Prime Testo-Max

Prime Testo-Max Review – Can This Product Help You?

What Is Prime Testo-Max?

Prime Testo-Max is a male performance-enhancing testosterone booster formulated to increase workout capability and testosterone levels in order to promote longer, more intense workouts leading to increased lean muscle mass. Other touted benefits include greater strength, heightened energy levels and maximized endurance. Its ingredients are wholly legal and are 100% organic. It is designed for daily pre- or post-workout use by healthy adult males over the age of eighteen. It is marketed and sold in muscle-building markets worldwide. It can be used alone or stacked with other effective workout supplements.

This t-booster is intended for use by any male who wants to reach peak performance levels and maximal physical condition quickly. It is also intended for military men who would like the extra boost necessary for optimum physical and mental performance power. In addition, this supplement is popular among professional bodybuilders and weightlifters looking to raise their competitive abilities. Prime Testo-Max is also reportedly popular among older men who are looking to restore naturally depleted testosterone levels to attain the energy and vitality levels they may have lost.



Prime Testo-Max is manufactured by a company named Premium Supplements LLC. This merchant’s corporate headquarters are located in Land O Lakes, FL. As stated on the official Prime Testo-Max site, Premium Products LLC operates a network of websites offering a variety of products and services. It provides products such as cleansers and skincare as well as fitness supplements. All of these products can be found online, although the company might be wise to provide links for both the customers’ benefit and the manufacturer’s.

Premium Supplements LLC is a very experienced seller in the industry of health and fitness supplements. It has manufactured a variety of health, beauty and fitness products over a range of many years. It may stand to reason that this Florida-based supplier has acquired more knowledge in product development and marketing than merchants with less experience in the industry. Customers may certainly contact the company via the customer service number provided for further questions, as very little information about Premium Supplements LLC is available online.


How Prime Testo-Max Works?

This workout supplement alters body chemistry to raise free testosterone levels in the body, leading to increased workout ability and thus faster muscle growth. This product reportedly speeds up muscle-building results much more quickly than would be possible by diet and workouts alone. Once Prime Testo-Max dissolves in the bloodstream, it activates testosterone production in a number of ways. Its plant extract ingredients prompt the active production of testosterone while also blocking chemical components that inhibit its production.

This formula also purportedly increases the production of nitric oxide which, as many bodybuilders and weightlifters know is a precursor to testosterone. Through a complex chemical process, nitric oxide is converted to testosterone, thus leading to enhanced male performance traits. This process also helps improve blood flow, which means less recovery time, muscle fatigue and soreness and the ability to work out more intensely, more frequently. Essentially, this product increases workout capability in order to gain lean muscle mass fast.

Prime Testo-Max comes in a bottle that includes 60 capsules for a 30-day supply. Per the instructions, users should take one to two pills with a glass of water a half an hour before workouts. Maximum results are promised for those who take the supplement consistently and for a minimum of three months. Although all of the ingredients are natural, some users may experience an allergic reaction to the plant extracts. It is also possible that some users may experience a medication interaction, so caution is advised before beginning a supplement routine.


Ingredients of Prime Testo-Max

The ingredient list of this t-booster is formulated entirely from plants, herbs, minerals and natural extracts. Its proprietary formula blend utilizes Tribulus Terrestris, a popular muscle-building supplement additive also known as Devil’s Weed. Tribulus Terrestris is an annual plant grown all over the world which is known for its testosterone- and strength-boosting properties. Many believe it triggers the release of nitric oxide, leading to increased vasodilation, improved blood flow and less recovery time after workouts. A steroidal saponin called Protodioscin is thought to be the primary ingredient leading to rapid muscle growth.

Fenugreek is another extract used in Prime Testo-Max’s formula. Fenugreek is an annual plant that is cultivated all the world as a semi-arid crop, most of which comes from India. Some studies have indicated that it may raise testosterone levels, ramp up strength about and even increase growth hormone levels, among many other benefits. It has been a popular performance-enhancing supplement among bodybuilders and athletes. Fenugreek is also rich in proteins and natural iron, which purportedly helps users sculpt lean muscle mass faster.

This product also incorporates Ginseng Extract into its testosterone-boosting formula. Ginseng Extract is a root plant grown in North America and Eastern Asia, and is thought to be an effective mood-enhancer and energy stimulant. It is also thought to stimulate the release of nitric oxide in the body. Other ingredients include D Aspartic Acid, vitamins B2, B5, B6 and D3 as well as selenium and zinc gluconate.



