T-Bomb 3xtreme from Maximum Human Performance

T-Bomb 3xtreme by Maximum Human Performance Review – Can It Really Boost Your Testosterone to Extreme Levels?

What Is T-Bomb 3xtreme?

T-Bomb 3xtreme is a testosterone booster. It is actually one of the most well known testosterone boosters on the market. The product claims to boost testosterone by as much as 32% while not increasing estrogen. This supplement, aimed at the aging male body, can help the body to build lean muscle while also boosting energy and physical stamina. This has made T-Bomb 3xtreme one of the most popular options for those wishing to boost testosterone.

Many men do not realize that testosterone begins to decline as early as 20 years old. As a result, many men can no longer build lean muscle with exercise like they previously could. Many men also experience a decrease in energy. This can make it difficult to even push through a day of work. Side activities like workouts and family can fall away. By replacing some of the depleted testosterone, consumers may hope to regain the energy and ability that has been lost.



T-Bomb 3xtreme is manufactured by a company called Maximum Human Performance, but is more commonly called MHP. Maximum Human Performance prides themselves on their ability to nurse innovations and breakthroughs in the workout community. To be honest, it is very clear that this company creates and manufactures far more products than most health supplement manufacturers. All of these products are said to have clinically formulated ingredients that came from tireless research and testing.

One great aspect of Maximum Human Performance is that the company encourages educated decisions based on individual needs. To help with this, they have an extremely knowledgeable customer support staff at the ready. Customers and potential customers are strongly encouraged to educate themselves about products and ask questions regarding their decisions. Having a manufacturer that is not trying to lie to consumers about their products is always refreshing in the health supplement field.


How T-Bomb 3xtreme Works?

This supplement markets to increase testosterone levels safely and effectively to those who wish to enjoy an increased muscle mass. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. First, T-Bomb 3xtreme supports pituitary health. This allows the body to healthfully produce testosterone. Artificial hormones must take into consideration the health of the pituitary so as not to overload and cause serious health problems.

The supplement then allows for the testosterone to latch to muscle receptors easily. From there, the body sends an increased signal transduction to the muscular cells. In other words, the body has an increased to tell the cell that the testosterone is available and to come make muscle with it. This assures that muscle gets made from the testosterone without it going to waste.

The supplement regimen is also extremely reasonable. It requires the user to take 3 tablets 3 times per day. This makes for a total of 9 tablets per day. This keeps the supplement alive and replenished. Most consumers take the tablets first in the morning, followed by 3 before workout and finally 3 before bed. Because of the nature of hormone boosting supplements, consumers must take them daily to continue to see the results. Once the supplement is no longer taken, the user can expect the results to go away.


Ingredients of T-Bomb 3xtreme

T-Bomb 3xtreme contains a variety of ingredients. First, every 3 capsule serving contains 1084 milligrams of the manufacturer’s original Five-Phase Hormone Optimizing Blend. This blend is composed mostly of natural ingredients that have been shown to increase testosterone levels. Among the ingredients in the blend are Fenugreek Seed, Chrysin, Red Clover Extract, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Gluconate, Palmetto Berry Extract, and Black Pepper Fruit Extract. All of these ingredients work together to naturally raise testosterone levels.

Along with the Five-Phase Hormone Optimizing Blend comes the Hormone Amplifying Blend. There are a few ingredients in this, but the main ingredient is flaxseed. This helps the body to send a signal to the cells that the testosterone is there. Just because there is testosterone there, does not mean the body will be able to use it. This blend is targeted to help the testosterone attach to cells responsible for building muscle mass.

In addition to these blends, the supplement also contains 15 milligrams of Magnesium and 25 milligrams of Zinc. Scientists have found these two elements tend to be lacking in active athletes. Replenishing them helps with the overall health needed to build the muscle mass desired.



There are several advantages to a raised testosterone level. Men who raise testosterone levels generally receive higher rates of lean muscle growth. Additionally, this can also help to prevent muscle breakdown resulting both from aging and from strenuous workout. This is especially important for workout enthusiasts who wish to maintain their active lifestyle. It is also a great boost for athletes who are planning to intensify their workout routine and wish to give their body a boost.

Along with the increase of increase of muscle mass, the consumer could also experience increased levels of energy while using T-Bomb 3xtreme. This is the body naturally fighting fatigue that came from a hormone imbalance. Correcting these hormones can help with stamina and mental clarity. Additionally, the user may be happier as a result of raised energy and the resulting time to enjoy personal hobbies and loved ones.

It is important to mention, however, that the results of the product are not intended to be a miracle drug. The supplement can simply help the consumer. This has to come with a moderate diet and exercise routine. Nothing replaces hard work, so consumers can only expect results that they earn. The product may, however, help them to achieve goals by giving the body the necessary building blocks for success.



There are not a lot of certifications available for this product. However, T-Bomb 3xtreme is manufactured and distributed in the United States. This means that the product is not is violation of any codes or laws in any of the 50 states that make distribution illegal or unsafe. Sometimes too much stock is placed in the idea of being “certified.” However, consumers should realize that T-Bomb 3xtreme is not a medicine. It does not treat any diseases or medical ailments. Therefore, it is not a medicine that requires certification from the FDA.

It is important to state as well that this product has been greatly studied. Not only that, but most of the ingredients are natural and have zero chance of side effects. Therefore, a certificate is not necessary. It is likely, however, that the product will pick up certifications as well as awards and accolades as it becomes more widely used throughout the country.



Many people do not take lowered testosterone seriously. However, athletes notice the decline first. It is frustrating to be unable to do things you used to do. I was so happy to finally find a product that worked for me.

