Probolan 50

Probolan 50 by Dhamhil Corp. Review – Is It a Good Product or Not?

What Is Probolan 50?

Probolan 50 is a nutritional supplement that is used to help augment, support and define muscle growth in men. Its purpose and use are derived from the desire to help bulk, chisel, and define these attributes in its users and allow them to meet their bodybuilding goals. As a supplement, it is able to accomplish this by improving performance, assisting in the natural occurring process of muscle recovery, all while helping to maintain appropriate levels of fat and muscles so that the results of your efforts at the gym can develop more in line with you how much hard work you’re putting in. Probolan 50 accomplishes these feats by allowing the testosterone in the male body to activate more keenly and effectively so that you can use the power and system of muscular regeneration to more acutely realize noticeable results after your workouts.



Dhamhil Corp. is no stranger to testosterone supplements, although it takes more than a little research to find the company (it is not clearly labeled under Probolan 50’s advertisements). However once Dhamhil Corp. is found, Probolan 50 can be seen as the testament to the company’s clear desire to innovate their focus: producing cleaner more efficient testosterone boosters. On the other hand, after already establishing a history with this type of product before, it calls into question the company’s motivation for not being forthright about their previous line of products. In summation, this act does not lead to a sense a feeling of betrayal or dishonesty, but rather is something that should be considered when considering where you want to put your money and what kind of relationship you, the consumer, demand of the supplier and of their other product lines.

How Probolan 50 Works?

Probolan 50 works in two distinct ways. The first, is the process of creating chemical partnerships with the body and the hormone testosterone. In this first step, the compound “Epihydroxetiolan-17-ester” activates and continuously stimulates the hormone so that it can more aptly prepare and rebuild the body before and after exercise. In its second phase, it can help provide a safe increase to levels of stamina and energy that are necessary when trying to actively pursue the expectations you have set for yourself while increasing your strength, endurance, and muscular physique. In this way, Probolan 50 follows the clear path set by the category of testosterone boosters, which is, to deliver a balanced form of supplementation, enabling you to realize the results you desire by bringing forth more of the natural sustainability and energy carried within your body’s hormones. As for the other ingredients contained in Probolan 50, one can only surmise their real effect and impact because they are not listed and no claim can be made to how these other self-proclaimed “natural ingredients” effect the results the consumer or how that would differ from the ingredients of a competitor.


Ingredients of Probolan 50

As the ingredients of testosterone boosters have a similar core structure and function, Probolan 50 directs most of their attention to the use of the chemical compound listed below:


This is the foundation of what makes Probolan 50 work. It is the hormone enhancing agent that acts as the liaison between your body, your efforts at the gym, and
the time and energy that you would need to spend to make your ambitions your new reality. Out of all the listed ingredients, Dhamhil Corp. stresses most emphatically, this ingredient. In fact, in all of the attributed success that the company chooses to detail, this is the only ingredient that is easily identifiable. “Natural Ingredients” are spoken of and mentioned but not clearly identified so the consumer cannot cross-reference them to the other brands, products, lines that currently exist on the market.



The advantages of Probolan 50 can be broken down into three major categories that might separate from other competitors:

  • The company highlighting natural ingredients;
  • A money-back guarantee;
  • An interactive social media presence.

Although, it is hard to validate the claim without a full list of the ingredients, “natural ingredients” is a large part of the conversation found within the testimonials and community experience. In many ways to better help solidify and legitimize the company there is a sense of community rallying around the product that provides experience in areas where the company themselves may have been vague. This feeling is only increased as the user is given the chance to interact with people who have already purchased the product through social media and well connected information this is provided on other participating websites. In this manner, a productive and easily obtainable dialogue can be started with another consumer and is never hard to find but rather supported and promoted by the way Dhamhil Corp. has chosen to brand and market the product. This focus and sense of transparency partners well with their money-back guarantee, easily visible near mentions of the product.



Probolan 50 is distinguished by the results of its clinical trials and widely venerated by its consumer base that has a large collection of positive and glowing reviews. The credibility and authenticity of the product is centered around the depth and following of these people who have been able to repeat the successes found in the clinical trials and want to share in that success with other people. What is shared between the users is not limited to testimonials but in fact many avid and involved followers have joined the community to share how to maximize the efficacy of the product while it is being used. This, above all, is the model used to validate the product’s authenticity and Dhamhil can be seen more commonly supporting these kind of relationships with its customers rather than the one on one level of correspondence. It sometimes seems that with this in mind, the individual must be willing to investigate the product by joining the community and speaking with real consumers to find out if the product is really a good fit for them instead of relying on a search that doesn’t seem to boast or yield many certificates.



