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ProGain 350 Review – A Subscription Product from Organic Compounds

What Is ProGain 350?

ProGain 350 is a testosterone booster that seems to offer a tremendous number of advantages that similar supplements fail to provide. While it offers the usual test booster benefits, such as increased energy levels and the ability to lift more weight, this supplement doesn’t stop there. Men that use this testosterone booster elevate the production of nitric oxide in their body; eliminate free radicals, lactic acid and ammonia; increase recovery times; and heal muscles that have been torn and/or damaged from pushing their workouts to the extremes. The clinically -proven testosterone booster promises men a natural increase in testosterone production in their body by as much as 140%, plus a 283% increase in energy levels. When your body is free of the toxins that work to bring it down and filled with rapidly -producing testosterone, that power-packed weightlifting experience at the gym is inevitable, just as those lean, hard muscles that you want to gain.



Multi Muscle MMA, dba ProGain, is the name of the company that manufacturers the testosterone booster. The company is located in The Netherlands, where all correspondence and communication with them take place when placing an order. The company is still relatively new, founded only in August, 2015. Despite the short amount of time out, Multi Muscle MMA has had no difficulty finding its way into the lives of many hopeful bodybuilders through some pretty swell marketing efforts. Aside from marketing information, however, there is little else out there to provide confidence and trust in the brand.


How ProGain 350 Works?

ProGain 350 is designed to naturally enhance the testosterone levels in the body. When a man’s testosterone levels are at peak, he is able to rapidly product lean muscle mass while eliminating fat cells from the body. Unlike some of the other testosterone booster on the market, this one promises to work as you sleep, replenishing the elements that the body needs for ripped muscles, but has difficulty acquiring on its own. Nitric Oxide is one of those elements. Working with L-Arginine, these two ingredients work together to improve blood flow and increase strength and endurance.

Once the recommended dose of ProGain 350 has been consumed, the increased process of food digestion is noted, along with an increase in the metabolic rate. With these increases, you’ll feel pumped and ready to take on the world when you hit the gym and throughout the day. This testosterone booster focuses upon providing the body with the nitric oxide boosts that it needs to help achieve great results in the gym. Formulated with several different proven ingredients that coagulate with DNA molecules to help you shred with your fullest potential, the supplement promises to provide immediate results that boost the energy and help achieve an extreme bodybuilding experience.


Ingredients of ProGain 350

Inside of ProGain 350, bodybuilders will find several different ingredients needed to secure an effective workout all the way around the board. Each ingredient that is used in the product is scientifically tested for accurate dosing and proven to enhance testosterone levels and bodybuilding efforts. While we do know that the test booster users a Nitric Oxide formula created using scientific methods, what we don’t know is the exact amounts of the ingredients used to make the composition, or even the total amount of the ingredients combined. A vague label is none-to-pleasing for the serious bodybuilder. Finding any bit of information concerning the ingredients is very difficult and requires you to click a link that is found only in the Terms of Service page.

According to this page, the following ingredients are inside of the testosterone booster.

  1. L-Arginine Hydrochloride
  2. L-Citruline
  3. Croscarmellose Sodium
  4. Microcyrtalline Cellulose
  5. Nicotinaminde Adenine Dinucieotide
  6. Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
  7. L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate

L-Arginine Hydrochloride is the main ingredient inside of ProGain 350. This is one of the most common ingredients found in testosterone boosters today. This ingredient works in connection with the nitric oxide, increasing blood flow, making it easier for a bodybuilder to improve his power and endurance and speed recovery times. Sadly, it is anyone’s guess how much of this quality ingredient is inside of the supplement.

L-Citruline is a secondary active and important ingredient beneficial to a bodybuilders workout. This ingredient is found inside of many of the bodybuilding supplements on the market, particularly test boosters. This ingredient works to provide the user with muscular energy, enhanced strength and power, and supports muscle pump.



Advantages promised with the use of ProGain 350 are numerous. As mentioned above, the testosterone booster contains a formula quite different from many others that are currently available. The Nitric Oxide formulation works not only to enhance muscle size and increase testosterone levels, but also to speed up recovery times, allowing damaged muscles recover quickly; enhance your endurance during a workout; reduce fatigue levels in the body; and helps you burn more glucose out of the body, a necessary process if you want to eliminate fat.

The product doesn’t stop there, however, and goes the extra mile to offer solutions to low testosterone levels that oftentimes prevent men from achieving the rock-hard bodies they want.

Additional advantages promised with the use of ProGain 350:

  1. 52% increase in athletic endurance;
  2. 47% reduction in post workout fatigue;
  3. 52% increase in muscle size;
  4. Clinically-proven results;
  5. Boost lean muscle mass;
  6. No side effects;
  7. Promises better results than what you would attain using some other supplements.



Men that wish to use this testosterone booster can use it knowing that each ingredient has been lab tested for safety and that it is scientifically dosed to ensure accurate amounts of each of the active ingredients. This The Netherlands located facility produces many supplements each year which have been used without any negative reports from users. ProGain desires to provide products that men can trust and goes above and beyond to ensure that each product they create is done so with your good health and safety in mind.



What do other people say about the ProGain 350 testosterone booster? A quick Google search will reveal numerous reviews scattered about numerous websites. Read these reviews, as the insight they offer is amazing. To give you a head start, here are a few testimonials from product users.

