Pro Test 180

Pro Test 180 Review – Is This an Effective Testosterone Booster?

What Is Pro Test 180?

Pro Test 180 is a 100% organic nutritional supplement designed to stimulate natural testosterone production in healthy adult men. It may work to reduce fat, to maximize stamina and to boost energy and endurance for optimal workouts. Due to the testosterone-boosting extracts in its formula blend, it may be an effective solution for older men experiencing age-related testosterone decline. These physical gains may then translate to increases in lean muscle strength, size and power, while it also claims to regulate mood levels and to increase mental clarity. Its active ingredient is a flowering plant called Trillium Erectus.

This fitness supplement is manufactured by an established health and fitness merchant based in Tallinn, Estonia. It is thought that this merchant has been supplying the health and wellness market with natural fitness supplements, weight loss aids and other such products for a number of years. It is designed to be taken daily and on a consistent basis in order to attain maximum muscle-building results. It is not intended to be used as a meal replacer nor is it intended to treat any sort of medical conditions. Additional benefits it may offer include greater vascularity, athletic performance enhancement, accelerated calorie-burning, improvements in general mood levels and more efficient hormonal regulation.



Pro Test 180 is manufactured, owned and operated by Aliaz Cooperation SIA. This company retains headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. It provides its official VAT number on the product website for reference. In addition, it provides its organization number, of which it has been registered in Latvia. Though it does have some social media pages, it does not appear to be overly active on these but does have an official website.

At this time, however, it may be undergoing a revamping of sorts, as there is little company info here either. It does provide an inquiry submission form as another avenue with which to interact with customers. Its length of establishment is currently unknown, though the copyright date on the product website is 2013-2017. Aliaz Cooperation SIA does not provide links to its other health and wellness merchandise lines.


How Pro Test 180 Works?

This testosterone booster is formulated to actively increase the body’s production of testosterone – specifically, production of ‘free’ or ‘circulating’ testosterone, as it is commonly referred to by fitness professionals. These are the supplies of testosterone available specifically for building and regenerating new muscle tissue. By increasing supplies of this natural steroid hormone, improvements in general exercise abilities may be experienced. Pro Test 180 promises that most active users will see results within two weeks of use. Interested exercise enthusiasts should note, however, that extreme results are not possible without some level of hard work and dedication to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Pro Test 180 may also work by improving and regulating the process of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is a key function supporting adaptive responses to exercise, which determine the extent to which new lean muscle is built. The botanicals in this formula are also formulated to regulate insulin levels which, along with testosterone, is an important regulator in the process of muscle protein synthesis and hypertrophy. Although insulin is known to have only a permissive role in protein synthesis, it is thought to inhibit increases in muscle protein breakdown. This may help active users to pack on more lean muscle mass in response to strenuous weight-training as well as to shed more fat during intense cardiovascular exercise.

Although research and clinical studies are as of yet inconclusive regarding the extent of efficacy of general testosterone-boosting supplements, there are studies pointing to the effectiveness (for muscle-building purposes) of many natural extracts common to these formulas for exercise purposes. Users should always research formula ingredients before use to rule out the potential for allergies and/or negative interactions with certain medications. Better yet, it is always wise to consult with a health professional before incorporating into one’s daily regimen. With a 100% all-natural formula, Pro Test 180 promises no harmful side effects for most healthy adult men.


Ingredients of Pro Test 180

The plant extracts, herbs, flowers, vitamins and minerals that make up this organic supplement’s formula are engineered to function together in order to improve biochemical processes that support greater strength, stamina and energy gains. Once taken by mouth, the capsules dissolve and then permeate the bloodstream. The extracts’ amino acids and natural compounds are designed to interact with protein cells and blood vessels to function more efficiently and balance hormonal levels. Purportedly, these processes lead to hard, lean muscle gained fast (when paired with a balanced diet and exercise).

The only ingredient information made publicly available on the product website is Trillium Erectum, a flowering plant also known by the names Purple Trillium, Beth Root, Wake-Robin, Red Trillium and Stinking Benjamin. This plan is native to eastern regions of the United States as well as to eastern regions of Canada. Its roots have been used for myriad medicinal purposes by many native cultures throughout the centuries. Some of its primary purposes in traditional American medicine have been for the purported increase of stamina, endurance, general vitality and blood flow. This plant may help to restore healthy levels of circulating testosterone, enabling users to shed weight more quickly as well as to sculpt and build lean muscle at an accelerated rate.

The TentiGo website does not specify what the additional ingredients rounding out its formulation. Furthermore, there appear to be few to no credible sources online detailing this ingredient list in full. This lack of important information is a disservice to interested customers, as a complete listing of ingredients is essential to helping those seeking an all-natural fitness supplement determine whether any of the plant extracts may cause an allergic reaction. Although such reactions do not appear to be common, customers should always be aware of what they are supplementing with in order to avoid the possibility of an interaction with certain medications and other potential side effects. Although the formula is indeed plant- and botanical-based, those interested are encouraged to contact the company’s customer service department for info regarding a full ingredient list.



