Nutragentex Review – Is This Product a Good Fit for Bodybuilders, Powerlifters & Fitness Models?

What Is Nutragentex?

Very few testosterone enhancers geared toward bodybuilders, powerlifters, fitness industry models, and other elite athletes concentrate on the periods of time immediately following intense workouts. This dietary supplement provides natural boosts needed for the body to properly rebuild and stimulate muscles that have been taxed due to hard resistance training.

The formulation of this supplement, while all-natural, is specifically geared toward assisting the brain and body to divert nutrients and energy to fatigued muscles during the post-workout recovery process. Single capsules are packed with plant extracts that are proven to stimulate the body’s ability to burn fat, repair muscle tissue, and create a biological environment with a higher endurance threshold.

It’s extremely common for men to experience inexplicable decreases in many factors that would normally allow them to tackle the trials of each day. Adequate testosterone levels provide the strength, energy, and mental clarity to overcome these stresses with ease. Decreased testosterone creates a physical and mental wall that holds men back from living to their potential.

Nutragentex provides help that men need to utilize maximum amounts of testosterone for normal daily jobs, as well as, recover from intense muscle fatigue in the gym. This product does not add additional, or unhealthy amounts of testosterone to the system. It does however, regulate the body’s ability to recognize the presence of testosterone, and use its composition to maintain levels of strength, endurance, and optimal growth.



Many advances in male health and athlete performance are being made in countries around the world. South African supplement manufacturers have experienced a boost in funding for research aimed at providing the best dietary supplements to the elite athletic community. Nutragentex is a company that seems to focus its work on solving the problem of men not taking full advantage of what Mother Nature has given to them.

This supplement manufacture has innovated many dietary supplements that have aided bodybuilders with their pursuit of achieving the highest levels of mass, aesthetic quality, and competitive confidence. With this supplement, this company has found a way to address one of the most overlooked aspects of athletic training and male performance.

The South African company behind this dietary supplement has enjoyed some success with other products through marketing to consumers in Commonwealth countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia. Consumer demand for exclusive products has expanded this company’s ability to provide supplements to large markets including the United States. The patented products sold by this company seem to comply with international laws, and can be freely purchased by consumers all over the world.


How Nutragentex Works?

There’s a little secret that both scientists and successful bodybuilders have known about the pursuit of building muscle. Like Lee Haney once stated, “It’s about stimulation, not annihilation.” This means that there is great evidence to suggest the most noticeable gains in muscle mass and density occur after workouts, and during periods of recovery and rest.

This supplement has a formulation that doesn’t necessarily allow the individual to set strength and performance records, but does provide elements that aid in recovery. The key to muscle mass gains is creating micro tears in muscle fiber that will be repaired with greater size and tensile strength. Without the proper nutrients and hormones present in the system, this repair cannot happen.

This product can create an atmosphere in the body that is constantly ready to repair muscle fibers that have been broken down due to extreme exercise intensity. The hormone testosterone is absolutely the most important element for muscle repair. With the amounts of hormone that this supplement supports, necessary fiber repair, strengthening, and energy reserves can be built.

The post-workout properties of this dietary supplement counteract the normal states of depletion that men experience after a workout, or a particularly stressful work experience. Muscles grow when they are exposed to intense degrees of stress. After overcoming stress, they need a period of rest and rejuvenation that provides them with the elements needed to grow bigger and more versatile. This supplement claims to provide muscles with the needed elements to recover stronger in a state where adaptation can commence.


Ingredients of Nutragentex

The world of natural elements that support human hormone functions has only recently been discovered and harnessed. Certain plant extracts have been proven by multiple scientific studies to aid a man’s internal ability to fight stress and grow beneficial muscle and energy reserves. The ingredients of Nutragentex are derived completely from natural sources, and can positively influence recovery times with prolonged use.

Tongkat Ali LJ100 – This herb contains a precise glycosaponins and eurypeptides combination that is ideal for prompting muscles to recover quickly after intense activity. It radically affects the neurotransmitters that signal the body to divert nutrients to muscle fibers.

Tribulus Terrestris – Whether extracted from the flowering plant or the tree bark, Tribulus Terrestris makes all amounts of testosterone in the body available for growth and repair functions. The manufacturer of this supplement has unimpeded access to the most potent Tribulus Terrestris resources in the world, and has included them in this formulation.

