Stinging Nettle Root

Stinging Nettle Root by GNC Herbal Plus Review – A Quality Solution for Your Testosterone Support

What Is Stinging Nettle Root?

Stinging Nettle Root is a powerful herbal supplement that works to naturally boost testosterone with just one capsule daily. The stinging nettle plant itself has been recommended for centuries by naturalists and herbalists to enhance men’s health, including increasing men’s testosterone levels. Made from wholly natural, plant-based ingredients, this supplement is recommended for men whose physical health and stamina would benefit from an increase of testosterone.

The testosterone boosters in this supplement will go to work right away, though it may take up to two weeks to see the results. That’s because stinging nettle does not add an artificial, chemical testosterone supplement in hopes of raising the hormone level. Instead, it works to increase a body’s own natural testosterone levels through a scientifically proven mechanism of hormone management.

With regular use, Stinging Nettle Root will eventually allow a user’s body to keep its own testosterone levels higher than previously. This increased level will lead to greater energy, reduced healing time, and a naturally easier ability to add muscle mass. Though users must continue taking the product to continue seeing results, gains made while using testosterone boosters like stinging nettle can be kept long after the supplement is stopped.



This stinging nettle nutritional supplement is manufactured by GNC Herbal Plus, which is an abbreviation for General Nutrition Companies. A well-known, publicly traded corporation, GNC was founded in 1935, and it as has been established as an industry leader in the field of supportive supplementation. Currently, its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in located Pittsburgh, PA. GNC is a leader in both mail-order supplement sales and retail sales, with over 6,000 retail shopping locations across the United States of America. GNC also sells its products in 49 other countries, including Australia, Russia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, where it has found great commercial success.

GNC Herbal Plus has a long history as a reputable supplement manufacturer and distributor and sells a vast array of supplementary vitamins, minerals, herbs, foods, and other healthful dietary boosters. It was the very first major supplement producing company to seek and achieve full certification from NSF, the largest and most reputable of all third-party certification providers. It also has received recognition from the independent tester organization ConsumerLab, which measured the ingredients in a number of their supplements and found consistent quality and labeling accuracy. GNC supplements, including testosterone boosters like Stinging Nettle Root, have been thoroughly tested and proven safe to sell across the world, which explains their international popularity in both online and retail sales.


How Stinging Nettle Root Works?

The root of the stinging nettle plant has been used as a herbal remedy for centuries, especially for the needs of men’s health, such as testosterone boosting. This particular supplement, a 500 milligram dose that is taken once daily in a capsule form, is made from the nettle plant’s large root, the most potent part of the plant. Specifically, the Stinging Nettle Root acts as an effective testosterone intensifier by preventing the hormone-binding globulin from binding with the testosterone present, as it normally would. Thanks to the chemical agents activated by the supplementary herb, the user’s testosterone hormones are freed up to remain within his body, keeping these testosterone levels at an unusually high level. In other words, the stinging nettle increases the biological availability of your own testosterone, boosting the natural levels and maximizing their effects.

Testosterone boosters like Stinging Nettle Root can make a significant difference in athletic performance, physical stamina, and achievable strength, enabling bodybuilders to lift more weight at greater frequency than they had previously. This herbal supplement’s effects may not show up in one’s workout results right away, as they need some time for the testosterone levels to build up to a naturally higher level. Taken daily, this herbal supplement will begin to act to boost users’ testosterone levels within the first week, with full effects evident within two weeks. As an added benefit, testosterone also promotes a faster healing time and reduced inflammation, which will allow for more frequent workouts, further speeding up bodybuilding success.

The ingredients and the label of Stinging Nettle Root



The greatest advantage of using the Stinging Nettle Root is that it has been thoroughly studied by legitimate, professional medical researchers, and has been proven by them to work. While some supplements are largely unstudied, this one has been used for centuries with positive results. It also has faced rigorous academic investigation and assessment, which affirmed its efficacy as a natural health supplement.

Another advantage of this supplement is that it is all natural and made from plants, without artificial chemicals or unknown ingredients. The stinging nettle plant grows in many places around the world, has been extensively used as an herbal health enhancer by a large number of people, and has been determined to be extremely safe. Plant-based supplements are generally regarded as being less hazardous or risky for one’s health.

Finally, this supplement boasts a very easy and efficient routine, making it a good testosterone boosting for customers who don’t want a lot of hassle. Instead of mixing powders or measuring out formulas, users only need to take one capsule of this product each day to see the results. A simple routine is usually the most reliably followed, and there is no simpler method for boosting testosterone.



