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Powermax Xtreme Review – A New Testosterone Booster for People

What Is Powermax Xtreme?

Powermax Xtreme is a nutritional supplement designed to boost free testosterone levels in adult men for maximum muscle-building and workout potential. It may help to boost lean muscle gains for a sleeker, more ripped physique. This product also promises to help users burn fat as well as to improve the process of thermogenesis for a significant and accelerated reduction in body fat. Another potential benefit it may offer is to help regulate hormone levels for peak energy, improved strength, increased vascularity, heightened stamina and possibly even mood improvements. This supplement may also be a potent solution to restore strength, power and virility declines associated with aging and decreased testosterone levels. It may help to combat muscle loss, fatigue, fat gain and decreases in stamina and endurance.

This product is especially geared toward fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their fitness level and body faster, purportedly getting maximum results from every workout. It has also been a popular athletic supplement for sports performers seeking a safer, fully legal performance enhancer for more strength and power in the game. It is also commonly used as a general pre- or post-workout supplement to help men get a better workout for accelerated muscle-building results. In addition, it is geared toward bodybuilders, weightlifters and other such fitness competitors to enhance their fitness level and potentially also performance results. It is sold online only and may be shipped to any region in the United States.



Powermax Xtreme is manufactured by a nutritional supplement supplier by the name of Naturallife, Inc. This company’s headquarters are stationed in the United States – specifically, Las Vegas, Nevada; the company does not list where its return facilities are located. Unlike many such dietary product distributors, Naturallife, Inc. maintains an official website as well as offers a range of merchandise lines catering to pre-workout fitness supplements and other nutritional solutions. There are links to this manufacturer’s social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. Naturallife, Inc. is thought to have been established in 2010; aside from this, the company does not offer any information on specific company members.

It does state on the official website that Naturallife, Inc. manufactures all of its products in an FDA-registered facility. This means that such registered facilities have passed annual inspections regarding food safety and manufacturing compliance practices. It is thought that all or most of this company’s products are manufactured in the United States. Naturallife, Inc. does not state whether Powermax Xtreme is produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices, i.e. federal regulations regarding optimal procedures in the production of food and nutritional products. Naturallife, Inc. also appears to offer alternative fitness supplement solutions and holistic cleansing products.


How Powermax Xtreme Works?

This potential performance enhancer was designed to stimulate an increase in the body’s supply of testosterone for more workout-enhancing strength, stamina and power. Increases in testosterone levels are correlated with physical attributes such as denser muscle development, greater stamina, protein synthesis and growth hormone, which may further enhance accelerated muscle gains. Some research has furthermore suggested that the mechanism responsible for testosterone’s muscle-boosting effects may be a direct result of protein synthesis. Muscular protein synthesis is the process whereby new muscle cells are generated and repaired. Optimized levels of testosterone production and bioavailability may also in turn help the body to burn more adipose (fat) tissue, potentially leading to visceral and overall body fat.

It is the plant extracts in particular that are formulated to enhance the body’s production of free testosterone levels, also called ‘ circulating testosterone’ or ‘free testosterone’ levels. These are the supplies of this natural steroid hormone available to build as well as to regenerate new muscle tissue. This product also promises to enhance the process of protein synthesis for faster post – workout recovery time and accelerated muscle gains. The capsules are designed to dissolve in the bloodstream, thereby dispersing throughout the body to chemically stimulate greater free testosterone production. It may also inhibit hormones such as estrogen that block and/or inhibit optimal hormone production; in addition, the plant extracts in the formula are considered generally safe for adult use, though of course some exceptions may apply.

The directions state to take one capsule by mouth two times daily; anyone experiencing any sort of side effects should decrease their usage or possibly even discontinue use altogether. The manufacturer is very clear about the fact that this supplement is not intended to replace meals nor is it intended to treat any medical condition. The capsules can be taken with water, in combination with optimally compatible dietary supplements and/or with a protein shake. For best results, instructions state to continue using this daily for a minimum of a month along with a protein-rich diet, a strength-training routine and an active lifestyle. The capsules will not provide dramatic results on their own; users must also moderate their diet and work out to see potential benefits.


