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Test Boost Excel Review – What Are The Ingredients?

What Is Test Boost Excel

Test Boost Excel is a relatively new entry into the world of fitness supplements. According to the product information provided by the manufacturer, it is a natural testosterone booster. As testosterone levels in healthy adult men tend to start plummeting after the age of 30, this supplement is aimed at bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts above that age.

The supplement is available in the form of caplets. The ingredient profile mentioned on the product packaging show a list of all-natural components, mainly plant extracts. According to the available information, the components are a mix of exotic and more common plant extracts, with the usual list of binders, excipients, and stabilizers thrown in for good measure.

As a testosterone booster, the benefits of Test Boost Excel to the body will mainly be to bone density, muscle mass, strength, blood circulation, and oxygenation. The most benefits can be expected in guys with lower testosterone levels in the body, which usually means those above the age of 30 or 40.

A booster supplement becomes essential in older bodybuilders, as their natural testosterone levels decrease due to age. This can result in a reduction of muscle mass, increased fatigue, weaker bones, and decreased pump during workouts. Boosting the testosterone levels help combat the effects of aging, and helps reinvigorate the body. The result is increased energy, pump, intensity, and longer workouts, with bigger muscles and improved stamina.

Supplements like Test Boost Excel are an over-the-counter alternative to expensive testosterone therapy. This therapy requires the injection of testosterone into the body and is prescribed by doctors to men who have an actual medical condition of deficient testosterone levels. But that is a real disorder, and quite different from the age-related decrease in testosterone. Therapy is not usually prescribed in these situations. In such instances, a natural testosterone booster like Test Boost Excel might be an easier and more affordable alternative.

That should serve as a clear introduction to Test Boost Excel, and the particular niche of fitness supplements to which it belongs. For a comprehensive review of the supplement, its ingredient profile, mode of action, company info, pros & cons, pricing and buying info, please move on to the following sections.



Test Boost Excel supplement is a new entrant into the market. There is a lot of marketing hype being created around it online. But there is no explicit mention of a separate brand or manufacturer name anywhere, save for a small mention on the product packaging. According to the label, Test Boost Excel is being distributed in the US on behalf of Testomenix, an Orlando Florida based firm.

The manufacturer apparently intends to market the product as a standalone brand without an established name to back it. And that should raise at least a few red flags, if not many, and rightly so. Fake products and scams are a persistent bane to the health and fitness supplements industry. There are a lot of shady sellers out there with snake oil hidden beneath fancy packaging and tall claims.

Established and reputed brands offer the optimum safety, all the more so since the products sold in this industry are supposed to help boost our body health and fitness. That being said, there is no reason why a new company shouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt, or at least a fair trial before it is branded as a fake. Otherwise, there would be no incentive for innovation, no new brands in the market!

So, does the Test Boost Excel company have anything legit to offer? They look like a US-based company, with legal liability in California as per their terms and conditions. But Testomenix is the name of an older testosterone supplement, with the same ingredient profile, and apparently marketed by the same company. That would make Test Boost Excel either a legit re-branded product or worst case scenario, old wine packaged in a shiny new bottle.

Honestly, the amount of company information and overall marketing strategy doesn’t raise too much confidence about this supplement. And the fact that there is another product with the same ingredient profile, company name & address, and contact info does look rather suspicious. But all that can be forgiven if the supplement delivers on its promises.


How Test Boost Excel Works?

This is a natural testosterone booster. Its ingredients are chosen for their ability to do two things:

Stimulate the production of testosterone naturally in the body, in the testes
To inhibit the enzymes and hormones in the body that convert testosterone into estrogen
This two-pronged approach helps provide maximum boost to testosterone in the body. This is a well-established method, used by many popular testosterone supplements in the market. While some may use chemically synthesized hormones and steroids to attain their results, Test Boost Excel seems to have taken the organic route.

