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Shredz Testosterone Review – Does It Stand Out from the Rest Supplements in This Category?

What Is Shredz Testosterone?

Shredz Testosterone is a dietary supplement available for men with low test levels. The supplement promises to help men make the most out of their workout by boosting levels of testosterone in their body. Shredz offers a plethora of benefits that enable a man to lose fat and pack on muscles. Shredz Testosterone is a supplement that works to burn fat, increase muscle size, improve your endurance, and provide the extra strength necessary to challenge yourself each and every time you work out. If it is lean, hard, big muscles that you desire, you’ve found a product that is more than capable of helping you achieve great results. Shredz Testosterone is a cut above the other test boosters you come across because the all-natural ingredients inside of the product work wonderfully, without some of the side effects that other test boosters bring with them.



Shredz Supplements manufactures Shredz Testosterone as a part of their Alpha Male line of products. Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, the company is a well-respected name in the industry, with several different supplements in their line of bodybuilding products. Shredz Supplements was founded on January 1, 2011, with the release of this supplement the following year. Since this time, the manufacturer has built a solid reputation around the world and stands as one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Can you believe that more than 30 million social media followers are linked to this brand? This number alone proves the company is on to something good. They interact with their customers on various social media platforms, providing answers to questions and plenty of fun to those who join them on their quest of being the best you. They have a quest to help people reach their goals and they do not stop short of making that happen. People use Shredz supplements because they know they’re getting quality products that work as promised. Quality standards keep the brand highly regarded among those who desire to increase their muscle size.


How Shredz Testosterone Works?

Bodybuilders use Shredz Testosterone to increase levels of this hormone in their body. Testosterone is naturally produced within the body, but levels begin to drastically decrease with age. With this decrease, difficulty losing fat and turning your muscles into actual muscle also come into play. This product works to enhance the testosterone levels produced naturally within your body. Low test levels also cause difficulty finding the energy and strength to push yourself to the limits during your workout. Again, this supplement promises to come in and wipe those worries away. Shredz is a product that promises to not only give you the energy and strength needed to work out to the extremes, it also helps you increase muscle on your body.

Working in conjunction with your body’s composition, the Shredz supplement blocks the hormones that cause the decrease in your body’s testosterone levels. With an increase in testosterone levels, building muscles is much easier, but that’s not all that you can expect. When your body is flourishing with testosterone, you have energy, stamina, and an increase in your normal levels of strength.

The testosterone supplement works naturally with other processes occurring in the body for fast, safe results that leave you ready to work out and pumped to get results. Your mind is sharp, focused, and dedicated; your body is ready to push itself to the limits to get results. It all happens with the use of this highly-acclaimed supplement.


Ingredients of Shredz Testosterone

Packed inside of Shredz Testosterone are all-natural, high-quality, gluten-free ingredients that work together to provide ample results in the shortest time frame possible. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re using a supplement with only the best ingredients included inside. These ingredients are all researched and proven to provide you with testosterone-building benefits not to miss. Shredz Testosterone is a proprietary blend consisting of the following ingredients:

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali works to reduce the hormone levels that prevent or restrict testosterone production naturally within the body. The popular herb has long been used in alternative medicine.

Maca Root

Works to increase test levels in the body.

Spanish Pellitory

Works to improve the testosterone levels in the body. The herb is commonly found in Africa and has long been used by men with a desire to rapidly build muscle.

Velvet Bean Extract

An aphrodisiac that works to boost test levels by spiking dopamine levels in the brain.

Fenugreek Extract

It has long been believed that this product naturally boosts test levels in a man body, but there is a bit of controversy surrounding its actual benefit.

A total of 638mg of these well-known, well-established ingredients is provided inside of each capsule. With this high dosing, you’re getting tremendous advantage for your workout that never ceases to deliver results. These ingredients work together to help you get that rock solid body that you’ve dreamed to have.

On the downside, however, as a proprietary blend, there isn’t a breakdown of the amount of each ingredient, so you have no idea exactly how much of each you’re actually getting. This can cause trouble for many users who have very specific goals. For most bodybuilders, knowing the exact amount of each ingredient is imperative to their success.



With more than 5 years’ in the industry, Shredz Testosterone must be doing something right! As a bodybuilder searching to gain massive muscle size, the advantages that you can enjoy are numerous. The supplement provides an abundance of benefits that no other testosterone booster on the market offers, without the side effects or the symptoms that you do not want. Your workout is taken to the next level, and you’ll be more than eager to feel the burn!

If you’re a man that is ready to surprise himself during a workout, exceeding expectations and pushing limits, Shredz Testosterone is the perfect product to help you accomplish great things. You won’t get just one benefit when using this product; you’ll get many of them. Among the awesome benefits enjoyed by men choosing Shredz Testosterone include:

  • Build lean muscle mass;
  • Decrease fat levels;
  • Improved endurance;
  • Increased stamina;
  • Improved mental focus;
  • Strength gains;
  • Safe, all-natural ingredients with proven results.

The amount of time that it takes to see results using this product varies from one man to the next because each person’s physique is different. Many men using the supplement report that they notice changes within a few weeks of using the product while others state that it takes much longer for muscles to start forming. The other benefits that come with the use of the supplement, however, such as improved strength gain, are oftentimes noted within a relatively short period of time.



