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Plasma Muscle by MuscleTech Review – Looking for a Product That Builds Lean Muscle?

What Is Plasma Muscle?

Plasma Muscle is a pre-workout supplement that powerfully builds lean muscle better than any other product claiming such capabilities in today’s confusing market. Don’t be confused, this is the real deal. Never before has a perfect combination of both optiNOs and Peak ATP been combined like this supplement supplies to the most hard driving athlete. If you are seeking to achieve cutting-edge performance, you won’t find the intense muscle building it gives you with an all lean style of muscle gain. We are talking about a significant new level of high-performance for your workout, resulting in the bodybuilding that produces a high-performance body.

There is new technology incorporated here, in a way that has never been done before. The science being employed in Plasma Muscle will positively help you gain at least 8.8 pounds of lean muscle. For those that have never tried Peak ATP, the profound experience of true growth supplied with this wonderful supplement is being missed. Don’t miss this unique opportunity, the best friend of bodybuilders for the last 10 years! It is a patented form of Adenosine 5’-Triphosphate (ATP) Disodium that is the greatest helper available for your pre-workout regime. This is no fly-by-night flash in the pan snake oil. It is a scientifically formulated and clinically tested supplement that combines the best science knowledge on the dynamic chemistry of muscle movement, stress, and growth. It has been empirically proven to produce the performance results that have been widely claimed.



Plasma Muscle is made by Iovate Health Sciences Corporation, which sells it under the brand name MuscleTech. MuscleTech has an internal culture of basic research to diligently support their goals. This includes producing products that produce maximum performance results, and yet are proven safe and effective. MuscleTech is dedicated to constant improvements through their research and development work. That is why the company has provided funding for dozens of research study projects.

The company has backed several scientifically monitored trials. These studies were done at the University of Nottingham, Baylor University, the University of Laval, and more recently at McMaster University, St. Francis Xavier University, and also at the University of Toronto. This is what it takes to produce the best performing supplements available on the whole world market. Their Plasma Muscle helps people reach their fitness goals, to lose fat and build lasting muscle. It is not magic, it is advanced chemistry associated with muscle metabolism.


How Plasma Muscle Works?

Human muscles have a substance called ATP in their cells, which is completely natural and is really the way your muscle cells get fueled up so they can go to work. With Peak ATP, the fueling goes on between the cells, in the bloodstream, and throughout the nutrition system for each muscle’s fibers. The result is increased blood circulation, which expedites muscle durability and overall strength. The extra kick comes from the mTOR pathway getting fully activated by anabolic signals. The latest scientifically conducted research has shown that Peak ATP, when combined with an intense training regime can develop significant improvements in strength, individual muscle mass, and overall performance. It does this by starting the synthesis of protein by activating the mTOR pathway.

People in a test study of Plasma Muscle gain major improvements in strength from very large muscle gain. A placebo group in the study were not told that they test supplement they were give were only sugar pills. They did the same workout regime as the other group, which were unaware that they had the actual supplement. The placebo group gained a just-okay average of 4.6 lbs over the 12 weeks of the test. The main test group nearly doubled that performance, at 8.8 lbs. of average muscle mass gain in the same 12 week period.

Peak ATP has proved to increase the intake and release of muscular calcium, which is the substance your muscles must have in supply to perform contractions. When you become physically fatigued, your muscles reduce their ability to obtain oxygen, leading to a big lowering of available calcium. Performance suffers when this occurs. Peak ATP improves your body’s processing of calcium, leading to much better performance. It also helps bring greater blood flow to your muscle mass by increasing vasodilation. The increase in overall oxygen delivery efficiency stimulates your body’s natural ability to keep pushing effectively.


Ingredients of Plasma Muscle

There is no ingredient or combination of ingredients in this supplement that has not been revealed completely. In fact, it’s active ingredients, Peak ATP and optiNOs, are both patented. They are musclebuilding’s top tool in the pre-workout regimes of the 21st century. You won’t find any shady ‘stuff’, no proprietary material, and nothing that is now considered obsolete. All the ingredients have been scientifically proven to work as the manufacturer say they do.

