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Phospha Muscle by MuscleTech Review – A Proven Testosterone Booster with Clinical Trials?

What Is Phospha Muscle?

Phospha Muscle is a nutritional supplement that is formulated from natural ingredients to increase the production of testosterone and mTor to achieve increased muscle growth. To achieve these results, the product uses a particular formulation of Phosphatidic Acid which triggers a release of hormones that leads to increased muscle mass and fat cell loss. The increased levels of hormones also assist with cell rejuvenation, which is even more amplified by the only other main ingredient of the formula, Tart Cherry Fruit Powder.

Testosterone boosters have become popular among bodybuilders and professional athletes because they are created using natural ingredients. They are also less expensive and less painful than injections, which use synthetic ingredients that are often less effective than their natural counterparts. Natural testosterone boosters aren’t banned by the majority of competitive bodybuilding and professional athlete networks which increase their appeal within the professional fitness market.

Phospha Muscle is one of the few testosterone boosters that uses a formulation that has shown effective results in clinical trials. During clinical trials, the main component of the product proved to increase the level of lean muscle production on individuals who worked out three times per week. However, the trial only lasted eight weeks, so long term effects of the supplement are not recorded. While the results of the clinical trial have been published, they still require peer-reviewing as well as followed up by a third party clinical trial before the information can be fully accepted by the scientific community.



MuscleTech is the manufacturer of Phospha Muscle. The company has been in business since 1995 and operates out of Texas. All of the supplements created are produced in the U.S. The process starts at the company’s own labs where the products are formulated. Next, the products are put through clinical trials to determine their effectiveness.

The last step consists of production that takes place at the company’s own facilities. They also have a facility where they monitor professional athletes while they try out new supplements. This provides another step of testing for the product to ensure the effectiveness of the supplements in a real world environment.

The manufacturer is well-known within in the nutritional supplement community because it is the highest grossing supplement company in the U.S. The company sells a variety of products that come in many forms such as protein powders, capsules, protein bars and drinks. Many of these supplements are well-known even outside of the supplement community like HydroxyCut and Mass-Tech.

The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. In the U.S., BBB accreditation is not a legal requirement for companies to obtain, so businesses must request an official accreditation. It is common for supplement companies to be not be accredited. The BBB typically assigns a rating to a company even if they don’t have an accreditation, but MuscleTech currently does not have a rating. There are also no open claims against the company visible within the BBB’s records.


How Phospha Muscle Works?

Phospha Muscle works by increasing a person’s hormone levels including testosterone. As a person ages, their levels of hormones start to decrease. Such changes result in the types of things that are commonly thought of when it comes to growing older, such as muscle loss, weight gain and a general lack of energy. The product combats these ailments by manipulating the body’s production of these chemicals.

To begin the process, the supplement releases a large dose of Phosphatidic Acid. This element is actually created by the body as well, but the increased dosage amplifies the effects. Once the Phosphatidic Acid is digested into an individual’s system, it sets off a chain reaction of chemicals. First, it signals a release of testosterone and HGH. The increase of these two hormones results in the release of mTOR, which is a type of protein that combines with the Phosphatidic Acid and causes a spike in muscle growth.

The Product is similar to its competitors in that it causes testosterone levels to rise very quickly, but many of the supplements only affect the hormone levels. Phospha Muscle starts with boosting hormone levels but then goes beyond that in order to achieve the optimal amount of muscle growth. Approaching the fitness issues related to testosterone from different angles allows the product to stand out among its competitors.


Ingredients of Phospha Muscle

Phospha Muscle only has two main ingredients: Mediator PA Phosphatidic Acid (Glycine Max) and Tart Cherry Fruit Powder. Mediator PA Phosphatidic Acid is the patented formulation of the supplement, which results in the increased testosterone and HGH that leads to the production of mTOR. Tart Cherry Fruit Powder was chosen to increase the rate at which the body recovers to help avoid any disruption of a person’s workout routine as a result of sore muscles. The breakdown of these two ingredients are as follows:

  • Mediator Phosphatidic Acid – 1500 mg
  • Tart Cherry Fruit Powder – 480 mg

Other ingredients in the product have no listed amount, but they are primarily used in the production of the soft gel. Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil is a type of fat that helps with the digestion of the supplement. Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide and Purified Water are used to morph the formula into a liquid from its original powder form. Gelatin and Glycerin are used to produce the soft gel that encompasses the liquid formula. Red No.40, Yellow No. 6 and Blue No. 1 are used for the coloring of the soft gel capsule.

