Provitazol Review – Can It Help Your Muscle Growth?

What Is Provitazol?

Provitazol is a testosterone booster that is making a name for itself on the market for its powerful, all-natural ingredients. The dietary supplement is created using a specific four-in-one blend. As it is 100% natural, the risks of encountering any side effects are incredibly low. This is a feature that factors into the growing popularity of this booster.

Even though Provitazol is initially created to help stimulate your testosterone production, the supplement manages to work harder than that. It can be useful when used to enhance your entire athletic performance. Some of the active ingredients used in this product can aid in the fat burning process. This booster also helps increase your physical endurance levels so that you can hit the gym longer and push yourself further. In addition, it is formulated to help you develop leaner muscle mass.



This testosterone booster is manufactured directly in the United States. The company behind selling the product is known as the Healthy Living Association. They are a trademark of Legendary Ventures (previously known as Freedom Writers Publishing). The company places an emphasis on creating natural, safe health remedies. Their team is a mixture of doctors and natural health remedy experts, and all of them have years of experience in their related fields.


How Provitazol Works?

When you begin to take Provitazol, it will begin to work inside your system through specific means. Primarily, it will tackle your body’s own production of testosterone by naturally stimulating and elevating those levels so that you can notice a real change. Alongside with this, the mixture of ingredients will lend itself to other functions that will enhance your workouts and overall health. One way that it does this is through the use of an ingredient known as Tribulus Terrestris.

Tribulus Terrestris is a popular and traditional ingredient that is often found in several similar testosterone supplements. It has long been tested and studied to see just how it has testosterone boosting properties. The running theory is that, when given in enough doses, the ingredient addresses testosterone by elevating the luteinizing hormone (LH). When you have a balanced amount of this type of hormone, it can encourage the creation of more testosterone.

The ingredient Tribulus Terrestris is not only used for this reason, however. It has further been studied and tested to be used as a mood elevator. Meaning, it can help contribute to an increase in energy levels and perhaps concentration. Raising your energy levels can help with your workout routine, letting you push through it all longer than you normally would without feeling drained.

Another way that Provitazol works in your body is that it helps to improve circulation as well as support the growth and repair of muscles. This is helped by the ingredient Epimedium, otherwise notably known as Horny Goat Weed. Just like Tribulus Terrestris, this ingredient is another well-known one in supplements for bodybuilders and athletes.

This testosterone booster can also work by raising the amount of free testosterone that you have. The ingredient Nettle Root Extract assists with this process. It moves around the testosterone that may be “hiding” from you, so to speak. By doing this, your strength and muscle mass can also increase. Furthermore, Nettle Root Extract works in harmony with the other natural ingredients to help balance out the testosterone so that you do not have too much or too little of it.

Yet another way that this testosterone booster can address your body is by improving your athletic performance in a general sense. The booster contains Eurycoma Longifolia. Like the ingredients explained before, this can be found in numerous of supplements for good reason. In this particular one, it can help improve blood circulation and reduce fat. It also helps when used as an energy and stamina booster so that you get more out of your workouts.

In order for Provitazol to work the way that it is intended to, it will be beneficial if you take it properly. The testosterone booster is available in a bottle that will contain 60 capsules in total. It is stated that you can get a 1-month supply with just a single bottle. So, to properly use this booster, it is best to take two capsules regularly on a daily basis. If you wish to switch up the dosage to lighten the load (e.g. 5 days on/2 days off), then that should work for you as well.


Ingredients of Provitazol

One of the biggest selling points for this particular testosterone booster is that it makes use of all-natural ingredients. Not only that, but they are also organic and non-GMO. The ingredients are even made with the highest bioavailability. By doing this process, rather than the ingredients simply rushing through and out of your system before you can benefit from anything, your body has a greater chance of absorbing it all.

