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Primal Factor Review – How Much Improvement Can You See from It?

What Is Primal Factor?

Primal Factor is a cutting-edge, all-natural testosterone booster that helps the male body to increase testosterone levels in order to build lean muscle mass and quickly burn off excess body fat. It contains no synthetic ingredients or chemicals. It increase energy levels for sustained, more intense workout performance and endurance. It is made using only premium-grade organic ingredients under certified-safe manufacturing conditions

Men can experience a decrease in the body’s natural testosterone production after the age of 30. Without the proper amount of testosterone, the body is unable to create new, healthy muscle tissue in quantities necessary to keep the body functioning in top form. The body’s metabolism can slow down, no longer burning calories at a rate that keeps excess fat from forming. This supplement replaces the lost testosterone, keeping the levels at their peak and healthy so that new muscle tissue can be formed and calories burned for energy. It allows the body to respond rapidly to exercise and weight training. Body fat decreases as lean muscle mass increases. Muscle definition and size develop at an impressive rate.

Primal Factor works with the body’s own processes to stimulate the production of testosterone without the use of synthetic materials or dangerous chemicals. All of the ingredients are completely natural and of the highest quality. There is no danger of addiction as there is with a great number of man-made supplements, which can often contain unhealthy or unsafe ingredients, often at dangerously high levels.



Primal Factor is manufactured by Rule 1, an Aurora, Illinois-based company. Rule 1 has been manufacturing and marketing supplements for nearly 40 years. The creators of Rule 1 are bodybuilders and athletes themselves. This gives them a decided advantage when it comes to knowing which supplements and ingredients are the most effective for building muscle. They are known for their “hands-on” approach to manufacturing their products to the highest safety and performance specifications.

Rule 1’s manufacturing facility is NSF-GMP certified. It uses state-of-the-art technologies in every step of the manufacturing process. The revenue earned from product sales is invested back into the company in order to constantly update and upgrade it’s operations. Rule 1 prides itself on it’s use of only the purest and most potent raw materials in producing it’s supplements. They feel that their reputation is far more important than the amount of products they sell or how much money they make. Being health enthusiasts themselves, they realize that the product’s performance is what matters most and that this is what will keep them in business with a standout reputation.

While many companies will use the most potent form of ingredients in the manufacture of their products in order to boast the claim of being the “most powerful” form available, Rule 1 puts safety first. Because they use strong ingredients in their supplements, they make certain that the amounts used are safe for human consumption. This supplement, while boosting testosterone levels, does so by working with the body’s own natural production processes, thereby ensuring complete safety for it’s users.


How Primal Factor Works?

The supplement works by increasing the male body’s natural testosterone levels in order to allow the formation, development, and effective maintenance of lean muscle mass. Testosterone is also an important component in the body’s fat-burning processes. This is in part due to the fact that testosterone increases energy levels, resulting in a greater amount of physical activity. More energy and more physical activity result in a greater amount of fat being burned and weight loss. It also means that more muscle will be formed and the physique will become more defined, more “cut”.

Muscle grows and gains mass only by being “damaged” during intense exercise, such as weightlifting. This damage consists of the partial breakdown of muscle tissue. It is during the healing and recovery process that new muscle tissue is formed, adding bulk to the already-existing muscle and more definition to the physique. The more the body is able to perform this intense exercise, the more muscle mass will be formed. By decreasing recovery time in between workouts, more frequent workout sessions can take place, resulting in more rapid muscle development.

Working out by lifting weights involves the shortening and lengthening of muscles, known as concentric and eccentric contractions. Concentric contractions occur when the muscle is brought close to the body; eccentric contractions occur when the muscle is extended outward and away from the body. The eccentric muscle contractions cause the greater amount of muscle damage, but both types are necessary to stimulate new muscle gowth. Both require a recovery period in order for the body to heal and build new, healthy muscle tissue, and to prepare itself for the next workout session. This supplement expedites the healing and recovery process so that workout routines can occur sooner and more frequently. This helps the body to bulk up more quickly and without injury.