Testimonials have come to be the most exceptional part of Dhamhil Corp. and how they have approached the launch of their product Probolan 50. By and large, the focus and attention to personal narrative is a priority for the company and this type of persuasion is very effective after seeing how getting a glimpse of the sheer volume of contact the consumers have with one another. If the medium of the internet makes you feel uncertain about your purchases or what information you can trust, Dhamhil Corp. has humanized this medium for you by allowing you easy access to testimonials, real people, and admittedly, a lot of rhetoric. Although not all of this should determine or demarcate the product with any outstanding merit, it could definitely a source of comfort for those that are looking for an environment where they could find others looking to meet the same goals and objectives and have experience with the product. The downside to this community is that there are many stories that look to have an obvious bias which hurts those in the community that are sharing authentic experience with Probolan 50.


Awards & Media Coverage

Probolan 50 loses some foothold against its competitors when confronted with its own notoriety because there are not many comparisons or reviews to give a good baseline, illustrating how effective the product really is. Other than the expansive community, lab trials, and company’s history with similar products, they seem to lack the competitive edge that a third party perspective could bring them by clearly defining what makes Probolan 50 its own product and not just a knock off or extension of some of Dhamhil Corporation’s other products. All of the media coverage and attention come from within the company and the community that they have created to ensure that consumers can discuss the product with each other. Even though some reviews do exist to rate the product, the conclusions and scores given by them are terribly vague and do not lead one to draw any educated conclusions about how Probolan 50 really stands when weighed against the chemical mixtures of its competitors. This lack of information makes it much easier to put your confidence and your money into another company that shows more willingness to compare the results of its product compared to the ones it competes against.


Money-back Guarantee

Like the sense of community, the money-back guarantee is another source of strength for Dhamhil and Probolan 50 because it is a feature that helps to pull the person back into purchasing the product after coming to terms that Dhamhil Corp. won’t be releasing its full list of ingredients. The company makes sure that the ninety day money-back guarantee for the product isn’t missed and there doesn’t appear to be any fine print to thwart the consumer of this right. The only factor that leaves room for a little trepidation about this offer was a review that claimed that the box had to be unopened (thus implying that the product could not be used). This however was only one voice and had to be put into perspective by the masses that recounted much more positive experiences with the company and their policy of ninety day guarantee. With such a large community, the narrative from the masses can help to invalidate the claims or at least provide an extra measure of assurance to the individual that the one negative response was indeed an outlier to the company’s real business practice.



After examining the shipping quality and price of Probolan 50, it is fair to say that that the price is for shipping is relatively high but will ensure prompt delivery with the product that you had ordered. It is twenty-five dollars to ship a package or cycle of Probolan 50 (this price comes on top of the price of the product). As told about the quality, the quality of the shipping seems to check out and neither third party or in house reviews expressed a problem with the quality of their delivery. Going over reviews, there were no “red flags” coming up to the surface that would indicate prior claims of failed shipments, missing product, etc that could show any irregular business integrity. Still, it is a rather high fee but it looks that this amount is able to secure a consistent service and quality explaining why and how their product is shipped out and delivered with such efficiency and overall success.


Customer Support

Customer support is significantly channeled through Probolan 50’s homegrown community and the feedback that its consumer base supplies to each other. However transparent Dhamhil is about connecting their users, it is disheartening to see that the company itself cannot be contacted so easily. There are available email links and an option for a phone number contact, but not all seem to display either the ability to activate and redirect to the correct page. Furthermore, if contact is made they do not appear to require that the response appropiately addressed or answered. In evaluation of this type of service, it seems very clear that the company is more comfortable letting the community they have created speak for the results and product than prioritizing this level of communication from both fronts.


Safe & Secure Checkout

A reiteration of the shipping charge, although the price points may seem high, the service provided for the whole purchasing experience are not lackluster. The product deserves acknowledgement for its attention to this part of the customer experience. The safety and security of the checkouts are not sacrificed even though at times the company seems to prefer a more hands-off management style. It is refreshing to see that they have maintained this type of integrity for their company, business policy, and product. Also to their credit, they have maintained an easily identifiable platform to make these transactions professional so that the consumer is not tricked by potential fraud that may try and bring them away from the purchase they desire.



Either for the narrative the company wants the consumer to believe or for the genuine quality of the product, the price of Probolan 50 is quite high when compared to other products on the market. The breakdown of prices is as follows:

  • 5 week cycle (60 tablets) – $49;
  • 10 week cycle (180 tablets) – $98;
  • 16 week cycle (360 tablets) – $147;

Now for the timelines that these cycles or packages represent, these land Dhamhil and Probolan 50 in a rather high price range. The biggest comforts of paying this much and putting so much faith in the product is the community you have access to and the continued quality of their product shipment. Without revealing the full list ingredients, it is hard to make this purchase on the grounds that these tablets chemically produce, activate, engage or utilize the hormone testosterone any differently than the other testosterone supplements on the market.






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