There are only a few primary, active ingredients found in Provitazol. This booster has a couple minor ones as well that will be touched on later. The following, however, will address the main ingredients first. It is not clear though how much of each one you will get out of this testosterone booster. Even so, you will find detailed information about the ingredients below:

Eurycoma Longifolia (100mg)

A flowering plant that is a member of the Simaroubaceae family, Eurycoma Longifolia is native to Southeast Asia, primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia. The root of the plant is typically used when this is utilized in supplements. This root contains a number of chemicals that go to work in the body in different ways. One of the chemical compositions it contains is glycoprotein compounds.

As it goes through your body, there are test to show that it may free up trapped testosterone. When this is being done, there are a host of things you can notice. You may witness an improvement in your ratio of fat to lean muscle mass. Since Eurycoma Longifolia houses anabolic properties, it is believed to contribute to building up that leaner mass of muscle. This ingredient does additional work to the body such as promoting an increase in stamina, endurance, and improving strength levels.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is an annual plant that is a caltrop in the Zygophyllaceae family. Though widely distributed throughout the world, this is known as an invasive species in North America. It is sometimes referred to under nicknames like Devil’s Weed when it is used as a supplement ingredient.

The use of Tribulus Terrestris in testosterone boosters such as Provitazol is due to studies that say it may improve your T-levels over time. It works by going after the luteinizing hormone (LH). This is a hormone that is vital to your production of testosterone. So, by using Tribulus Terrestris in a supplement like this, it can encourage that hormone to grow in an attempt to raise your T-levels to a more appropriate amount.

Another way that this ingredient is used in this testosterone booster is in the treatment of fatigue. In other words, it can help raise your energy levels. This can easily help you see an improvement in your exercise or bodybuilding routines as it may take you longer to run out of steam.


If you have not heard of this name, then you may recognize it in its famous nickname: Horny Goat Weed. This ingredient is another genus of flowering plants, and it can be found in the Berberidaceae family. Most of these plants are native to China even though they can be found in other Asian regions.

As common as the nickname sounds, you can regularly find this in numerous of bodybuilding supplements as it has been tested to address traits such as the production of testosterone and nitric oxide. This ingredient contains several flavonoids. One of them is icariin, a flavonoid that is known to cause the synthesis of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels. That, in turn, can support the amount of blood flow your tissues will receive and improve circulation throughout.

The flavonoid icarrin is also involved when it comes to testosterone. It is thought to be able to help stimulate free testosterone around your system. This has a domino effect in helping to better your athletic performance and physique through increasing your muscle size and build upon your actual strength.

Nettle Root Extract

This ingredient comes from an herbaceous perennial flowering plant that is known as Urtica dioica. It is often referred to as Common Nettle or Stinging Nettle. This plant is a part of the Urticaceae family, and it is native to parts of Asia, Europe, northern Africa, and western North America. Its uses in supplements and such can be traced throughout history.

To get the Nettle Root Extract ingredient found in this supplement, the extract is usually taken from the leaves and the root. These parts not only contain higher amounts of iron, but they are also used to search for and free hidden testosterone. With this ingredient freeing up that trapped testosterone, you can see a development in your T-levels. All of this can lead to elevated to greater strength and elevated muscle mass.

Moving beyond the primary ingredients explained above, there are a few minor ingredients that can be found in Provitazol. They are touched on as followed:


This is an annual plant that is found in the Fabaceae family, and it is believed to come from the Near East in Western Asia. As a testosterone booster ingredient, it contains a good amount of iron and has decent protein content. The iron alone can help the oxygen flow to muscle cells. This ingredient can also aid in raising your energy levels. All in all, it can work alongside the main active ingredients.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng, a root of Panax ginseng, is native to East Asia. It has been used over the years as a popular supplement ingredient. To put it simply, it can improve your athletic performance as a whole. Studies have shown that it can have a positive effect on your cardiovascular system in addition to allowing you to build more strength and hold greater endurance.
Vitamin Bs (B2, B5, B6): Having an adequate amount of B-Vitamins is beneficial when you’re getting into shape or wanting to see improvements in your bodybuilding. Though these vitamins have their specific interactions, overall, they are important to your metabolic process. B2 (Riboflavin) can assist with the nutrient conversion to energy. B5 (Pantothenic acid) can support hormone and energy production. Lastly, B6 (Pyroxidine) can transform amino acids into proteins.

