Tauro Test from Anabolic Designs

Tauro Test by Anabolic Designs Review – Is It Designed to Augment Anabolism in the Body?

What Is Tauro Test?

Tauro Test is a completely natural testosterone booster that is intended to help maintain healthy testosterone levels. The primary ingredient D-Asparic Acid or DAA works to naturally increase testosterone levels while also boosting energy, enhancing overall strength, and improving protein synthesis. This supplement is designed to be taken continuously for 30 days, in which time results can be seen within the first week.

The amount of pills that you take can vary greatly depending on current physical strength and desired results. It is possible to take only 1 pill every day, while it is also possible to take 6+ pills a day, with no different health effects as long as they are taken properly. However, it is not recommended to take this supplement for over 90 consecutive days.

With proper consumption of this natural supplement, it is possible to overcome any plateaus set from working out, prevent diabetes and help in losing weight, and build muscles. This supplement also encourages the reduction of fat and supports the growth of lean fat.



Tauro Test is designed and manufactured by Finaflex, formerly known as Anabolic Designs. Established in 2008, Finaflex has an outstanding reputation when it comes to selling top of the line dietary supplements and enhancers. With over a dozen products currently on their line, they plan on adding additional supplements and increasing distribution as it continues to grow as a company.

Finaflex is recognized by top figures in the athletic and intellectual community as a leader of intelligent design and a reliable use of distribution and manufacturing methods. Purchasing a product from Finaflex, the customer can be sure that the product they are receiving is top of the line, and made with great quality control and precision in every step between production and sale.

Finaflex has focused on providing top quality supplements for those in competitive sports and those involved in bodybuilding. They have built an excellent reputation with a number of different athletes and celebrities that endorse and use their products themselves and show excellent results.


How Tauro Test Works?

This supplement works to actively increase your testosterone, muscle growth, energy, and strength through the use of D-Aspartic Acid. Through intensive and continuous governmental testing through a number of different pharmaceutical agencies, the 100% pure D-Aspartic Acid has been shown to increase free testosterone levels by up to 42% in most healthy males after only 12 days of continual use.

After a recent study on a variety of different males who were given testosterone doses on a daily basis, showed that these males were able to significantly increase body weight while also reducing fat. A number of different muscles also showed significant growth through the constant consumption of testosterone without any changes to their daily lifestyle. This supplement uses these positive results and amplifies them by combining the testosterone with inactive ingredients that will help fully show the user its capabilities.


Ingredients of Tauro Test.

This supplement is considered a Tauro Testosterone booster since the product only contains testosterone boosting agents within it. The primary and the only active ingredient within this supplement is D-Aspartic Acid. 500 mg of this natural amino acid are found in every serving of it. The other ingredients include gelatin, silica, magnesium stearate, Maltodextrin, and stearic acid. These ingredients work to help digest the pill as well as helping to promote natural and healthy testosterone growth.

Unlike many supplements currently available on the market, this supplement has been through human clinical studies and not just animal studies which shows the ingredients to have positive effects on the muscles while also reducing body fat. Like any other dietary supplement, it is important to discuss with your doctor the ingredients within this supplement and discuss if it is safe to consume and at what dosage you should take it daily. Additional ingredients such as FD&C Red #3, and FD&C Yellow #6 are used simply for coloring of the product and do not have any effect on the users physique or health, unless there is an existing allergy to one of those products.



Tauro Test is a completely natural supplement that will increase testosterone levels in men with low levels. The primary ingredient D-Aspartic acid is linked to higher levels of luteinizing hormones as well as growth hormones, both of which are proven to lead to many health benefits in men. As a Tauro Testosterone booster, it is considered safe to consume it along with other supplements and vitamins. This supplements testosterone booster is 100% pure meaning that it is more effective, and potent than of those found in other mixed supplements.

The advantages of Tauro Test when it is taken by athletes or professional bodybuilders is outstanding. With its ability to build lean muscle mass and reduce fat, it can be seen as a vital supplement in order to be in top physical form. Bodybuilders can obtain an intimidating edge over their opponents who do not take testosterone supplements on a daily basis. This supplement can also help athletes and bodybuilders overcome any plateaus they may encounter during their daily workout routines.

Others who have used Tauro Test have had outside consultation and blood work done in order to verify the amount of increased testosterone levels. Some of these consumers have found that with a medium to high amount of this supplement taken daily their testosterone levels have risen substantially. The results of this supplement will vary for different individuals, but those with normal or abnormal testosterone levels will see increases in their levels.



Tauro Test is certified as a Tauro Testosterone booster. This means that this supplement is a supplement that only contains the testosterone booster and the other ingredients in it are inactive and only help to enhance the testosterone booster and its capabilities. The dosage and amount of product in each pill is strictly monitored to ensure safety and a successful outcome.

The manufacturer of Tauro Test, Finaflex has a strict quality control process that analyzes and verifies all of the ingredients that are put into every pill, using their High Performance Liquid Chromatography. This same type of quality control is used in various big pharmaceutical companies and it is very precise and able to pick up on any contaminants that may be in the pills. All of the testing is done in a confined laboratory with strict parameters that cover all possible safety and health violations to ensure that every product delivered is up to the high standard that Finaflex sets for all of its supplements.



