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Test 600 by PMD Review – How Good Is This All-Natural Formula?

What Is Test 600?

Test 600 is a natural testosterone boosting supplement. It is referred to on the manufacturer’s website as N-Test 600 and simply as Test 600 on most other websites and retailers. The ingredients are identical regardless of the slight name variation found online. It is primarily a concentration of Fenugreek extract, Tribulus Terrestris and a few other plant-based compounds delivered in liquid form in a softgel capsule. This makes it a safe and all-natural supplement that may provide modest testosterone increases and sports performance in athletes.



Test 600 is made by the PMD Sports supplement company. This company specializes in providing sports nutritional supplements including testosterone boosters, pre and post workout formulas and muscle building and strength formulas. It is part of FitLife Brands and was started in 2002. The company is based in the United States. It strives to bring extremely high quality and pure products to customers.

The company seems to stand behind its products It maintains a quality website, a good deal of published information and a dedicated customer service department to help answer customer questions and address concerns.


How Test 600 Works?

Test 600 uses several plant-based products that are designed to increase testosterone levels. The primary methods of action in the supplement are Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris. Both of these herbs have some scientific support for increasing testosterone levels. Fenugreek works primarily by preventing the breakdown of free testosterone into unusable forms like DHT. This results in an overall increase in free testosterone in the blood. Tribulus works primarily by stimulating the body’s natural production of testosterone by promoting the activity of the testes and the synthesis of testosterone precursors, those compounds that the body ultimately uses to create more testosterone.

Both of these herbs are considered to be mild testosterone boosters, so even at the very high concentrations delivered in the supplement, extreme results will likely not occur. Since Tribulus tends to work quickly, however, consumers can expect to see some increase in testosterone levels within the first week.

The manufacturer recommends three capsules to be taken each day as part of an integrated workout routine. The timing of dosage changes from workout days to off days. The multiple daily dosages allow for higher concentrations of the various compounds to be absorbed more efficiently because the body can only absorb so much at one time. If all three capsules were to be taken simultaneously, most of the dose would be wasted. This allows the supplement to provide maximum effect, although it is less convenient.


Ingredients of Test 600

Test 600 has a fairly simple formulation of relatively commonplace ingredients delivered in extremely high concentrations in liquid form. It is one of the few such supplements to deliver ingredients in liquid form, which generally makes them more bioavailable than their solid counterparts.

Testofen (Fenugreek Extract)

Testofen is essentially a standardized version of Fenugreek seed extract more highly concentrated and sold at a higher price. Regular Fenugreek is a very common herbal supplement usually sold to promote general health and wellness. Some studies have shown Fenugreek’s effectiveness at increasing testosterone, so it has now found its way into the formulations of many testosterone boosting supplements like Test 600. Among the ingredients in this supplement, Testofen is the star. If the supplement does provide a boost in testosterone for anyone, then this Fenugreek extract is probably the reason behind it.

What makes Testofen unique from regular Fenugreek extract is the certain concentration of fenucides, which the producer of the extract, Gencor, believes is the most important of the herb’s many compounds. The extract showed a few other effects important from a bodybuilding and athletic standpoint. Importantly, there was a decrease in Urea nitrogen levels, which indicates an overall decrease in protein metabolism. This is important because it means less protein was being used for energy and more was being put into muscle building where it belongs. There is very little evidence to support these effects and the overall superiority of Testofen compared to less expensive versions of Fenugreek beyond what Gencor itself has supposedly researched and published.

While it can be deduced from the wider research that Fenugreek extracts are useful for boosting testosterone and are good for health overall, the fact that this minor and relatively inexpensive herb amounts to almost half of the supplement’s weight is rather dubious. It may be much easier on the wallet to simply buy high-quality Fenugreek extract.

Tribulus Terrestris (Trigger T-Blend)

Tribulus is one of the most common herbal extracts in natural testosterone boosting supplements. It has enjoyed a rather long history of use, but it also has garnered a rather poor reputation from consumers. This is likely due the fact that Tribulus is a rather weak testosterone booster in the long term compared to other available products such as DAA.

