimes your body lacks necessary Zinc, which is known as Zinc deficiency. Unfortunately, Zinc deficiency can lead to a condition known as hypogonadism, which in turn lowers your body’s testosterone levels. By treating a Zinc deficiency, you can improve your body’s ability to produce testosterone.

Testofen Fenugreek

Fenugreek comes in a variety of forms needed by your body to promote testosterone production. One such form is Testofen Fenugreek. Testofen Fenugreek is the product of careful scientific research used to create an herbal remedy that enhances testosterone levels in your body.

Testofen Fenugreek contains a highly concentrated group of saponin glycosides, which improves testosterone levels. This fantastic supplemental additive derives from ancient Ayurvedic herbs that are now used by today’s modern day industry to tap into the body’s potential to produce necessary testosterone for muscle gain.

Trigotest Fenugreek

Like Testofen, it is derived from the seeds of a plant found and commonly used throughout India, which is home to an Ayurveda approach. This particular compound of Fenugreek puts the extract to use so that it increases growth hormones and testosterone levels throughout the body.

By increasing growth hormones, it fuels your body’s ability to build lean muscle mass, thus enhancing your bodybuilding experience. By taking a supplement such as this that contains Trigotest Fenugreek, you are allowing yourself to take it to the max whenever you hit the gym. It provides an output of strength that you can both see and feel.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus serves an important purpose in any testosterone booster. It is known to provide the right formulations needed to fuel the growth of muscle mass and increase strength. A study performed in Lithuania discovered that athletes who received a certain dosage of saponin-containing Tribulus experienced increased levels of testosterone within the first 10 days of use.

It is believed that Tribulus impacts testosterone production by increasing a follicle-stimulating hormone in the body. Another theory is that Tribulus triggers a secondary response since it can stimulate a reduction in glucose levels. Therefore, using a product like this one improves the level of circulating testosterone in your body.

Saw Palmetto Extract

The Saw Palmetto plant is aptly named because it resembles a small palm tree. Typically found in Southeastern states like Florida, it is often sought after since extracts from this plant are known to improve your body’s testosterone levels. In fact, it finds popular usage among European medical practitioners to treat low testosterone levels.

Aside from aiding in the body’s production of testosterone, Saw Palmetto Extract can also treat decreased libido, hair loss, migraines, prostate cancer, low sperm count, inflammation, diabetes, and a well of other health issues. Keeping the body as healthy as possible is a key component when it comes to improving testosterone production, which makes this a useful additive to any supplement.

Stinging Nettle Extract

Stinging Nettle Extract is an herbal remedy commonly used to treat a variety of men’s health issues, including low testosterone. It is indigenous throughout Africa and portions of Asia, though as of recently, it has also been found in temperate locations. It is sometimes used to treat urinary tract infections and prostate problems.

One study showed that rats exposed to stinging nettle extract showed increased levels of circulating testosterone. It is known to boost hormones in the body, particularly androgens, which are needed by the body for a healthy level of testosterone production. Also, Stinging Nettle Extract aids in healthy organ functions and health is an important component needed for increased testosterone levels.


Hesperidin is a type of flavonoid found in citrus fruits and is often used to treat high blood pressure. High blood pressure and weight gain often have a negative impact on your body. If you suffer from high blood pressure, it can negatively impact your libido and your body’s ability to make testosterone.

Fortunately, taking a supplement like this one that contains Hesperidin helps to lower your blood pressure, thus alleviating your body of the dysfunctions associated with such an ailment. Although you could always consume citrus fruits to obtain Hesperidin, it might not be enough to help lower high blood pressure. When paired with the other ingredients in this product, Hesperidin works to improve your body’s production of testosterone.


Apigenin is probably the most interesting of all flavonoids and yet you have likely never heard of it before. It is commonly found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It has a long-standing history with regard to folk remedies and was often used in Chamomile tea to help reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Considering that stress and anxiety contribute to cortisol production, it is important to find a way to treat both ailments. Cortisol production has a way of diminishing or even eliminating testosterone levels throughout your body. Fortunately, by using Apigenin to decrease stress and anxiety, you can block cortisol so your body can once again carry out the production of testosterone.


Resveratrol has quickly gained a lot of popularity within scientific research and the bodybuilding community. Those who take supplements containing Resveratrol experience increased levels of testosterone within the blood. Scientific studies also show that Resveratrol may very well serve as an androgen receptor agonist.
Some research also suggests that Resveratrol possesses some anti-aging benefits.