Perhaps most importantly, Prime Testo-Max gives men the power, strength and energy boost they need to sculpt and reinvent their ideal body. It promises to supercharge the development of lean muscle mass, fuel explosive workouts, cut recovery time and facilitate larger and more perpetual pumps. It also promises to increase vitality and confidence as well as elevate strength gain and increase endurance. Its purported muscle-building capabilities are a major draw for athletes and fitness professionals who are seeking a legal, safe way to get shredded fast.

Another advantage of this workout supplement touted by the manufacturer is increased hormone production. As many in the bodybuilding world are aware, hormonal balance is key to high energy levels and strength. It is also crucial to fat-burning and, as a result, this product promised increased thermogenic capabilities. This means that not only is the body able to burn more calories during workouts, it is also able to burn more calories while at rest. Calorie-burning is also much higher in toned, lean muscle than it is in fat.

Testimonials for this product across the web also claim it is effective in restoring t-levels that may have naturally depleted over the years in older men. Testosterone decreases by a small percentage beginning at about the age of thirty. This leads to muscle loss, fatigue, body fat and a multitude of other effects. With consistent use of this product, the manufacturer claims, t-levels can be restored to vital, youthful levels. This may lead to peak workout performance, bigger muscles, a sleeker physique and greater confidence.



On the official Prime Testo-Max website, the manufacturer links to a scientific study describing the efficacy of dietary supplements on male bodybuilders. The source of the study is the highly reputable US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. The study is legitimate and very much worth reading for consumers curious about supplemental effects on particular biological functions. As such, it concludes that there may be some concerns about “possible supplement-induced injury” on the liver but that more research is needed for determination. Regardless, this is a wise move on the part of the manufacturer: by disclosing critical scientific information on workout supplements, the company will very likely gain increased trust with its customer base.

As for further transparency, the manufacturer is upfront about the fact that this supplement is not designed as a meal replacer. On the contrary, it is designed to work in conjunction with a balanced diet high in lean proteins and low in fat. While some men may have the mistaken impression that no further training is needed for optimal muscle-building results, the manufacturer directly states that it must be used with an effective workout regimen in order to fulfill its performance-enhancing promises. No further certificates are displayed on the official product website.



I’ve been taking Prime Testo-Max for four months now, and there’s no way I would’ve been able to get this ripped, this fast without it. I look and feel the best I have in years. What’s really amazing is the fact that I’m in my forties, but my body looks more taut and lean than it did when I was in my thirties. In my opinion, this is a great investment for any guy man enough to do the work and take the pills every day. – Gavin, solutions engineer in Fargo, ND, US

This stuff has given me the fuel I need to make each and every workout count. I feel like I can blaze through reps and deadlifts faster than I ever have before. The energy it gives me is incredible, and the taste is pretty decent, too. I’ve already recommended this to half the guys at my office and all the guys at my gym. The only side effects I’ve had are bigger muscles. – Jim, accountant in Anaheim, CA, US

I got hooked by the initial trial offer and haven’t looked back since. I don’t think there’s any way I would have been able to get as sculpted as I have been on my own. Not only that, the customer service reps have been extremely knowledgable along every step of the way whenever I’ve had questions. I also like that you can stack this with another supplement or use it on its own. – Trevor, chief operations officer in Lubbock, TX, US

I was hardly able to keep up with my workout buddies until I started using Prime Testo-Max every day, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. My strength and endurance have been up 200%, in my own estimation. I’ve lost ten pounds in a matter of weeks. I look great, my biceps are more ripped than ever and it has given me the confidence I sorely needed. – Max, painter in Albuquerque, NM, US


Awards & Media Coverage

At the time of this review, Prime Testo-Max has not received any awards or accolades in its industry. It is also unknown whether it has received any coverage from the popular media such as commercial men’s fitness magazines, TV or radio. However, this appears to be a relatively new supplement on the market, judging by the 2016 copyright date on the product website. Customers are encouraged to stay tuned to see whether popular media coverage and/or awards are in this product’s future. Presently, the manufacturer does not display any such information on its website.

The coverage on the web in general for this t-booster is moderately impressive. While not as well-known as other popular workout supplements, it has attracted a fair amount of reviews from professional bodybuilding review sites and forums. The customer response has been similarly positive, with users reporting good results and few (if any) negative side effects. Customers are encouraged to conduct an online search for further information.