The studies of Tribulus have shown that it is a very effective testosterone booster, at least at first. The herb works in the body primarily as a hormone stabilizer. This means that it is designed to bring testosterone levels up to a certain point and then have no further effect. This is very unlike most other boosting products that will continue to increase testosterone production to extremely high levels if taken long enough and in high enough concentrations. With Tribulus, the opposite is true. No matter how long you take it or how much you take, it will only have a certain maximum effect, and this effect usually peaks in as little as 10 to 15 days. This is fast compared to most other boosters that peak after four or more weeks. This gives the herb the advantage of being faster than the competition, but overall it is less effective in the long term. Unless a person has low testosterone when they begin taking a supplement with Tribulus, it is a wasted ingredient.

Hesperidin (Trigger T-Blend)

This is a supplement form of the bioflavonoid found in citrus fruits, especially orange peels. Interestingly, it has no scientific support as a testosterone booster, and the manufacturer does not attempt to promote it as a testosterone boosting ingredient in Test 600. Instead, it is a complementary ingredient designed to help increase overall athletic performance. Studies have shown that it is a very heart healthy compound and plays a role in overall blood circulation and blood pressure. One could thus expect that it may contribute very mildly to athletic performance since increased blood flow to the heart and muscles will help with endurance and recovery.

It is not entirely clear why this ingredient is included in the formula. On the one hand, it is not really a testosterone booster, nor is it likely to have a significant effect on athletic performance. It is also a very common substance in the diet and could be obtained in acceptable quantities simply by eating citrus fruits daily.

Transresveratrol (Trigger T-Blend)

Transresveratrol, usually referred to simply as resveratrol, is a natural antioxidant compound found in a variety of common foods. It rose to fame after a study in red wine consumption pointed to this compound as being responsible for increasing life expectancy in French people who consumed large amounts of red wine. Further studies have shown that resveratrol is a great compound for health overall. It is a potent antioxidant, and it suppresses damaging inflammation. Some recent studies have shown that it also boosts testosterone levels. The exact method by which it does this is not clear.

Although this compound is great for overall health and wellness, only the inflammation reducing properties and testosterone boosting properties will have any noticeable effect on athletic performance, and even then only to a very small degree. Reducing muscle and body inflammation promotes healing, which is important for workout recovery and faster muscle growth. As a testosterone booster, this extract is likely to be much weaker than Fenugreek or Tribulus, making it a minor ingredient.

BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract)

BioPerine has started to see increased use in a variety of supplements and vitamins, especially when they are delivered in liquid form. Black pepper as a food has been shown to increase the bioavailability of many other nutritious compounds. Essentially, it helps your body use more of what you eat. This is very important for supplements since your body only benefits from what it absorbs. BioPerine is a concentrated extract of black pepper that will have a stronger effect on the body. This minor ingredient essentially makes the entire supplement more effective by increasing its absorption.



Test 600 can be considered a very natural herbal supplement. Every ingredient in the supplement is essentially a plant extract, so it will work for those who want an all natural testosterone booster. It combines two well-tested herbal extracts that have several studies behind them showing their ability to boost testosterone. Although neither herb is very attractive individually, they combine to have a useful boosting effect that should provide a decent increase in free testosterone levels quickly without any extreme increases or fluctuations.

The additional plant extracts in Test 600 also improve overall health and wellness and may have some minor effect on athletic performance beyond the effectiveness of the testosterone increase. This includes increased blood flow and heart health and reduced blood pressure. A reduction in muscle inflammation may lead to slightly decreased recovery times and increased endurance.

One standout advantage of Test 600 is that it is one of the few testosterone boosters delivered in liquid form. Liquid supplements are generally much more productive in the body because they are absorbed faster, more easily and more completely.



Test 600 has no official certifications. The product itself is not formally backed by any outside research, although its active ingredients do have an amount of proven research behind them. Most of these ingredients are already well known and proven on the market, so there is unlikely to be much change in their certification or research status in the near future. The FDA does not usually put intensive study or certification efforts into herbal extracts. Its safety and effectiveness are primarily a matter of looking at the broader research as discussed above for each ingredient.



Testimonial 1 from Robert D., San Diego, CA

I like that Test 600 works fast and is an all-natural booster. I don’t like filling my body with a lot of synthetic hormones or compounds. The fact that this supplement is completely composed of plant-based extracts is a big plus for me.

Testimonial 2 from Paul M., Charlotte, NC

I’ve read a lot about the effectiveness of Fenugreek extract in raising testosterone levels. I could have purchased regular old Fenugreek extract, but I wanted to be sure I was getting a truly high quality and effective amount that my body would make real use of. I like that Test 600 is in a liquid form. I’ve never found a Fenugreek extract in liquid form. This simple formula beats the competition for me.

