T-Bol by ThermoLife Review – Should You Use This Product?

What Is T-Bol?

T-Bol is a scientifically researched and developed testosterone booster made to increase both free and total testosterone naturally created by the body. Testosterone is a necessary hormone produced by humans to perform normally, promote physical features (such as broadened shoulders and a deeper voice), and increase muscle growth. This product is manufactured by a company called ThermoLife International.

This testosterone-boosting agent is a supplement that is intended to be ingested orally, multiple times throughout each day. This product performs with your body, rather than against it, to produce excellent gains in muscle mass. This workout supplement is for the extreme muscle builder hoping to achieve goals and surpass boundaries like never before. It is composed of eight different ingredients all designed to achieve maximum T-boosting ability and permanently keep the muscle.


T-Bol “Maximum Strength Testosterone Enhancement” is a product by ThermoLife International, a research and scientifically-based sports nutrition and supplementation development company. ThermoLife Int’l has produced products that are only of the most elite quality. The company field-tests, develops and runs trials on every product, ensuring the maximum potential of each product is absolutely guaranteed.

ThermoLife International is also known for its other products including:

  1. PUMP-BOL: A pre-workout formula;
  2. E-BOL: A non-hormonal workout supplement;
  3. C-BOL: A creatine-based formula;
  4. Vasolate: An anabolic protein powder;
  5. Ecdysten: A pyto-anabolic compound;
  6. Tribosten: An anabolic capsule-based formula;
  7. Dicana: A fat-burning regimen;
  8. Liver-Longer: A liver detox for steroid users;

ThermoLife ensures that the products are one-hundred percent pure according to label standards. ThermoLife sets the bounds of being trusted worldwide as the athletes’ choice for great performance.


How T-Bol Works?

Unlike other testosterone boosters that rely solely on Maca and Tribulus, this T-enhancing formula uses a premium blend of only the finest T-boosting ingredients. This T-booster relies on your body’s biological supplementation of free and total testosterone to build lean muscle and to help naturally burn fat. The body’s inherent systematic estrogen levels are maintained while free and total testosterone is increased rather than destroyed.

A key to the success of this T-enhancing formula is its interval dosage. ThermoLife recommends taking this product twice per session: every morning, noon and night. This herbal supplement utilizes the body’s natural T-building processes to increase free testosterone. During a normal sleep cycle, the body regularly produces testosterone creating a surplus of T levels upon awakening. Taking the product first thing in the morning allows the user to get the testosterone flowing and start creating the hormone as soon as the booster kicks in.

During the average sleep cycle, the body produces muscle-building hormones naturally. The company’s recommendation of taking two capsules in the morning, at noon and in the evening are strategically placed to use your max T first thing in the morning, when the highest levels are available and then allowing constant production throughout the day.


Ingredients of T-Bol

T-Bol has mentioned different measurements of different ingredients on the product page.

Mentioned on the product page are Divanabol – 600 mg, Forskobolin – 120 mg, Testafolia – 300 mg, Testveratrol – 600 mg, and BZATD – 30 mg. However, in the supplemental facts section of the website, the corresponding measurements of these products are Divanobol – 300 mg – a 300 mg decrease, Forskobolin – 40 mg – an 80 mg decrease, Testafolia – 100 mg – a 200 mg decrease, Testveratrol – 200 mg – 400 mg decrease and BZATD – 10 mg – a 30 mg decrease. This indicates that there may have been an update to the factory formula of which the website has not been updated.

The full ingredients listing on the website are Tribulus Alatus – 100 mg, Urtica Dioica – 300 mg, Giant Knotweed Rhizome – 50% Resveratro – 200 mg, Eurycoma Longifolia – 100 mg, Lecithin – 100 mg, Coleus Forskohlii – 20% Forskolin – 40 mg, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate – 10 mg and Bioperine – 5 mg.

Tribulus Alatus – Alatusterone is an herbal supplement used primarily for muscle-building. Alatusterone has been well known for its research displaying androgenic stimulation, leading to better workout durations. The product manufacturers mention that the supplement raises free testosterone in mammals by up to 5.2X. T-Alatus is the most commonly found compound in steroids and other androgenic boosters. This specific herbal enhancement is responsible for the recalling and regulating by the FDA of this product as well as many others. It has been considered the most widely known used “natural steroid” available on the market.

Urtica Dioica – Divanabol is a vegetable supplement used to provide protein – a compound necessary to repair tissues, especially muscles. ThermoLife makes claims referring to this supplement’s ability to increase free testosterone. In the proprietary blend, Divanabol contains SHGB binding lignans, 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran, neoolivil, secoisolariciresinol, dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol and isolariciresinol.

