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Power Testro Review – Will It Work for You?

What Is Power Testro?

Power Testro is a nitric oxide booster that is designed to increase blood flow to the muscles during exercise. Unlike many nitric oxide boosters, which typically only use L-Arginine, this particular supplement relies on three similar ingredients that work to increase delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles. This allows you to work longer and harder in the gym, which in turns helps you to burn more fat, build more muscle, and have more energy while going about your day-to-day life.

Its more complete formula means you have multiple sources helping you to burn fat, build muscle, and improve testosterone levels. Because muscles will receive more nourishment, your recovery rates will be greatly improved. Muscles are built during recovery, and when you recover faster, you can get back to the gym much faster than before. Other benefits include improved concentration, endurance, and focus – all things that can improve the quality of your workout and of your life as a whole.

Information About Power Testro



Power Testro is manufactured by a company that only manufactures and sells this product. Dealing with a manufacturer that deals with a single-product inventory has its advantages, one of which is the fact that company representatives are likely very familiar with the supplement and how it works. You can ask them questions about how it works before you buy, and ask questions about use once you’ve made a purchase. The representatives can help make your Power Testro experience a positive one.

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How Power Testro Works?

This supplement is a nitric oxide booster, but it incorporates L-Citrulline and L-Taurine, two amino acids that can help support energy, focus, and endurance, as well as allow for the faster removal of muscle waste. This helps you move through your workouts with more explosive energy and focus. It also helps you to hold off fatigue, which is crucial when you’re trying to build muscle. When you take Power Testro, you will start working out even harder, but it won’t feel like it – your muscles will be better nourished and your fatigue will dramatically lessen – but you’ll get results like you’ve never had before.

In addition to the obvious muscle-building benefits, Power Testro has several other advantages. When you add muscle to your frame, your basic metabolic rate increases, meaning that you will burn more fat even when you’re at rest. This is good news if you’re looking to get more cut. In addition, increasing muscle mass will lead to an increase in testosterone, which is good for general well-being, fat loss, energy, and increased muscle gain.

The Results of Power Testro


Ingredients of Power Testro

This relatively simple, straightforward three-ingredient panel can help you to achieve your bodybuilding goals faster than ever. Here are the formula’s ingredients and how they work:


This is a non-essential amino acid, but when you add it to your workout routine, you will likely see improved results and better endurance. This is because L-Citrulline works in tandem with L-Arginine to clear urea waste products from the muscles.

We’re all familiar with the burning sensation that comes with fatigue during workouts. This is from the buildup of lactic acid, a muscular waste product. While none of us can hold fatigue off forever, taking this supplement can clear out waste and let your muscles work longer and harder. This makes it easier for you to get the most out of your workouts and to reach your fitness goals faster than before.


L-Arginine is a buzzword in the bodybuilding world, and it should be. This “miracle molecule” was being used as a supplement before research in the late 1990s confirmed that it has untold benefits for those looking to lean out and bulk up, as well as have more energy and overall power. This research, which won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, found that L-Arginine supplementation leads to vasodilation, which increases the delivery of blood to working muscles. Because blood is the transporter of oxygen and nutrients, this means that muscles are nourished while hard at work. This of course leads to a lessening of fatigue, as well as increased endurance and decreased recovery time.

Many people who take L-Arginine say they experience a stimulant effect from it, which can often lead to a pre-workout-like effect. If you’ve seen supplements billed as “Nitric Oxide Supplements,” they usually have L-Arginine as a primary ingredient. this is because L-Arginine is a metabolic precursor to nitric oxide. It’s nitric oxide that dilates blood vessels, encourages smooth muscle relaxation (thus allowing the skeletal muscles to work harder, which is what you want during resistance exercise or endurance exercise).

L-Arginine is popular with those who do resistance training, but it can help you improve your cardio game, too. Do you run or bike or swim? If so, L-Arginine’s ability to improve delivery of oxygen to muscles can help you beat your old records, burn fat faster, and get into better shape.


