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Pink Magic by USP Labs Review – More Information About It

What Is Pink Magic?

While Pink Magic isn’t exactly magic, it does use science to impact your body in ways that might just feel magical. Referred to as an advanced hormonal supplement, it can impact your stamina in ways you never thought possible. In terms of bodybuilding, the product gives users more energy and provides a metabolism boost that helps them burn more fat and calories. Though the manufacturer discontinued the product, you can still find it readily available.


USP Labs Manufacturer

USP Labs is one of the main manufacturers of fitness supplements today. While other companies simply tell shoppers that they can stack their products, USP Labs goes the extra step. It will actually give you the exact formula and tell you which products to take to meet your goals. Decide whether you want to lose weight and get in shape, get jacked and develop some unbelievable muscles or get a tighter and leaner look. USP Labs can even tell you which of its products will work best when stacked with Pink Magic.


How Pink Magic Works?

Pink Magic comes in a supplement form, and you’ll generally take one to three capsules per dose. You can take all three capsules at once before a meal or take one capsule prior to each meal. Once it hits your bloodstream, it breaks down into its various components and goes to work on both your brain and the receptors that give the brain information about your body. The product can assist in the production of red and white blood cells that can help you recover faster from any type of injury. It also has a major impact on hormone levels and gives you more testosterone.


Ingredients in Pink Magic

Like many manufacturers, USP Labs used a proprietary blend in its original Pink Magic formula. That blend contained several different complexes designed to help your muscles, improve testosterone levels and increase your stamina. Lepidium Meyenni Root is one of its main ingredients. Some research in the past showed that this natural root helped improve the testosterone of men suffering from low testosterone levels due to stress, medical conditions and other factors. Some of the other ingredients that you might find that help with your stamina and testosterone include:

  • Milk Thistle Extract
  • Turmeric Root Extract
  • Orchid Leaf and Steam Extract


Pink Magic Benefits

Every athlete eventually reaches a point where it seems like diet and exercise no longer work. USP Labs designed Pink Magic to help athletes in those positions. Within two weeks of using the product, you should notice that you can lift more weight and that you feel stronger. As it’s more natural than prescription medications and supplements that use chemical compounds, you’ll find that your general health improves as well. Other benefits of using Pink Magic include:

  • Regulates the natural hormones found in the male body;
  • Gives you more energy;
  • Reduces the aggressive feelings and alpha male behaviors you might otherwise experience;
  • Naturally increases your metabolism;
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion;


Reviews & More

Former users of Pink Magic only have a few complaints about the product. Some of those users complained that it led to acne and breakouts on their backs and shoulders, and others complained that they experienced no visible results. Those who still enjoy the product find that locating newer bottles that are still within the expiration date is difficult. Other users of the supplement claim that it’s one of the best products that they ever used and that it gave them some great results.


In Media

If you always wanted to use Pink Magic but never had the chance, today is your lucky day. USP Labs went back to the drawing board, looked closely at the existing formula and found a way to improve it. You can now find the supplement available in stores and direct from the manufacturer. This new formula contains many of the same ingredients found in the original, but it also adds some new ingredients that make the product work even faster. Pink Magic Platinum arrived in stores in the summer of 2014, and reviews of the supplement are positive. Both new users and those who used the original Pink Magic formula found that it delivered big results and worked better than they expected.


Money-Back Guarantee

As Pink Magic is no longer available direct from the manufacturer, you will not find a money-back guarantee on the product.



The amount charged for shipping depends on where you buy. Some sites offer free shipping when you spend $50 or more, while other sites offer different types of shipping with different rates for the method you select.


Customer Support

Though USP Labs no longer sells Pink Magic directly, you can contact the manufacturer with questions about the original formula or its new Pink Magic Platinum. When you use the contact form on the official site, you can ask for the company to get in touch with you over the phone or through email.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you buy from USP Labs, the company will take special steps to ensure the confidentiality of your purchase. The manufacturer will not pass your information along to any other person or company.



Pink Magic retails for $99.99 for a 120-capsule bottle. As the manufacturer discontinued the product, you may find the bottles sold for less.






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