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Pure Male Power Review – Take a New Approach for Your Training

What Is Pure Male Power?

Pure Male Power is an organic testosterone booster formulated to stimulate natural testosterone production to maximize workout potential and enable fast lean muscle mass growth. It is targeted specifically toward the adult male population to amplify performance traits like strength, stamina, power and endurance. Its primary advantage is its accelerated muscle-building capabilities, which are advantageous to any healthy adult male looking to up his workout performance and physique. The manufacturer lists other advantages to using this supplement, which are enhanced lipolysis, rapid recovery, optimized metabolism and maximum thermogenesis. It utilizes a natural formula blend with Oat Straw, Longjack Root and Tribulus Terrestris as active ingredients.

This workout supplement is also primarily geared toward athletes who are seeking a safe, natural dietary aid to boost their performance on the playing field. It is also reportedly popular among fitness professionals such as competitive bodybuilders and weightlifters who are seeking a supplement to drive their strength and stamina upwards. It is also said to be popular among military men who need to similarly up their strength and physical power to achieve maximum physical fitness. As stated by the manufacturer, Pure Male Power is intended to be taken daily alongside a healthy diet and an effective exercise regimen.



This testosterone booster is manufactured by a company called Pure Male Power Products, Inc. Pure Male Power Products, Inc. has developed, manufactured and sold a number of successful workout supplements. The product website lists a Savannah, GA corporate address for physical correspondence and inquiries. Additionally, it offers a second equally successful testosterone-boosting supplement to pair as part of a stack with Pure Male Power. Due to the marketing success of its products, this supplier clearly has experienced a level of success selling its fitness merchandise.

A potential problem is the fact that, as is the case with many supplement suppliers on the market today, this merchant does not list any company specifics on the product website. It does not list a company history, a seller philosophy, and it does not provide any sort of specific company information nor does it have an official website. Similarly, there is little to no information to be found on the web about this company. Customers would likely appreciate some detailed information on the product website in order to become more informed before making any purchase decisions.


How Pure Male Power Works?

Pure Male Power claims to work synergistically with the body’s natural processes to promote increased supplies of testosterone. One way it accomplishes this is to prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen. It also accomplishes this by the amino acid content in its organic ingredients. These amino-rich natural extracts are said to help significantly in the process of myogenesis, or muscle growth, and also to repair muscle tissue post-workout. These capsules work by dissolving in the bloodstream and then both actively and passively promoting the production of free testosterone.

According to instructions, users must take one pill in the morning and one before workouts. These tablets can be used as a sole dietary supplement or they can be stacked with others. Although the product description states that Pure Male Power does not have any harmful side effects, there is always the possibility that the natural natural extracts will negatively interact with pre-existing health conditions or medications. It is always advisable to either consult with a physician or to at least conduct thorough research, before beginning a dietary supplement.


Ingredients of Pure Male Power

As many bodybuilders and other fitness professionals know, testosterone is a natural steroid hormone instrumental in fueling stamina, energy and endurance. Pure Male Power is purportedly effective in mobilizing the body’s resources to amp up testosterone stimulation, thereby supplying the body with the energy and power push it needs to work out harder and longer. Oat Straw is the first ingredient listed in this formula blend. Oat Straw, a.k.a. Avena Sativa, is an annual grass with a high nutritive value many bodybuilders believe is helpful in combating exhaustion and muscle weakness. The formula also includes Mucuna Pruriens, an herb used for both food and medicinal purposes in West Africa, India and Central America.

Many fitness supplement users believe Mucuna Pruriens benefits the muscle-building process due to it high L-Dopa content. L-Dopa is an amino acid that some believe helps ramp up the production of Human Growth Hormone, which in turn helps the body build more muscle and burn more fat. The formula also includes Longjack Root, a popular supplement ingredient extracted from a bitter root many believe helps stimulate testosterone production as well as aiding muscle recovery and improving mental focus. Tribulus Terrestris is another popular natural anabolic supplement ingredient listed; this extract contains a steroidal saponin called Protodioscin many believe helps raise testosterone levels as well as stimulate myogenesis. Other listed ingredients are Nettle Root, Dindolymethane and Ashwagandha.