L-Taurine probably sounds familiar, as it is often an ingredient in energy drinks. This antioxidant has been known to boost energy substantially, which in turn can power you through the most grueling of workouts. Think of it as your built-in pre-workout.

And like many energy drinks, taking this ingredient will often result in increased mental focus. Focus and energy often go hand in hand. Have you ever realized that your strength seems to go down if you aren’t focused? At best, you seem weaker than normal. At worst, you might drop a weight in a way that injures you. Staying focused improvs your workout quality and your safety.

However, that isn’t the only way L-Taurine helps you. It has been known to help increase protein absorption. Sometimes, a given dose of whey or other protein might be too much for the body to absorb in a certain timeframe. When you take this impressive antioxidant, you will likely be able to use more of the protein your muscles need to grow in size and strength.

Taking Power Testro



There are several advantages to taking this supplement. One is that it stands out among the plethora of NO boosters out there for purchase. Many NO boosters just contain L-Arginine, or they contain L-Arginine and a host of unproven herbal supplements. While these work for some people, herbal supplements are generally not as effective as those like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, which are backed by scientific evidence. Most herbal supplements are primarily supported by anecdotal evidence or by a folk medicine history, both of which can be generally unreliable.

Essentially, combining three amino acids that have documented positive effects on energy, metabolism, performance, and muscle building is a better choice than just going with one amino acid and a smattering of questionable other ingredients. Plus, you get a free trial to determine whether it’s right for you before you make your purchase.

The Benefits of Power Testro



Power Testro does not yet have awards or certificates. However, it should be noted that its ingredients have significantly more scientific backing than the ingredients of most other supplements. And of course, it is based on research that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.



For many, it’s important to hear a good word or two about a supplement before buying it. If you don’t personally know someone who has benefitted from Power Testro, you may want to read these testimonials from satisfied customers who have improved their fitness and well-being with this supplement. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Jonathan, 36, New Orleans, LA:

My age rounds up to 40 now, and that’s a scary thing for me. Mostly because most older guys I know either get fat or just get wrinkly and out of shape. I could feel myself slowing down, and I hated it. It was insulting. I supplement shopped for awhile, but I’m picky – you have to be in this business – and it took years. I stumbled upon this free trial and thought ‘what could go wrong?’. I got better energy first. Then in about a month, I could see much more definition. It’s only improved from there. Glad I found it.

Mike, 29, Greensboro, NC:

I had actually never taken a supplement before this one. I was admittedly a little misled by the name, because I thought it would be something more traditionally associated with testosterone, like boron. I had always thought of L-Arginine as being more of a muscle builder than a testosterone booster, but I can see how adding muscle would actually boost your testosterone levels. And then I saw it for real – I had had a testosterone level taken a few years ago, before I started taking this. Then I had a level taken after I’d been taking this for a year, and it was higher. I mean it wasn’t a huge amount higher, but it was definitely an increase. And I feel so much better now! I will definitely be taking this for years to come.

Ronald, 21, Fredericksburg, VA:

I’m sort of young to take something that’s labeled as a testosterone booster, but I wanted some extra help when it came to exercise. Luckily, I found this. I had just started doing triathlons, and I was decently muscular, but I kept wearing out really fast. It was frustrating, because I knew I had more in me. This really worked – I did my first Olympic-distance tri a month ago and felt better – I had pretty good split times and still had a little energy left after the race. This is a good supplement!

Tex, 31, Flushing, MI:

I told myself this was the absolute last autoship thing I was ever, ever going to get. I was just so sick of it. Maybe it’s just me but I always mean to cancel and then forget and next thing you know I’m paying through the nose for a daggone sugar pill.

So you can probably imagine my surprise when I got this one and saw that it actually worked for me. Damn! it’s some good stuff too. I was worried about jitters and such, but I had nothing of the kind. I mostly run, and I do some strength training now and then for balance. I’ve already gotten much stronger at both. So glad I tried one more time.