Testimonial 3 from John D., Houston, TX

I’ve been taking Test 600 for about two weeks and I really feel great. My workout performance has improved, and I can bench a lot more weight than I did before starting the supplement. I plan to purchase another bottle of this product when my current supply runs out. It really does work.

Testimonial 4 from Michael R., Philadelphia, PA

When I decided to try testosterone boosters, I really wanted to be careful and not do anything unnatural to my body. I know that messing with hormones can cause real problems. I’m pretty young, and I don’t want to turn into some kind of Incredible Hulk. But I am a serious athlete, and I wanted something that would give my energy and workout performance a little boost. I’m happy with what Test 600 has done for me so far. It seems to be a good balance without overdoing anything.


Awards & Media Coverage

Test 600 has no obvious stated awards or accolades. Its ingredients are also lacking in this area. It’s ingredients do, however, have a high amount of scientific backing and support with a variety of studies. This is especially true of its principle ingredient Testofen. Many of its ingredients have been hailed in the media as effective natural testosterone boosters and good for overall health.


Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer does not offer an official money-back guarantee for this product. A customer may be able to contact the company for a refund if the product does not meet expectations. Consumers should keep in mind that PMD along with most other sellers of such supplements do not provide a full refund if the product has been opened or it a significant amount of the product has been used before returning. Consumers are wise to consider most purchases of such supplement products final unless they are unused or the customer is willing to seriously haggle with the manufacturer or retailer.



PMD is very upfront about its shipping policies on its website. If the product is purchased from a separate retailer, then shipping may vary. When ordered directly from the manufacturer, UPS Ground is used for home deliveries, and delivery times are the standard 2-6 business days. USPS Priority shipping is used for PO Boxes and military addresses. Shipping times are 2-5 days for PO Boxes and 4-12 days for military addresses. The company charges a flat rate of $7.95 shipping for all orders. Keep in mind that the manufacturer does not do any international shipping, so an international customer will need to seek an alternate retailer.


Customer Support

The manufacturer has a surprisingly high level of customer support compared to many other companies in the industry. They have clear contact information on their website which includes phone contact information and an online contact form. The company appears to have a dedicated customer service department and hours, which is quite rare among supplement companies.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Online shopping is made very easy through the manufacturer’s website. The product can be purchased directly online. Encryption logos and statements are clear on the website when the customer proceeds to checkout. There is also the option of registering with the website to save some billing information and purchase details for next time.



As testosterone boosting supplements go, Test 600 is an extremely expensive product. There is also some discrepancy in pricing online. From the manufacturer, the price appears to be $119.99 for one quantity of the product. The number of capsules in a bottle is only 30 with a dosage of three per day. It is not clear on the website if the $119.99 is for a single bottle or 3 bottles, which would represent a 1-month supply. In either case, that would make Test 600 one of the most expensive testosterone boosters on the market. Most other manufacturers offer a seemingly identical product for $57.90 for a 1-month supply, which is still very expensive. The reason for this cost discrepancy is not clear.

This problem is compounded by the fact that the ingredients in Test 600 are really nothing special. Fenugreek extract and Tribulus Terrestris are not rare or valuable herbs. They could be purchased separately for far less. This is equally true of the other plant-based extracts in the product. Although liquid gels tend to be a more effective and more expensive type of supplement, the advantages are probably not worth the incredible cost in this case.






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  1. James Avatar

    I am 65 years old and my testosterone level is 285. Will this product be good for me?

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Hi, thanks for the question. Natural testosterone boosters work by using what you already have in your body as a free testosterone. They won’t help you much, if at all for your age. What I can suggest you is to talk with a doctor and see what he’ll say to you. The problem with your age is that even if a lot of these supplements are using natural ingredients, they could potentially be dangerous for you – if you take medications or you have some medical condition, these supplements could put you in danger. The particular supplement is not part of our recommended list and we have placed 3 stars out of 5 for it. You can make your own conclusions from that as well. Please, talk to your doctor and never ever ask if a supplement is safe for you on a forum, website or just randomly asking someone, especially the merchant or a salesperson. Go straight to your doctor with the ingredients list, tell him what you want and ask him if these ingredients would help you and if they could potentially place you at risk. Don’t risk your health!

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