According to the official company statement, Pro Test 180 may not only help users sculpt and build more lean muscle but may also help to improve sleep quality. Perhaps the key benefit promised is the ability to build a better body at a rate faster than would be possible without supplementation. Through its proprietary formula blend, it may enhance and stabilize mood levels. By potentially improving blood flow, it may also help to improve cognitive sharpness and mental alertness. One of its primary promised advantages is significantly increased energy production for not only more energy with which to fuel workouts but also for more clean, sustained energy throughout the day.

This nutritional aid promises to increase free testosterone levels for more strength, stamina and endurance. More testosterone may also mean restored strength, vigor and overall vitality for men whose own levels have decreased over the years as a function of age. Through consistent use of this product, some users may experience ramped-up thermogenesis for faster and more dramatic weight loss. Since all of its ingredients are purported to be derived from natural sources such as plants, herbs, flowers, vitamins, minerals and other botanical extracts, there are no generally harmful or illegal additives in this product formula. Other advantages may include heightened self-confidence and natural athletic performance enhancement for sports and competitive fitness professionals.



On the official Pro Test 180 website is a certificate from American Express SafeKey. This security certificate works to ensure that customer payment information is processed and stored as safely and securely as possible. This fraud prevention tool provides all buyers using an American Express credit card for online purchases with a secure code with which to prevent unauthorized use. Similar to such security protocols as Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey works as an extra security layer to minimize phishing risk as well as any attempt at outside data interception. With this safety protocol, customers’ payment data is further protected by an additional authentication step at checkout, wherein buyers must enter a private security code.

Also provided on the Pro Test 180 website is a statistic stating that testosterone levels in men begin to decline by an average of 1.25% each year around the age of 25-30. As cited, negative effects related to testosterone decline include changes in sleep patterns, fatigue, loss of muscle size and strength, mood swings and more. In effect, this product promises to help reverse these negative patterns by way of the herbs and vitamins in this formula complex. Also displayed is a graph showing increases in free testosterone both before and after consistent use of these capsules. As shown, levels of free testosterone in some users have purportedly more than doubled as a result of supplementation.



I knew that there are a lot of bogus test boosters out there claiming to do all sorts of crazy things, so I decided to test this out through the trial program first. I emailed customer service to ask a few questions beforehand, and the representative was very professional and able to answer all of my questions. I took this every day for two months and worked out like a madman. It gave me a great energy boost to extend my workouts and even do more deadlifts, which were very difficult for me previously. Pro Test 180 has turned out to be the organic testosterone booster I’ve been looking for. — Marc I., professional baseball player in London, United Kingdom

Shortly after I turned 50, I looked in the mirror and decided I needed to make some major changes. I was tired of having a potbelly and of being out-of-breath every time I attempted to work out. I started taking two capsules before my walks every morning. In a matter of months, I was able to add heavier weights to my training sessions, not to mention adding two extra lifting sessions per week. My belly is disappearing and I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in years. — Anson A., financial consultant in Arlington, WV, USA

As a fitness instructor, I consider myself to be pretty in-shape already, but I had a big weightlifting competition coming up, and I wanted to level up my lifting abilities as much as possible as quickly as possible. I outlined my workout goals, stepped up my cardio routine and popped a couple of these capsules with a protein shake before each workout. It kicked in almost right away for me, and I placed in the Top 3 (in my competition) for the first time. Pro Test 180 did not disappoint. — Ricardo R., aerobics instructor in Sheffield, United Kingdom

I take these tablets with my custom protein smoothie before every workout, and I feel like it helps me hit the lifting bench harder. I can get more reps in, and it doesn’t give me the jitters or make me irritable in any way. I started out with the trial program and I’ve been using it ever since. I consider it essential to helping get my energy up and amping up my motivation before sessions. — Gerald F., bodybuilder in Auborn, WA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Although the Pro Test 180 website states that it is rated one of the top products in its industry today, there are no supporting links. The manufacturer claims its stock has been sold out in stores as a result of its popularity all over America as well as in the United Kingdom. Similarly, however, it does not provide customers with the necessary information to find this supplement in stores. In order to both further support customers in their fitness goals and education as well as to provide a more established view of the company itself, this manufacturer would be advised to link to such information on the site.

As of yet, there is no information regarding what accolades and awards it may have won. Although it doesn’t appear to have received any major media coverage, its appearance online among sundry bodybuilding and fitness communities is extensive. There, anyone interested can find a number of reviews from users who have incorporated this product into their fitness routines. It has not only been reviewed by individual bloggers and supplement enthusiasts but has also been featured by many established fitness professionals online.