Ingredients of Powermax Xtreme

The ingredients in this holistic testosterone booster are derived from natural sources such as plants, flowers, roots, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Each ingredient is formulated to work synergistically as a formula and with the body to increase the natural production of bioavailable testosterone. For more in-depth info regarding the specific milligram content of each ingredient extract, interested parties should consult the nutritional label. Anyone considering supplementing with this organic fitness booster should consult a health professional to make sure the ingredients won’t interact with any medications or trigger an allergic reaction.

The active ingredients in Powermax Xtreme’s nutritional profile are as follows:

  • Boron
  • Ginseng Blend
  • Maca Root Extract
  • Horny Goat Weed

A key ingredient in the Powermax Xtreme formula blend, Maca Root is one of the active ingredients in this testosterone booster’s nutrient balance. It is an herb native to the Andes mountain regions of Peru and is has been used in traditional medicine for many years for a variety of health purposes. This root vegetable is also known by the name ‘Muira Pauma’ and is also used for weight management purposes, to increase blood flow and is considered as a food product (rather than a dietary supplement, though it is often used in health and fitness supplements as well). Dried Maca Root is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It may also work to heighten energy levels.

Horny Goat Weed – also known by the names Barrenwort and Epimedium – is an herb with an active ingredient called icaarin that is thought to be a potent testosterone booster. To date, there have been a number of studies with rats suggesting that it may be effective in raising testosterone levels in healthy adult males. It may also promote improved vasodilation for greater enlargement of the blood vessels, driving more protein- and oxygen-rich blood to functioning muscle tissue. A greater volume of blood pumping to muscle tissue may in turn promote faster muscle healing and growth as well as less cramping and soreness after workouts. Horny Goat Weed has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years for many different purposes and is known as ‘Yin Yang Huo.’

Boron is another key ingredient in Powermax Xtreme’s proprietary formula blend. Boron is a trace mineral that helps to regulate how the body processes and absorbs nutrients, among many other key functions. It may also be effective in stimulating the active increase of testosterone production, which has made this mineral a popular athletic supplement (in sports communities) in recent years. It may increase the activity of natural anabolic steroid hormones, potentially contributing to accelerated lean muscle gains even without drastically altering one’s strength-training routine. This product formula also incorporates a Ginseng blend, which is posited as a potent physical performance enhancer (and possibly even a mood enhancer) and has also been used in traditional medicine throughout the centuries.



Powermax Xtreme may work to stimulate a significant increase in testosterone levels and hard, lean muscle mass. The extracts in the product formula may furthermore enhance the bioavailability of testosterone supplies to help the body circulate and absorb it more efficiently. It may facilitate faster post-exercise muscle healing, thus reducing cramps and stiffness as well as potentially decreasing recovery time. It may also optimize protein synthesis in the body to promote more adaptive responses to strength-training and aerobic exercise, i.e. it may accelerate workout results. Higher testosterone levels may also contribute to thermogenesis (fat-burning) by speeding up the body’s basal metabolic rate.

The optimized testosterone production and regulation may also contribute to the body’s efficiency in burning adipose tissue (fat) instead of muscle tissue, potentially leading to a higher ratio of muscle to fat for a leaner, more trimmed physique. As it claims to promote increased overall physical function – including potentially even cognitive functioning – it may thus enable sharper, clearer mental focus. The plant extracts in this product’s nutritional profile promise to help fight age-related testosterone decline, thus restoring strength, energy, vigor, muscularity and physical performance. Another potential benefit is that these capsules may offer a safer way to boost workout ability and sports performance without illegal, dangerous steroids. On a similar note, this nutritional supplement is a fraction of the cost of traditional testosterone shot therapy.

In addition, Powermax Xtreme may promote noticeable increases in vascularity for stronger, more vein-popping muscle pumps. The labs in which it is produced is certified in accordance with rigorous federal standards for food safety and production practices. Also, this product is GMP-certified to ensure that it was produced in accordance with optimal manufacturing practices. Its official website is protected by a suite of industry standard Secure Socket Layer technology for maximally protected transactions. The manufacturer allows offers a try-before-buying trial program to enable fitness enthusiasts to evaluate its effectiveness for themselves.



A commonly known statistic in the testosterone booster industry notes that the male average testosterone levels drop 2-4% per year after the age of 30. This leads to a significant decline over time, with common effects including muscle weakening, low energy, sluggishness, fat gain and decreases in stamina and lean muscle mass. As a testosterone booster, this product was formulated to restore depleted testosterone levels as well as to regulate hormonal balance. It thereby promises potential increases in youthful strength, energy, virility and power. Research on the ingredients in this formula blend – as well as on testosterone boosters in general – is mixed at best, with some studies pointing to a potential muscle-boosting efficacy.