Compared to other testosterone boosting supplements on the market, Phospha Muscle has a unique formulation. The product is one of the few testosterone boosters on the market that uses a type of phosphatidic acid that has been clinically tested. While many other supplements use a form of the substance, none of them use the formulation of Mediator PA, which displayed double the rate of muscle growth in studies conducted by the University of Tampa.



Phospha Muscle has the advantage over many of its competitors because of its formulation. The primary ingredient has been clinically tested to be effective to increase hormone production that results in muscle growth. There are not many testosterone boosters on the market that are backed by scientific studies, and many of the few competitors that have some science basis are loaded with ingredients that have not been tested together.

Another advantage of the product is its limited ingredients. The supplement only has two main ingredients, and those ingredients improve the effectiveness of the other. Many testosterone boosters have around 10 main ingredients, but including more ingredients doesn’t result in effectiveness because they often cancel each other out.

The product also has the advantage of being tested on humans. Even though the manufacturer saw positive results in both laboratory and clinical trials, they triple checked the product’s effectiveness on real athletes in their testing facility. This allows the product another boasting point against its competitors as well as ensuring confidence for its customers.



The main ingredient in Phospha Muscle is patented. In order to qualify for a patent, a formula must prove its effectiveness through clinical trials. In this case, the patent was requested for muscle growth in humans. The company can still apply for more patents once more trials have been completed for the product. It is not common for testosterone boosters to hold patents because the process to achieve the certification can be expensive because lab tests and clinical trials take time and financial backing without the promise of success.

Although the product doesn’t hold any other certifications, it already surpasses most of its market competitors because of the fact that it holds a patent. There are few other available certifications within the industry, especially in the U.S. Supplements produced in the European Union have to follow more production and regulation rules, so they are often awarded achievements for meeting such standards.

The product is missing a certification for facility regulation that some of its competitors hold. Although the FDA doesn’t regulate supplement production within the U.S., the department does give certification to production facilities that meet specific standards. These standards typically consist of worker safety, equipment function and hygiene levels of the facility.



I’m not a professional bodybuilder, but I do take pride in my fitness ability. Unfortunately, age has caught up with me, and I seem to lose muscle quicker than I can create it. I tried to Phospha Muscle in an attempt to reverse this process, and within two months of using it, I saw incredible results. My muscle mass literally doubled within eight weeks, and I only work out four days per week. This product is now a part of my daily life.

– David W., St. Louis, MI

It can be much harder to gain muscle as a female athlete, so I find myself constantly trying to keep up with my competitors. I felt results within a week of taking the daily supplement, and the physical results were noticeable within two weeks. I’ve also noticed increased energy, so I’ve upped my workout routine to five days a week, and the supplement is still showing improvement.

– James N., Orlando, FL

I hit the gym around three times a week. One of my gym buddies recommended this product to me after I had hit a plateau in my fitness routine. After three months of taking this product on a regular basis, I can definitely say that I am now a loyal customer for life. I went from a slightly rounded stomach to an eight-pack, and people have actually started asking me if I’m a professional bodybuilder.

– Jacob E., San Antonio, TX

Working has been the main focus of my life for nearly 20 years. As a competitive bodybuilder, I’m always looking for ways to safely increase my results. This product is my new secret weapon. I can lift more pounds than I ever have before, and even though I’m one of the oldest competitors in my area, I’m also one of the best.

– Lawrence P., Indianapolis, IN


Awards & Media Coverage

The product was featured by Muscle and Strength digital magazine. The publication noted the product’s ability to increase testosterone levels that lead to the release of mTor. The product was cited for paving the way for formulation development in the supplement community because of the amount of research and time that went into the product. Muscle and Strength recommended the product to be used on its own for moderate athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They gave it a rating of 9.7 out of 10.

The supplement was also covered by Flex Magazine’s digital publication. Flex noted the supplement’s ability to offer quick recovery post-workout. They also highlighted the product’s unique formulation, especially its inclusion of Tart Cherry Fruit Powder which has thus far been uncommon in testosterone boosters. The fitness publication recommended the product to be used on its own as well as with other Phospha Muscle supplements. Flex did not assign a rating for the product.

Only two examples of media coverage is not necessarily a negative reflection on the product. Many testosterone boosters struggle to receive recognition from fitness publications because they are geared toward a specific section of athletes. A large amount of competitors on the market also create difficulty for newer products to get noticed. The fact that Phospha Muscle has received media coverage from fitness publications sets it ahead of many of its competitors.


