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Pure Muscle Gain Review – Is This Product Really Working or Not?

What Is Pure Muscle Gain?

Pure Muscle Gain is an all-natural supplement that helps gain strong muscle mass through the increase of testosterone. While many supplements on the market zero in on testosterone increases for the purpose of gaining muscle, this product is considered a miracle by some. It has been touted by many users as the best supplement on the market for massive muscle gains.

It is a muscle building supplement that increases testosterone and protein synthesis. Protein is an important component when it comes to building muscle. It is very important that the metabolism is boosted in order to make a workout as effective as possible. This is something that Pure Muscle Gain claims to do.

The supplement also increases energy, which can improve stamina during your workout. If you tire out too soon during a workout, you are not going to see the results you want as fast as you could. With the necessary energy levels, you can lengthen and intensify your workouts so you can get the most out of your time in the gum. Recovery times are also improved, which means more frequent workouts during your week.

The benefits of Pure Muscle Gain



Pure Muscle Gain comes with some rather interesting mysteries, such as who the manufacturer is. While there is a privacy policy and terms and conditions relating to purchases, they only refer to themselves as “the Company.” It is possible that you learn this information when you receive the product since cancellation, if you ever wish to cancel, has to occur through customer service. The one piece of information that is given is that the product is made in the USA.

Pure Muscle Gain details and information


How Pure Muscle Gain Works?

Pure Muscle Gain works by improving blood circulation. Any time blood circulation is improved, energy is improved. Because the ingredients in the product increase testosterone, it increases the protein levels in the body. Research has shown that higher protein levels are associated with lower fat to muscle ratio, which is how better muscle definition is achieved.

There is still much to be learned since this is a rather new way to enhance the building of muscle. However, research suggests that ingredients that shed fat that interferes with muscle sculpting turn fat into energy sources. The protein aspect is important because protein is necessary for building muscle, which is why the pros have used protein shakes as a part of their workout routines for many years.

Protein has also been shown to improve sleeping patterns. Sleep is important for the building of muscle, as the body does have to heal and the body needs more energy. When you can get the most out of a workout, you do end up with better muscle definition.

How does Pure Muscle Gain really works?


Ingredients of Pure Muscle Gain

Pure Muscle Gain is 100% natural, which minimizes or completely eliminates side effects. While a single ingredient may have its own set of side effects, which is usually due to the ingredient being taken in larger doses, no side effects have been observed or mentioned by those taking this supplement. In Pure Muscle Gain, the quantity of each is at a safe level that enables a person to consume the supplement regularly without any fear of something going wrong.

Beetroot is the taproot of the beet plant, which is a rather common super food in North America. The plant has many functions, such as the beet being used to create food coloring or being used in holistic medicine. Medicinally speaking, it has been good for brain function and blood pressure management. What’s important about it is that it contains some essential nutrients, such as potassium; vitamins A, C, and B6; carbohydrates for energy, folic acid, protein for muscle growth, soluble fiber, antioxidants, iron, and magnesium. In a 2011 study, it was found that eating beetroot prior to a race gave runners an advantage over runners that ate cranberry relish. The theory that supports why beetroot worked better than cranberry relish is that beetroot’s nitrates are converted into nitric oxide that dilates blood vessels, thus improving oxygen delivery. This is a formula that has been known to increase athletic performance. If a person consumes too much beetroot, their urine can turn pink and the chances of kidney stones increase. It is recommended to cut down on oxalates in the diet if beetroot is to be consumed in large quantities. However, this supplement doesn’t have a large quantity of beetroot in it, so this shouldn’t be an issue. If you eat beetroot in addition to taking the supplement, then you may want to take caution.