Money-back Guarantee

Fitness enthusiasts who would like to try Prime Testo-Max can do so with little money upfront via the company’s 14-day trial period. The only associated cost is a small shipping and handling charge. Customers will be enrolled in the auto-delivery program if they do not call customer service to cancel within the first 17 days. On the 18th day after the initial order (if the customer does not call to cancel), the trial period will end and the company will process payment for the first auto shipment. This means the customer will receive a fresh bottle at the full retail price automatically delivered approximately every 30 days.

This manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product does not perform as expected. In these cases, the customer must contact customer service to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number. These RMA numbers will be issued within 2 business days. Such customers must then return products in their original, unopened package within 30 days of shipment to the company’s distribution center. Because this doesn’t allow the user to test the product, the 18-day trial is recommended for those who would like to test it out before committing to buy.



Prime Testo-Max customers are offered a choice of shipping carrier, either the United States Postal Service, UPS or FedEx Express. The company ships anywhere in the United States as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands of the US. The shipping and handling fee is a small charge of $4.97. The checkout section on the website provides an estimated date of delivery upon order. All shipping and handling fees are non-refundable, whether trial or regular order.

Per the official product website, customers will receive their packages within 2-5 business days of each payment. The shipping policy also states to allow 2-5 business days for the initial bottle ordered. Per the website shipping policy, all provided delivery dates are estimations only; the company does not guarantee specific delivery dates or times. Customers may contact customer service at any time to cancel or modify an order, though no charges will be refunded once a non-damaged product has been delivered.


Customer Support

Prime Testo-Max customers are offered a fairly comprehensive customer service program to assist with any questions they may have. The manufacturer pledges to stand by their satisfaction guarantee policy and to provide friendly customer service. Anyone with questions about the product, about company policy, about shipping and handling or about any issue whatsoever can contact a live customer service representative at either of two toll-free 1-855 numbers. The call center’s hours of operation are 7 days a week. Unfortunately, the company does not provide specific customer support hours.

The product website also provides a customer support email address for ease of use. In addition, there is a Land O Lakes, FL physical address for customer inquiries. The website does not specify whether the fulfillment center is also located in Land O Lakes, FL, though presumably it is. Overall, the customer support program is adequate, though the manufacturer would be very wise to list not only specific hours of operation but also whether the support center is open on specific holidays.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Premium Supplements LLC, the manufacturer of Prime Testo-Max, has gone above and beyond in investing in security software to ensure a protected transaction. Displayed on the website’s checkout section are such security logos as McAfee Secured, Norton Secure and Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Connection. Also displayed are popular industry-standard security logos like MasterCard SecureCode and Verified By Visa. Many of these are SSL security software programs which use encryption methods to protect all of customers’ personal and financial information. As such, buyers are protected against potential misuse and malware to the full extent possible.

The manufacturer’s privacy policy is also well worth reading for data security reasons. It states that the company will observe all applicable data protection laws but may also disclose personal information — including name, address, email address and telephone number — to other companies which may have no relationship to the supplier. Premium Supplements LLC also states that it uses procedural and technical safeguards to protect personal information against loss or theft as well as unauthorized access. The company utilizes many different security techniques to protect data from unauthorized access by users inside and outside of the company. Furthermore, it states that it may sell, license, or share customer information with third-parties for various marketing purposes, text messaging and direct mail.


Pricing & Free Trial

According to the Prime Testo-Max terms and conditions, after 18 days (approximately 4 days for shipping and 14 days to try the product), trial program customers will billed for the full price of each product.The regular retail price of a one-month supply of capsules is $89.97. This price will then be billed to the method of payment on file and delivered to the customer each month. Customers can, of course, opt out of the auto-delivery program by contacting a company representative at either the toll-free telephone number or the support email address for further instructions. The company accepts Visa, MasterCard or Discover as forms of payment.

As stated on the product website, returns are subject to a $9.97 restocking fee. Customers are also responsible for any overdraft fees or other such charges incurred during the transaction by the buyer’s financial institution. Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded under any conditions. The product website’s ‘Terms’ section states that trial customers will be billed initially only for the cost of shipping unless the customer purchases more than one product; unfortunately, the website does not offer details of multi-product purchase savings. This section also mentions another of the company’s products but does not supply further details about said product.






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