Considering that age is a leading factor that contributes to your body’s decrease in testosterone production, it is important to find a way to slow or reverse that aging to a degree. By providing you with anti-aging benefits, Resveratrol essentially reverses the clock to boost your body’s testosterone levels.



This supplement offers several advantages. For instance, it contains more Testofen Fenugreek than any other testosterone booster currently available on the market. Also, it is the first product and currently the only product to contain Trigotest Fenugreek, which is known to improve free testosterone levels throughout the body.

It offers twice the number of active ingredients when compared to competitive leading testosterone boosters available for purchase. If that isn’t enough, it also offers a complete dose of Zinc and a hearty dose of Tribulus Terrestris, which are both essential if you wish to improve your body’s capability to produce testosterone.



Although the product itself currently lacks any certificates, Test Freak is not without its merits. It hails from a certified laboratory in which all ingredients contained within the product come highly tested and clinically proven for their effectiveness. The ingredients undergo careful selection to ensure that they work as they should to improve your body’s level of testosterone.



Consumers who have already used Test Freak have had nothing but great things to say about the product. There have been a few that seemed initially skeptical, but that is to be expected with any testosterone boosting product. Fortunately, each one of them seems happy with the results. The following are just some of the testimonials from customers who have purchased and used this supplement:

Jeffrey L., New Jersey, USA:

When I first ordered this product, I was not quite sure what to expect. I had tried my fair share of supplements with little to no results. I expected the same disappointment again, but that is not at all what happened. Within the first week of using this supplement, I could already feel the difference. I felt stronger, healthier, and more energetic than ever before. I was able to push myself harder at the gym and within just two weeks, I noticed a significant difference in my body’s muscle growth.

Tom S., Los Angeles, USA:

I used this product for roughly five days before I began noticing any significant differences. At first, it was like I expected to feel and look different within the first day, although I know that is not how it works. I must admit; I was highly impressed with this product and the way it made me feel. At my age, it felt great to keep up with and even surpass the energy of the 20-somethings at my local gym.

Richard D., Washington, USA:

Unlike some of the others on here, I didn’t notice any differences for the first 10-14 days. I’m not sure why it took me longer than others. At first, I was disappointed thinking that I had wasted my money on yet another product that could not uphold to its promises. That all changed after that initial 10-14-day wait. I feel great, I look great, and all the guys at the gym are wondering how it is I’ve managed to up my game. I’m not sure I’m ready to let them in on my little secret.

Considering the number of happy customers, this supplement can uphold the promises it makes to bodybuilders and athletes alike.


Awards & Media Coverage

In truth, Test Freak does not currently have any awards and any media coverage it might have had is either limited or non-existent. However, it hails from an award-winning manufacturer. Because of the company’s stellar performance in the supplementary field, it now sells its products in over 40 countries throughout the world.


Money-back Guarantee

Surprisingly enough, PharmaFreak does not offer any kind of money-back guarantee on any of its products, including Test Freak. Even more unfortunate is the fact that some consumers may see this as some form of a setback that might discourage them from purchasing the product. However, the manufacturer firmly believes the product speaks for itself and no money-back guarantee is needed.



You can enjoy fast shipping when you order this product no matter the shipping method you choose. You can choose standard, two business day, or one business day delivery. Even standard shipping offers you the fast and easy convenience of two to four-day shipping. Keep in mind that shipping rates may vary depending on the weight of the product. The more you order, the heavier the weight of the package, which could impact shipping rates.


Customer Support

When you order Test Freak, you receive the promise of stellar customer support services. Customer support representatives are always willing and able to answer any questions you have about the product, shipping, and label information. They can also assist you in determining if this product is the right one for you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you order Test Freak, you can rest assured that your checkout is both safe and secure. SSL certifications and security encryption measures help to protect sensitive financial and personal information. Many customers often worry when making purchases online since there is always the risk of leaked information.

Fortunately, with the proper security measures in place, you can make your purchase comfortably and securely from the privacy of your home. If you have any concerns regarding the safety and security of your checkout, make sure you contact customer support for assistance. They can provide you with more information regarding their safety protocols.



One great thing about Test Freak is that it is relatively affordable. Considering all the advantages you gain when using this product, it is surprising to see that it is available for just $49.98 for a 120-capsule, 30-day supply. For a limited time, you can purchase two supplies of this supplement and receive your third for free. In other words, you get a three-month supply for the price of only a two-month supply. With such great pricing options available, you can choose an option that best suits your budget.






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