Vitamin D

This fat soluble vitamin plays a role in protein synthesis and it helps to regulate neuromuscular functioning. A higher count of Vitamin D can lessen the development of fatty muscle for a leaner appearance. Also, the vitamin contributes to bone health, and stronger bones lead to stronger muscles.

Vitamin D3

Otherwise known as Cholecalciferol, Vitamin D3 is a biologically activated form of simple Vitamin D. Perhaps one of the largest contributions that this ingredient can have in a testosterone booster is that it can reverse the softening of your bones. Weak bones lead to weak muscles, which is counterintuitive of this booster. By strengthening your bones, D3 helps build up the strength found in your muscles.

There are a number of reported benefits that you should see when you take this testosterone booster. The manufacturer claims the following:

  1. An increase in energy and vitality following your first dose of the supplement.
  2. Getting a greater pump from your workouts in addition to larger muscle mass after 3-4 weeks and an increase in energy for exercise.
  3. An elevation in mood as well as greater concentration after a month of taking the supplement.
  4. To breakdown just how much of an advantage you may receive from regular dosing of Provitazol, it is simpler to take a look at the ingredients and connect them to the benefits. For starters, there are enough ingredients found in this product to aid in your production of testosterone. There are a number of reasons as to why you may need that boost in your T-levels.

Low T-levels are commonly found once men age past 30-years-old. Although this is a natural event, it is still something that you can fight and succeed against. This testosterone booster can help you accomplish that with its host of natural ingredients working with one another.

When you have low T-levels, your exercise routines can unfortunately feel the effects. To counter it, this testosterone booster can free up some of that trapped testosterone that is floating around in your system. You can begin to feel all of the benefits that come with having a normal amount of testosterone as you did in your younger days.

You can witness a change in how effective your workouts are by taking this testosterone booster. As stated before, it can help with your energy levels. This has a number of different effects on your workout routine. It can help you master a greater level of pumps, something all bodybuilders hope to reach. Elevated energy levels from this booster contribute to your pump by improving the blood flow to your muscles.

Furthermore, this entire process will aid your athletic performance further down the road. As you develop better energy intake and thus develop a greater pump, the pump will create a good amount of capillaries. These capillaries are tiny blood vessels that can provide the muscles with more oxygen and nutrients. It places you on a cycle of muscle growth and even larger pumps.

Another way the elevated energy levels you see from taking this testosterone booster positively affects your workout is that it simply cuts back on fatigue. It is easy enough to grow tired, winded, etc. even if you have not been in the gym that long. A good way to break down that wall is maintaining the energy you started with. A supplement such as this one can help you not only feel more energized, but also help maintain that endurance so that you can work longer and harder.

After all of that, Provitazol can help with the repair of your muscles. Although there are other ways you should recovery following a workout, this supplement can give you that nudge you may need to get you on the right path faster. With proper recovery, your muscles have a greater chance at staying healthy and growing the way you want them to.



The company that is behind the distribution of Provitazol boasts an A+ rating as an Accredited Business from the Better Business Bureau. Their website is also certified by Trust Guard as they have met all the required standards for maintaining the Business Verified, Privacy Verified, and Security Verified seals.



There are a lot of these testosterone boosters on the market, but I do appreciate this one being made with all-natural ingredients. I get all of the benefits of raising my T-levels without any of the side effects from some of those other drugs.

– Mark S., New York, USA

It took a few weeks for me to really see any changes. When it kicked in though it was great! I felt more alert, my energy was great for my workouts, and I can just feel myself getting stronger.