Money-back Guarantee

Per the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee, customers may contact a customer service team member within 14 days of purchase to receive a full refund. Return bottles must be received undamaged and unopened. Those who would like to try before buying are encouraged to sign up for the free trial offer. However, other products come with a full 90-day return period in which customers are encouraged to try the merchandise in full. Any refunds or credits are applied to customer accounts once return shipments have been received.

All return parcels must be clearly labeled with a reference number obtained by contacting customer service. This number – called a Return Authorization Number – must be written on the package, as no packages will be accepted without it. Per terms and conditions, no repetitive refunds are accepted, and the company reserves the right to reject refund requests that appear to have been submitted in bad faith.



Customers are responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of all return parcels to the company’s warehouse. If any product is damaged during shipping, the company offers a full replacement product. Damaged items are not eligible for refunds or credits. Shipments are not delivered on weekends or on certain holidays. For any delays experienced, buyers may contact the company’s supplier, a third party contractor called Omniva.

The cost of shipping and handling for either a single bottle or for multiple bottles is currently $25.64. All costs associated with shipping and handling are non-refundable. This policy applies to both trial members as well as straight sale customers. The website does not specify which carrier (or carriers) the company uses for shipments nor does it appear to offer an option for general shipping insurance. This manufacturer ships to both the United States as well as to the United Kingdom; it does not specify whether it ships to other regions as well.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of this testosterone-boosting dietary aid – Aliaz Cooperation SIA – can be contact via a post office box listed on the product website. The address for physical correspondence is located in Tallinn, Estonia. This offshore address may create some expensive postage requirements for customers looking to connect with the company through snail mail. Members of the post-trial auto-delivery service can also contact customer service to adjust the frequency of orders as well as of any other factor. As a primary means of communication, there is also a customer service email address listed on the website.

Unlike most health and fitness merchants operating primarily online, Aliaz does not provide a telephone number to speak with a live representative. Email is thus the primary form of contact through which to contact a team member regarding billing questions, terms and conditions details, member accounts, policy questions or for any reason. The support department is not only available to current customers but is also open to anyone seeking additional information about the product. The site does not, however, detail what the support center’s hours of operation are.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The Pro Test 180 website bears an impressive range of safety and security trust marks. Per the manufacturer’s privacy policy, all payments are processed via a secure connection. One safety seal displayed near the checkout section is Verified By Visa. Verified By Visa is an online security system that works to safeguard Visa cardholders’ data by authenticating online purchases to guard against identity theft. To further ensure maximal fraud protection, it offers chip technology, predictive fraud analytics, encryption technology, transaction alerts and more.

The website is also secured by a 256-Bit Secure SSL connection. This Secure Socket Layer technology uses key ciphers to encrypt and decrypt customers’ information, making it unreadable to outside cyber attacks. A 256-Bit connection is utilized in most protocols and algorithms including AES (Advanced Encryption Method) as well as Secure Socket Layer connections. The site also bears a security seal to show that is has been verified and secured by This software also uses encryption technology to safeguard sensitive data and offers unlimited 24/7 security support.

The website also protects MasterCard transactions by way of MasterCard SecureCode to offer PIN protection to prevent unauthorized transactions. Even merchants are not able to view this code, and is utilized by millions of online vendors around the world. Also displayed is a security seal from TRUSTe Certified Privacy, which demonstrates that certified websites have been accepted for membership into TRUSTe’s privacy certification program. Considered as a whole, the individual technologies that make up Pro Test 180’s security suite function to scan the site daily for viruses or malware, to scramble data to guard against identity theft, phishing and cyber attacks as well as to offer secure transaction codes to individual cardholders. Though, as terms and conditions state, perfect online security is not possible, this merchant appears to have invested significantly in keeping its customers’ information safe from outside attacks.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pro Test 180’s parent company accepts all major credit cards as methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. As an exceptional value incentive, buyers may choose between three product offers tailored to suit varying supplemental needs and budgets. A single bottle containing a full month’s supply of 60 pills is currently $168.70. Those who want to stock up in advance can order the second bundle option of 180 pills for $337.40. Lastly, committed customers can order six bottles containing 360 pills for a discounted total of $506.10.

Fitness buffs can also try this testosterone booster out for 14 days to evaluate whether it may work for them. Unless trial members choose not to cancel by the end of the period, membership will be automatically rolled over into a monthly auto-delivery service. About 30 days after the original trial order, members will be billed for a monthly delivery of a fresh bottle every 30 days thereafter. Program cancellations must be requested before the fifth of the month in order to avoid charges and subsequent auto-delivery. Members can contact a customer support member by phone or by email to cancel and/or modify order services.






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