Super Testo XL

Super Testo XL Review – Is This a Good Formula for Increasing Free Levels of Testosterone in Men?

What Is Super Testo XL?

Super Testo XL is a natural testosterone supplement that is specially formulated to increase free levels of testosterone in men. In doing so, Super Testo XL is purported to increase lean muscle mass and strength, promote rapid muscle growth, stimulate protein synthesis, combat fatigue, improve endurance and ramp up energy, among a multitude of related benefits. All of these offer specific advantages to bodybuilders who want to step up their game by becoming stronger and leaner. It’s also recommended to athletes who are striving to improve athletic endurance and performance. Not least of all, its formula is equally beneficial to non-bodybuilders who are looking to gain a leaner, meaner musculature and to have more energy in daily life.

This product is specially designed for men aged 18 to 60 years old. It is not intended to replace meals, and is recommended instead as a supplement for men who are looking for a safe, natural way to build muscle and improve their physical fitness levels. Its formula is comprised entirely of plant- and herb-based natural ingredients that work together to synergistically boost testosterone production. This, in turn, promotes a harder, fitter physique and a major boost in energy.



The manufacturer of Super Testo XL is a company by the name of HVK Group Ltd. Although the company itself is based in Europe, it does sell its products internationally. One major advantage HVK Group Ltd. offers is that it specializes in the distribution and sale of an entire line of well-known fitness supplements. Due to this specialization, HVK Group Ltd.’s wide range of expertise affords it the requisite experience and knowledge base to develop and promote effective products in the fitness industry worldwide.

Upon a quick session of online research, potential buyers can find comprehensive contact information for all branches of Super Testo XL’s customer service department. This includes the address to the company headquarters, an email submission form and a telephone number. Hours of operation are also available via the company’s terms and conditions. Unfortunately, since much of the manufacturer’s direct information is listed in Italian, translation will require extra (though easy) effort on the customer’s part. However, there is a plethora of reputable non-manufacturer-direct resources available online to help answer questions as well.


How Super Testo XL Works?

It’s often helpful to begin with some basic definitions for those new to the world of testosterone supplements. In short, testosterone is a steroid hormone that is key to building muscles and to developing other male attributes. This particular supplement encourages this process by secreting directly into the bloodstream, where it then does two things. The first is to actively increase production of t-levels in the body by stimulating protein synthesis and also by stimulating the synthesis of creatine and creatine phosphate, which help to drive production. The second is to block chemicals that inhibit and/or stop the production of testosterone altogether.

With Hay Greek Extract as a central ingredient — among numerous other plants, herbs, vitamins, and minerals — Super Testo XL claims to significantly increase testosterone levels in the body. This process is achieved by producing an anti-catabolic effect that promotes nitrogen retention. This, in turn, leads to muscle storage, which then results in more energy, longer and more productive hours in the gym. Athletes gain a better sports performance, and all users gain a harder, more ripped physique.

Sadly, it is a well-known fact in fitness communities that men lose testosterone as they age. By taking the recommended two capsules daily, this supplement may be a viable option for not only younger bodybuilders looking to improve their fitness levels but also older men looking to maintain and improve upon the levels they’re already at. Along with greater muscle mass, less fatigue, better athletic performance and many other benefits are related advantages like improved brain activity and heightened self-confidence. For both bodybuilders and fitness-minded men of a wide age range, Super Testo XL makes for a compelling draw.


Ingredients of Super Testo XL

Super Testo XL’s ingredient label boasts Hay Greek Extract as its star ingredient. For those new to the world of testosterone boosters, Hay Greek Extract is an annual flowering plant that is primarily harvested in the Mediterranean, Egypt, India, and Morocco. Its derivatives have been shown to both maintain and increase testosterone levels significantly. Also called Fenugreek, this plant has existed for thousands of years and has been shown to significantly improve muscle strength in numerous important clinical studies (several involving athletes).

Another of the supplement’s central ingredients is Tribulus Terrestris, an annual plant also grown primarily in the Mediterranean. This plant has a sterling reputation in the bodybuilding community for helping to increase testosterone naturally. In one controlled experiment conducted in Lithuania, trained athletes taking Tribulus Terrestris three times a day for twenty days experienced a significant increase in testosterone for the first ten days of use. Other ingredients in Super Testo XL include Eurocoma Longifolia, Aminogen, Coleus Forskohlii, and Milk Thistle.