– Dennis T., Dallas, Texas, USA

Honestly, this stuff just works! I started getting some low T-levels earlier than usual, and once I started this supplement, I felt an instant change. I don’t just have more energy for the gym, I have it no matter where I’m at.

– Chris C., Toronto, Canada


Awards & Media Coverage

Provitazol is still relatively new in terms of testosterone boosters on today’s market, so the product itself has not seen much attention in the media or in terms of awards. However, the main ingredients within the booster have received their fair share of media coverage. You can find some information about the potent ingredients appearing in press publications such as the Birmingham News, the Kansas City Star, Las Vegas Review Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


Money-back Guarantee

Whether you have made a mistake with your order or you have decided that you simply do not like this testosterone booster, you can receive a refund that is hassle-free. There is a full, 100% money-back guarantee policy in place that you can use anything within a full year (365 days) from the purchase date. Along with that is a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you feel safe trying this product out.

The satisfaction guarantee specifies that you are able to receive all of your money back when requested no matter what has happened. For instance, you can use up the entire bottle of Provitazol, decide it is just not for you, and still send it back to receive a refund. If you do wish to return a product that you have not used, then all that is required of you is to contact support to receive the proper return label.



Once you have decided that you should try Provitazol, you will have to wait for your order to be processed on the next business day. That process date can be extended if it happens to fall on a holiday, however. After 48 hours though, you can generally expect your order to ship out. In the contiguous United States, a standard order will take anywhere from 3-7 business days to arrive. Alaska, Hawaii, and any international orders may have a longer wait time on shipping.

When your order has been placed, the shipping rates will be determined by the weight and size of your package. With that said, there are several ordering options that are available for this booster, and a few of them actually offer up free shipping and handling. To receive your product, the distributor will only ship out with one of the following companies: UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL.


Customer Support

If you seek out customer support for an issue you may have with Provitazol, ordering the product, or anything else, there are a number ways you can contact them. They are active on various social media websites if you seek to have a conversation with them in that manner. You can also reach out to them via email or write to them using the traditional “snail mail”.

There is a large customer support team in place, and they are known for being quick and helpful. Email may be the best route you can go toward about reach them though. It is said that some of the team members make it a point to respond to your requests for assistance via email in 24 hours or sooner on weekdays and sometimes on weekends.


Safe & Secure Checkout

If you have decided to purchase Provitazol, then there are two main payment options you can choose from: credit card or PayPal. Since both of these payment methods will largely involve sensitive, personal information, the checkout process is surrounded by layers of security. The website itself is secure so that any type of information that you send out will remain private.

For an additional amount of safety during your checkout experience, there is the Security Verified seal granted to the website from Trust Guard. Trust Guard is known as a third-party verification system used by numerous of Internet websites. The Security Verified seal verifies that you, as a buyer, will be purchasing from a secure source and your information will not be stolen.

Through the use of Trust Guard, the website undergoes weekly PCI security scanning and verification process in order to keep your information safe. It also checks that the site is utilizing the proper encryption on the checkout page. In addition to that, it ensures that the site has up-to-date SSL certification.

Concerning the other method of PayPal, if you use that as your checkout means, then you will be redirected to the PayPal webpage instead. When this occurs, understand that the company has its own separate, powerful host of protection in place. This includes features such as 24/7 transaction monitoring, enhanced encryption, fraud prevention, and more.



It is typical to find a single bottle of Provitazol that will cost you $49.99. This pricing, however, is not always set in stone as it frequently changes due to recurring sale prices. Your price will further make adjustments if you decide to purchase one of the varied bundle options that are available to you.

To use an example, if you are shopping for this supplement during one of the sale periods, you may see the price drop from $49.99 to $39.99 for single bottles. There is also a popular bundle that includes you receiving three bottles for $119.97, while you can even get a fourth bottle thrown in for free. This will wind up costing you $29.99 for each bottle instead of the usual price. The price can further change based on whether or not the option you chose has free shipping and handling.






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