By helping the body to amp up and maintain it’s natural testosterone levels, Primal Factor provides the foundation for the building blocks of lean muscle tissue to be developed and increased in mass. Testosterone at healthy levels within the body also provides energy for sustained and increased-intensity workout sessions. It is this activity that is responsible for increasing lean muscle mass. It also serves to burn off any unhealthy excess body fat. This is because muscle must have calories in order to thrive. Calories are simply units of measure of energy, and muscle uses more energy than fat; therefore muscle must use (burn) calories to survive. Ergo, the more muscle mass the body has, the more calories it will burn off, even when at rest and not participating in physical activity.


Ingredients of Primal Factor

This is an all-natural supplement. It’s organic and plant-based ingredients work together to keep the body’s testosterone levels at their peak to ensure top performance, as well as increasing energy levels in order to sustain healthy and effective workout sessions on a regular basis. These ingredients include:

Maca Root – This plant-based ingredient has been researched and proven to aid in the healthy production of testosterone in the body as well as assisting with proper hormonal balance and increased energy levels.
HORNY GOAT WEED – This herb has been shown to be a very effective testosterone booster and energizer.
Eurycoma Lonifolia – This plant-based ingredient aids in the production and growth of muscle mass. It also reduces the length of recuperation time in between workouts, when muscle mass is repairing itself and increasing.
Tribulus Terrestris – This plant-based ingredient helps to increase testosterone and keep it and the body’s other hormones in balance. It also provides a significantly increase int he body’s natural energy levels.
BORON – Increases natural testosterone production. Boron also works to increase the body’s stores of Vitamin D and to decrease unhealthy HDL cholesterol levels.
D-Aspartic Acid – This is an essential amino acid that has been clinically proven to enhance testosterone levels. It has also been shown to be beneficial in maintaining muscle mass.
Bioperine – This plant-based ingredient is a member of the black pepper family. It helps to increase and maintain healthy testosterone levels. It assists the body in the absorption of nutrients. It also plays an active role in thermogenesis, the body’s metabolic process which increases energy, thus assisting with increased physical activity and the development of lean muscle mass.
Fenusterols – Increases testosterone levels, amps up energy, and induces the development of lean muscle mass.

By using only the safest and most effective ingredients to manufacture the supplement, the company ensures that there will be no issues with dependence or addiction for it’s customers. Should anyone choose to discontinue their use of the product, they can simply do so without experiencing any adverse or unhealthy side effects or withdrawal issues. The body does not become dependent on any of the components used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, users can feel completely safe should they choose to stop using it at any time, whether following short-term or long-term use.



Primal Factor is clinically proven to increase the body’s testosterone levels to their maximum range. This ensures that lean muscle production and development will occur expediently, especially since levels will also be at their peak. This will allow for more extensive and prolonged workouts. The more frequent and intense the workout, the more productive they will be, leading to a greater amount of muscle mass development in a shorter amount of time.

Exercise and high energy levels are proven to release chemicals in the brain which enhance mood. Being in a good mood and a positive state of mind are conducive to overall good health, both mental and physical. These traits also have the advantage of producing more restful sleep and lower stress levels, further increasing good health. And since it is created to be absorbed by the body quickly and easily, it begins working right away. There is no waiting period for it to “build up” and take effect in the body as with some synthetic-based supplements.

The increased stores of energy are also essential to the supplement’s effectiveness, as exercise is a vital part of the muscle-building process. Users report that thanks to this product they experience greater and longer-lasting energy levels. This sustained energy allows them to take part in longer and more intensive workout sessions, performing more reps and increasing the amount of weight they can lift in shorter amounts of time. This in turn increases the amount of lean muscle mass they are able to build, giving them the ripped physique they desire more quickly.

The supplement contains ingredients that boost the creation of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a type of naturally-occurring gas in the human body. It acts as a “messenger molecule” in the vascular system, helping to increase the amount of nutrients in the blood, carrying them to the body’s muscle tissue in order to keep it in top health.

Of course the main advantage of using Primal Factor is a well-developed physique, with excellent muscle tone and definition. Physical strength is increased exponentially. The more muscle mass the body has, the greater it’s ability to burn calories, leading to sustained weight loss and minimal body fat within a healthy range.

By eating a healthy, nutritious diet and exercising regularly, the body develops a greater amount of muscle. The more muscle the body has, the more effective it is at burning off unwanted calories, thus eradicating unwanted body fat. When the body has a significant amount of muscle, it will burn not only during physical activity, but even when it is at rest. This prevents excess calories from being converted into fat and stored in the body’s most common areas for fat storage: the stomach, thighs, hips, and buttocks.



