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P6 Extreme by Cellucor Review – Does It Work?

What Is P6 Extreme?

P6 Extreme’s claim to fame lies in its reputed ability to improve the weightlifting body’s natural protein synthesis to give a metabolism and energy boost as well as to increase the building up of more muscle in the user’s body. One of the great advantages to and major selling points of this supplement that differentiates it from the various competing products on the market is that this is an all natural supplement that does not contain any artificial chemicals or substances which a user may have cause to regret taking years later on in life, as with so many of the bodybuilding supplements that have negative components in them and yet despite this are still on the market these days.



The developer, maker, and promoter of this testosterone supplement is Cellucor. This is the company started by four time winner of the Mr. Olympia Competition. Because he is not simply the celebrity rep of this brand, but is also the owner and marketer of the label, he pours his love and passion for the product into the daily sales and marketing of it. A popular endorser of this product boasts over 20 years of professional bodybuilding experience. His company is dedicated to creating, developing, and marketing quality and effective products in the market for bodybuilders, athletes, and wellness fans everywhere around the world.


How P6 Extreme Works?

This supplement actually influences the way that the body’s anatomical development occurs. The components inside the product activate the body’s receptors to help enhance, to speed up, and to increase protein synthesis in the body. These proteins will then next be converted into usable energy for heavier demand workloads like sustained workouts. Besides this, the product naturally increases the individual’s metabolism rate so that he can burn off the various hard to overcome fats found in the parts of the body where muscles are supposed to predominate instead. The testosterone boosting component of the product claims to increase the male body’s overall, all-around workout and athletic performance.


Ingredients of P6 Extreme

The testosterone booster features a number of really good and independently proven ingredients within its formula, each of which contributes something significant towards the body’s total performance. Taken together, they are a combination of muscle and bodybuilding power. Ingredients inside the proprietary formula blend include:


Made up of curcumin that assists in maintaining the testosterone molecule.


Has a longstanding reputation for increasing testosterone production in the male body.


Boosts testosterone production as well and also maintains the levels achieved, particularly when taken alongside an effective and routine exercise regimen. Zinc is also useful for helping the body to circulate efficiently plenty of testosterone levels within the male organism, particularly for sportsmen and bodybuilders who need this the most.

L-Aspartic Acid

L-Aspartic acid is useful for eliminating any negative feedback that gets into the body, in particular those which are related to hard core exercise. It actually accomplishes this by converting the negative feedback to D-Aspartic Acid. D-Aspartic Acid also boosts the testosterone production within the male body.

Yerba Mate

It’s an ingredient containing abundant antioxidants that stop free radicals in the body and purge undesirable toxins that can hurt the male body and keep it from achieving a peak performance. This makes it practical for effective weight loss help too.

Stinging Nettle

Another well-known testosterone production increaser, Stinging Nettle also boosts the masculine mood and traditionally male characteristics of strength and virility as well.



To many individuals, the greatest advantage to the testosterone booster lies in the fact that is it not an artificial stimulant or dangerous drug. This means that it does not literally contain any testosterone inside the formula itself, but rather utilizes all-natural ingredients that are well-known for assisting the body in most effectively using the testosterone that the body already produces. This supplement is street legal as it is not a drug in any form and therefore does not need any additional FDA approvals to be sold or marketed.

Besides this big advantage the product offers, it also delivers these additional benefits:

  • It increases the overall performance of the man’s body.
  • It boosts male muscle mass creation and energy levels.
  • It burns off unwanted fats on men.
  • It comes with many positive customer-based reviews.
  • It is extremely affordable for practically any supplemental products budget, especially when compared to the substantially more expensive competing products on the market.



No known certificates exist on this product, and this could represent a negative detractor by itself. Both athletes and bodybuilders nationally and around the world are aware of the product and its healthy benefits for strength training. Many users who have tried the product give the supplement high marks and claim that it improves their all-around regimens of physical and athletic program training. The product has carved out a specific niche and reputation in the world of sports and muscle building athletics and at sports competitions nationally and even around the world.



This is a really terrific formula; I grew so very strong so quickly! I will be getting additional bottles of P6 Extreme for my next bodybuilding cycles. – DavidClinton555

I love how P6 Extreme boosts your testosterone levels both safely and naturally. This is so critical to building up lean muscle and gaining a great amount of strength. – BenTurner99

The testosterone booster helped me get significantly bigger so much quicker and more effectively than any of the other testosterone boosters I tried; it just made me so very hard. Thanks to it, I got the best possible results from my workout and training so I could push myself harder and farther to the next level. Many thanks, Cellucor! – Rick Jones

I have honestly tried out various other testosterone boosters. None of them seemed to much work for me personally. A buddy of mine told me to try this one out, and since I trust his judgment, I did. Boy, I am so pleased that I did. Thanks to P6 Extreme, I was able to grow much stronger and bigger quickly. – Jason Alvarez

It only took me around four days to start noticing the difference with this testosterone booster. The difference in my workouts was like day and night. I got quite a lot bigger and stronger, so it is really worth the money I spend on the product. – Bobby Drake


Awards & Media Coverage

Popular bodybuilding sites have named P6 Extreme as one of their “Top Ten” products. It demonstrates how users taking the product have been faithful repeat customers of the all-natural supplement. The numbers of positive customer reviews have helped to propel the testosterone supplement to the top of its supplement class. Most every review written on it is positive and constructive, which is uncommon in the weightlifting supplement business and industry. Athletes and bodybuilders alike are encouraged to try out this product to see if it can help them with the same results it has provided for its numerous fans in the industry so far.