The manufacturer of this supplement, GNC, or General Nutrition Companies, has been independently certified by the internationally recognized public health authority NSF, which represents the gold standard of supplement certification. It can, therefore, boast the highest degree of certification in the industry of supplement production. NSF, a scientific and investigatory group that was founded in 1944, thoroughly evaluated the development, manufacture, and production of GNC brand supplements, and found all of them worthy of their seal of approval.

In fact, GNC was the very first national supplement brand to undergo the rigorous evaluation by NSF, opening up their manufacturing process to independent scrutiny, assuring customers that the product is safe and effective. In fact, NSF is the only supplement certification program accredited by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, and SCC, the Standards Council of Canada, both national organizations dedicated to maintaining high nutritional product standards. This valuable, and unique, third-party certification means that GNC products have been put through strict, repeated testing procedures.

GNC was also evaluated by the independent scientific group named ConsumerLab. They determined that all of the GNC labeling was accurate and all of the supplements tested were both safe and effectual. Truly independent assessments like these assure customers that this Stinging Nettle Root supplement is legitimate and its manufacturer trustworthy.



Bill C. writes:

I can’t believe I got such good results just by adding a simple plant to my diet and exercise routine. I didn’t think an herbal supplement could really do much, but boy was I wrong. It took a few days to start working, but my workouts got harder and I worked out more frequently. I started to see really good results after about one week and I’m going to keep taking it and hope it keeps working.

Chad R. writes:

Boom! I made sick gains just by adding this new Stinging Nettle Root to my regular workout routine. I can lift more, and feel awesome all the time. Now I got so much more energy! I’m going to keep taking this stuff forever!

Pedro S. writes:

My friends were skeptical that I could really results from taking just one capsule a day, but I did. I felt myself getting stronger and saw my muscles grow bigger pretty fast. I was able to bulk up ten pounds of pure lean muscle thanks to the testosterone boosters in this amazing nettle capsule.

Dave T. writes:

I truly believe that I could feel my own testosterone levels getting higher every day. Once I started taking the capsules I would wake up in the morning with more youthful energy and exuberance. I was able to bring this energy to my bodybuilding efforts. In my decades-long bodybuilding career, this is one of the best and easiest nutritional supplements that I’ve ever taken.


Awards & Media Coverage

The manufacturer of this Stinging Nettle Root supplement, GNC, has been repeatedly recognized for superior quality and value, both at home and internationally. Besides earning the coveted NSF certification, GNC also employs a Medical Advisory Board, made up of practicing doctors of different specialties who guide the company on issues of medical concern. Major celebrities, such as rapper and entrepreneur 50 cent, have chosen to partner with GNC because of their reputation for producing the best supplements and bodybuilding nutritional supports. They have also been praised in the media for their charitable endeavors and non-profit work, including their GNC Live Well Foundation, which raises large sums of money for organizations, including the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, by holding large, celebrity golf tournaments and donating the funds.

The primary ingredient of Stinging Nettle Root also has had years of positive press and media praise. This herbal supplement has been written about in many established medical journals, including the Alternative Medicine Review, and in commonly used pharmacological textbooks, such as The Principles and Practices of Phytotherapy. It’s advantages and efficacy have also been covered by the University of Maryland Medical Center, which provides a thorough overview of its powers and uses on its educational website. Reports of stinging nettle’s usefulness have also be published by Mother Earth News, The Global Healing Center, and Organic Lifestyle Magazine. All of these publications have written about the many dietary benefits of stinging nettle, including its testosterone boosting abilities for bodybuilders and other men.


Money-back Guarantee

GNC, the maker of these Stinging Nettle Root testosterone boosters, has a generous money-back guarantee for any customers who are not completely and totally satisfied with their product. If a customer is not wholly satisfied with the stinging nettle supplement, he can return the product, in either an unopened package or along with the complete packaging, to the return address listed on the GNC website. Returns must be made within 30 days of ordering for a full refund of the purchase price, and while this does not cover any shipping, handling, gift wrapping, or other extraneous charges, the return will reflect the entire paid purchase price. In other words, if you stop using the product and return it, you will not be forced to pay for the capsules you have already taken. This generous policy allows customers to make totally informed decisions by encouraging them to try products out before they commit to keeping them.