One of the biggest advantages posited by Pure Male Power is that it promises to dramatically help slow the aging process by utilizing a natural formula blend to boost power and vitality. By increasing testosterone, this product promises to help users pack on lean muscle mass, burn fat and enable maximum thermogenesis. In turn, it purportedly helps to fight age-related physical drawbacks like loss of muscle tone, lethargy, increased fat and low stamina and endurance. Because the pills are easy to take, they are easy to incorporate into even busy schedules. All of their ingredients are natural, so this product posits itself as a safe, natural alternative to anabolic steroids with little to no harmful side effects (for most users).

Perhaps one of this product’s biggest advantages is its purported ability to support healthy free testosterone levels, thereby engendering healthy muscle growth and accelerated muscle growth. It also claims to help support healthy body composition as well as combat other age-related side of effects of testosterone decline, such as less effective improvements when exercising and longer recovery after each session. It also promises enhanced lipolysis and greater confidence as a result of a better body and optimized physical performance traits, both in the gym and in daily life.



Prominently displayed on the Pure Male Power website is a ‘Made In the USA’ certificate. This stamp not only provides United States customers the pride of knowing they are boosting their home economy while getting ripped but also assures a high standard of quality in manufacturing. Many United States fitness buffs will likely find this to be a positive consideration when deciding whether or not purchase or sign up for the trial.

There is also a ‘100% Satisfaction Guaranteed’ certificate on the product website. This is almost certainly due to the company’s risk-free trial program and money-back guarantee, both of which programs offer the buyer some protection in investing their money while trying it out. There were no other certificates displayed on the website. The manufacturer may also want to display a certificate indicating a GMP stamp, which informs buyers that the product was manufactured in a sterile FDA-approved lab.



Since I added this to my stack, I’ve noticed quite a difference in my energy levels during workouts. Now, I don’t even need to rest between sets most of the time. I’ve lost fifteen pounds in a matter of months, and I’ve got dates lined up on my calendar with some amazing women I’ve met at the gym. I have to give props to Pure Male Power for helping me step up my game in a major way. – Brandon, engineer in Scranton, ND, USA

I signed up for the trial because I had read a lot of other guys talking about how they could blaze through more sets in less time, so I had to check it out. Let me just say that everything I’ve read about this stuff’s energy- and strength-boosting advantages has held true for me. I take these pills with my protein shake, and I can feel them kick in before my workout starts. I feel like I can lift more, and I also need to rest less between sets. This stuff has taken my workouts to the next level. – Darryl, experience designer in San Francisco, CA, USA

This has been exactly the testosterone booster I’ve been looking for to amp up my training sessions. I started using this with a new workout program four months ago, and since then, I’ve lost ten pounds and gained almost an inch of rock-hard muscle on my biceps. I can see my abdominal muscles for the first time since my twenties, and I am now almost a fifty-year-old man. I haven’t had this much pep in years, and I have to credit these pills with having a major part in that. I’ve recommended this to all my workout pals and colleagues. – Hiroshi, sous chef in Tokyo, Japan.

This stuff goes down easily, gives me a power surge for workouts and hasn’t given me any negative side effects. I’m down five pounds in two months alone, and I’m seeing muscle definition all over my body. I’ve even added an extra workout day to my training week, and I give full credit to this new supplement. – Jens, financial executive in Gothenberg, Sweden.


Awards & Media Coverage

Pure Male Power has appeared on such major media outlets as CNBC, USA Today and Fox News. Clearly, these media features evidence the fact that this manufacturer possesses some significant power and experience in marketing. This exposure testifies to its product developer’s experience level; the risk-free trial offer likely testifies to its faith in Pure Male Power’s efficacy. The company encourages fitness enthusiasts to thusly make up their own minds on the matter by trying it out. Either way, this supplement has experienced a modicum of mass media exposure.

Although Pure Male Power has not any awards in the health and fitness industry as of yet, it has an extensive presence online and on social media websites. It can be found on such sites as YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. The fact that, according to the 2015 copyright date on its website, it is a relatively newer supplement may have some bearing on its lack of awards. Time will of course tell whether it will attract accolades in the health and fitness industry.


Money-back Guarantee

Workout enthusiasts may try Pure Male Power for a 10-day trial plus 4 days for shipping and handling. The only cost is the shipping and handling fee. If a customer is satisfied with the product’s performance after the trial, they must do nothing and will then be enrolled in the Pure Male Power subscription plan, wherein the debit or credit card provided by the customer will be charged on a monthly basis for a fresh 30-day supply of capsules, which will be delivered monthly. Customers may also choose to cancel this program to avoid incurring subscription fees by contacting customer service to cancel before the final day of the trial program.

