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RushForce XT Review – Do You Want to Improve Your Performance?

What Is RushForce XT?

RushForce XT is a nutritional supplement that reportedly works to increase testosterone levels in otherwise healthy adult men. It is made of four active ingredients, including the well-known testosterone boosters Tribulus Terrestris and Testofen Fenugreek Extract. Low testosterone levels can cause weakness, a loss of muscle tone, low energy levels, and a loss of vitality, and RushForce XT seeks to remedy these complaints. According to the website, users can expect to experience fat loss, muscle gain, more energy, and greater stamina. This supplement may be especially helpful for men who have experienced a loss of testosterone due to aging, although it is appropriate for all adults over 18.

This supplement is easy to use, as individuals take just two capsules every day before working out. Its effects will be evident after two weeks of regular use, even without additional charges to users’ diets or exercise routines. Currently, this supplement is not available in stores and can only be purchased online through an automatic monthly subscription. Some past customers have reported difficulty canceling this subscription and difficulties in dealing with the manufacturer, but there have been no other reported difficulties with this particular supplement.



The manufacturer of RushForce XT is Thrive Nutra Inc., an American-based manufacturer and distributor of health and diet supplements. Thrive Nutra Inc. is located in Sherman Oaks, California, and is best known for its weight loss supplements and testosterone boosters. It was originally founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, California and only sells its products online. All of its policies, procedures and legal liabilities are described on the Terms and Conditions page on the RushForce XT website. Customers can also contact Thrive Nutra with questions using their customer service email address, toll-free phone number, or California mailing address.

Thrive Nutra has a long history of customer complaints, especially about its automatic subscription program, billing, returns. They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have received an “F” grade due to unresolved customer complaints. Many customers have stated that they had difficulty reaching the customer service department and complain that emails with questions or cancellation requests went unanswered. There are no records of pending lawsuits against Thrive Nutra, but customers should be aware of the ongoing controversy surrounding this company’s customer service history.


How RushForce XT Works?

RushForce XT is easy to use, which is a distinct advantage for busy people who do not have time for complicated regimens or multiple pills. Individuals are instructed to take just two capsules of the supplement every morning, before working out. While it is advised that users continue to eat healthy meals, it is not necessary to eat a specialized diet for this product to work. Similarly, users will experience the greatest results if they work out every day after taking this supplement, but the ingredients should have an effect regardless of workout routine.

The herbal testosterone boosters in this supplement go to work immediately after the first serving of this supplement. However, users may not feel the effect for up to two weeks after beginning to take RushForce XT. If customers do not feel any different after two weeks, then this supplement may not be appropriate for their needs. Users have reported feeling an increase in energy, strength, and stamina after two weeks of regular use. These effects lead to an increase in exercise, which causes fat loss, muscle gain, and multiple physical improvements.


Ingredients of RushForce XT

There are four active ingredients in RushForce XT, all of which are backed up by either scientific or anecdotal evidence. The first ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, is a staple in bodybuilding supplements and testosterone boosters. Tribulus Terrestris has been used for years to increase the production and retention of testosterone, supposedly leading to an increase in strength and lean muscle mass. Testofen Fenugreek Extract has actually been proven in scientific studies to raise natural testosterone levels, especially in individuals who may be experiencing hormonal imbalance due to aging. While the Testofen formulation has not yet been proven to be more effective than standard Fenugreek Extract, some athletes strongly believe that it works more efficiently.

The other testosterone booster in this supplement is Horny Goat Weed, also known as Epimedium or Barrenwort. This ingredient has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase the effects of testosterone production, including more energy, strength, and stamina. Finally, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), an essential component in healthy metabolism, aids in total body healing and increases muscle growth. ALA is also an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, helping bodies recover more quickly, and it may slow down the natural aging process.



This supplement uses only all natural, plant-based ingredients, which is a distinct advantage for customers trying to avoid some chemicals. All of the ingredients are well-known and have positive reputations in the bodybuilding community, and most of them are backed up by years of positive anecdotal evidence.

Also, RushForce XT is appropriate for use by all healthy, adult males, regardless of exercise regimen or routine. Although the testosterone boosters in this formula will work better in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, these things are not necessary to achieve some results. All healthy, adult men can benefit from these ingredients and should experience an increase in energy and better hormonal balance.

