Pure Testo Blast

Pure Testo Blast Review – A Typical Scam or a Serious Supplement?

What Is Pure Testo Blast?

Pure Testo Blast is an organic testosterone booster formulated to boost the body’s availability of circulating testosterone for faster muscle gains and performance enhancement. It is designed specifically for adult men who want to increase their energy levels, maximize endurance, pack on lean muscle mass and burn fat. Its ingredients are entirely organic and consists of plants, herbs, roots, flowers and other natural derivatives. Its active ingredients are L-Arginine, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutaric and L-Citrulline. It is manufactured by a company based in the United Kingdom but is also sold in the United States and across the world.

This supplement is marketed specifically for healthy adult men who want to achieve a leaner, more muscular physique in a quicker period of time. It is also geared toward older men who may have experienced muscle atrophy, fatigue and decreased vitality due to declining testosterone levels. It is equally geared toward fitness professionals like bodybuilders and weightlifters as well as athletes who are looking to increase their sports performance. It is touted as a safer, natural and legal way to enhance workout capability.



Pure Testo Blast is manufactured by a company named Nutralogistic UK Limited. This manufacturer’s corporate headquarters are located in London, England. It also has a returns facility set up in Santa Ana, California. On the product website, Nutralogistic UK Limited describes itself as ‘PureTestoBlast,’ presumably for convenience purposes. For this particular supplement, the company states its mission as seeking to provide individuals attain improved health along with diet and proper exercise. It also states that this supplement is available solely through the official product website.

In addition, Nutralogistic UK Limited posits an exceptional commitment to their products, stating that it takes great pride in the superior quality of their merchandise and wants all customers to be pleased with their purchase. They underscore this commitment by emphasizing their belief in the best value, quality and selection to their customer base. Nutralogistic UK Limited offers a range of other successful health and fitness products though it does not advertise such on the product website. It also does not have a company website at this time.


How Pure Testo Blast Works?

This fitness supplement utilizes a completely natural formula blend including extracts from plants, herbs, fruit and roots as well as muscle-building amino acids. As testosterone levels begin to decline around the age of thirty, Pure Testo Blast promises to actively stimulate the body’s production of testosterone for maximum muscle-building efficiency. As one statistic cited on the product website states that men lose 90% of their testosterone from age 25 to 70, this feature will likely appeal to many older men who are trying to raise their testosterone levels to regain lost muscle and vitality. The amino acids in the product formula purportedly both actively and passively stimulate the production of this steroid hormone in men.

The instructions state to take two capsules twice a day consistently for maximum results. The company does not, however, guarantee that all customers will meet all health and fitness goals. While it does state that its specialists try to help and prepare customers to meet them, it does affirm that it is up to the individual to put forth the exercise and diet effort also necessary for maximal results. Men are also advised to consult with a physician – or at least do minimum research – before incorporating this into their regimen in order to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction or medication interaction.


Ingredients of Pure Testo Blast

This testosterone booster utilizes and all-natural formula blend with L-Arginine, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutaric and L-Citrulline as key ingredients. One statistic cited on the official product website states that its formula increased the #1 anti-aging steroid hormone DHEA by 47%. The site, however, does not specify which of the ingredients this statistic refers to. Another statistic on the website states that it may increase testosterone by 70-140% in three weeks, according to a physician named Dr. Johari Saad, PhD. Unfortunately, the site does not provide any background information or verifying credentials regarding this physician.

L-Arginine is an amino acid this formula uses to support maximal strength and muscle-building ability. It is also a precursor for a molecule called nitric oxide that is key to optimal blood flow. By improving vasodilation by stimulating nitric oxide production, L-Arginine may increase oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to working muscle tissue, enabling more powerful pumps as well as cutting post-workout recovery time. Nitric oxide accomplishes this vasodilation by relaxing blood vessel walls, which therefore allows a greater volume of blood to be pumped to muscle fibers. Improved blood flow is also an important factor in lessening cramps and soreness, which contributes to more effective workouts and less time between them.

L-Citrulline is another amino acid originally derived from watermelons. It is thought to soothe muscle soreness as well as to support myogenesis. The kidneys convert this organic compound into L-Arginine via a chemical process, after which L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide. Its purported benefits are improved blood flow, lactic acid reduction and the reduction of mental and physical fatigue. Like L-Arginine, it is experiencing a wave of popularity as an additive in current anabolic supplements.