The big news here is about the optiNOs. These are a brand new invention that has never been used in any other supplement before. It is the number two ingredient and was devised by the laboratory professionals at MuscleTech. Ajowan, Cissus, and Curcuma in extraction forms are combined to form the performance enhancer, OptiNOs. Here is a complete list of absolutely everything put into Plasma Muscle Performance Series 84 capsules:

OptiNOs (450mg):

  • Turmeric extract
  • Veldt grape extract (as Cissus quadrangularis)
  • Bishop’s weed extract (as Trachyspermum ammi)

Peak ATP (400 mg):

  • Adenosine 5′-triphosphate disodium salt

Other Ingredients:

  • Gelatin
  • FD&C Red No. 40
  • Sesame Oil

Another great ingredient, which is not so much about what Plasma Muscle contains so much as how it is contained. It is called PlasmaCap Fusion Technology and it is the next step in high technology for making sure the product has very long shelf life. PlasmaCap means there is no worry about losing capsules while they are still in the jar. Instead they are amazing liquid capsule technology that provides a leak-less, tamper-proof, one-piece, and airtight capsules. This provides maximum protection for the product, while still enabling rapid release in the body.



Optinos was a critical factor in the results of a double-blind study, which had a completely placebo-receiving Control Group of men. The results were dramatic in the reduction of fatigue on resistance-training built muscles, increasing overall endurance. Some of the men who had received optiNOs showed a quadruple increase in output. They could actually do four times the reps of the average results in the group with placebo. The research data shows that there are multiple benefits, from the activation of the mTOR to much better production of Nitric Oxide. This is not some random study that is being referred to. It is research that was actually done at MuscleTech’s labs.

Men who participated in the research studies took the Peak ATP supplement for twelve weeks in a study at the University of Tampa. On average, their total strength increase was over 121 lbs. A placebo Control group did not receive Peak ATP. They performed exactly the same workouts and were only able to lift an average of about 49 lbs. The other interesting feature was that those who had received Peak ATP had much thicker muscles. This was empirically measured with advanced technology called ‘ultrasonography.’ The measurements showed an average thickness gain of greater than 96 percent, compared to a placebo test group. You can read more about this study here.



Many glowing accounts have been shared by happy customer bodybuilders who have tried Plasma Muscle and found it worked for them. Here are a few of the many raves:

– raiger983: Refreshes my muscle batteries

My training is a bit more single session, very low number of reps, and full on strength output. I’ve noticed greater pumps and a huge recovery time reduction. After my workout I leave feeling fresh. The recovery time is shorter, so I can push and make greater progress.

– gregorg997: Wonderful product and gave the best results!

Used this for two weeks and already I can see gains in number of reps and my overall strength. Definitely do recommend it to anyone looking to build up their game. I’ll be buying more bottles. I recommend this product.

– sherabbit36: I got muscle

This supplement has given me the way to lift more weight for longer. Workouts are way better. I’m not getting tired nearly as fast as I used to. It’s easy to take and I’ve never had any issues with it. Awesome that the muscletech products all work so well together.

– Mike Luddor: Gain some real Strength

This year, my capability to pick up and lift hundred-fifty pounds really heavy dumbbells is my new show-off move. I took Plasma Muscle I bench pressed 150 lbs. for 12 reps for my new girlfriend. She was impressed! Other muscle groups are also benefiting, but mostly I’ve found consistency in power on chest lifts. It gets you stronger and keeps you that way. It works! I don’t doubt it!

– brub5321: I’ll give you my 2 cents

This is my newest supplement, as a serious bodybuilding friend of me says, Thanks for tipping me off to the Plasma! After a week and using this product, there was a big difference in my performance at my gym. Endurance, bigger weights, and finishing my workouts with power and style. Every muscle in my body is working better. Great results! Love the product!

– bbldrman: So impressed with the product!

I have tried a lot of bodybuilding products over the years. Most are either hit or miss. This is a product in the hit category. It delivered in a big way, as in really improved muscles, really everywhere not just in my upper body where I concentrate my workouts. Cannot recommend it enough, and I do to all of my bodybuilder friends!

– jerrlob88: Fine product

This supplement has changed my life! I cannot believe how buff and seriously muscular I’ve become since starting to regularly use it a little while before my workouts. Good going, I say! I have also looked into MuscleTech’s other products that I can pair with this supplement for a maximum increase in my performance in the gym and on the field.

– uloo9744: I am so pumped about this!

A friend of mine turned me onto this new supplement. He claimed it is unique in all the world. I have used it for 2 months now and I wholeheartedly agree with him. My workout is a whole new world of big strength and I experience less fatigue and push myself much further than I ever could before. I am progressing from a complete weak guy a few months ago, to becoming a real bodybuilder type. Who knows? I might even end up competing a bodybuilder competition, some day soon!