It is important to choose a test supplement that is manufactured in a safe, FDA- approve facility. Shredz Testosterone is created inside of a USA-based laboratory that has met or exceeded the GMP qualities and expectations. This laboratory is GMP FDA inspected so that you have peace of mind in the product purchase. The laboratory used to produce Shredz products are all in compliance with local and federal standards for quality, cleanliness, and proper dosing. Certificates are available at this laboratory.



What are other men saying about Shredz Testosterone? Hundreds to thousands of reviews can be found with ease online. There is no cost to read the reviews and with such beneficial information inside, it only makes sense to learn what others think. Most users of the product are very satisfied with the results, but there is certainly a mixed bag of opinions out there. It is worthwhile to take a bit of your time to read these reviews and learn what others think of the product.

Reviews from other users help you learn facts that you simply cannot learn anywhere else. The manufacturer certainly won’t tell you some of the things that you learn inside of a review. It only makes sense to read them when there is so much to learn and so much on the line. Here are a few of the user testimonials to get you started.

I’ve been using Shredz for approximately 30 days now and the biggest advantages I’ve noticed is a supreme burst in my energy levels before I work out. I’ve added 50+ pounds to my lift amount since I began using the supplement and have had nothing but positive results. – Erik H., Newport News, VA

Although I enjoy using Shredz test booster, I must confess that the first week of use I suffered mild stomach cramps after taking it. These cramps subsided fairly quickly, but did cause me some concern. On the upside, the advantages of the product have allowed me to see significant changes in my physique. I am very pleased overall. – Jeremy G., Memphis, TN

Great product, although I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit less for it. I’ve been using Shredz for about three months. The results have been great. I’ve added quite a few reps to my work out, have added weight to the bar, and have so much energy. It is amazing what I’ve accomplished since I first began using this supplement. – Michael B., Pueblo, CO


Awards & Media Coverage

Shredz was formed in 2011, but burst onto the scene in 2012, quickly making a social media presence for themselves. Using Instagram and Facebook, the brand was able to spread the word about their products, attracting many people in the process. As more and more people began using the product and seeing results, the word spread and here we are, almost six years later.

Fans of the supplement even formed the Shredz Army. The Shredz Army, a group of men (and women) dedicated to growth with the testosterone product, come together to support and encourage one another, answer questions about the product, and more. But that’s not all. Shredz is oftentimes spoken of in the media, at bodybuilding competitions, and amongst the sport’s most elite professionals. Fitness experts, bodybuilders, celebrities, and models all love the product and use it to progress their bodybuilding efforts. People trust Shredz because it really works!


Money-back Guarantee

Shredz Testosterone comes with a Customer Service guarantee. While you’re unable to return product that you’ve opened, any unopened, unused bottles may be returned for a refund of the purchase price. There are no questions asked if you need to make a return, but there are a few requirements.

The Customer Service guarantee ensures that you love the product and the results you see, or you can return your unused portion for a full refund of the purchase price. Shipping charges and taxes are non-refundable. The Testosterone supplement return must be made within 14-days of purchase. Only unopened, unused portions of the product may be returned.



Shredz has three different shipping warehouses in North America and two international shipping warehouses. These warehouses are located in Toronto, Canada; Melbourne, Australia; Rahway, NJ; Beverwijk, Netherlands; and Los Angeles, CA. With multiple warehouses, you can always expect to receive your order quickly.

When it is time to get down to bodybuilding business, the last thing that you want to do is wait around for your supplement to arrive. Thankfully, that is not a worry when you opt to purchase the Testosterone from Shredz. Your order is processed and shipped quickly so that it arrives in your home within a few days’.

How much is it going to cost for your order to ship? Orders of $100 or more are shipped for free and orders less than this amount ship for one low cost that is very reasonable. Rush processing of the order is also an option available for an additional fee.


Customer Support

You don’t become one of the biggest and best in the industry if your amazing products aren’t backed by exceptional customer service. Shredz doesn’t disappoint when it comes to customer support. Not only is the Shredz Army available on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites, a visit to the manufacturer’s website will alert you to a live chat option, the company telephone number, email address, and other information that allows you to get help whenever and however you need it.

Customer service is always a top priority for this brand. You can always expect a knowledgeable, friendly representative to be there for you whenever you need them, for whatever reason you may need their services. Customer support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ready to answer questions, help you place an order, or take care of any other needs that you may have.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering this testosterone booster is easy and without worry thanks to the safe and secure checkout. Take a look at the website for yourself so there are no doubts in your mind. You’ll notice that there are logos alerting you to the safety of the site found throughout. With these notices, it is easy to place your order knowing that you are protected.

The Shredz Supplements website is encrypted to keep your information safe; SSL certificated are in place; and your information is always protected. The manufacture has taken extra steps to not only keep customer’s information safe, but to provide you with the confidence needed to place your order without worry or wonder. It is easy to place your order with complete confidence and without any worry.



At an average price of about $75 per bottle, some men are unsatisfied with the cost of this supplement. Shredz gives you a few different options for ordering the testosterone supplement, however, which may help to reduce the cost of the product. A one-month supply is available, or you may prefer a monthly subscription or a two or three-month supply. These choices are available to you. Of these options, the monthly subscription provides you with the lowest cost. If you prefer to try it out before making a major commitment, however, this option is always available for you.






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