Citrulline Malate is an amino acid. When produced in the body, it is a byproduct of nitric oxide production that occurs from the arginine amino acid. Nitric oxide production is important when working to build muscle because this is what leads to the necessary protein synthesis in the muscles. It has also been referred to as “The Fatigue Fighter” because it enhances ATP production, which is a substance that every living cell in the body needs for higher energy levels. This is something that is important for muscles which are engaged in heavy training. ATP gives the ability to train harder and recover much faster. It is through increased amino acid delivery to skeletal muscles along with better protein synthesis that lean muscle mass gains are supported. This is something that this is good for. Blood vessels are also able to relax, which leads to better cell volumization, which translates into better pumps and fuller muscles. As far as side effects, Citruline Malate is considered very safe. No serious side effects have been observed. The only side effect that has been associated with this amino acid in supplement form is an upset stomach. As far as interaction with other supplements, nothing of the sort has been observed.

Agmatine Sulphate is derived from the L-Arginine amino acid and it passes the blood-brain barrier so that it enters the central nervous system. It then binds to NMDA Glutamate receptors. This can contribute to an improvement in memory function. It also regulates nitric oxide levels, especially when nitric oxide becomes too elevated. Agmatine Sulphate is also an antioxidant, which is essential for healthy immune function and the removal of toxins and free radicals from the system. Because it improves the insulin response of the body, bodybuilders are able to build muscles that are harder and leaner. It is this supplement that can stimulate the LH hormones that stimulate testosterone. However, it is the nitric oxide that leads to better muscle pumps. As an analgesic, Agmatine Sulphate helps with pain relief. This is important when working out because lifting weights can be painful sometimes. The muscles have to be dealt damage so that the muscle fibers can heal stronger than ever. This ingredient can contribute to the pain control needed to facilitate faster healing. As for side effects, none have been found, even in large doses. Nonetheless, it is important to note that there have been few studies conducted. This means that if there are any side effects, they have not yet been identified.

Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS). It is considered a psychoactive drug and is very widely consumed in soda, coffee, chocolate, medications, and supplements. Unlike most psychoactive substances, this one is legal and unregulated. It is so widely consumed because of how it can boost energy through CNS stimulation. It is through this stimulation that Pure Muscle Gain users are able to increase their energy to the point where they can spend more time in the gym. However, there are side effects associated with caffeine. However, caffeine can protect people from cirrhosis of the liver, decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and can contribute to a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes. To experience negative side effects, you have to consume a lot of caffeine, so it may be beneficial to limit caffeine consumption outside of Pure Muscle Gain so that too much is not consumed in the course of the day. Low levels of caffeine consumption do not have as many risks.

Dextrose is a simple sugar that is very similar to glucose. Made from white corn, it is used as a sweetener and in baking products. However, it is also used for medicinal purposes where it is dissolved in solutions that are combined with other drugs, given intravenously, or used to increase the blood sugar of a hyperglycemic. Because it is a carbohydrate, it can increase energy. It is actually touted as a good post-workout carbohydrate and is recommended for bodybuilders to stack with their post-workout protein shakes. Dextrose is fat free, it absorbs quickly, and it is a great source of energy

The ingredients of Pure Muscle Gain



There are a number of key advantages that users say they have experienced when taking Pure Muscle Gain. Many people have put their experiences with the benefits of this supplement into testimonial form, but there are some benefits that are simply shared by most users. The most common and most notable advantages are highlighted below:

  • It offers leaner muscle gain;
  • The user looks and feels stronger;
  • Many people experience a more sculpted appearance;
  • The supplement contains natural ingredients;
  • It improves body fat metabolism;
  • Users experience more energy for their workouts;

The features of Pure Muscle Gain



In regards to certificates, the only ones that have been found for Pure Muscle Gain are those related to the security of purchasing online. The company has obtained the proper security certificates to ensure customer information is safe. Customers can check out these security certificates online.



There are a number of online testimonials regarding Pure Muscle Gain. These testimonials speak of an improved sculpted appearance and being able to more confidently compete in events. There are even users that say they have experienced improved energy.