Panax Ginseng – One of the benefits of a body that is primed for muscle-building is that it is also performs at the highest levels of cognitive mental clarity. This substance assists testosterone in providing the focus and higher brain functions necessary to design and carry-out regimens aimed at transforming the body.

L-Arginine – Through a complex combination of essential amino acid infusions, tired muscles grow bigger and stronger. L-Arginine is the ideal amino complex to create an atmosphere in the body that is constantly working to repair muscle tissue that has been broken down because of resistance exercise.



Bodybuilders without thorough knowledge of the importance of recovery in the pursuit of building muscle, tend to pay little attention to their “off-time.” The majority of muscle growth and adaptation occurs after intense workouts. In order for muscles to have the incentive to grow, increase their endurance capabilities, and become more dense, they must have post-workout stimulation.

Nutragentex is designed to activate testosterone in the body to become available once muscle fibers are strained. When the fascia layers around muscle bellies are stretched, they release valuable nutrients and minerals that must be absorbed quickly to repair muscle fibers. Without a hormonal catalyst, these nutrients and minerals are wasted. The action of this supplement is centered on making sure available testosterone in the blood directs nutrients to muscle receptors, and keeps the fibers themselves in a constant state of growth.

The main advantage of this supplement is knowing that every pulse-pounding, hard-earned workout in the gym is worth the effort, once the lifting stops. An ample supply of testosterone boosting, holistic, and powerful molecules can cause the body to be in a constant state of rebuilding. With adequate hormonal support, every workout causes the layering of new muscle tissue that is harder, stronger, leaner, and ready for even more intensity.



Nutragentex has earned an industry certificate for being made from 100 percent natural products. No ingredient in this supplement is derived from synthetic, or chemical sources. This is extremely important for bodybuilders and powerlifters who are competitive in circuits that regularly test for synthetic and “gray area” supplement use. This supplement affects testosterone in the body, but will not always produce testosterone-to-estrogen levels that exceed parameters set by certain sanctioning organizations.

This product is also GMP certified. Being recognized as a product that meets and exceeds good manufacturing practice standards is important for consumers who rely on a product for continual positive results. Throughout this product’s manufacturing, international quality tests have been passed. Market-ready final production also meets every level of strict consumer testing and grading. By all standards, this supplement is safe, and it seems to present little risk of negative health side effects.



My budget is tight, so I only use supplements that I know help in every phase of my bodybuilding efforts. I use powerful Nitric Oxides for my pre-workout, high-quality protein for my meals, and Nutragentex for post-workout recovery. I have never felt weak and depleted during the months when I use this supplement immediately after my training sessions.

– Gunnar, 22, powerlifter and student

I have done extensive research on boosters that are sold on the market. So far, this is the only supplement that I’ve seen with the perfect combination of enhancers that are geared toward muscle recovery. Most supplements are all about the pump. I know that real muscle growth happens with repair, and this product seems to offer the best ingredients.

– Shawn, 41, RN and bodybuilder

I won’t use any muscle-building supplement that has methylated, or hydrolyzed ingredients. This is the best combination of plant T boosters that I have discovered. I’ve only been taking the capsules for two months, but I like the way they make me feel the morning after my most intense workouts.

– John, 30, overland truck driver

Sometimes it’s tough to talk about my deficiencies, but now that this product is helping me to overcome them, it’s not so bad. I am slowly reversing a lifetime battle with fat and lethargy. Every doctor says it’s due to low testosterone levels. I’ve taken this product for four months and have noticed a big change in the way I attack my workouts. Last week, I noticed arm and shoulder veins pop out during a workout for the first time in my life. I wake up each morning very strong and rested, and I am 60 pounds down. I can’t help but believe that this recovery supplement is doing its job very well.

– David, 19, retail clerk


Awards & Media Coverage

Nutragentex is a new proprietary formula specifically designed for male bodybuilders and athletes. It is designed to counteract periods of low testosterone action in the body. For this reason it has gained the attention of media outlets that have a wide male readership.

Men’s Health magazine has featured this supplement in concert with several articles by leading writers and trainers addressing the phenomenon of athletic performance. A common question that many men have regarding their performance in the gym and their effort to gain an ideal physique, is what to do when plateaus are reached and vigor decreases. Respected sports writers are recommending this supplement as an example of how to control post-workout fatigue. They site low testosterone as the primary reason behind weakness, mental fog, and a feeling of inadequacy in comparison to the general male population. This supplement’s formulation and anecdotal reports meet the criteria for a product worth trying.