Money-back Guarantee

There is not a money-back guarantee on Phospha Muscle, but the used product can be returned for store credit. For returns based on dissatisfaction, the customer is responsible for both the initial shipping cost of the product and the return shipping cost. Shipping costs for returns as a result of a damaged product is covered by the company. To receive a refund on a return item, all customers are required to contact the customer service team before shipping the package back to the company.

Customers who wish to return an unopened product qualify for a full refund. U.S. customers can expect their refund to be processed within five business days of the refund being processed by warehouse personnel. For users who originally paid for the product using PayPal, there may be an additional five-day waiting period before the money can be accessed within their account. An extended hold on returned money is also practiced by certain banks and credit card companies.

Refunds for customers within the European Union are guaranteed to be processed within 14 days of the returned item being received by the company. International customers outside of the European Union have a more varied refund waiting time due to the different laws and banking practices per area. Customers can receive their refund in as little as five days, but some customers may have to wait up to a month before the money is processed.



For customers within the U.S., there are three shipping options: standard, two-day and one day. Standard shipping costs for Phospha Muscle is set at $6.22. This option takes two to four business days, but it is not available for weekend delivery. The two-day shipment option is also only available for delivery from Monday through Friday, and all orders must be made before 2 p.m. EST or an extra day will be added to the total delivery time. The price for two-day delivery for this product is $12.50.

U.S. residents also have the option of one-day delivery for $16.94. As with the two-day option, one-day shipments are only available for weekday delivery. The order must be completed before 2 p.m. EST for the shipment to be delivered by the next business day. If an individual places their order after 2 p.m. on a Friday, the shipment won’t be delivered until the following Monday. Military personnel can also receive orders for a flat rate of $5.24. Shipments to DPO, APO and FPO mailing addresses usually take around a week to arrive.

The product is available for international shipments in select countries including Brazil, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and countries that are a part of the European Union. Australian and Canadian customers have the option of standard, economy and priority shipping. Standard and economy shipping are guaranteed to arrive within 10 business days with economy shipments arriving in as little as four days, while priority mail customers can expect their packages to arrive within three to six days. Residents in the rest of the international shipment areas typically receive their packages within five shipment days.


Customer Support

Customer support for Phospha Muscle is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The support staff can be reached by phone, email or live chat. The team handles all issues regarding payments and purchases. If there are issues with the digital checkout system, customers can direct their orders through the support staff. They also take care of general questions and concerns regarding the product including ingredients and possible drug interactions.

The company was acknowledged by a third party for its customer support staff’s quick response time and friendliness. Phone support calls are conducted through human support and not a robotic service. The wait time for phone support is typically less than five minutes, but this the wait time will be extended during high volume times.

Digital correspondence is guaranteed a response within 12 hours for email answers. Click-to-chat works just as quickly as the customer support hotlines and offers little to no weight time. International customers can use all the same forms of contact to reach the service team, but phone calls should be directed to the company’s international number.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Phospha Muscle can be purchased through a secure checkout. The website uses an encryption method known as a Secure Socket Layer which prevents anyone from seeing the inputted information including credit card numbers and addresses. The website also supports a McAfee Secure stamp which verifies that the popular anti-virus is used. This prevents any virtual attacks from accessing secure information on the servers.

Customer information is used by the company for internal services like analytics and marketing development. Email information is also used for promotions and marketing campaigns, so customers can expect to receive correspondence from the company after purchases are made. Cookies are also used by the website, so there are temporary files stored on a customer’s hard drive that must be removed by the customer through the browser.

Any information held by the company is not sold to third party companies. However, if the company is sold, the purchaser receives all information collected. This does include credit card information. Customers can have their information removed from the database by contacting the company through the traditional mail with a formal request.



A bottle of Phospha Muscle usually can be purchased for $59.99. The product is only available in one size which contains 140 softgels. Unfortunately, the supplements aren’t available in liquid or powder form, but softgels are easier to swallow than standard capsules, so individuals with issues swallowing supplements in pill form may find the product manageable. The majority of testosterone boosters come in capsule form, and very few are available as soft gels or liquid.

The recommended dosage of the supplement is five softgels once per day. This results in 28 days worth of product per bottle, which ends up costing just over two dollars per day. Many of the other testosterone boosters come standard with a 30-day supply, so the product is a few days short of the month supply of its competitors. However, the majority of these other products are priced around 80 dollars. The price of Phospha Muscle is about 30 dollars less than its competitors, many of which don’t offer a scientifically tested formulation.






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