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Rev Test Review – Should You Really Try It?

What Is Rev Test?

After coming across an advertisement for Rev Text, it seemed like a good idea to check them out further, especially as other free trial offers have turned out to be ineffective. At first glance, they certainly do look to be impressive when taken together, but we will find out through this review. Both have great claims to offer, such as:

  • The ability to give you much more strength while gaining lean muscle;
  • Enhancing your testosterone;
  • Maximizing the pumps at the gym;
  • Boosting your overall power and endurance;
  • Higher levels of energy;

Whether or not the science behind these claims and the supplements match up is another thing. We will take as close a look as we can to give you the most accurate review.

Rev Test promises that it can boost your free testosterone, improve muscle mass and definition as well as improve strength gains when taken regularly. Not only this, but men will notice that they have more energy, which will given them a stronger appetite for working out and just enjoying life in general. An advanced formula is used with high quality herbs, perhaps more than twice the natural ingredients that other typical supplements have. Does Rev Test succeed?

A Post Workout Supplement Like Rev Test Is a Great Option



This product appears to be made by Revolution Laboratories, which means it isn’t the first product that the company has made. Regardless of the goals you have for Rev Test, the manufacturer says it is a good idea to stack with a quality whey protein after working out to help assist with lean muscle gains.

Other products that are made by Revolution Laboratories or that can be stacked with Rev Test include:

  • ProRev: This can be taken after the workout
  • EndoRev: This should be taken before a workout for improved performance during the activity
  • Alphamine: This can help with cutting body fat as it is a thermogenic fat burner
  • ISO-AMINO: This is an amino acid product that can assist with muscle recovery and endurance


How Rev Test Works?

The information on Rev Test is a little more difficult to find as most websites do not discuss the specifics of its beneficial properties. A full ingredient list wasn’t available, but some components could readily be tracked down. As far as we can tell, Rev Test works well thanks to the Tribulus Terrestris Extract, a well known and powerful herb from western Africa.

In addition to this, we believe it contains Di-Indolylmethane, which is a nutrient that is quite natural and is known to reduce the effects of aging. In addition, an herb from Taiwan known as Fenugreek Extract is also known to improve testosterone and is believed to be in Rev Test. Whether by themselves or combined all together into a great product like Rev Test, they are known to be quite effective, which makes Rev Test one of the more impressive and effective products so far.

It is often used in a stack with other product, which sports the following ingredients at a glance:

  • L-Citrulline: An amino acid that will eventually convert to nitric oxide, which increases the amount of blood that flows through your body and muscles during an exercise routine. This gets them more oxygen and nutrients to make it through the workout.
  • L-Norvaline: Stops an enzyme from breaking down L-Arginine. This lets it freely turn into nitric oxide for the above benefit.
  • Coenzyme Q-10: This can boost energy for the muscles.

Let’s take a closer look to the ingredients that may also be in Rev Test.

Using Rev Test


Interestingly, most reviews about this particular ingredient are for people who were not looking to increase athletic performance, but rather had health issues like poor circulation and the like. While they did say that they had positive results, none of them were specifically seeking athletic performance and muscle gains. That is not to say that the ingredient is ineffective, but it does make a curious choice when other ingredients are specifically for muscle gains.


Again, information was a little short for this ingredient as far as athletic performance is concerned. However, there were some studies that did link the ingredient to tissue regeneration, which means it can help with improving muscle growth. As far as we can see, no human studies were performed since 2009. While information may be somewhat outdated in the science community, it’s unlikely that its benefits have changed.

Coenzyme Q-10

This ingredient had far more information to review. Various reports of great experiences were abundant, although there were some reviews of side effects. For example, some users had some issues with insomnia or elevated enzymes in the liver. However, this only occurred where the patient had more than 100mg and 300mg of the ingredient per day, respectively.

Since it is hard to find good medical information about these ingredients, it is a good idea to discuss it with your doctor before adding additional product to your Rev Test stack. If you take some time to do additional research, you’ll find some reports of side effects with higher dosages, though this relates to ingredients in the stack, not Rev Test itself.

As always, remember that someone may experience a mild side effect whereas someone else may have a more severe reaction. If anything is unusual, immediately stop and call your doctor.

A fitness model wearing a blue towel and showing his physique


Ingredients of Rev Test

While Rev Test haven’t shown their complete list of ingredients, there is some information available. This supplement has ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek.

It can easily be concluded with available information that taking these supplements while having a diet rich in protein will improve your chances of getting the desired benefits. Of course, you will need to put the extra effort in since there is no miracle pill available.

Additional ingredients found in Rev Test include:

  • L-Arginine: As stated above, this gets converted into nitric oxide, which will improve blood flow in your system. Larger doses may be needed to get a stronger pump at the gym.
  • Acai Berry: At the very least, it makes the taste quite good. It also comes with antioxidant properties, although studies aren’t clear on additional health benefits as far as humans are concerned.
  • Beta Alanine: Though the amino acid isn’t known to have a negative effect on the human body, there has yet to be any long term research that proves this specific amino acid can directly help with losing fat or gaining muscle. It can affect the muscle building blocks and shouldn’t cause a negative problem, though. Some report better recovery, others report no effects.
  • Zinc: Everyone needs zinc. Zinc is always used in optimal sports performance processes.
  • Creatine Citrate: A good product that will help with absorption and improved effects on your body. Whether or not it’s better than creatine monohydrate is another question, but it will not produce the same bloating effect.
  • Green Tea: Another antioxidant with great health benefits.

That said, Rev Test seems to be a pump and recovery product that offers somewhat better benefits compared to just taking a cheap creatine monohydrate with coffee.