Customers may also take advantage of the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, according to company policy, customers may request a refund anytime within 29 days of the date the product is shown as delivered to the customer’s address. On the 30th day, all sales are considered final, and full refunds are only issued for undamaged, unopened packages. Shipping and handling charges — whether straight sale or part of the trial program — are non-refundable. Refunds on opened items are determined on a case-by-case basis; all returns must come complete with a Return Authorization Number, which are given by customer service.



The manufacturer ships anywhere in the United States as well as many locations and military bases worldwide. The company offers a range of shipping carriers that include FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service. At $5.99, the shipping and handling charge is a bit higher than the average going rate for a bottle of workout capsules on the supplement market. All U.S. orders are processed and shipped to the address listed on file within 2-4 business days. According to shipping policies, international orders may require additional shipping and processing time.

For orders placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, orders will be shipped out the following Monday. The exception is if said Monday falls on a US federal or state holiday. In these cases, the shipment will be processed on the next non-holiday business day. Customer care representatives are available by phone and by email to answer any and all shipping questions. A major plus is the fact that customers who have ordered Pure Male Power as part of a subscription program are able to call customer service to request an extension in case of any shipping delays. All order come complete with delivery confirmation; refunds are not issued for products shown as delivered on the delivery tracking system.


Customer Support

Their customer care hours of operation are Friday, open 24 hours PST, and Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST. Many customers will likely find this support center’s limited hours (as they are closed Monday through Thursday), to be extremely frustrating, as they must then dedicate Fridays and weekends to customer service contact. The customer care center is closed on major US holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. The company offers an email customer service address for ease of use. It also offers a toll-free telephone number for those who prefer to speak with a live support member.

The product website lists a Savannah, Georgia corporate address for physical correspondence and inquiries. Customers may contact a representative by phone or by email to cancel or modify orders, to request a Return Authorization Number for returns, or for any reason whatsoever before making an order or after, or for any product- or policy-related questions. Although the customer support program is sufficiently comprehensive, their lack of weekday availability may prove to be a source of frustration for many customers who would prefer to interact with customer support during basic weekday hours.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The online transaction system on the Pure Male Power website displays a range of security certificates promising a safe and secure transaction in accordance with current industry standards. These security logos include Verisign Secured, HackerSafe Scam Alert, McAfee Secure, MasterCard SecureCode and 128-Bit Secure SSL Connection. Also on the product website are such safety logos as Comodo Authentic Secure, Protected By DMCA and Comodo Authentic Secure. The checkout section also displays a Secure 256-Bit Secure Connection SSL security stamp. This security software suite serves a variety of purposes, including scanning the website for malware, phishing attempts and securing servers against any sort of misuse; encrypting all sensitive customer data so only necessary parties are able to view it; and also incorporates antivirus software, a firewall program, a “sandbox” and a host-based intrusion prevention system.

The manufacturer states via their privacy policy that the importance of security for all personal customer information is of utmost concern to them and is protected by encryption software. All personal information is stored on a secure server that only select Pure Male Power Products employees and contractors have access to via password. Because credit card transactions and order fulfillment are handled by established third-party banking, processing agents and distribution institutions, they receive the necessary information for verification and authorization of credit cards or other payment information to process and ship orders.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full non-trial cost for a bottle of Pure Male Power is $89.99, which also includes shipping and handling fees plus applicable taxes. The only payment methods accepted are Visa and MasterCard, which may be a deterrent to customers who prefer the industry-standard payment method of PayPal. According to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions, any order that has been rejected for any reason in line with company policies will be refunded. Also per company policy, all orders are subject to all applicable taxes from the states to which they are shipped. As part of the automatic subscription program after the risk-free trial, customers are given access to a health and fitness portal on the product website, while the website states that this portal may include diet and health ebooks and videos.

According to the manufacturer’s terms, the value of the price displayed on the site in non-US dollars may vary from the amount charged to the user’s credit or debit card ( depending on conversion rates). International customers are responsible for any pricing differences or changes that result from currency changes. Per the company’s optional cancellation fee policy, if a buyer wishes to cancel their subscription plan or to obtain a partial refund without returning the merchandise, this is allowed but the buyer may incur a nominal fee in exchange for not having to return the product. However, this optional cancellation fee may be avoided completely by returning the product back to fulfillment facilities with a postmark within 30 days from the date of receipt.






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