Though this product’s ingredients are indeed completely natural, it must be noted that, while there appear to be no reported long-term side effects from its use, one must always be cognizant of allergic reactions that may occur due to some of the plant extracts and/or weeds used. This can, of course, be avoided by carefully reading the ingredient label and by not exceeding the recommended two-pill daily dosage. The manufacturer is also very clear about the fact that Super Testo XL is not intended for use as a meal replacer.



According to both the manufacturer and the myriad positive reviews online, the advantages of Super Testo XL are multifold. The product first and foremost promises to help build stronger, leaner muscles, which translates into a harder, more ripped physique. It also promises to accomplish this quickly (with even better results over prolonged use), and to improve energy levels. What does all this translate into? More muscles, looking better, feeling better and doing more.

Energy-wise, it could likely mean the difference between being exhausted over the course of the day, or charging through daily activities with vigor. Another key benefit is improved sports performance. For athletes, this likely translates into more reps, better stats, faster recovery, more effective workouts and more energy in the game. Many of the studies and clinical trials done on Fenugreek (or Hay Greek Extract), have been conducted on athletes. Considering these have shown significantly increased t-levels, Super Testo XL seems an obvious choice.

The manufacturer promises other, less tangible but equally important benefits like improved brain activity and spatial reasoning. The hope is that these cognitive improvements will promote quicker thinking, sharper focus, and better decision-making abilities in general. Considering most would agree that it’s just as important to feel great as it is to look great, these benefits are definitely an intriguing part of the product’s appeal. Other physical advantages include helping to maintain healthy bones and reducing cholesterol levels.



This supplement’s creator is none other than Dr. Maurio Di Pasquale, a champion athlete, therapist, author and licensed physician. He holds an impressive string of titles including B.Sc. (Hon.), M.D., M.R.O., and M.F.S. Currently, he practices medicine in Ontario, Canada. Dr. Di Pasquale has greater than three decades of experience specializing in Sports Nutrition and Performance as well as Body Composition. He is an alumnus of the University of Toronto, where he earned a molecular biochemistry and genetics degree in 1968 and a medical degree in 1971.

As a lauded athlete and world champion title-winning powerlifter himself, Dr. Di Pasquale understands the complex needs of sports performers and men’s fitness in general. He has written several books about fitness and health, was the Medical Director to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF), and served as the “acting MRO” for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). He has developed a successful line of fitness supplements sold around the world and has published numerous articles on fitness and health, some of which are in peer-reviewed journals. There is little doubt that Dr. Di Pasquale has the requisite experience and credentials from which to draw in designing effective fitness supplements.



I’m a lifelong gym rat, so I know when something is working or not. Well, I’ve been using this for two weeks, and I can already bench ten more pounds than I could right before then. Not only that, I’m not nearly exhausted after each workout. Definitely recommended.

– Jason, personal trainer in Fargo, ND, US

So far, so good! As an older guy, I’ve noticed that I just can’t do as many lifts as I used to do, so I thought I’d give this a shot. My T-levels spiked in a matter of weeks! Since I’ve been taking it, I can do a lot more reps and I don’t get winded nearly as easily. More updates to come.

– Lee, professional bodybuilder in Overland Park, KS, US

I’m on my third bottle, and I’ll never go back. After a test-drive, I can now say I’m happy to keep buying this stuff for as long as it keeps amping me up. This is the first testosterone supplement I’ve used where I noticed an actual, noticeable difference. I’ve already gained two pounds of muscle in my arms alone. This stuff is definitely doing what it should.

– Jay, welder in Dallas, TX, US

Not only is the taste actually pretty decent, as far as supplements go, but I feel like I have a lot more energy than I did before I started taking it. I wake up refreshed, as opposed to laying there hitting the snooze button a million times. Stamina improvement is also amazing. I’ve been getting in a full extra hour of lifting since a month after I started taking it, and I can do a whole round of golf without getting tired. Highly recommended.

– Ricardo, CEO in Boston, MA, US

I started noticing a difference in my lifting power a couple of weeks after I started taking it. I’m not a pro weight lifter or anything, but I have noticed that I look a lot more built (even in clothes), than I did before and I have more energy in daily life. At the end of the day, instead of being totally winded and plopping down on the couch, I now have the energy to go out and get some yard work done, or take an evening walk with my wife. I’d recommend it to my buddies, or to anyone!