Primal Factor is NSF (National Science Foundation) certified. This means that initial test samples are provided by the manufacturer. These samples are re-tested annually by using the samples originally provided. Sometimes however, the testing is conducted using product samples purchased in stores. Each product certification costs the manufacturer between $3,000 and $5,000. An audit fee of approximately $13,000 also applies.

It is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. This certification verifies the strength, quality, composition, identity, and purity listed on the product’s label. The requirements for GMP certification can be found in the NSF/ANSI 173, Section 8, the sole American National Standard applied to the dietary supplement industry. It was created in compliance with the Federal Drug and Alcohol’s 21 CFR, section 11. Supplement manufacturers must meet all GMP requirements in order to be independently registered with the NSF International.



Primal Factor is an incredible supplement that works quickly and does everything the label claims it will do. I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to start looking and feeling better right away. — David V., Sacramento, CA

I’ve had nothing but positive results from Primal Factor. In a very short time I’ve been able to see more definition on my frame, and my muscle mass is increasing at an unbelievable rate of speed. No other product I have ever tried has worked so well. — Marcus J., Ottawa, OH

After having tried at least a dozen other supplements that claimed to boost testosterone and amp up energy, it was a relief to find one that actually lives up to it’s claims. Primal Factor has helped me develop the kind of physique I’ve always wanted. — Evan M., Florence, S.C.

Before I started on my fitness journey the only mass I had on my physique was fat! Primal Factor and a healthy diet full of protein-rich foods along with the motivation to finally get up off the couch and exercise, has helped me burn off all that fat and instead gain weight from building up muscle mass. And it started working almost instantly! No waiting weeks for the supplement to build up in my system. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product and I can’t recommend it highly enough. — Carl Xavier L., Gainesville, FLA

I was working out at the gym 5 days a week and seeing very little progress. A buddy clued me in to the possibility that my testosterone levels may need a boost since I’m a few years past 30. He told me all about this fantastic supplement he was using called Primal Factor. I tried it, and almost immediately I started dropping my excess weight and building some serious muscle. I have more energy than ever before, and I feel great! This product really delivers. — Jake L., Owensboro, KY

Primal Factor really delivers. There are a lot of supplements on the market that make some pretty outrageous claims, but this isn’t one of them. I was pretty skeptical at the beginning, but in no time flat I was seeing some serious results: washboard abs, arms like a wrestler’s, and so much energy it’s crazy! It feels so great to have this much self-esteem and confidence! I’d recommend Primal Factor to anyone who isn’t seeing the results they want from their workout routine. — Paul C. III, Abilene, TX

As a former competitive weightlifter and bodybuilder and now the owner of a local gym, I see guys come in all the time who are looking for a ‘quick-fix’, some kind of miracle supplement that will get them ripped and buff overnight. Of course there is no such thing, but I always recommend your product to them because it works better and faster than anything I have ever seen. I’ve even purchased a few extra bottles for some of my regulars so that they can give it a try and then order on their own if they are happy with the results – which they always are. Some of them are semi-pro wrestlers and they can’t believe how fast this product works. I wish there had been a supplement like this around when I started out! I will continue to use and recommend this to all my guys. You have some customers for life right here. — Ian M., Valdosta, GA


Awards & Media Coverage

Primal Factor has gained an impressive amount of media attention based on the overwhelming number of satisfied customers it has amassed in such a short period of time. The product is manufactured by a well-respected and trustworthy company (Rule 1, based in Aurora, Illinois), and is created using only the highest quality, all-natural plant and other organic ingredients. These ingredients are also of the most potent strength safe for use, thereby providing the most effective product available.

Whereas most media attention is given to ineffective or even harmful supplements, this product is the exception to the rule. Literally hundreds of users have written reviews and letters outlining the numerous benefits they have experienced while using this single supplement. Customers indicate in public forums that Primal Factor has helped them to shed unwanted body fat, build up lean muscle mass, and enjoy increased and sustained energy. They also report experiencing much greater self-confidence. To date, no negative side effects have been reported by customers who use the product as directed.