Pure Testo Blast may promote faster and more effective muscle-building by freeing up the body’s stores of circulating testosterone. It may also help to lower body fat by heightening energy levels, thereby enabling longer and more intense cardiovascular and strength-training workouts. Moreover, it promises to defeat common effects of age-related testosterone decline such as fatigue, loss of energy, depression and muscle weakness. One statistic on the product website asserts that women are more attracted to men with high testosterone levels; therefore, this product aims to improve men’s confidence with the opposite sex. This will likely be a huge motivator in itself for many muscle-minded men.

This product may also improve athletic performance. Its website states that a physician named Dr. Ian Robertson asserts that there is a direct correlation between testosterone and not only muscle size and strength but also between t-levels and sports performance. The website purports that this may promote increased muscle production and anabolic growth factors. Another potential advantage is an improved mood. It may also increase vascularity, leading to a more shredded physique and more powerful pumps.



The official Pure Testo Blast website provides several compelling statistics about age-related testosterone decline. These factoids further illuminate the ways in which this supplement purports to reduce these negative effects in older men. One frightening statistic states that men with low testosterone have 74% higher death rates. Other statistics illuminate the everyday factors related to this hormone’s decline, such as cell phone use, genetically modified food and toxins in water supplies. This supplement claims to help reverse these effects with its proprietary arginine-based formula blend.

Additionally, the Pure Testo Blast website informs customers that its active ingredient was developed in a $3,000,000 state-of-the-art facility. Still, it does not specify which ingredient that is. The manufacturer would therefore be well-advised to at least let customers know which ingredient this is in case anyone would like to conduct some additional research on their own. On the plus side, this product was manufactured in a sterile lab facility in accordance with federal manufacturing and food safety guidelines, which is always an important consideration in any dietary supplement purchase.



Pure Testo Blast has given me the power surge I need to lift heavier and harder during my workouts. I decided to try it out because I felt I’d plateaued as far as strength-training goes and wanted to build bigger, harder muscles. I read about the trial program and decided I had nothing to lose, so I signed up. I’ve been taking these pills every day for a few months now and am already seeing major improvements as far as muscle definition and bicep size. This has been a game-changer for me. – Tim U., personal trainer in Scranton, PA, USA

I’ve tried a few test boosters but hadn’t found anything that really wowed me until now. It doesn’t make me shaky and nauseous, and the pills go down smooth with my protein shake. They’re easy to take, and since I’ve started using them I’ve added two workout days to my regimen. The result has been bigger pipes and five pounds lost. I look better than I have in years, and my girlfriend agrees. – Jason R., project manager in Bristol, England

If you’re looking for a nice stamina boost, I would definitely recommend giving this stuff a shot. Since I started taking it before workouts, I’ve noticed an improvement in my stamina levels. I have more energy to work out for longer. I pop a couple of these with my protein smoothie before the gym and blaze through! In my opinion, this is a great option for guys who like to train hard and see results. – Javier D., security guard in Mexico City, Mexico

I don’t think I could’ve gotten as ripped as I have as fast as I have, without this. It doesn’t give me headaches or acne, it’s easy to take and customer service was a breeze to work with when I called with questions. The auto-ship program is nice if you don’t want to have to keep calling every month to re-up, and I intend to stick with it. I appreciate the energy boost it gives me. – Gavin I., solutions architect in Manchester, England


Awards & Media Coverage

Pure Testo Blast has not received any awards in the dietary supplement industry as of yet. Regardless, this is not by itself an indicator of a poor quality product. Such awards are not common for testosterone boosters anyhow, although they are of course usually indicative of a high-quality product. As long as essential certifications are in place – Good Manufacturing Practice being one of which – customers can likely rest assured that this is largely a safe and effective supplement. It is of course possible that it may collect fitness awards in the future.

It does not appear to have been featured in any notable media outlets as of yet. Still, it has made routine appearances on well-known supplement review boards online. It seems to have been positively received by the fitness demographic as well, as it has been positively discussed on various fitness and bodybuilding forums and blogs.