Finally, many customers will appreciate that the supplement is easy to use, as users simply take two capsules every morning. There are no injections, powders, beverages, or complicated series of pills taken throughout the day. Because taking it is so easy, individuals are more likely to use this supplement consistently, leading to better, faster results.



According to its website, this supplement is made in the United States, and its manufacturer’s corporate and mailing addresses are located in California, which means that it is under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA guarantees that all dietary supplements are safe for human consumption when used as directed. It also regulates the production of all dietary products and guarantees that only safe, legal ingredients are used.

Since it is located in the U.S., the manufacturing facilities of RushForce XT are also regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This certifies that production facilities are safe and free from harmful pollution or dangerous ingredients. All production facilities must be made available for safety and health inspection by federal, third-party inspectors at all times.

In some ways, the free trial acts as a guarantee of this supplement’s quality, since customers should be able to receive a bottle at a low cost until they are sure of its efficacy. However, customers must be sure to follow the procedures precisely to avoid full charges, and there are reports of consumer dissatisfaction with the cancellation procedure. Customers with questions about cancellations should contact the customer service department before placing their initial order.



I’m really excited to try this out. I’ve been feeling sluggish and gaining a lot of belly fat in the past year or so. I think I may have a testosterone deficiency so I started looking for help. I did some research and I think the ingredients in RushForce XT will really help me. I like that there aren’t a bunch of extra chemicals or additives either. I’m ready to work out and want to see results as soon as possible.

– Keith H., Philadelphia, PA, US

I have mixed feelings about this supplement. I do like all the ingredients, and I love how easy it is to take. I think I started feeling better after taking it every day for about a week. On the other hand, I don’t think the effects were strong enough for it to be worth it. I called to cancel my subscription and it took a long time to get someone on the phone. Hopefully, it’ll all work out in the end.

– John D., New York, NY, US

I am totally psyched about this stuff! I just got my first bottle last week and it’s super easy to use and I already feel better. I know I was getting lazy and needed a boost. Taking this supplement every morning motivates me to get to the gym and makes me feel like more of a man. I can feel myself getting stronger and more fit. I’m definitely going to keep taking it.

– Dave L., Detroit, MI, US

My order of RushForce XT came last week. I was very impressed with how fast the delivery came. I do not feel any different yet, but am going to keep taking this trial bottle and see if it gets better. I was kind of disappointed that it doesn’t have any vitamins or minerals in the formula, but I know the Tribulus Terrestris has a great reputation. So far so good, and maybe I’ll start to feel something soon.

– Gary E., Jacksonville, FL, US


Awards & Media Coverage

As RushForce XT is a new product in the field of testosterone boosters, there has not yet been any major media coverage of it. There have been, however, a number of product reviews on supplement review sites, which have been only somewhat positive. There has been more media coverage of the manufacturer, Thrive Nutra, which has gained a reputation for its weight loss supplements. This media coverage has been largely negative, although it has mostly focused on the diet supplements, with no mention of RushForce XT.

The ingredients in this supplement, however, have received a good deal of positive media attention in multiple mainstream sources. Tribulus Terrestris, a very well known ingredient in testosterone boosters used by bodybuilders, has received coverage in Men’s Health, GQ, USA Today, and FHM. The ingredient Horny Goat Weed has recently been written about in the Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, VICE magazine, and ABC News Online. Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract has been the subject of recent articles in NewsMax, Muscle and Fitness, Nutritional Outlook, and Natural Products Insider. Finally, the benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid have been written about in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Science Magazine, The Huffington Post Canada, and Neurology Advisory.


Money-back Guarantee

Although RushForce XT is protected by a money-back guarantee, the stipulations on its Return Policy severely limit customers’ ability to activate this warranty. All of the specifics of this policy are clearly detailed on the Terms and Conditions page, which customers should read carefully before placing their order. If customers do wish to make a return, they should call the customer service phone number provided and first ask for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, as no returns will be accepted without this number. Then, they must send back the supplement, which must be in an unopened box, to the manufacturer’s distribution center in Colorado, and they must write the RMA number on the outside of the package. Assuming the package is received promptly and accepted by Thrive Nutra, customers will then receive a credit back to their original method of payment.