I didn’t expect much from ProGain 350. I thought that it was just another product that promised great things and then sadly disappointed. Since I am new to the world of bodybuilding, I didn’t have a lot to lose by trying it, and I will admit that the advertising and hype really got the best of me. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a product of more than just hype. After two weeks on, I’ve seen some pretty incredible changes in my body size and tone. I plan to continue use of the product and hopefully see even more results like these. – Van H., Toledo, OH

It’s just another testosterone booster. I cannot say that it doesn’t provide results, but it doesn’t do anything incredible, either. I get some pretty nice energy when I use the supp, and the strength gains are nice. But, if you ask me, it is overpriced. There are other products that I prefer that are cheaper. – Dylan J., Big Bear Creek, CA

I’ve been bodybuilding for 3 years now and was never proud of the results I had achieved. Last year a fellow bodybuilder turned me on to this product and the results have been superb. I wish I had this product a long time ago. Since I started using it, I’ve lost a ton of fat and I hit the gym raging like an animal. I’ve also added weight to the bar and seem to have gained a new level of confidence. I will not use another product as long as this one is available. – Gary G., Chicago, IL

I don’t feel right after I use this product. I was really skeptical even buying it because I couldn’t find information about the ingredients or the dosing. I used this for a week and discontinued use. I passed it along to a bodybuilding friend of mine because I didn’t want to throw my money away. From what he has told me, the product works well for him. – Robert H., Hollywood, CA

Should you desire to read more testimonials, head over to the web to access them at no cost. There is a mixed bag of reviews out there, although it does seem that most men fully support the use of the testosterone booster. Reading these testimonials provides you the chance to form your own opinion about the product based upon firsthand experiences from real users.


Awards & Media Coverage

According to their website, ProGain 350 has been named as the #1 Muscle Product in the US. This is plastered across the top of their website, as well as several other locations, however, there is nothing telling us who named the product #1. Again, vague information is given to customers and it is none to reassuring for those that need the confidence and certainty of a product. Media coverage for the brand is incredible and a Google search will quickly reveal a plethora of reviews, testimonials, and other information that can provide you with further details about the product. Sadly, most of the information that you will find out there seems to be purely promotional material written by the product manufacturer.

There isn’t an official Facebook page for the brand, although there are a couple of fan/user-created pages that are clearly outdated pages that were made pre-launch of the testosterone booster. No other social media pages were found for the testosterone booster or for the manufacturer. The truth is, due to the fact that the company is still young and based outside of the US, information available is quite vague.


Money-back Guarantee

Should you wish to purchase ProGain 350, go ahead and do so with confidence since the product includes a money-back guarantee. Because they are confident in their products and wish for all of their customers to be happy with what they provide, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee available for men that are not satisfied with their achieved results. You can use ProGain and find out if it provides the results promised. If it does not exceed expectations with results and you feel is not the product for you, return it and get a refund of your money, minus the costs for shipping. The return process is fairly simple, but again, it is imperative to keep in mind the extra distance when shipping to ensure that your order is returned in time. If the product is not received within the allotted time, a refund is not available.



When placing an order for this testosterone booster, keep in mind that it is being shipped from outside of the U.S., so extended shipping times may be incurred. Some users of the product have complained that it takes longer to receive the product than the product trial offer provides, causing some confusion. There are only a few days of time for return of the product. It is hard to determine if you like a test booster if you’ve not had enough time to test it out.

In addition, there is no option for expedited shipping due to this fact. Costs to ship your order are relatively low, however, with a small fee of 10% of the order total to cover the shipping costs. All major credit cards are accepted. The cost of shipping is average to the shipping costs of other testosterone supplements. After placing an order, it is processed and shipped within a 24-hour turnaround time. Orders are then received by the customer within several days. The actual amount of time that it takes to receive an order varies according to your country.


Customer Support

Customers that have questions or concerns about the test booster or wish to cancel their order have two options to reach a member of the customer support team. Those options are via email or by calling the company directly. Email response is oftentimes slower than a phone call, however, replies are reassured to be received within 48-hours. Should you desire to call the company, keep in mind time zone differences, since the company is not based in the U.S. You will need to call the office in The Netherlands should you wish to speak to someone directly. The customer service agents seem to be knowledgeable about their product, helpful, and very friendly and professional in nature. There is also a self-serve website available for customer information and support. This website isn’t easy to find, however, and is accessible only when you click to view the Terms & Services agreement on the website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Shoppers concerned with the increased risks of shopping online can regain peace of mind when ordering ProGain 350. The product manufactures understand the increased worry and have went above and beyond to provide a safe, secure website to place your order. Check out the website for yourself and you’ll notice many logos throughout the site that indicate the protection that you are provided. As a PaySafe website, you are treated to 256-bit SSL security encryption; the very best that is out there. Thanks to this state-of-the-art safety, you can place an order with confidence, assured that your personal information, including credit card details, are always protected.


Pricing & Free Trial

When you order a 60-day supply of ProGain, you can try it risk-free using the 14-day trial offer. To take advantage of this offer, simply pay a small postage fee of $8 for two 7-day bottles. Use the testosterone booster for 14 days and if you don’t like it, return the remaining product and owe nothing. If you do like he supplement, however, do nothing and your credit card will be charged the total cost for the two-month supply. This total amount varies from one country to the next. In the U.S., the total cost, after your trial and 14-day free supply, is $117, while New Zealand customers pay $146. You are also entered into a monthly-subscription for the product. This can be cancelled at any time and single orders can be placed. Several options are available for ordering the testosterone booster risk-free, including a one-month supply of the supplement for $59.99; 60-day supply; and discounted rates when ordering three-month or larger supplies.






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