Plant and animal extracts are the chosen method for this supplement. These extracts usually contain potent chemicals that boost testosterone production in the body. The supplement caplets contain a proprietary blend of these natural compounds. Proprietary blends are quite popular in the supplements industry. They contain ingredients that are carefully chosen to deliver the maximum positive impact with the minimum harmful side effects.

For instance, extracts from bull testicles are known for the positive impact on human testicular function. This extract helps improve the health of men’s testicles. And since 95% of human testosterone is produced in the testicles, improving the health of this part of the body will help improve the output of testosterone as well. This particular extract is a key ingredient of the Test Boost Excel.

Another key compound, Epimedium, focuses on the bone health. Ongoing studies have shown some promise on the positive impact of this compound on human bone density. In bodybuilders, low testosterone count can lead to brittle bones. This can severely weaken the body and make it vulnerable to injuries. The supplement ingredient helps combat this effect of low testosterone.

The extracts of Dioscorea Villosa have a positive impact on blood vessels and circulation. Improved circulation is essential for a healthy and efficient workout session, as it helps transport vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Test Boost Excel seeks to improve this critical function as well, and the effect should be more emphatic in older men.

The inclusion of sarsaparilla root, a common ingredient in many natural steroid supplements, comes as no surprise. It is a firm favorite of the industry, which claims that the extract has a positive impact on testosterone in the body. While that claim is not entirely verified, the benefits of sarsaparilla root extracts on inflammation are quite established.

So Test Boost Excel also contains ingredients that help the body recover faster from punishing workout sessions. Extracts with anti-inflammatory capabilities can contribute to reducing downtime between exercises, and lessen the chance of aggravated stress injuries as well. Natural painkillers can also help in this process.

To be effective, all fitness supplements have to be taken at their recommended doses. But that alone does not guarantee any positive benefits since these are not magic pills! They have to be combined with a healthy diet and strict exercise regimen for the results to become apparent. And that is also applicable to this testosterone booster.

Since this is in a caplet form, all one needs to do is swallow it orally. The daily recommended dose is two caplets, according to manufacturer suggestions. The ideal schedule would be once in the morning, and the second one at night, ideally before bedtime. It is advisable to take supplements like these once before workout sessions and once before sleep.

There are no noticeable contraindications against mixing this supplement with other fitness blends. Thanks to the all-natural ingredient profile, it should not create any adverse reactions in healthy men who are not on any serious medication. The caplets can be easily swallowed with water, and do not need to be mixed with any liquids.

Let’s conclude this session with an honest appraisal of the supplement. It doesn’t bring anything too revolutionary to the table as far as fitness and bodybuilding are concerned. It is primarily being marketed for “other health benefits” which do not come under the primary focus of our site. And those ingredients that do provide a positive impact on testosterone levels and muscle mass can already be found elsewhere, in supplements from more reputable brands.


Ingredients of Test Boost Excel

Commitment to transparency in the primary duty of any supplement manufacturer. This supplement does pass the test on this, with a well-detailed ingredient profile provided on the product package itself. It is always important for fitness enthusiasts to educate themselves about the ingredients used in their supplements. Here is the complete ingredient profile of this testosterone booster (for a daily serving size of two caplets):

Calcium Carbonate – 44.28 mg per serving
FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend 1484 mg per serving
The proprietary blend called FlowViv is a combination of several natural plant and animal extracts. Here is a detailed breakdown of the list, with in-depth information on individual ingredients:

Horny Goat Weed: this is a leaf extract from the plant, which is also called Barrenwort or Bishop’s Hat. It is a flowering plant found in Asia, mainly in China, and is known by the scientific name Epimedium. Horny Goat extract is commonly used in fitness supplements due to the presence of Icariin, a compound with some positive effects on the body, especially blood circulation and bone health.

Tongkat Ali: this plant is native to South East Asia, and is found mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is a flowering plant with the scientific name Eurycoma Longifolia. This supplement contains the root extract of this plant. It contains several Eurycoma compounds, which are helpful in improving testosterone, energy levels, and overall stamina.