All of this manufacturer’s products are researched, developed and manufactured in the United States of America. Not only does this domestic production signal a premium of quality in goods production, it also ensures the manufacturer’s compliance in federal regulations in food safety and potential efficacy. Domestic production allows the added benefit of supporting jobs and revenue in one’s home economy. Anyone interested may want to research this supplement supplier to see whether it has earned any accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Aside from the range of safety seals near the trial program signup section of the website, there are no further certificates displayed on the site.

Fitness consumers will likely be glad to hear that there is some preliminary research supporting the efficacy of this product’s active ingredients. One 2011 study conducted by Naghii and a team of researchers found that men who supplemented with boron for one week experienced a 28% increase in free testosterone levels.; furthermore, the subjects also experienced a decrease in free estrogen levels (estrogen is a hormone that both inhibits and blocks testosterone). Not only did the men also show a measurable rise in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, they also experienced an increase in several inflammation-fighting biomarkers. The results from other studies focused on Boron as a fitness supplement and testosterone-stimulating agent have been mixed – still, Boron remains a popular fitness-enhancing supplement and nutritional aid.



I decided to overhaul my entire training and supplementation routine, so I thought I’d check this out. One of my workout buddies told me it had really upped his energy levels and gave him a great workout boost, so I started out with the free trial program and a totally revised lifting routine. It was a few weeks into pairing these capsules with a protein shake before workouts before I really started to feel a strength boost kick in. I lost an inch of fat on my waist, and my abs are looking more cut than ever. All of the effects I’ve felt from Powermax Xtreme have been very positive. — Vern L, sous chef in Green Bay, WI, USA

Right around my fiftieth birthday, I noticed that my strength and energy just wasn’t what it used to be. I was tired of being tired, so I wanted to do something about it. I signed up for the trial program and started supplementing the day I got my delivery. I felt an energy boost right away, I haven’t had any side effects and I wasn’t winded at all after my run (which is quite a change in itself!) I would highly recommend this to older guys who need a power recharge. — Donald A., call center manager in Boise, ID, USA

My co-workers was raving about this stuff and how much it’s helped him improve his lifting stats, so I thought I would give it a try. I eat pretty well and I exercise a few times a week, but I just wasn’t seeing any drastic workout improvements. After a couple of weeks, my biceps started to take on shape and definition, and I lost a few pounds as well. I even took my shirt off at the pool for the first time in years! I will be stocking up on this stuff for sure. — Wayne T., restaurant manager in Alberta, Canada

So I’m a first-time user and I didn’t expect much to begin with, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Powermax Xtreme gives me a nice jolt of energy when I pair it with my usual protein shake. Since I added it to my fitness routine, I get through workouts with more energy and stamina and I’ve even started lifting heavier weights. I’ve lost an inch off my waistline, and I’ve been recommending it to the guys at the gym. I would say this has exceeded my expectations. — Tim F., architect in Auckland, New Zealand


Awards & Media Coverage

There are no mentions on the product website regarding Powermax Xtreme appearances on any commercial media outlets. Popular supplements are often advertised in such online fitness-oriented publications as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness. The product website does not indicate whether this testosterone booster has received any coverage from television or from radio. It has nevertheless experienced a surge in popularity among men internationally and has been recommended by a number of nutritional experts online.

Similarly, the site does not specify whether it has been featured and/or
advertised on any print mediums. On the other hand, it has been widely reviewed on a number of nutritional supplement forums and fitness-oriented websites. The product website does not indicate whether it has been nominated for any awards in the health and fitness industry. It also does not specify whether it has won any such awards. Although accolades and awards can be indicative of quality, the lack thereof also doesn’t necessarily indicate a poor product; interested fitness buffs are still encouraged to search online for fan favorite polls and other such consumer-based awards.


Money-back Guarantee

This manufacturer offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee for anyone dissatisfied with their product for any reason. To initiate a refund, buyers must contact the customer service department to make arrangements for the return. All returned bottles – including completely or partially empty bottles – are fully refundable. Return parcels must be postmarked within 30 days of the original date of purchase. Credits are usually issued to credit cards within 3-5 business days of the shipping department’s receipt of processed return parcels.

