Somatodrol Review – Is This Product a Scam?

What Is Somatodrol?

Somatodrol is a sport supplement designed for use by bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes, which may include the average gym goer or weekend warrior as well as the competitive athlete. The product is purported as an all-natural supplement free of harmful ingredients and side effects, and marketed as a “legal steroid”. However, it might be considered more of a steroid alternative, since it is made of natural ingredients, not synthetic ingredients, but potentially has similar effects.

Reported positive effects of this product include an increase in lean muscle mass and reduced body fat. The manufacturer claims results come quicker when using the product than without. An increase in energy levels and other possible benefits. These effects supposedly come by way of increased production of HGH and testosterone in the body.

A newer product, Somatodrol was first distributed to athletes such as bodybuilders prior to release to the public. At least some of these people experienced positive changes in their bodies and the product has gained some market traction as a result. On a broader scale, this supplement receive both positive and negative reviews, though there appear to be more positive reviews than negative.

Healthy adult males who engage in physical activity and follow a sound nutritional program are the intended market for Somatodrol. Use by minors or men who have health concerns is not suggested. Use by females, regardless of age, health condition, exercise experience, or athletic background is discouraged as well.

Users of the product may experience:

  • Greater muscle growth
  • A leaner physique
  • Increased energy
  • Improved performance in the gym

Somatodrol and details regarding it


How Somatodrol Works?

Somatodrol works by stimulating testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) in the body. Although considered by some as a steroid alternative, it is important to note that the product likely cannot mimic the level of effect that illegal steroids would have. However, the manufacturer claims that this supplement can increase testosterone levels by up to 30 percent and growth hormone by up to 26 percent.

Testosterone in men is responsible for the naturally high level of muscle that males possess compared to females. This is why men are generally bigger, faster, and stronger than women are. With an increase in testosterone in the body, a male can potentially induce hypertrophy (muscle growth) at a greater rate, while also experiencing improvements in performance at an accelerated rate.

Testosterone also helps reduce estrogen levels in the body. Estrogen levels are partially responsible for fat retention, explaining to a point why women tend to carry more body fat than men do. If, similar to women, men were to produce more estrogen, they would likely carry more body fat. If a product like Somatodrol can increase testosterone levels while reducing estrogen levels, then a user could improve muscle growth and performance while reducing body fat.

HGH is present in all living beings, though more so during early life. HGH is partially responsible for the normal growth that a child experiences as he or she grows older. Over time, this growth phase slows dramatically. If a product like Somatodrol can induce the body to produce higher levels of HGH, then the use may experience easier muscle growth, which can also result in improved performance.

The muscles you can achieve of Somatodrol


When to Use It?

A person may want to use Somatodrol when they are trying to:

  • Reduce body fat
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Improve performance

These intended uses may be of benefit to both average gym goers and professional or semiprofessional athletes, as well as the people in between these categories. While the physical needs of the athlete are greater than that of the average gym-goer, the average person looking to change body composition, run faster, improve muscular endurance, or become stronger can benefit from a product with the potential results of Somatodrol.

Ideally, since Somatodrol has both fat burning and muscle building potential, a person could use it during a gain cycle or a cutting cycle. What the results would be would depend on the level or calories and macronutrients that a person consumes. For example, if a bodybuilder is consuming more calories than are burned during a gain cycle, the result may be greater induction of hypertrophy, which could lead to greater muscle growth.

If a person uses Somatodrol during a cut cycle while reducing calories and macronutrients, the result may be an easier cut, during which more muscle is retained and more fat lost. During a cutting cycle, a person walks a fine line in order to drop fat while maintaining muscle.

Realize that most supplements take time to achieve maximum results. While there is no universal length of time set for when to expect results from any given supplement, most product manufacturers recommend using a product for 4-12 weeks before expecting to see results. Somatodrol may require this same time length to see initial results, and possibly longer to see maximal results.

The shipping of Somatodrol



The possible benefits of Somatodrol may include:

  • Improved fat burning
  • An Increase in muscle mass
  • Greater strength
  • Improved power output
  • Greater muscular endurance

An increase in muscle can provide a more aesthetically pleasing frame, which is ideal for bodybuilding. However, this effect can be of equal benefit to the average person, as an improved body image may lead to greater confidence. Improved performance, such as greater strength and power or muscular endurance, can benefit average lifters, hardcore lifters, and athletes, as these attributes help improve performance from the gym to a competition. These improvements in physical abilities should also transfer into everyday life. The improved performance abilities should allow a person to perform better at work, especially in physically intensive jobs, and may enable a person to be more active during physical family activities.

On top of the gym or competition benefits, Somatodrol may increase interest for doing more as well as aid performance. This may be of interest to males in relationships and is a potential benefit, though secondary to the previously mentioned benefits.

The features of Somatodrol


Somatodrol Side Effects

Somatodrol has no known side effects and anecdotal research suggests that it is a safe product for daily use by healthy adult males. Pharmaceutical steroids, including those intended for cutting, gaining mass, or building strength, have a number of potential side effects. These include reduced desire over time, moodiness including anger or depression, estrogen rebound, and gynecomastia.

While steroids such as testosterone may initially reduce estrogen either directly or by way of increasing testosterone, over time these effects can diminish and result in what is known as “rebound”. In a potentially worse scenario, when a person stops use of certain steroids this rebound can be stronger. While the body needs estrogen, a high level in males can lead to bouts of anger or depression, the formation of puffiness around the chest, water retention, and other side effects.