Media reports and reviews serve to keep the public updated and aware of the truth behind product claims. Websites whose primary goal is to sell a product are naturally going to biased in favor of that product, However, independent media sources have nothing to gain or lose by reporting the facts – and the fact is, this is a supplement that has been proven to be the real deal. The impressive list of organic ingredients that are known to be effective and safe, combined with the numerous testimonials from actual users who have nothing but great things to say about the product and it’s effectiveness speak for themselves.


Money-back Guarantee

The company offers a full money-back guarantee within 14 days following the initial order of the trial (free) offer. The unused portion must be returned in order to receive a refund. A full refund will be issued minus the cost of shipping and handling. The refund will be processed within 3-5 business days.

Customers are also reporting that they are very pleased with the convenience of the online ordering and payment process, which allows them to take advantage of the automatic billing feature once the free trial period ends. Using this feature, once a month the customer will be billed $89.99 and a shipment of the supplement will be shipped out to them. This eliminates the need for calling or ordering online to receive each new 30-day supply (60 capsules).



Shipping cost is only $5.99. This also applies to the first-time free trial offer. Shipping is done via United States regular postal service mail. Once received, orders are processed immediately and shipped out on the following business day. Delivery times can vary depending on location. Customers will receive their order in 2-3 weeks.

If completely satisfied, the customer need do nothing further. Once the 14-day free trial membership period ends, an automatic monthly subscription will begin. Every 30 days from that point forward, the customer will autmatically be billed $89.99 for a one-month supply (60 capsules) of the product. The same delivery and timing details apply. The customer is free to cancel the monthly automatic subscription at any time by contacting Customer Support.


Customer Support

The official supplement website has a link to contact Customer Support, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week PST for customer convenience and to answer any questions potential new customers may have. There is also a mailing address listed under the Terms and Conditions section. The information is included in the event that a customer is dissatisfied with the product and wishes to return the unused portion for a refund, or in case they have questions regarding the product. A Customer Support telephone number can also be found in the Terms and Conditions section of the website. It is also listed in the footnotes at the bottom of the web page.

Consumers have widely praised the company’s Customer Support process. The Customer Support department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week PST. Live representatives are available to answer questions and give instructions for the convenience of the customers. The company provides itself on providing knowledgeable, courtesy, and helpful staff who are fully trained to assist customers with any inquiries or issues involving the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When it comes to ensuring the customers’ privacy and online security, this company receives top ratings. The online checkout process is certified and verified by it’s use of Secure Sockets Layer, 256-bit encryption (SSL). This type of security encryption is the industry standard. It is used by top websites to guarantee that consumers can use the site’s checkout process safely. No private information, such as credit card or bank account information, passwords, pin numbers, etc, is shared or can be accessed.

The automatic recurring ordering process is consistently monitored to ensure that all information stored for future orders is completely secured at all times. The customer does not have to risk repeatedly sending sensitive information online and exposing that information to risk of hacking or interception during the process. Once it is stored within the company’s system, it is protected within a framework that is constantly scanned for safety using the most cutting-edge technology available.

Online security is further verified by the McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, and TRUSTe, VeriSign logos present on the secure checkout page. These logos should always be present on a retailer’s checkout page in order to verify the security and authenticity of the company and it’s website. They indicate that the company has been checked out and found to be safely and effectively utilizing the necessary security and software systems in order to maintain optimum protection against hacks and data breaches. This provides the customer with peace of mind, knowing they are doing business with a company that puts their safety and security first.


Pricing & Free Trial

Due to the high demand for this supplement, supplies are extremely limited. The company offers a free trial membership for a charge of only $5.99 to cover shipping and handling. Following the 14-day free trial period, the customer will be enrolled in automatic recurring ordering. Every 30 days the customer will automatically be billed $89.99 and will receive a 30-day supply (60 capsules) without having to take the time to go online or call and order their next supply. Should the customer not wish to be enrolled in automatic recurring ordering, Customer Support can be contacted and the process discontinued, effective immediately.

If the customer is not satisfied with the product for any reason, Customer Support can give instructions as to initiating the return process in order to receive a refund. Customer Support must be contacted within 14 days of receipt of the order to receive a full refund (minus shipping and handling charges). The unused portion of the product must be returned to the company within 30 days of the initial order date.






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