Giant Knotweed Rhizome – Testveratrol is a root used as a natural polyphenolic agent and antioxidant. A polyphenolic agent is a compound that directly affects the body’s ability to burn fats and promotes weight-loss. ThermoLife says that Testveratrol is used to prolong the duration of active testosterone that is freed. It is also used by ThermoLife to prevent the metabolism of the liberated testosterone.

Eurycoma Longifolia – Testafolia is a root with effects suggestive to increase testosterone. It is used as an enhancing agent for athletes’ performance as well as bodybuilding. It is commonly devoured by Malaysians to increase their strength level. Eurycoma Longifolia is also used for burning body fat. Testveratrol is praised by the company saying that the product is clinically proven to increase testosterone by 100%.

Lecithin – Lectosorb is a fat needed by the body’s cells. It is used as a liver-cleansing and repairing aid.

Coleus Forskohlii – Forskobolin is an inhibiting agent used to create adenylate cyclase. Adenylate is responsible for increasing the metabolism’s production rate. In T-Bol’s trials, testosterone was increased up to 40% in testing.

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate – BZATD is responsible for the digestion and absorption of minerals. This particular compound is dedicated to increasing the immune system’s capacity by allowing more zinc to be absorbed. ThermoLife uses this to provide what they call more of the “raw material” that a person needs in order to increase and create larger heights of testosterone.

Bioperine – ResoProtect is an immune system modulator. Its key function is to increase absorption of certain minerals. Bioperine is a compound formed from a compound known as peperine – a compound commonly found in black pepper. Peperine’s properties allow a vast majority of minerals to be readily absorbed by the bloodstream in order to increase metabolic drive.



T-Bol’s ingredients help the body to perform extremely well, completing a plethora of different tasks. This particular product assists the body and increases androgenic stimulation, protein supplementation, antioxidant properties, polyphenolic interaction (weight-loss), testosterone production, liver-aiding function, metabolism and immune system function.

These key utilities are necessary for a full workout. T-Bol increases testosterone production while protecting against liver-failure. It supplies the body with necessary proteins that are essential during a workout. Throughout exercise routines, muscles are microscopically severed in what is known as “rip and tear”; these severed areas grow back together with new tissues that are stronger than before in order to accommodate for the torn substance. The body needs a healthy amount of protein to be able to perform this function and T-Bol supplies that extra need.

Along with rip and tear, the body creates what is known as “free radicals.” Free radicals are unpaired electrons in terms of atomic structure similar to ionic compounds. Ionic compounds and free radicals both bind readily with other molecules. During an intense exercise session, these atoms try to create dangerous chains with deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. The body needs a plentiful amount of antioxidants to interact with these dangerous chains to provide covalent bonding in order that the free radicals/ions are eliminated. The T supplement’s antioxidant properties assist with the means of canceling out ionic compounds, enabling it to form covalent bonds with them.

During harder, longer workout routines, muscle-builders typically get depleted of zinc; however, this is added back into the mix with the amino acids. All of the workout routine is perimeter-bound by the need of the metabolism to function at its peak performance, which the T-enchancement supplies a great deal of. During the metabolic systemization, more testosterone is generated and fat is converted to burn calories, a means of energy for the body, thus the cycle continues until the workout is complete. T-Bol uses its compound Testveratrol to regulate the body’s metabolism from processing and ridding the body of the free testosterone that is generated.

Another great aspect of this enhancement product is its coming-down factor. Unlike pro-hormone therapies or synthetic steroids, this natural supplementation requires NO use of a PCT or a post-cycle therapy. Post-cycle therapies are normally used in order to regulate testosterone levels and increase them after steroid use.

Synthetic compounds usually add testosterone to the body, lessening the need for the body to create its own testosterone. PCTs are necessary to increase and regulate the production of testosterone back to its original elevation. However, this is not necessary with T-Bol. The testosterone levels slowly degrade from a higher elevation back to baseline over the course of two to three weeks.



ThermoLife provides the absolute certification that its product will stand up to its claims one-hundred percent. The company says that they are completely dedicated to their customers and will not treat them as “guinea pigs.” The company relies its claims on the listing of their complete supplemental nutritional facts sheet located on both the bottle and the website. ThermoLife directly states that a company should not have to hide behind a veil, and encompass its ingredients in a “premium blend” that has no listing constitution.