Saw Palmetto: This small palm is native to the US, and can be found in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions. The fruit extract from this plant has been known to have a positive impact on groin health in men, especially older men. This ingredient, called Serenoa Repens by scientists, may help boost testicular health and improve testosterone production as well.

Orchic Substance: This is an extract from animals, from bull testicles to be precise. It is a common ingredient in testosterone boosters. Since it has a claimed positive impact on testicular health, this element should help boost testosterone levels in older men. Some sources also suggest that it is by itself a potent source of testosterone.

Wild Yam: Extracts from the roots of the Wild Yam species are often used in health and fitness supplements. This particular root extract is from an American wild plant, the Dioscorea Villosa. It is native to states like Texas, Florida, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. The extract has a range of health benefits, mainly in the circulatory system, and the groin area.

Sarsaparilla: The root of the Smilax species of plants is famous for the drink, as well as its value in traditional medicine. This root extract is also popular in the fitness industry, due to its energizing effects. It contains chemicals called sterols which are thought to have a positive impact on testosterone and steroid levels in the body.

Wild Nettle: This stinging plant is quite well known through out the world. Its roots are used in medicine and as an ingredient in supplements. The extracts have real healing powers which can help fight inflammation and injuries to muscles. It is also considered highly beneficial for male groin health, which is essential for testosterone production.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate: The element Boron is often consumed in this complex mineral form for easy absorption by the human body. This is a favored ingredient for athletes and bodybuilders, as it is believed to boost testosterone levels and overall performance. It can help build muscles and improve coordination skills.

Those are the main active ingredients in the Test Boost Excel. It also contains stuff like Cellulose and Stearic Acid, as well as PE Glycol, Titanium Dioxide and Silicon Dioxide. All these are common ingredients found in health supplements in capsule or caplet form, and completely safe for human consumption. To conclude, there is nothing too novel or unique about the active ingredients used in this supplement from bodybuilding. We have seen them all elsewhere, in testosterone boosters from other established brands.



The main benefit of the XT-1000 is that all natural ingredient profile. The compounds are safe and harmless to the extreme. They can be combined with other workout supplements without any cause for concern or worry. And all the ingredients are also well known, with established history of usage in the supplement industry.

The supplement is also available in a very user-friendly format, in the form of caplets. Many other supplements come in the shape of nasty or foul-tasting powders, which have to be mixed with liquids to make them palatable. These powders also often contain artificial dyes and flavoring agents, most of which are not required when the supplement is in caplet form.

Another notable advantage is the availability of a free trial offer. This is a strategy often followed by new brands in a bid to garner more attention to the product. New buyers who are not sure whether to buy this product or not can freely test it out. If not satisfied you don’t have to pay for the supplement. That is an attractive offer.



There doesn’t seem to be anything along the lines of reputed certification on this supplement, at least as far as the branding and packaging are concerned. It doesn’t have any connection with FDA, and the Federal agency has not evaluated the product. But that is not a deal breaker since most health and fitness supplements out there fall into the same category.

The only thing remotely connected to certification is an assurance that the product is manufactured in an FDA approved manufacturing facility. But further details are not available on the site, or on the product packaging. Since this is a new product from an unknown brand, this is not very surprising, but nor is it very reassuring.



My performance had been on a seemingly terminal decline, both in the gym as well as the bedroom in recent years. My gym-buddy recommended me this new supplement, and I must say I am blown away by the impact it has had on my body. I no longer feel closer to 50. I feel young again like I used to feel 10-20 years ago. — Jacob M., Ottawa, OH, USA

This is a good product, as it delivers on what it promises. I feel more stoked these days when I hit the gym. My energy levels are up again, and I feel sharper than ever. And I can train harder than ever before. I just wish they made it a little easier to buy because this supplement has become a central part of my fitness nutrition. — Elijah V., Burlington, VT, USA

I have been suffering from low testosterone ever since I hit 40 a couple of years ago. It affected my body, my mind, and my sex life. After trying a lot of other testosterone boosters, I finally came across the Platinum XT. It has made me a new man. I can’t thank these guys enough. Two thumbs up, way, way up. — Levi T., Melbourne, Australia


Awards & Media Coverage

Again, just as in the case of certification, the Test Boost Excel has virtually nothing show for in the awards section. There are marketing claims of being the “Rated #1 Product” and the “Ranked #1 Category Product” on the product website. But in the absence of verifiable information, these should be considered as just marketing fluff and nothing more.