– Jason, 34, Runner,  Houston, TX, US

I am always skeptical of these kinds of products. This is mainly due to the fact that I have always believed that hard work and not expensive products is the key to physical success. This is still true. However, T-Bomb 3xtreme works to correct hormonal problems that happen naturally as a man ages. I am happy that I tried it.

– Adam, 55, Rowing Competitor, San Francisco, CA, US

I really did not dream of needing this product in my twenties. However, it has greatly improved by ability to build lean muscle mass. Additionally, it has helped me to be able to recover more quickly from sore and aching muscles.

– Caden, 26, Collegiate Swimmer, Philadelphia, PA, US

The routine is easy to do. I thought at first that 9 capsules per day seemed like a lot. However, it takes less than 60 seconds to take them and go. This is much more convenient than I had originally anticipated.

– Ethan, 31, Personal Trainer, Charlotte, NC, US

I ordered a few products, but this particular product shipped the fastest so it was the first I tried. I never tried another product. I was surprised at the high quality of the product as well as the results that seemed to happen even within the first week. I am now a loyal customer.

– Dan, 39, Bodybuilder, Chicago, IL, US

I take the product when I am going to be super active. The testosterone booster allows me to avoid muscle breakdown when workouts are strenuous. In fact, I generally build some muscle. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs that little extra physical push.

– Robert, 28, Multi-Sport Athlete, New York, NY, US


Awards & Media Coverage

This product is one of the most high profile testosterone boosters on the market. Perhaps the best testament to T-Bomb 3xtreme comes from social media. Talk of the product appears in various places throughout the Internet. In nearly all of these appearances, the supplement receives 5 star or equivalent ratings. In fact, there are very few poor. Even those have been admittedly difficult to find.

Perhaps the attention surrounding T-Bomb 3xtreme comes from a high profile study done with the product at the University of Tampa in Florida. A group of NCAA Division II athlete were put through a serious of about 10 intense workouts per week for 6 weeks. The routine was so intense that the placebo group actually lost muscle mass due to overwork and stress. However, the group on the supplement was able to build muscle mass in addition to actually showing testosterone increase. This study has gained the product media attention within the workout community around the world.


Money-back Guarantee

The good news is that T-Bomb 3xtreme has a 100% money-back guarantee. This seems to be rare with this sort of product, so it really speaks volumes about the confidence of the manufacturer. Not only do they take the product back, but all of the money spent on the product gets returned. This is true even if a small amount of the product is no longer there. They manufacturer understands that it is hard to know if there is a problem unless the product has been tried. This is good because many guarantees require the return of an unopened product. This is difficult and often leads to unresolved problems with returns.

The manufacturer also claims that the process is very easy. Simply put the bottle in a box and send it back with a brief description of the problem. They want to know the problem so as to correct the problem in the future. In this way, the process of returning the product is easy because the consumer does not need to call a hotline and explain for 30 minutes why they are returning the product. It is simple. If the product is not what the consumer wanted, they can have their money back.



The tablets ship relatively quickly. In fact, the product ships in only about 3-5 business days. Depending on the shipping selected, the product will arrive in under 14 business days. This is just a safe estimation of time. The order usually arrives in under 7 days. There is also an option for 2 day shipping. This is convenient for those who may with to replenish their supply quickly.

T-Bomb 3xtreme ships in a safe and sealed container. This helps to keep the tablets safe from any extreme temperatures that can occur during shipping. This guarantees that the product remain safe to consumers. Additionally, it guarantees that each bottle of the product is of the highest quality.


Customer Support

T-Bomb 3xtreme has an extremely efficient customer support team. In an age where there are a variety of testosterone related products available, this aspect can set a product apart. Probably the most impressive aspect of the customer support staff is the knowledgeability of the staff about their product. Advisors seem to be able to assess individual customer’s goals to see if the product is right for them. After speaking with various live advisors, it is evident that the manufacturer is also keen on safety. If any serious medical issues are brought to the attention of the advisor, the advisor is not afraid to tell the consumer to consult a doctor. This is rare. Many times a provider of such a supplement would not recommend this because they know that many doctors will not recommend various products.

Another impressive part of the customer service team is the accessibility. The staff is available to call Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm. During these times, customers can talk to live advisors. Actually talking on the phone instead of email allows customers to get better answers to questions and better relate potential concerns. These times are Eastern Times since the official office is in New Jersey, however, so that could potentially be inconvenient for customers on the West Coast.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The website for T-Bomb 3xtreme seems to highly guarantee security. First of all, the consumer must make a login to access their account. At first, this could seem inconvenient. However, this improves security in regards to access of personal information. This is also more convenient in the long run. By allowing the consumer to log into an account, orders can easily be repeated. All information used in the personal account is also encrypted to ensure that hacking is impossible.

In addition to a login, buyers must also have the same billing address as their shipping address. Admittedly, this can be slightly inconvenient. However, it does assure that no information can be used on the website that is not authentic. This seems to be very important to the manufacturer of the product. In an age where identity fraud is rampant, it is nice to see companies that take the threat seriously.



The pricing of this product seems reasonable given the use of an original formula. Although there does seem to be some online complaint about the product, the overall price is actually relatively below average when compared with similar testosterone raising supplements. A bottle of the product costs around $79.99 for a bottle of 168 capsules or cheaper if bought in smaller quantities. This is only about 47 cents per capsule. This adds to about $1.48 per serving or $4.28 per day. This is nothing in comparison to prescription hormone therapy and is quite moderate for even products available at the store.

Most loyal customers seem vocal about the results of T-Bomb 3xtreme, so the cost seems well within reason. Since the formula is patented and copyright, it is impossible to find similar products. Not only that, but the product and its predecessors are attributed with starting the trend of testosterone boosting products in building muscle mass. This means that this is one of the main brands in the product genre. The cost also goes towards constantly developing new and better products. This is important for the future of the industry and the future of various athletic endeavors.






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