Once processed, credits can take up to 30 business days to post on customer accounts (although such time of course varies by financial institution). All return packages must arrive at shipping facilities with a clearly-labeled, valid Return Authorization Number (RMA#). Such numbers are obtained by emailing or by calling customer service to request a return. Specific details regarding more in-depth company policies for the return process should be directed to the Powermax Xtreme customer service department. Buyers are responsible for any shipping and handling costs for return packages.



All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of purchase. The approximate window of delivery for most locations is one week after the order has been processed. The manufacturer ships to any state in the United States. There is no further information on whether this manufacturer ships internationally. Packages are shipped domestically using both the United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx. The full cost of postage and handling is approximately $5.95.

Additional shipping and handling information is unavailable on the website. Anyone considering Powermax Xtreme may want to contact customer service for in-depth shipping information before initiating a purchase. In addition, customers may want to ask whether the company offers expedited shipping for an additional fee. The website does not provide details for this service, so an email or a phone call to customer service would be a wise idea for any buyer interested in this shipping feature.


Customer Support

This manufacturer has provided both current and potential customers with a support email address. When the ‘contact’ tab is selected, an Outlook email appears to field the inquiry; as such, those without a current Outlook email address may find this default option to be an inconvenience. At present, there is no information regarding the customer service department’s hours of operation. There is no telephone number currently listed on the site; the Outlook email address is presently the only route to customer service, which many customers may find inconvenient.

The Powermax Xtreme website does not provide a mailing address for physical correspondence or general physical inquiries, though the parent company is thought to be based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyone inquiring about return packages would be wise to contact a team member for full return details and instructions before sending back the parcel. In contrast to current online customer service trends, there is no online quick submission form for inquiries. There is no information on the product website specifying whether the support department is open on weekends and/or some holidays.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The product website bears a security certificate assuring customers that the site is being protected by a Secure 128-Bit Encrypted Connection. All forms of personal and financial information transmitted over the internet to company servers are encrypted by key cipher technology to render data unreadable to potential cyber hackers. SSL technology – or Secure Socket Layer technology – is an industry standard anti-phishing safeguard utilized by millions of online vendors. This SSL protocol encrypts sensitive customer and banking information via keys and ciphers; according to industry security experts, it would require years of continuous trying for a cyber hacker to even approach figuring out the correct combination of keys to decode the data. This encryption technology is in place to ensure maximum data security for buyers in the event of an attempted informational interception attempt.

The website’s checkout section also bears a Protected By DMCA security certificate. DMCA is short for ‘Digital Millenium Copyright Act’ and works to secure the website from potential cyber attackers. The company servers are also secured by Comodo Authentic Secure verification technology, which works to secure data transmitted to the servers with encryption software. This software protected more than 80 million vendors on PCs and on mobile devices. As is evident by the array of trust guards displayed on the website, this manufacturer has invested in an industry standard anti-malware software suite to maximally secure transactions.

This manufacturer discloses its full privacy and data collection practices via the privacy policy on the website. This policy further elaborates on the company’s commitment to customer data privacy, disclosing that all information submitted to the website is protected both online as well as offline. The industry standard among supplement suppliers asserts that all company servers are safeguarded by industry standard firewalls and other security measures to guard against the misuse, alteration and theft of customer data. All servers must then be password protected and offer accessibility only to select company members as needed to complete the agreed-upon transaction. Information such as credit card numbers, names, emails and addresses are protected against potential misuse and are stored in a secure environment.


Pricing & Free Trial

Powermax Xtreme is for sale on the official product website for a one-month supply of 90 capsules. Each order is accompanied by an approximate date of delivery, though exact delivery dates do vary by region and other circumstances. Buyers can purchase by credit card using Visa or MasterCard only; currently, there is no option to pay via PayPal (which may deter more cautious consumers). It is always recommended to purchase directly from the manufacturer, as the product as guaranteed to be legitimate and, furthermore, normally offers service support as well. There are no promotional offers available from Naturallife, Inc. at this time.

The cost of a single bottle of Powermax Xtreme varies by vendor. At this time, this supplement is not available in stores and is only sold directly or through reputable online vendors. The manufacturer is not offering any bundle purchase deals or packages at present. In addition, this product’s parent company also offers a no-risk trial program to allow customers to evaluate this product’s effectiveness before committing to buy. Details are provided via the terms and conditions section on the official Powermax Xtreme website.






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