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Rev Boost Review – Can This Product Boost Your Bodybuilding Results?

Disclaimer: This is product review of a natural testosterone supplement called “Rev Boost”, the product has no relations to Rev Boost(dot)com, which is a highly respected company. They have reached out to us to tell us that they are in conflict with the supplement company for the brand name.

What Is Rev Boost?

Rev Boost is a natural testosterone boosting supplement that is marketed to bodybuilders as well as general fitness enthusiasts. The product claims to increase a person’s endurance and decrease fatigue associated with intense workouts. These promises are said to result in increased muscle gain and fat loss because an individual can workout harder and longer.

Testosterone boosters have become increasingly popular within the bodybuilding community because they approach the issue using natural elements. Previously, synthetic forms of testosterone were injected into athletes. Unfortunately, synthetic testosterone is not as effective as naturally occurring testosterone. Injections can have serious side effects, and the majority of synthetic products have been banned from professional and amaeteur bodybuilding competitions.

Rev Boost has not been tested in clinical trials, but the main component of its formulation was chosen based on its positive effects during clinical trials. WIthout this exact formulation being tested in a laboratory environment, there can be no absolute guarantee on the effectiveness of the product. The product needs to take part in both short term and long term trials, but it does not appear that the company has any intention of producing such official results in the near future.



The manufacturer of Rev Boost is Perdichizzi Online Service LLC. The company operates out of Los Angeles, California, but it was once registered as operating out of Reno, Nevada. According to documents held by the Secretary of State in Nevada, the registration was revoked. The reason revoking their license to operate has not been made available to the public.

The company is not included in the Better Business Bureau’s list of companies. To be properly accredited by the BBB, businesses’ must send in an application to the organization. However, the BBB typically assigns ratings to businesses even if they aren’t officially accredited. Perdichizzi Online Service LLC company was not shown to be located in any of the 50 states. This is very unusual for supplement companies.

The lack of information regarding the manufacturer is concerning. When there’s a limited amount of information, there’s no reason for the business to be labeled as a reputable company. Such a scenario provides no level of comfort for the customer because there is no guarantee that the manufacturer will take any responsibility for a defective product.


How Rev Boost Works?

Rev Boost’s main function is increasing an individual’s testosterone level. Increased testosterone is desired by athletes because of its positive fitness effects. When testosterone levels are raised, the body is able to workout for longer periods and at a higher intensity without experiencing fatigue and extreme soreness.

The product achieves increased testosterone levels through its main ingredient, Longjack. When it is digested, the component signals the brain to increase its production of testosterone while also inhibiting estrogen. By keeping estrogen production at a minimum, the testosterone is able to be more effective and the customer will experience more intense results. Amplified effectiveness decreases the wait time of visible physical results.

The majority of testosterone boosting work similarly to Rev Boost. Regardless of using different ingredients, the supplements manipulate the body to increase its testosterone production directly through the brain. However, there are some products that direct this manipulation through other areas of the body first, in order to cause a chain reaction that results in increased hormones. Both methods of attack are effective, but neither one has been proven to be the optimal method.


Ingredients of Rev Boost

The product doesn’t provide the full list of its ingredients to the public. The main ingredient of the product is LJ100. This ingredient is derived from Malaysian Ginseng, or Longjack as it is often referred. LJ100 has become very popular among testosterone boosters because it has proven effectiveness when it comes to raising the natural levels of the hormone.

Comparing the product to its competitors is nearly impossible without access to its full list of ingredients. LJ100 is one of the most popular main ingredients in this category, but it is often combined with other active ingredients thought to be effective. Other common ingredients in testosterone boosters are amino acids, but it is uncertain if the product contains any of the those components.

Without a complete list of ingredients, it can be dangerous for customers who take prescription or over the counter medications. Even though the ingredients of Rev Boost are natural components, there’s still a chance of interaction with certain elements included in some medications. The lack of transparency serves as a disadvantage for the product because the majority of testosterone boosters provide their full list of ingredients to the public.