One gentleman from New York said that he receives compliments on how his muscles look and hopes that his improved appearance will help him meet “the one.” Another says that he is on a bodybuilding team and that his teammates are impressed by the achievements he has made since taking the supplement.

Some testimonials of Pure Muscle Gain according to the manufacturer


Awards & Media Coverage

The Complete Health Website has ranked Pure Muscle Gain as their top recommended brand. They use a very strict system to determine which brands they recommend. They rely on the advice of well-being specialists and other health specialists to identify quality items. They also look at the profits of that item in order to determine how productive it is for its users.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Pure Muscle Gain does come with a 30 day return policy. The company states that they take great pride in the quality of their products, so they want their customers to be pleased with the product. However, the bottle has to be unopened, therefore it can’t be used.

Thankfully, you can try the product during the trial period. If you don’t cancel before the period is over and you are billed for your first full bottle, you can return that unopened bottle within 30 days for a full refund. That way you won’t have to worry about not even being able to use the product before having to return it.

Some points that the company makes in its terms and conditions is that the customer is responsible for the shipping fees. They also recommend obtaining delivery confirmation with the shipment from the company. This allows the customer to easily determine that the product was received by the company.

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Shipping comes at a cost of $3.95 and is rather fast. From the time your card is charged for your next bottle, it is shipped in 2 to 3 days. Sometimes it is shipped sooner and it only takes a few days for you to receive. The packaging is discreet so you don’t have to worry about the neighbors knowing what you are getting.


Customer Support

Just as some other elements of the product and company are a mystery, so is customer service. The website doesn’t specify a way in which the company can be contacted. No information is available in the privacy policy or terms and conditions when it comes to customer service. However, it is implied that that information is made available once a trial bottle of the product is ordered.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When purchasing Pure Muscle Gain online, security measures are put in place to ensure your payment information is safe and secure. A 128-BIT SSL connection is used to make for a secure connection that keeps sensitive credit card data from making its way into the hands of third parties that have less than pure intentions.

Also to make sure your connection is as secure as possible, the checkout system is Hacker Safe, VeriSign Secured, and McAfee Secure. All of these security measures ensure that the checkout system adheres to today’s online security standards for buying products on the Internet. This gives peace of mind when singing up for the free trial or making a purchase.

As far as information that the company collects about you, they only collect what you volunteer to disclose to them. This information can consist of your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number, name on the credit card, and the credit card billing address. However, the company keeps this information secure and does not sell it to third parties.

If you choose to correspond with the company via email, the company does keep track of that correspondence in case it needs to be referenced in the future. Customer service calls are also monitored and properly documented. So, you don’t have to worry that all of your concerns won’t be addressed or will be forgotten.

What information the company says they may share with advertising partners is unknown, but that may be more in the area of name, email, home address, and phone. Your payment information cannot be legally shared with third parties. The only third parties this information will be shared with are those working with law enforcement and when the company is legally required to provide that information.


Pure Muscle Gain’s Pricing & Free Trial

There is a free trial period in which potential customers can give Pure Muscle Gain a try. This is a completely free trial pack containing 30 pills. This is a 14 to 15-day supply. A full 30-day supply is 60 pills. This trial is risk-free, but you do have to provide your credit card number due to the $3.95 shipping charge.

Plus, your next bottle will be automatically billed to your credit card and sent to you at the end of the trial. If you decide you don’t want the supplement, you can cancel before the end of the trial. Doing this will ensure that the first whole bottle is not charged to your card.

The exact pricing has been a mystery, as users have not specified in their testimonials what the price is. The main website also doesn’t specify the price. You do have to get the free trial in order to start receiving the product. You have to note that once that trial is ordered, you have opted into a membership program that will bill your credit card and ship you a new bottle every 30 days until you cancel.

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* Update: We’ve found a monthly price for this product on a third party website, the listed price was “around $37.00”. We can’t guarantee this is the actual price, so if someone has more information, we would be happy if he can share this information with us!






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