– Marty, account manager in Los Angeles, CA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Super Testo XL was the testosterone supplement of choice for a number of Nike-endorsed 2012 gold and silver medal-winning Olympic runners. First and foremost is champion runner Galen Rupp, winner of both the 2012 silver and gold medals in the 10K race at the London Olympics. Rupp used the supplement as a natural performance enhancer during his triumphant Olympic race. His coach also distributed the supplement to numerous other Olympic teammates.

A number of NBA basketball stars have also reportedly used the testosterone booster during key winning streaks. It has also received coverage all over the web in general. On fitness blogs and forums alike, it has garnered largely outstanding reviews. It has also been featured on numerous fitness websites. Even a quick moment of research shows how extensively this product has been covered in sundry online outlets.


Money-back Guarantee

For the cautious fitness consumer, the manufacturer offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet or exceed expectations. All the buyer must do is to request a refund within 60 business days. Once the return has been processed, the company will apply the credit back to the method of payment on file. As an added assurance, the company allows the customer the right to return or refuse any sealed and undamaged product for any reason.

The manufacturer’s terms and conditions offer further consumer protection policies. These state that buyers are protected under the Law on Consumer Protection (LCP). This means that buyers are protected from fraudulent businesses and practices. Not only that, they can purchase the product with the knowledge that they are receiving exactly what they are paying for. With a money-back guarantee and the peace of mind that comes with knowing one’s consumer rights are being protected, the company presents a risk-free way to try out the supplement.



The manufacturer offers extra incentive to customers by offering 100% free shipping anywhere in the country. The product will be delivered free of charge during business hours. According to policy, deliveries are guaranteed within 3 to 6 business days from receipt of order. The only stipulation is that the buyer is responsible for shipping and handling charges should they request a refund (reasonably so). Via the manufacturer’s terms and conditions, should the product run out of supply before it ships, the company will notify the buyer immediately and will then make any necessary accommodations.

United States customers looking to order directly from the manufacturer may encounter a slight hitch. They may notice that the shipping information is communicated in Italian. Since, judging by the the product’s presence and corresponding reviews all over the web, it seems to be very in demand in the U.S., the company may be advised to create a more English language-friendly site. This would ensure greater ease of use by U.S. customers. The company itself might benefit from increased sales.


Customer Support

Customer support should always be an important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to test drive a new product. Fortunately, Super Testo XL offers several channels. For anyone with product questions, there are representatives at the ready at any pint before or after the order. Super Testo XL’s customer support comes in strong with three routes to customer service access : direct by phone, by email or by good old-fashioned postal mail. All routes to the aforementioned are easy enough to find upon a quick search.

There is, however, one potential glitch. Although the company does offer easily accessible customer service, the phone number provided by the manufacturer corresponds to a European area code. This isn’t to state that this detracts from the company’s easy access to international service (via the email inquiry form). Still, it would likely be beneficial for United States customers to have a customer support phone number available to them in their home country for ease of use.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Super Testo XL assures customers the total security of their customer information at all stages of the purchase. According to the manufacturer’s privacy policy, identifying customer information is never sold to third parties. Moreover, it is always kept confidential. The company also assures buyers the protection of up-to-date firewalls. Browser certification is also emphasized as an important piece in their line of defense against would-be cyber attackers.

Manufacturer policy also assures buyers of the fact that all customer banking information is kept secure. It states that no bit of customer data can be accessed in any way. This is, of course, a tremendously important factor when deciding whether or not to test drive a product. Fortunately, Super Testo XL covers all of their bases with a confidential and secure checkout system.



Super Testo XL offers a choice of three pricing packages. Each package depends upon bottles per order. The first option entails a single package at the promotional price of $54.57 (49 €), which includes free shipping. The second package offers three Super Testo XL packs for a reasonable total of $99.13(89 €), also including free shipping. The third package offers three packs of the product at $121.40 total (109 €), plus free shipping.

The pricing package tier provides an excellent option system for customers with varying needs. Buyers can opt to start off with a single package. Then, after a successful test drive, they can order more as needed. The manufacturer offers each additional bottle at a significantly discounted price. The obvious incentive for buying more is savings: The more bottles bought by the customer, the more money is saved.






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