The main ingredient of the product has shown to positively increase testosterone production. Although Rev Boost’s complete formula hasn’t been sent through clinical trials, the main ingredient has been clinically tested on human subjects. These tests showed an increase of a person’s natural testosterone level after taking the ingredient which offers an advantage over its competitors.

It also has the advantage of exposure from large media outlets. When major networks cover a supplement, it offers a sense of assurance regarding the effectiveness of the product. The supplement has been featured on two major networks since its launch.

Another advantage of the supplement is its success in terms of sales. The supplement was the highest selling testosterone booster in 2015. There are many supplements on the market in this category, so beating the other brand out in terms of sales speaks to the product’s effectiveness.



Rev Boost doesn’t hold any certifications. Although the main ingredient in the formula is patented, the formulation as a whole does not hold a patent. In order to obtain a patent, a formula must go through clinical trials and prove to work in a specific manner. Usually, products that have shown to be effective during trials are then put through a third-party clinical trial and reviewed by a board of representatives from the scientific community.

Patents for a formula’s effectiveness is not common among testosterone boosters, but there are a few companies that offer such products within the category. Not having a patent gives the product a disadvantage compared to its competitors. Taking part in such a process offers a level of comfort to the customer regarding the effectiveness of the product.

The product does not boast production in a FDA certified facility. The only opportunity for dietary and nutritional supplements to obtain any type of FDA approval is through the facility where they are produced. The organization offers certification for facilities that abide by strict hygiene and safety standards. Not many of Rev Boost’s competitors are produced in a certified facility, so it does not necessarily serve as a disadvantage, but it does pose as a missed opportunity to stand out from the crowd.



Age is a workout killer. I’ve been a devoted fitness enthusiast my entire life, but I’ve struggled to keep up in the last three years. I’ve noticed my stamina decreasing with each passing year, so I finally turned to a product for help. Rev Boost has brought back my feeling of youthfulness, and I can make it through my workouts once again.

– Jake S., San Diego, CA

I continue to use this product because it has proven its worth to me. Years at a desk job resulted in me gaining an extra 25 pounds. When I started hitting the gym again, I wasn’t seeing results that equaled my workout level. Rev Boost increased my results dramatically, and not only have I lost the extra weight, but I’m in the best shape of my life.

– Ryan T., New York, NY

This product is my secret weapon. I’m a professional bodybuilder, but I had noticed that my muscle mass was decreasing. I choose to try out the supplement, and it was the best decision I ever made. I’ve successfully doubled my muscle mass, and I’m back winning competitions again. I also have enough energy to keep up with my kids when I get home from the gym.

– Mark R., Miami, FL


Awards & Media Coverage

The product has been featured on CNBC and Fox News. Both networks covered the supplement after it became the highest selling testosterone booster for 2015 in the U.S. The high number of purchases doesn’t differentiate between subscribers and single bottle purchases, so there is no way to know if the bottles were sought out or simply shipped as part of a membership program.

Media coverage among testosterone boosters is low because it is considered a smaller market than general workout supplements. Rev Boost’s media coverage and high sales numbers allows it to stand apart from its competitors. The majority of supplements in this category have little to no media coverage even if they have obtained patents and clinically tested formulas.

The product lacks any awards. Nutritional supplements in the U.S. have less opportunity to achieve awards and acclaim because there are less official organizations for the community. In other countries, the restrictions on supplement production prevent non-credible companies from manufacturing products. This allows more recognition to be given to quality supplements.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee offered for this product. Customers can receive a free trial, but this option automatically signs them up for a monthly subscription. The subscription can be cancelled at any point, but the customer is fiscally responsible for any items received. There is an option to return an unopened bottle as long as it is within seven days of receiving the item.