Money-back Guarantee

This testosterone booster is not only sold by a single site. The good news regarding the surety and confidence-instilling measures a 100% money back guarantee provides to any new users is that a great number of the supplement sites that carry it do in fact provide such a comforting money-back promise. With this guarantee of complete and total customer satisfaction, bodybuilders and athletes the world over are able to safely try out the natural supplement for superior testosterone production and circulation for themselves personally to see how effective it is without taking on any financial risks. It also proves that the supplement merchant companies concur that this product is sound and effective, since they do not want to issue refunds back to a number of past customers. Because they know the product works, they are not worried about having to offer numerous refunds to customers who try it out for the very first time. This is a vote of confidence in the supplement product and concept.

The manufacturer is not currently promoting such a money back guarantee however. Some could make the case that if the manufacturer is not backing up its own proprietary product with a money back guarantee, then there is something to hide, at the very least a lack of confidence in the perfection of the product. Cellucor claims with great enthusiasm to be only researching, developing, and creating and marketing quality body-boosting proprietary formulas for P6 Extremeime bodybuilders, professional athletes, and hard core fitness training enthusiasts. Such a claim instills great confidence in the product and purchase, as well as in the use of their various other products beyond the testosterone supplement. Yet the lack of a no-questions-asked money back guarantee from the owner and manufacturer of the brand is at least somewhat disturbing and raises some questions.



Though there is no 100% guarantee of free shipping on any product that is sold by multiple vendors on the Internet, customers can get a good idea of what many of them are doing regarding shipping charges. Fortunately for all concerned and interested parties, free shipping seems to be standard for the P6 Extreme testosterone boosting supplement. A great number of the supplements’ vendors provide free shipping with a certain minimum purchase amount. Some of them give this free shipping on special product orders like this supplement in particular. It is easy to engage in a search for retailers who carry and vend the testosterone booster online and who will provide the best price points and also include free shipping on the sale of the product.


Customer Support

Cellucor offers a department whose function is dedicated to customer support for their products. They provide a phone number and email address for urgent contact needs. On their site, users and potential customers can find the answers to a great number and types of pertinent questions about their products like P6 Extreme.

The website also provides both good exercise routines and workout regimens for their fans and supporters. A popular bodybuilding himself personally recommends these various workouts that are promised to be most effective for bodybuilders. The site also delivers some terrific tips and additional product information and advertisements which can be a tremendous asset for athletes who are in the process of attempting to build up and encourage greater muscle growth.


Safe & Secure Checkout

In general, buyers of this and other supplemental product are 100% safe and secure when they buy it online. It is important to check out any supplement vendor’s individual site safety protocols, such as encryptions, SSL certificates, and safety logos to ensure that the site itself is both secure and trustworthy, especially pertaining to users’ personal and financial information such as name, addresses, contact information, and credit card numbers.



For any interested customers who would like to try out the product with their risk-free, money-back guarantee, the good news is that P6 Extreme may be purchased from a significant number of online supplemental web stores. The original purchase price comes out to $169.99. Interested parties can obtain it from reliable sources for as little as $160.99 with special discounts and offers, and this price is available from different online supplement vendors, however most of these offers were already expired. It is interesting and a little questionable that P6 Extreme retails for such a wide range of prices. It sells more dearly in brick and mortar traditional stores than it does online from a number of competing websites. Online, users will find it retailing for around 169.99 for the identical package size and quantity of 120 capsules, also considered to be a standard one month supply of the supplement product.

Discounts from the manufacturer Cellucor direct may be available. These can be obtained simply enough by signing up on their website for their free newsletter. It promises the possibility of Cellucor products’ discounts. The only information that a party has to provide Cellucor with in order to join and receive the free e-newsletter is his or her email address. This is why it makes sense to try to uncover any discounts that they are offering on the testosterone supplement. Signing up also provides users with special announcements, sneak peeks, and of course the newsletter.

P6 Extreme has its share of devoted fans and comes with numerous positive reviews with only a hand-full of negative reviews from a few people who are ignorantly complaining that it is too expensive (obviously they have not checked out the typically more expensive competing products lately). It is so important to only pick out a testosterone supplement like this one that is from a reputable company. Companies in the supplement business do not get any more reputable than ones that are produced, owned, and run directly by well-known and accomplished bodybuilders themselves.

Cellucor’s owner is proud of and passionate about his company and line of products because his name and reputation are riding on them. The ingredients in P6 Extreme are all well-known and independently vetted and verified for years now. With a number of safe and proven muscle and lean mass building benefits at a price point that any supplement-taker can reasonably be expected to afford, P6 Extreme is a product worth trying out that claims to provide measurable and demonstrable effects on developing muscle mass and weightlifter energy and metabolism levels within only a few days of starting to take it.






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