– ttilso21: It surprises me, this new technology

I started working out when I was just 14 years old. That was over 30 years ago and my fitness and strength have waxed and waned a bit over the years. Thanks to this supplement and the new technology that only it brings, I’m feeling a whole lot younger already and starting to lift a much as I did in my late 30s! It is somewhat surprising that something I just saw as a fancy vitamin can produce such stunning results, even for someone who is getting up there in middle age… it works for me!

– bilbailor119: Too Bad I Didn’t Have This Last Year!

I was thinking seriously of getting into bodybuilding last year. However, it befell me that a guy I thought knew what he was doing got me onto some organic preparations. This stuff works really fine for me!


Awards & Media Coverage

There has been a lot of buzz about Plasma Muscle in the media. The product has been thoroughly reviewed on, has been featured in YouTube videos, and there is also a quite comprehensive review on


Money-back Guarantee

Plasma Muscle is sold with a solid guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, they will give your money back. If you cannot find a way to get a free trial of this amazing product, go ahead and order a jar, today. If it does not give you significantly greater strength coupled with much longer endurance, simply return it for a refund. Our Customer Support specialists would be more than happy to assist you with your order. They will also supply you with a tracking number for the product’s shipment to you.



This supplement is available at many health food stores and E-commerce businesses online. The best suppliers of Plasma Muscle make getting it shipped to you as easy as possible. Many online retailers will waive shipping costs and ship it to you for free. This is usually with a requirement to buy a minimum of fifty or more dollars. Try to find the best deal you can, then basically subscribe to that outlet. For online E-commerce sites, this is standard practice. For those in the military, there are usually special options for shipping to military personnel that are currently overseas.

It should not cost more than about $6 to ship, in the continental 48 states of the USA, when bought in smaller quantities. Of course, this would be for the default shipping plan, some places give you the option of having it shipped as quickly as overnight, for an extra fee. If the place you buy it offers alternate methods of shipping, you should ask them which is the best for your situation. It is completely optional as to how quickly and with which service you would prefer delivery. International shipping is also available, however, please realize the shipping cost will be significantly more and there is not always a guarantee by every delivery service to ship the product overseas within a definite time period.


Customer Support

The retail outlets that offer Plasma Muscle all have great customer service. They work with their customers to give them the best quality of service and the best online dollar value. They will resolve any problem that might crop up to your total satisfaction. They are dedicated to preserving your personal privacy, as a high priority task. They will not be sharing any of your personal data, not your name, address, email account address, or phone number with anyone. Any information your supply is kept in strict confidence, never to be shared with anyone else. Advanced encryption technologies are employed to keep your personal info completely safe and private.

The recommended dosage is to take 3 capsules per day, at least 30 minutes before, but no more than 45 minutes before your regular workout regime. When you are training, you should modify this to make sure you are taking the 3 capsules in the morning, before eating any breakfast. It is important to follow the instructions on the jar and be sure to never take more than 3 capsules in any one 24-hour period. It is best to carefully read the entire label of the product’s container and understand everything there before using the product for the first time.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Shopping for Plasma Muscle online is completely secure and safe for you to do. The E-commerce server software checks for valid SSL Certificates, encrypts all data transfers, and employs other measures to make sure there are no problems with your order. Your privacy is assured and you are free to adjust your order as you see fit; update the quantity you want to order in your online shopping cart, and make any other changes you need to make before submitting your order. We go to great lengths to make sure our customers are happy with their use of the product. We also are happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write, call, or email.

We are extremely careful with our handling of customer lists. We do not share any of your personal information with any third parties. Rest assured, we will always be in your corner, protecting your precious data, and of course, your privacy. If there are any concerns about that, then please put them to rest right now. Our customers report they are quite happy with the way our products work, but they are also quite satisfied with the ease of buying the product and getting it delivered quickly to their doors.



Getting your hands on Plasma Muscle is quite easy, now that it is available from a number of outlets. It is sold at some E-commerce web sites for a price of $39.99. Be sure to take advantage of easy terms and the acceptance of all the major credit cards. If you prefer to use PayPal, it would be great if the outlet supports that option. You should also be able to mail or fax your order to a reputable outlet. If you search carefully online, you should be able to occasionally find special deals and sometimes there are free trials done.






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