Money-back Guarantee

Each purchase of Pure Testo Blast comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is a great risk-free way for men to evaluate whether this particular testosterone booster will be effective for them. Customers may call customer service to request a refund anytime up to 30 days after the original date of order. There is a one-refund-per-order company policy, and repetitive refunds are not allowed unless the product is defective. Refunds may take up to 30 days to appear on a buyer’s bank statement, though of course this may vary according to the customer’s financial institution.

The manufacturer also notes that full refunds are allowed once the customer ships back the unused portion of the product. This is a great policy, as many supplement suppliers do not allow refunds for used products. In order to be eligible for a refund, the company emphasizes that all returns must be postmarked 30 days from the purchase date with a valid Return Authorization Number clearly marked on the package (to be obtained from a customer service representative). Customers may also try this testosterone booster out via a 14-day trial program. Trial customers must call customer service to cancel the trial before the last day of the period to avoid auto-enrollment in the recurring shipment program, wherein the customer’s credit card will be debited every 30 days for a fresh bottle of Pure Testo Blast at the full purchase price.



Pure Testo Blast customers can have their packages shipped anywhere in the United States. Shipping is also available for armed forces bases in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Canada, the Middle East and the Pacific as well as a handful of other countries. According to the terms and conditions on the product website, buyers will be charged between $1 and $10 shipping and handling depending on the offer at the time of sale. However, shipping is free for customers who have concluded their trial programs and have moved into the auto-ship program. Orders are processed and shipped within two business days of order placement.

International orders are shipped via UPS or DHL. In general, international orders are expected to take 14-30 business days from the day of shipment with the exception of a possible customs-related delay. All orders are shipped via first-class mail. The company’s shipping policy states that if customers do not receive their package within 21 days from the date of purchase, they are instructed to call their customer care center to request a reshipment of the order. There are additional charges for packages on which customers have entered an incorrect address and the company forced to resend; this charge is equivalent to the customer’s original order.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of Pure Testo Blast offers all of the basic channels of customer service support. On the front page of the product website is listed a London, England telephone number. However, there is also a toll-free 1-888 telephone number for international convenience. The company’s customer support center is open from 8 am to 8 pm EST. Second is an email address for convenient product support as well.

The customer care center may be contacted to manage orders, for product support, for policy information or for any reason whatsoever. A customer support team member can also be contacted for return purposes and questions at any point. The Pure Testo Blast website does not state whether the service center is open on holidays and/or weekends.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The manufacturer affirms that all customer information submitted to the Pure Testo Blast website is held in the utmost confidence in accordance with the company’s privacy policy, which can be viewed in detail on the site. It also states that it has taken appropriate measures to protect such information from theft, alteration or misuse to the extent it is able. Still, the company demonstrates that it further looks out for its customers by recommending that each user continue to use a personal firewall and antivirus program for maximum security. It furthermore states that it does not tolerate spam and that customers may unsubscribe from company communications at anytime.

The manufacturer affirms via its privacy policy that it does utilize procedural and technical safeguards to protect customers’ personal and financial information against the potential of theft or unauthorized use. However, the order submission form was nonfunctional at the time of this review. It is therefore unknown at this time whether the company uses trust seals such as Verisign Secured or Norton Secured to guard against phishing, hacking and attempted identity theft. This non-operational order form likely not only prevents incoming business for the company but may also appear unprofessional to potential customers. The manufacturer would be very wise to have its IT professionals manage this issue.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full retail price for a bottle of a one-month supply of Pure Testo Blast is $87.91. Buyers’ credit cards are charged immediately upon ordering. The company states that its transactional process has been streamlined so that all orders will immediately be sent to shipping following their initial processing. Furthermore, it states via its terms and conditions that orders cannot be cancelled once submitted due to the high order volume the company receives. Customers who are on the fence about ordering may want to be especially careful about ordering due to this policy.

Returns are generally processed within two business days or sooner and posted to customers’ accounts within 3-5 business days, although of course this time frame may vary according to individual purchase factors. The company does not detail whether it institutes a restocking fee for returned merchandise. Additionally, customers are responsible for sales tax or other fees associated with their specific region of order. Return shipping and handling charges are non-refundable and must be paid by the customer.






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