Remember that experts advise using the Stinging Nettle Root supplements for at least 2 weeks before passing judgement on its efficacy and value. Since the recommended dosage is one capsule per day, users will be able to feel the full effects well in advance of the return due date. Customers should be sure to keep the original packaging and receipt, which will make for an easier and more convenient return of the supplement bottles. If you are missing part or all of the original packaging, or have further questions about the money-back guarantee, customers can reach out to the GNC Customer Service department, either online or over the telephone.



There are a number options for shipping the Stinging Nettle Root supplement. The cost of shipping is determined based on the size of the order, the shipping method selected, and the distance of the destination, and it is automatically calculated at the time of checkout. Customers within the United States can usually choose between shipping their stinging nettle supplement at a standard speed or upgrading to a faster delivery method, whether Ground, Third Day, Second Day, or Overnight Service. Customers should make their shipping preference clear at the time of check, and are instructed to contact Customer Service, either online or over the telephone, if their shipping needs change after the purchased has been made. Delivery of the Stinging Nettle Root can take anywhere from one to 10 full business days, depending on the shipping method chosen and the distance of the location.

For frequent supplement buyers, there is an option to purchase the stinging nettle from GNC with an added Auto Delivery mechanism. Although the default option at check out is a one-time delivery, customers need only check the provided box for “Auto Delivery” to activate this function. With Auto Delivery, customers will receive future orders of stinging nettle at regular intervals, whether every 30, 120, or 180 days, with an added ten percent discount off of the purchasing price. In that case, the shipping is free for all future deliveries, although standard shipping rates still apply to the first order’s delivery.


Customer Support

There are many very convenient options for Customer Support from GNC, the maker of this Stinging Nettle Root supplement, depending on the customer’s communication preferences. The easiest option for most people would be to use the GNC website, which has both an extremely thorough online library, with links full of information about the most common customer concerns and questions, and a readily available instant online chat program. The website covers everything from questions about ordering, shipping, and delivery, to questions about the stinging nettle and other supplements themselves. The online live chat lets customers talk, or more accurately write, one-on-one with a qualified GNC representative. Finally, customers can also send an email to GNC directly by using a convenient form on their website to privately send them a question or note .

Customers can also contact GNC directly by using their toll free phone number, available online, to talk to someone at their help desk. This method of communication may be preferred for issues that need to resolved immediately, such as errors in ordering or problems upon delivery. If neither online nor over the telephone customer support is satisfactory, customers have the option of locating and visiting a land-based retail GNC distributor. Any supplements can be returned to a land-based store for reimbursement or credit, depending on the circumstances, and questions about products may be answered by the knowledgeable staff found in the GNC retail stores.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers are guaranteed a safe and secure checkout when they purchase Stinging Nettle Root through the GNC website. This page uses the industry standard 256 bit encryption protocol called SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, which ensures customer’s information remains secure. The website also boasts of being verified and authorized by both Visa and MasterCard, adding an extra level of online financial security.

GNC also states that it works to maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards and guard against any unauthorized access or use of any personal information that has been provided by customers. Besides the website security, this extends to any physical records and personal information, such as name, address, or information about past purchases. Customers should feel confident that their supplement provider keeps such information in confidence.

The GNC website also contains a complete privacy statement, which details the exact specifications of customers’ protection, from online security to making sure shipments are safely delivered. Customers who have specific questions about the privacy of their order are encouraged to contact the dedicated Privacy Manager. This can be done through written mail, email, or through the toll free number provided.



The price of this Stinging Nettle Root supplement varies depending on the membership status and frequency of delivery chosen by the customer. For just one bottle of the supplement, which contain 100 capsules, enough for over 3 months, the price is currently $12.99, plus shipping and handling. For first time customers and individuals who are simply curious about the effects of stinging nettle, this is a safe ordering option. Thanks to the money-back guarantee, users are able to try the Stinging Nettle Root supplement for up to 30 days before returning the remaining capsules, along with the packaging and receipt, for a full refund if necessary.

For customers who are more confident in their supplement selection, or who are interested in purchasing other GNC products, there are other pricing options available to save more money. For a $15 annual fee, customers can obtain a GNC Gold Card Membership for frequent supplement buyers. This membership, which also entitles holders to exclusive offers and coupons, a birthday gift, and personalized health tips and information, lowers the price by 7% to $11.99 for 100 capsules. Alternatively, those interested in the Auto-Delivery of the supplement at regular intervals can sign up and receive %10 off of the price, as well as free shipping for all future deliveries. It is best to consider all of the available prices and ordering options before placing an order, and customers with questions about pricing are encouraged to reach out to GNC’s customer service experts, either on the telephone or through a live online chat.






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