Testimonials referring to ThermoLife’s T-Bol refer to the product as overall effective. There are descriptions of positive results in comparison to other over-the-counter supplements. Some customers referred to this product superior to:

  1. Biotivia’s Bioforge;
  2. Activate Xtreme;
  3. Novedex XT;
  4. Applied Nutriceuticals Dribe;
  5. Neogenix Regenessen.

Several people mentioned the product enhancing their daily lives in overall mood, well-being and energy. People felt more confident, powerful and dominant in their overall day-to-day lives. Some people mentioned that the muscle burning was extremely effective. A few reviews mention a gain in muscle strength up to eight pounds in four weeks using T-Bol. Reviews also mention a regulated sleep schedule occurring.

Some reviews were neutral in context. In a few cases, users reported harsher bowel movements, but rated the product excellent. They had also mentioned that consuming yogurt in one’s diet while using the product would counteract the effects given.

The negative reviews complain about the product being more of a complete synthetic steroid than a T-booster. A few reviews mentioned the bottles of this testosterone booster having absolutely NO effect on them whatsoever. One review mentioned intense dehydration along with leaning and muscle loss. Heartburn was mentioned as a side effect while taking T-Bol. Mentioning products such as IForce Testabolan V2, Gaspari Novedex XT, Blue Up and Diesel Test Hardcore, some users feel that their experience with this particular T-booster was atrocious in comparison.

However negative the reviews are, there are no mentions of age while using this particular product. Having taken this product in one’s prime years, where testosterone levels are at their peak could mean that T production will occur little to none.


Awards & Media Coverage

There is no media coverage or awards for this particular testosterone-enhancing formula.


Money-back Guarantee

ThermoLife’s entire team certifies that T-Bol stands completely up to its label’s claims. It is field-tested and researched before its release. ThermoLife states that the user is no guinea pig; therefore, they do not use the public as a test-subject. ThermoLife ensures that the entire ingredients listing, functioning and effectiveness are one-hundred percent valid. They extensively research the latest and most innovative ways to produce products that work.



ThermoLife has the availability to ship its products to every part of the United States at the same flat rate. Shipping is also available to outlying regions such as the American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, The Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and the Virgin Islands.


Customer Support

Customer support for ThermoLife Int’l can be reached by both phone and email access. The website does not contain an instant chat for one to speak to a representative. However, the customer support hotline has a minimal wait time, with no redirects of an automated service. The customer is directed right into the hands of a customer representative happy to help the consumer. Customer service can also be reached by means of email in areas of wholesale sales, product inquiries, sponsorships, job opportunities and international distributors. There is a form from the website allowing the user to fill out basic information and a message to the company.

Note: It has been mentioned by several reviews that the customer support of ThermoLife is extremely poor. Customers have complained that the team’s use and contact via email were terrible. The consumers reported that in trying to receive feedback or return via email was extremely complicated, resulting from the person having to contact multiple members of the team. In doing so, the customer complained of having multiple answers from every party involved.


Safe & Secure Checkout

With no production from the company ThermoLife at this time, there are currently no outlets shipping out or offering the product. However, during the checkout process, it is required for one to have an account based with the site. If the user does not have an account, then the user is prompted to create an account without providing credit information.

Along with account creation, when attempting to add the product to one’s shopping cart, the website includes information stating that the product is removed from their inventory. The item will not be allowed to be added to a shopping cart.



The price of ThermoLife’s price is shown at $97.99 or nearly $100.00 per bottle with 75 servings consisting of 2 capsules per serving (150 capsules total). In comparison to other products of equivalent mentioned quality such as:

  1. Biotivia Bioforge – $53.03 – 90 capsules;
  2. Activate Xtreme – $44.99 – 120 capsules;
  3. Gaspari Novedex XT – $56.99 – 60 capsules;
  4. Applied Nutriceuticals Drive – $49.99 – 110 capsules;
  5. Neogenix Regenessen – Currently unavailable;
  6. IForce Testabolan V2 – $45.99 – 120 capsules;
  7. Blue Up – $39.99 – 60 capsules;
  8. Diesel Test Hardcore – $49.95 – 80 capsules.

On average, a consumer purchasing a product of equivalent or enhanced acclaimed performance would pay $48.70 or roughly $50 for a bottle. Averaging the capsule capacities, one would get a 90-pack bottle for this price.

T-Bol sells one-hundred fifty capsules for $97.99, or, if it were available, downsizing the bottle to the equivalent of 75 capsules for $48.99, nearly the cost of other mentioned products; however, the bottle is not sold in halved increments, and is only available for the total price. Though the pricing of the bottle may be well in range of some of its competitors, priced per 75-pack bottle, ThermoLife doubles the capacity. Users of the product mentioned believing that the price per bottle was extremely costly.






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