Media coverage though, is a slightly different story, especially online. The brand has received extensive coverage on many bodybuilding and fitness supplement sites online. But in these days of aggressive marketing, we cannot take anything for granted. The overall tone of the reviews and the lack of in depth information, often indicate that many reviews are just paid marketing content.


Money-back Guarantee

Test Boost Excel has a free-trial with an auto-ship program. If the customer is not satisfied with the product during the trial period, the transaction can be canceled, and they don’t have to pay for the product. A money-back guarantee is only available after that if the supplement package is unopened and in mint condition.

But there are a few other conditions to qualify for refunds as well. Refund requests cannot be initiated by customers 30 days after the cost has been charged by the company. And packages have to be returned unopened to the manufacturer address, with a valid Return Merchandise Authorization Number.



The Test Boost Excel is available only to US customers. The company uses USPS for its shipping, and the service is available to all locations in the contiguous United States, as well as Alaska, Hawaii and other US overseas territories. The shipping time is rather slow, with it taking between 4-6 days to deliver the product. For the first order of a free trial, shipping is restricted to one sample of the product, which includes a 30 day supply.

Unfortunately, free shipping is not provided for this supplement at any point in time. Even during the free trial period, they will levy shipping and handling charges. These costs are also incorporated into the full price of the product. The company does not provide any international delivery options.

New customers should especially be wary of the ‘auto-ship’ policy maintained by the Test Boost Excel company. Subscribing to the free trial means that your address is automatically added to the ‘auto-ship’ list. This means that if you don’t cancel the product during the trial period (15 days) and inform the company, they will keep shipping you the supplement every month, with full charges being levied on your credit card.

This system has come in for some fair bit of criticism from many customers. The refund process has been called tedious and frustrating. So to be on the safe side, it is recommended that buyers cancel the offer promptly within the trial period if they are not satisfied with the quality or effects of the supplement.


Customer Support

The company does maintain a customer care service for regular customers as well as interested newcomers. There is a toll-free number that is operation seven days a week, where you can ask for support, lodge complaints, or ask any queries. The number is 844-3986974, and it is available from 5:00 AM – 1:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM on weekends.

For those who don’t mind a delay of up to 24 hours, email support may be a good option. This is especially useful for lodging complaints or making cancellation requests, provided they are not at the last moment. The email address for customer care is: support@platinumxt1000.com

We can only say that the customer care could do with some upgrades and improvements, based on our experience. This view is echoed on online forums by other customers as well. But since this is a new product from a relatively new firm, there may still be hope for the future.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When it comes to money matters, businesses do not take any chances these days, especially online. The checkout and online payment options are secured by 256-bit encryption, which is the strongest used by commercial entities and banks for online transactions. The service is also secured by trusted security brands like Norton and Mc Afee for good measure.


Pricing & Free Trial

The company does not sell this supplement through online third-party channels or shops/supermarkets. The only way to buy the supplement is online, directly from the manufacturer. And they follow and aggressive free trial with auto-buy strategy. They offer products one time for free, after which the consumer is charged for the supplement.

During the initial free trial phase, the customer is only required to pay $4.95 during ordering, for shipping and handling charges. After the 15-day trial, the company will charge the full $89.41, if the customer has not opted to cancel the trial. The main problem with this system is that since the delivery takes around 4-6 days, you only get around ten days tops to try out a supplement, which is not enough in our experience to know the full benefits or demerits of a supplement like this.






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