Users have had many positive reviews taking Tauro Test. One user who was diagnosed with low testosterone has claimed that after taking this supplement for 4 months his testosterone has increased and his energy has returned to normal. Another positive reviewer of this supplement claimed it works better than any other testosterone booster he had previously used, and was excited about the fact that the primary ingredient D-Analytic Acid was tested on humans rather than animals, so he was sure there would be results. Some users have claimed that it has had no effects or shown any changes in their body and their testosterone levels.

One user of Tauro Test has claimed that after continual use, his testosterone levels were raised by a few hundred, while still able to build lean muscle mass and lose fat. He claimed that he was not on a strict diet and that many of his normal eating and sleeping habits were not changed when he added it to his regiment.

A younger Tauro Test customer that was new to working out and wanted to attempt amateur bodybuilding was worried about taking his first testosterone booster. He claims that with it he was able to cut down 5% of his body fat, and experienced strength that he had never known before, boosting his confidence enough for him to compete in his first amateur bodybuilding event.

A testimonial from a bodybuilder who has competed in a number of events and competitions stated that with regular consumption of Tauro Test, he was able to completely sculpt his body into the chiseled and flat form that he desired in order to properly compete in his competition that was only 3 weeks away from the time he first started taking the product. He claimed this rapid change in his build was more than expected and that with these results he ended up in second place overall in his competition.


Awards & Media Coverage

Various different bodybuilding websites and blogs have rated and reviewed Tauro Test and most find the product to be an extremely effective and useful testosterone supplement that can prove beneficial to many men. The Best Enhancement Reviews website reviewed this supplement as one of the best natural testosterone boosters for the price, with a variety of benefits and very little downsides.

Many different celebrities endorse and use Tauro Test and show their own bodies as a testament to the outstanding effects this supplement and its manufacturer Finaflex produce. NIKE trainer DaShaun Johnson is a celebrity physical fitness trainer who emphasizes working on sculpting the abdomen and core. He has personally been using Finaflex for a number of years. Many average athletes look up to Johnson and use his training methods as a basis of what their normal workout routines should include. With his continual use of this supplement, and his incredible results, people have tended to gravitate towards Finaflex and their various supplements in order to help them achieve the same results.

Super heavy weight bodybuilder Joe Mackey who has also been using this supplement and other Finaflex products is a world class bodybuilder who inspires others with his incredible physique and body sculpting capabilities. As a workout trainer his advice is taken wholeheartedly by those who wish to achieve similar results to Mackey.

Female bodybuilder and Ms. Figure Olympia champion uses Finaflex products to ensure that her body is ready to train continuously throughout the year and prepares herself for her many competitions. As a nutritionist and personal trainer, her expertise is sought after by any women who wish to find healthy, natural, and safe ways to achieve the bodies they want.


Money-back Guarantee

If Tauro Test is delivered opened, damaged, or broken there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Any bottle of supplements from Finaflex that is returned can be replaced or refunded at the full price of purchase. For those customers who are not completely satisfied and wish to return their product, it is important that the product as well as any needed information is returned to the Finaflex factory before 30 days have passed since the original shipping date. This is a very strict rule the company goes by, and any late returns will not be accepted.



The shipping costs of this supplement and other products by Finaflex depends on the licensed vendor where it was originally purchased from. A variety of different companies offer shipping options from standard to next day. The different shipping costs for each of these options will vary greatly depending on your location as well. If purchasing this supplement directly from the manufacturer, the standard shipping times will normally be cost free and covered in the cost of the product.

The different vendors that supply this supplement may also have their own options when it comes to their return policies and their customer service policies. It may be possible to get supplements delivered by the next day from certain vendors, although the costs could be even more than the product itself. If you desire to receive this supplement in a very short amount of time, such as for a bodybuilding competition or event, it may be worth paying the extra amount of money.


Customer Support

Customer support is available from the multiple different retailers that supply workout supplements. They are available to reach online by phone or through the mail at their own respective companies. Finaflex as a company very clearly states their policies and any other information that the customers could need on their website. To contact the company, an online submission form must be completed and sent in, in order to address any problems or complaints that may arise.

The various different vendors that sell nutritional supplements also offer their own forms of customer support for any packages that may have been mishandled, damaged, or lost. The respective vendor may have different policies that may benefit the customer, whether it has to do with returns or refunds.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is safe and secure and any financial transactions taken in order to purchase supplements and are certified SSL safe and any money paid to receive this product will be refunded as long as all of the manufacturers policies are followed. Any information having to do with credit or debit cards or bank information will not be stored or kept in any way and will not be sold to other companies under any means. The manufacturer Finaflex clearly states all of their policies about checkout in their terms of service that can be reviewed readily on their website.

If purchasing supplements from a vendor that is not Finaflex it is important to review the website extensively and to make sure that the website is an accredited website, with SSL certificates, and encryptions. Different forms of online payment may also help alleviate some of the worry of purchasing this supplement online.


This supplement is available directly from the manufacturer Finaflex for $32.95 for a total of 120 capsules. The shipping and handling on this product is also free when ordering directly from the manufacturer. Going through different vendors, it is possible to find a better bargain than the manufacturer themselves. It is already seen as a cheap and cost effective way to supplement testosterone, however when it is on sale at certain vendors it is possible to find this supplement for as low as $20.00. It is important to be sure that the website or vendor you are buying it from is a reliable and recognized website that will not inhibit you from receiving your product and that they have good customer service if any problems should arise.






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