Consumer Health Digest is also filled with forum activity regarding this product. It seems factors like low energy, stalled fat loss, and slow muscle gains are a concern for many of this site’s male subscribers. The editors of, and contributors to this site, have identified Nutragentex as a supplement that is affordable and effective for a majority of men suffering from these conditions. Media buzz has established this supplement as an effective and powerful male exercise aid that is backed by solid scientific research and quality company guarantees.


Money-back Guarantee

Nutragentex is confident in the quality and effectiveness of the exercise products it markets. It operates almost exclusively through internet pages and word-of-mouth advertising. Products like this testosterone-supporting supplement are designed to work for as large of a cross section of men as possible, but there remains instances of dissatisfaction.

With every subscription to the ordering program, an option for cancellation and purchase refunds exists. Some supplement manufacturers do not allow consumers to be reimbursed for products that do not meet their expectations, but this company is highly consumer-friendly. After contacting the company’s customer service department, renewal orders and unused bottles of this product can be returned for refunds, minus any handling charges.

The company supplying this product advertises a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that is extended to all new and continuing customers. This product is designed to work over an extended period of time to experience results, so the manufacturer recommends several months of use before making any decisions about discontinuing a subscription of this powerful testosterone booster and recovery aid.



Nutragentex processes every online order of its supplements within one business day after completing the online order form. This company ships internationally, so it is extremely important to delineate which carriers are preferred. All United States orders will be arranged using the fastest carrier service for an indicated area. Excluding holidays and weekends, every order should be delivered within five to seven business days.

This company also allows changes via telephone, or email to preferred shipping addresses and general customer informative. Private and secure shipping is guaranteed by this company, and it tries to work with the needs of customers who change addresses frequently, or move suddenly. There is an allowance of a 30-day window to make shipping address changes that will not affect the status of regular shipments of this supplement.


Customer Support

Nutragentex maintains a moderately low profile when it comes to how its supplements are made, and what ingredients are used. Once a person has established a consumer relationship with this company however, they have access to a helpful and expedient customer care department and call service. This department is responsible for fielding all questions about pricing, product manufacturing, and disputes regarding orders.

It is extremely important to understand the regulations that guide this company’s marketing and sales. None of their products are intended for males under 18 years of age, those who have medical conditions, or for people actively searching for supplements to cure and treat diseases. This company does stand by the quality of its product as described in advertisements and the details of its ordering pages.

The customer care department for this supplement company manages an international clientele, but extends quality guarantees to all of its clients. All questions about products, and disputes regarding orders, can be directed to the customer care department, which is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly representatives. The Nutragentex customer care and service department can be reached at,


888-682-1138 (8:30-5:00PM PST).


Safe & Secure Checkout

There are many ways to decipher whether a supplement order site is secure, or not. This is especially helpful when ordering from a company like Nutragentex that has company headquarters outside of North America. There are several government bodies and laws regulating the exchange of information over the internet that includes credit card and personal information. This company uses the highest levels of security to make sure all customer information is secure, not shared, and results in a trouble-free order and product subscription.

VeriSign™, ScanAlert™, GeoTrust™, TrustE™ and McAfee™ protocols are recruited to ensure completely safe and secure browsing and checkouts. This supplement company’s sales pages are checked each day by powerful scanning technology. No customer will ever be asked to upload cookies, or spyware when they order product. This is incredibly important for people who want to maintain discretion in all of their supplement orders.

The sales and order pages themselves are also secured. Multi-level encryption makes it impossible for hackers to break into company data files. It is nearly impossible for hackers to divert order information from sales pages no matter the type of browser customers choose to use. It is absolutely safe to order Nutragentex over the Internet, and privacy for all orders is an obvious priority.


Pricing & Free Trial

The free trial extended to assist customers in finding the perfect supplement is good for a period of 14 days. When ordering the first trial bottle of this supplement, a small shipping & handling fee of $9.99 USD will be charged. For the days between delivery and the end of this period, customers are invited to experience the benefits of this product with no obligation.

If a cancellation or return request is not made before the end of this period however, a charge for the full price of the initial bottle will be made at, plus a subscription to the automatic home delivery system will start. Regular price of this product is $69.95. This means a shipment of the supplement, and a charge to the indicated credit or debit account for the full regular product amount, will be completed on a regular 45-day basis. This system of product delivery is know as the Lifestyles Auto-Ship Program, and it can be cancelled at any time if a customer is not completely satisfied with an order.






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