Rob, 25, Phoenix, AZ:

I generally try to boost testosterone with diet and with building muscle myself. But I felt like I wasn’t getting the gains I used to. I decided trying out a testosterone boost would be worth a shot, and I picked this one because I did some background research on the ingredients. I was wary because when I used to have energy drinks with taurine, I would feel weird and jittery. But since I’m older now and it didn’t sound like it was a lot of taurine, I decided I would give it a shot.

At first I was sort of underwhelmed. I think I was expecting a really quick reaction, which doesn’t really ever happen. But I did notice that I could breathe easier while running, and that each week or so I noticed I could lift a little bit more. My bench press really improved, which I was insanely happy about.

I’m not sure if it works for everyone, but it definitely did for me. I like it because there are actually no side effects, which is incredible. I feel strong and ready to take on the day every morning now.

Jeff, 21, Bowling Green, VA:

I’ve actually been taking testosterone boosters for a long time, but I’ve jumped around because I never could find one that worked well. I have always been a smaller guy and I was scrawny growing up, so I wanted to bulk up. It’s hard to do, though. I got one supplement at Walmart and a couple online, and they all were disappointing. I had a friend tell me about this one and even though I was already discouraged I tried some. It really has helped me take my muscle building to the next level. I’m no Mr. Olympia, but I look better than ever and I’m so much stronger. Love it so much. I’ve been recommending it to friends, and a couple have ordered it and will start using it once it arrives in the mail. The auto-shipping is so convenient. I don’t even need to take other supplements except my protein. Great stuff.

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Money-back Guarantee

Power Testro is made by people who are committed to help you achieve your fitness goals, so it’s logical that there is a money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, you can send unopened bottles back for a full refund. However, shipping prices cannot be refunded – just the actual purchase price. In addition, you can get a free trial bottle and keep it for free if you cancel before the end of the trial period.

Get a Sample of Power Testro



Shipping is for a flat rate of around five dollars. International shipping (outside the U.S.) may involve extra charges. Orders are typically processed expediently and will arrive in a few days.

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Customer Support

Power Testro is staffed with representatives who are knowledgeable about the product they sell and passionate about fitness and physical evidence. If you have a question, you can contact the company by phone, e-mail, or chat. The website has a pop-up live chat window, which makes it easier for the phone shy person to ask questions while simultaneously reading about the product. Once you’ve made a purchase, you can still communicate with the customer service team whether you have a question about dosing and usage, want to troubleshoot a problem, or just want to talk fitness.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online can be pretty worrisome for many. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry when you buy Power Testro. This supplement’s checkout page is guaranteed secure by three respected internet security companies. The company does not sell, lease, or give away your information, so you don’t need to worry about getting spam from other vendors. You information is only used to ship your order and to contact you if it is needed. It’s a process that is simple, easy, and safe.

The Bodybuilding Purpose of Power Testro


Power Testro Pricing & Free Trial

Power Testro runs standard when it comes to pricing. Each bottle – a month’s supply – is $89.95. Before you commit, you have the option to try it out for free. When you pay for shipping, you get a free 30-day trial bottle. You have 14 days to evaluate whether you want to keep taking Power Testro or not. If you want to keep taking the supplement, you will be enrolled in the autoship program, which conveniently ships a bottle to your door each month. If you don’t want to keep subscribing, you just need to cancel, and you will not be charged.






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  1. Nate Avatar

    What is the fear of Power Testro manufacturers not to include their address on the bottle of their product like other drug manufacturers do. What are they afraid of? Are they not sure of their product?

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      First of all, let me correct you that this product is not a drug at all, it is a natural dietary supplement, this is a huge difference. The product manufacturer is not obligated to place their address on the bottles and to be honest I cannot understand why you want it there. I am 90% sure that you will find their address on the place from which you’ve obtained the products as they are obligated to publish the terms of use and other legally required information and I believe the address will be there. Actually, I just opened their website and their address is on the footer, you can check it out. Again, I cannot understand your logic!

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    Is this a good product for women?

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      Natural test boosters are made for males, they help men utilise better their free testosterone in their blood. They are not intended for females, it won’t do anything. You shouldn’t look at this category.

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