Customers will be charged a restocking fee of up to 30% for all returns that are accepted. Customers are also responsible for the cost of shipping returns back to the company, and the original cost of shipping and handling is never refundable. There are, unfortunately, many customer reports of failed return attempts, in which customers never received their refund, even after following the provided directions. Customers with questions about refunds and returns are advised to call the customer service department, although it is unclear if this will necessarily lead to a satisfactory conclusion.



For the initial trial and for all future deliveries, shipping and handling cost a flat rate of $5.99. Shipments are sent out approximately one business day after an order is received, and deliveries usually take 3-5 days. If customers have not received their package within 5 days they should call the customer service department and make sure that it has been properly sent.

All shipments are sent out using standard First Class mail from the United States Postal Service. Deliveries can be made to all addresses in the United States, its territories, and protectorates. Delivery is also available to all Armed Forces addresses in Africa, the Americas, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific.

For an additional $1.99, customers can add InsureShip protection, which insures packages that may be lost or damaged in transit. This insurance brings the cost of shipping and handling to $7.98 for the trial and for every monthly shipment. In the case of refunds, the cost of shipping and handling is never refundable, and customers are responsible for all shipping costs for returns.


Customer Support

For questions about RushForce XT’s ingredients, ordering, billing, or to cancel the refill subscription, customers have two convenient choices. The easiest option is probably to call the toll-free phone number, which is staffed from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time. While this is usually the fastest way to get customer support, it, unfortunately, leaves no paper trail in case of future disputes.

Customers can also use the customer service email address that is listed on the website, which should be checked regularly by support staff from Thrive Nutra. This option has the added advantage of keeping a record of communication. Unfortunately, many customers have had difficulty in canceling their subscriptions over the phone, so using email provides an extra layer of consumer protection.

Finally, customers can write to the mailing address in Sherman Oaks, CA or to the corporate address of Thrive Nutra , in Los Angeles, CA. There are no company-owned social media accounts, so customers can not use Facebook or Twitter to reach a customer service agent. Fortunately, all of the policies and procedures of Thrive Nutra can be found online on the Terms and Conditions page, so customers will know what to expect from their purchase.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchases made on the RushForce XT website are protected by a number of security measures and online payment shields. First of all, its order form is protected by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the industry standard for online shopping. It is also McAfee Secured, which provides protection from computer viruses or any malware that may infect a personal computer. According to the website, it is also VeriSign Secured and certified by Truste Privacy, so customers can feel confident providing their personal and financial information at little risk. Finally, the website claims to be Verified by Visa, and customers who pay with a major credit card are always protected by the policies and protections of these credit card companies.

The website also provides a detailed Privacy Policy, which allows customers to read exactly how their personal, technical, and credit card information is collected and used. The website does use cookies and web beacons to track visitors and supposedly improve website performance. Thrive Nutra, the manufacturer of this supplement, also collects voluntarily provided personal information, such as name and email address, and by providing this information, customers consent to receive future information and communication from this company and its affiliates. Thrive Nutra also reserves the right to give or sell this information to third-parties, although customers can call the customer service department and request that their personal and contact information be removed from their records.


Pricing & Free Trial

Right now, RushForce XT is only available online through the risk-free trial and automatic monthly subscription program. This initial trial costs $5.99 for shipping and handling, plus an additional $1.99 for mandatory packaged insurance through Insureship, for a total of $7.98. However, customers can currently take advantage of a promotion being offered that allows customers to pay only $3.95 for shipping and handling if they use the provided Promo Code.

Fourteen days after placing the initial order, customers will be automatically be charged an additional $89.98 for the first bottle of RushForce XT. Although theoretically, customers should be able to cancel their automatic subscription within the 14 days to avoid this charge, there have been numerous customer complaints about this process. After the initial purchase, customers will then receive another bottle of this supplement every 30 days and will be charged another $89.98 plus shipping and handling each month.

Customers who wish to cancel the automatic subscription or request a refund on unopened bottles must call the customer service department, although it is unclear how promptly these requests will be handled. If customers do receive a refund for unjust charges, it will be credited back to the initial payment method within 30 days. Customers should call the toll-free customer service number for questions or complaints about billing; if this proves unsatisfactory, they should contact their credit card company to request a review.






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