The Supplement Facts About Rev Test



It’s true that Rev Test is produced making all natural ingredients that are proven to help boost your health system and can even increase stamina and testosterone levels. The formula that it uses takes great advantage of Tribulus Terrestris, which improves immune system and increases stamina, Fenu Greek Seed Extract to increase testosterone levels to effectively and safely gain muscle, and Horny Goat Extract as an alternative blend of vitamins to further improve stamina.

The proprietary Rev Test formula will help accelerate your muscle growth and increase testosterone for maximum ripped results. This ongoing supplement continues to fight fatigue and packs on the muscle to your body much faster than ever. It’s one of the finest products that will quickly get you ripped, improve vigor, stamina and your manhood in general.

Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • Boosts amount of testosterone in your body;
  • Builds a mass of lean muscle;
  • Reduces stubborn body fat and excess calories;
  • Unleashes and maintains high physical energy;
  • Much better energy levels and stamina;
  • Quickly gain muscle strength;
  • Optimal muscle pumps;
  • Helps shape and define muscles;
  • Defines muscles and contour shapes;

The Results from Rev Test



All bottles of Rev Test are produced in a CGMP certified facility. There was no readily available information with regard to other certifications that it may have earned.

The Certificate of Rev Test



Tom D., 38:

Before I started taking this supplement, I was taking a GNC brand with ingredients that were similar but not as good. I’m 38 and still playing contact football thanks to this product. It wasn’t long ago I was strong and healthy, but I got too out of shape. Thanks to Rev Test, I’ve never been in better health.

Hank T., 29:

I think this is one of the greatest nitric oxide boosters I’ve ever taken before. Everything in my life is rock solid, including my chiseled chest muscles. I’m not even trying to brag, but I can’t lie about what this supplement has done for me! And I can’t lie and say I haven’t noticed the ladies looking!

Edmund D., 55:

Before giving Rev Test a run, I was always fatigued and tired. I thought it was normal for someone my age. I took naps all the time. With the product, I almost have more energy than I know what to do with.

If it weren’t for Rev Test, I imagine I would still be taking naps during the day, being too sluggish to make it to the gym or really do anything in life. I wish I had known about this product sooner, or that they had come up with it earlier!

Gary L., 26:

I’m in the prime of my life, so there’s no point in wasting it when I could be more efficient than ever. That’s why I decided to give this product a try – to see if it would really help me become more efficient. I’m happy to say it did; now I can do what I want when I want.

Arthur P., 44:

After a few minutes on this product, that’s right, just minutes, I am happy to report that I’m feeling a profound increase in my alertness, focus and general happiness. I haven’t needed to take a nap during the day at all like I used to crave at work. Seriously, great work on Rev Test.

Michael T., 48:

I won’t get into details, but I became greatly out of shape after life tried to kick me down time and time again. The product gave me the focus and energy I needed to move on from it all and pull myself out of a rut. I’ve never been happier, and it’s all thanks to this supplement.

Elliot L., 24:

I wasn’t sure if it was this supplement or just my own psyche improving, but when my girlfriend told me my muscles felt harder, I knew it was working. I’ve only been taking it for about three weeks, and the results have been incredible. I could easily recommend it to anyone looking to get sick gains in a short amount of time.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or simply a fitness enthusiast; if you have a desire to look better and more attractive under your clothes, then this product is going to be your go-to product.


Money-back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the results or your membership, the manufacturer requests that you contact them within 14 days of making an order. You must cancel the subscription, but you do not have to send back your bottles. Again, it must be done by the 14th day of your membership in order to receive your refund and to prevent further billing.

According to the manufacturer, if you were still billed $89.47 even after canceling due to a system error, you will still be able to receive a 100 percent refund. It will take up to four days to process a refund. If you need to return a product, the manufacturer provides a phone number and address but stresses that simply returning the product is an insufficient request for refund.

Before shipping a product back, contact the company at 855-841-3485. After, you can send it to 4174 Sorento Valley Blvd Suite A San Diego, CA 92121.

Any sales that are made after your trial period ends are final, according to the terms and conditions of the website. If you have not canceled your program, they will continue to send you the bottles and charge each month.

Achieve Peak Performance Using Rev Test



Both Rev Test is offered with a free trial, although you must still pay shipping and handling. As the terms and conditions state, you will see that you must pay $4.95 for shipping upon signing up, and then you would be charged as part of the monthly program after 14 days.

A Real Photo of Rev Test


Customer Support

To contact Rev Test’s manufacturer, you can send a letter, call a phone number or send an email.

  • Phone: 855-841-3485;
  • Address: 1568 Oliver Ave Apt B San Diego, CA 92109;


Safe & Secure Checkout

You will need to provide your credit card information in order to pay for the shipping and handling and to be enrolled in the auto ship program. When you submit your credit card information, the information will be encrypted and well protected using SSL software. The information will only used for purposes according to the privacy policy and only as needed to complete your transaction.

The Safe Checkout for Rev Test


Rev Test Pricing & Free Trial

As previously stated, Rev Test is available as a free trial, provided you are willing to pay the $4.95 shipping and handling fee. According to the terms and conditions, you will automatically be enrolled in a monthly program. You would be charged $84.63 if you do not cancel within 14 days of the trial period. Of course, you will continue to be charged unless you cancel your membership.

Why wait? Order a trial bottle of Rev Test right now to get chiseled muscles and enjoy the satisfaction you’ve always been waiting for. It’s a good idea to try out both products and see which one will work best for you – but remember that they work well in conjunction with one another. That means using both can get you ripped even faster.






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