The puffiness of the chest area, known as gynecomastia, can give the appearance of an effeminate chest. This can result in insecurity issues in males, which when combined with the mood changes, can lead to an even greater chance of anger or depression.

Use of illegal pharmaceutical grade HGH over time can have serious side effects as well. These effects may include enlargement of fingers, bones, organs, and other internal tissues. This is a concern because the organs work best at a certain size in the body. Changes in size could affect the performance of the given organs, resulting in health complications. HGH may also accelerate the growth of existing cancerous cells.

One thing to remember – while the product may not have any know side effects, individual users may run the risk of an reaction if they are allergic to any of the ingredients. It is also possible that a person may not be allergic to a single ingredient, but the combination of the ingredients could cause an unwanted effect.

The supplement facts of Somatodrol


How to Use It?

Somatodrol is a low-dose supplement that requires only 1-2 pills per day. The manufacturer recommends taking the pills on an empty stomach with water. Generally, when an entity makes a recommendation like this for a supplement, it is in the interest of product absorption in the body. Some supplements absorb better when other solid substances, such as food or additional supplements, are not in the way. When other substances are ingested with these kinds of products, the effectiveness of the supplement may be reduced. As with any supplement, if Somatodrol causes an upset stomach, it is recommend that the user consume something that will settle the stomach along with the supplement.

Though two pills are the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer, it is suggested with any supplement to take the smallest effective dose possible before moving to a stronger dose. Some people will react to a small dose initially, but need to increase the dosage with time. Others may be fine with the small dose, finding that the larger dose is too much. Still others may find the smaller dose is not effective, or at least not effective enough. Starting with the smaller dose first will allows the user to assess this.

The manufacturer does not offer a recommendation relating to the exact time of day to take the product. However, consuming most hormonal products prior to bed is a common recommendation, as sleep is the time when the body enters its regenerative state and has the greatest ability to produce hormones. This is also the time during which the body truly rests and recovers from physical and mental stresses.

Understand that a proper nutrition and exercise program must be used in conjunction with Somatodrol. The product alone will not yield a lean, muscular body that a person seeks to achieve. Minimal effort put into the nutrition and exercise will not yield the best results. A combined, focuses training and exercise program used in conjunction with the supplement will yield the best results overall.

A man which is holding an award and Somatodrol


Why Choose Somatodrol?

When compared to pharmaceutical grade steroids such as testosterone and HGH, the Somatodrol stands out in several key areas. This continues to be the case when compared to some other legal products on the market as well. The product has no know side effects, making it safe for most users. Illegal steroids or some of their legal counterparts have serious potential side effects, such as the estrogen rebound, mood swings, and abnormal bone or organ growth.

Somatodrol is an oral product, unlike some steroids or other hormonal supplements. Some other products are injectable which require a person penetrate their skin to inject the steroid or other hormonal product into the muscle. Improper injection can lead to pain, swelling, and infection, as well as other complications. For people without proper training in the use of needles, this can be a dangerous process.

When compared to other oral products, this supplement may be the better option as well. Oral steroids are strong substances, which can upset the stomach and lead to liver damage with prolonged use. The product does not appear to pose this risk due to its distinction as an all-natural product.

Beyond the reduced chance of side effects, the product offers the same potential positive effects as its steroidal counterparts. It may increase testosterone and HGH levels, though not as fast as steroid products. However, this reduced potency is partially what reduces the risk.

One final thing to consider is the legality of Somatodrol compared to steroidal agents. Additionally, this supplement is available from reputable sources, while steroids may come from questionable sources.

The effects of Somatodrol



There are no specific recommendations for stacking other supplements with Somatodrol. However, stacking is likely possible, although a person should review both this product and the other supplements for possible interactions. Since this product can be used for improving muscle, performance, and cutting, stacking options will depend partially on the specific goal of the person.

During a muscle gaining or performance improvement phase, a person may want to stack this supplement with other muscle building products. These products may include other natural hormonal supplements such as additional natural testosterone boosters and HGH boosters.

In general, dietary supplements such as protein powders, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids may be a good stack to use in conjunction with the main product. The reason for this is that this supplement can allow a person to push through harder workouts, increasing the need for these nutrients. Increased nutrient intake may help the user increase lean muscle gains and improve performance.

A bodybuilder holding Somatodrol



Currently, Somatodrol can only be purchased online through the manufacturer. The purchase site is foreign in origin and requires submission of an email address before pricing is revealed. A third-party site lists pricing as roughly $27.00 USD per box. This site is still foreign and the price was received via translation software, so it may not be 100 percent accurate. With that price in mind, understand that the same site notes a user will need two boxes to run a basic cycle, which brings the base price to $54.00. With 30 pills per box, this assumes use of two capsules, or the maximum dose, per day. If a user were to take only one pill per day, then a single box for $27.00 would last one month.

Again, realize that most supplements take time to achieve maximum results. There are no universal periods set for when to expect results from any supplement. Most product manufacturers recommend using a product for 4-12 weeks before expecting results. The supplement may require this same time length to see initial results, and possibly longer to see maximal results. As a result, the total out-of-pocket cost could rise well beyond the cost of a single box.

If a user were to take two pills per day over the course of 12 weeks, the total cost would be $162.00. Shipping is one more thing to consider, as this may or may not be included in the price per box. While this is not a large investment considering the length of time it covers, it may be more than some people are willing to spend.

One benefit of purchasing from the manufacturer is the satisfaction guarantee. If a user is not satisfied with Somatodrol after three months of use, this person can return the product for a refund. There is no free trial or other discounts available and the product is not offered through other retailers. There may be additional pricing, terms, or conditions not revealed until after signup.

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