To receive a refund, the bottle must be unopened and unused. The customer must first contact the customer support hotline to cancel their subscription as well as a refund. If it is within the approved timeframe, a representative will provide the customer with a return item number that must be displayed on the returned package. Although the company is located in California, they require customers to return the item to a facility in Georgia.

Money-back guarantees are common among testosterone boosters, so it is surprising that Rev Boost doesn’t offer a guarantee especially because of the large number of sales it has experienced. When a company doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee, it leaves potential customers questioning the product’s effectiveness. Since guarantees are common among its competitors, the product is at a disadvantage in its supplement category.



Shipping for the product is free for subscribers, and the product will ship out automatically every 30 days. For the 14 day trial, customers are required to pay for shipping which is set at $4.95. All shipments are sent standard mail without the option of priority, two-day or one-day shipping. All shipments are sent via the United States Postal Service.

The company only allots four days for shipment before they start counting towards the 14 day trial period. Even if the shipment takes 10 days to get to the customer, they will only have eight days left to decide if they want to keep their monthly subscription or not. Customers are also responsible for shipping costs on returned items in the event of a canceled subscription.

International customers are offered standard international shipping which can take up to three weeks. They are also only allotted four days for shipping, so it is possible that the entire trial period could be taken up by shipping time. The company doesn’t offer special policies for international customers, so they may want to cancel their membership until they’ve had the chance to try it.


Customer Support

Customer support is offered seven days a week through the manufacturers support hotline. The hours of operation for week days are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. Weekend hours begin at 8 a.m. and end at 12 p.m. PST. The hotline is free to call, but it is only available for U.S. customers. There is not an international hotline number available.

Customers can also contact support through email. International customers may find this form of contact to be the most effective. However, there is no guarantee for the amount of time it takes the customer service team to reply to digital correspondence. Non-international customers may want to choose the hotline option for issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner.

The lack of 24 hour customer support can be a disadvantage for customers. This is especially important because customers must contact the support staff in order to cancel the monthly subscription before the trial is over. A limited number of business hours makes it more difficult for customers to fit the call into their schedule, and it can result in a costly expense if the customer is not satisfied with the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The product can be purchased through a secure checkout. The site uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which provides an encryption to prevent any on-page information from being accessed by an outside source. This prevents anyone on a customer’s network from monitoring and stealing information such as credit card numbers.

The company also uses an anti-virus that prevents any outside sources from accessing stored information. Hackers can attack the website with a virus in order to weaken the security system, but the anti-virus program wards off these attacks. Customer information is also stored on secure servers. Whether virtual or physical servers, the customer information is protected by security software. Like the anti-virus, the security software prevents stored information from being accessed by outside sources.

The website also uses cookies. These items store information on a customer’s hard drive as well as send information to the company. This information is then used for marketing purposes. The company also keeps customer’s information in order to apply the recurring charges of the monthly subscription. Customers can request that their information be removed from the system once they’ve cancelled their subscription.


Pricing & Free Trial

One bottle of Rev Boost costs $89.95. The bottle comes with 60 capsules which results in 30 days worth of product. A one month supply is common among testosterone boosters, but the product is not available in liquid, powder or softgel form, which can be challenging for some individuals have issues swallowing supplements in pill form. The price is similar in range to other testosterone boosters on the market, but it is higher than its competitors that have patented formulas.

The company offers a free trial, but the trial comes with a catch. Once the customer signs up for the free trial, they are automatically included in a monthly subscription plan. The trial is for 14 days of the product, and although the two week supply of the supplement is free, the customer does have to pay for shipping and handling. When the 14 days are over, a full size bottle is shipped to the customer and their credit or debit card will be charged $89.95. This process will repeat itself every 30 days.

Unfortunately, the practice of automatically signing customers up for a subscription service when requesting a free trial has become more common within the supplement community. It is still considered a bad business practice, but there are no laws against the process. Such questionable practices serve as a disadvantage for the product because it brings the manufacturer’s business practices into question.






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