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NOW Maca by NOW Foods Review – What Are the Key Benefits of Maca on Reproductive Health?

What Is NOW Maca?

NOW Maca is an extract made from the roots of a plant grown in Peru. This plant has been used medicinally for centuries, and there is evidence to show that it actually can help boost levels of testosterone. While you may be wary of an all-herbal supplement, the science behind it is sound. Maca is rich is plant sterols (wild yam is another plant that is cultivated for these sterols, though it is often combined with other extracts). Plant sterols represent a major molecular component of steroid hormones, one of which is testosterone.

However, another steroid hormone (which is to be avoided if you want to gain muscle and lose fat) is estrogen. Plant sterols like the ones in maca have actually been shown to lower levels of estrogen in the body. It could be that the sterol is similar enough in form to estradiol that it works on estrogen receptors in the body, causing the body to reduce production of estrogen, but more research is needed to determine whether or not this is the case. Regardless, taking maca helps to reduce the common concern that testosterone boosters, which often provide molecular components for testosterone, will actually increase estrogen and lower testosterone.

However, this plant is not just good for supporting testosterone levels. It is an herb that has been used as an energizer for years. Specifically, the all-natural energy found in this herb is a much smoother energy than that found in stimulants, and it does not cause the jitters. Taking maca can help you feel a healthy energy and motivation without the high and crash of many other supplements. Additionally, this herb is rich in saponins, molecules that are named for having foaming, soap-like qualities. Saponins have been shown to lower cholesterol, thus reducing your risk for heart disease. They also support immune function, thus making NOW Maca a useful herb to take if you are concerned with general well-being in the gym and beyond.

If you’ve used a pre-workout or testosterone booster before, you may be aware that many of these supplements have other health benefits by virtue of the inclusion of vitamins and minerals. The Maca root, because it is part of a plant, is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals that come with plenty of health benefits, including raising testosterone levels. For example, maca is rich in zinc and magnesium, two minerals that have been shown in multiple studies to support an increase in testosterone levels. It also is rich in vitamins B, C, E, iron, and calcium. With these features rolled into its natural boosting of energy, mood, and testosterone, this herb becomes an all-in-one testosterone booster.



This supplement is manufactured by NOW foods, a company that manufactures countless supplements. This company manufactures natural foods and supplements to help buyers live and feel their absolute best. The company manufactures foods, supplements, essential oils, and even supplements for pets. In order to support customers on the way to achieving their goals, this company also offers many articles and FAQ pieces addressing common concerns and questions. NOW Maca is a small part of NOW Foods’s commitment to a healthier world. Thankfully, that commitment also comes with affordable products.


How NOW Maca Works?

This is a supplement that works on a number of levels. Many extol its virtues as a testosterone booster. It also has the benefit of supporting lower cholesterol and a healthy immune system. Lastly, it increases energy in the gym and outside of it. As far as testosterone, support, you may have seen maca sold as part of a testosterone boosting compound, but in reality, the herb on its own is plenty powerful. It boosts testosterone using three central ingredients: zinc, magnesium, and plant sterols. A remarkable study showed that zinc supplementation could correct a testosterone deficiency, but that it only raised levels of testosterone levels if test subjects were deficient in zinc.

Before you dismiss that, it’s useful to know that many people are deficient in zinc. This mineral is an essential nutrient, meaning it must be obtained through the diet. It is also lost easily in sweat, so even if you eat enough zinc-rich foods or take supplements, there is still a possibility you may be deficient. Thus, having the extra zinc in maca is likely helpful regardless. It also is known for its ability to boost and regulate mood.

Magnesium is also present in maca root, an several studies have shown that it, too, can increase testosterone levels and possibly strength. One study of martial arts athletes supplemented sedentary men and men who did martial arts with the same amount of magnesium. There also was a martial arts control group who did the exercises but did not take the supplement. Results found that all groups experienced an increase in testosterone, but athletes who supplemented saw the largest increase. This suggests that, when you take magnesium (and therefore maca) with a vigorous exercise program, your testosterone will very likely go up. Another study saw that those who regularly supplemented with magnesium experienced increased muscle strength. While this study did not measure testosterone in the blood, strength is often a marker of testosterone.

The plant sterols in maca are also incredibly useful. As mentioned earlier, many people are rightfully concerned that a testosterone-boosting supplement may, in actuality, just provide building blocks for all steroid hormones, including estrogen. Since estrogen encourages fat deposition and other negative effects, it is important to avoid this as much as possible. Luckily, the plant sterols in maca have actually been shown to somewhat reduce estrogen in the body while simultaneously increasing the body’s production of testosterone. This is an all-natural, side-effect-free means of raising testosterone levels, so you get results without dangerous or uncomfortable effects.

NOW Maca has many health benefits that also can help you reach your physique goals more expediently. For instance, the inclusion of iron, calcium, and vitamins C, B, and E help to support both energy and your immune system. The healthy energy that comes from being well-nourished does not come with a rash, as many stimulants cause. Plus, avoiding illness can help keep you on track in the gym. Saponins, which are part of maca, also help to lower cholesterol. Zinc and some of the other ingredients can help to regulate mood, which supports general well being. When you feel well, you’re more likely to try harder in the gym and to have better focus and drive in other areas of your life.

Maca is often billed as an energizing herb. Those who prefer higher-powered stimulants may want something stronger, but this is an herb that provides high-quality, natural energy to those who use it. Some of this energy may be from the vitamins and minerals found naturally in the plant, but many believe that the plant has a mild stimulant effect in and of itself. Essentially, maca can help you achieve fitness goals by supporting your physical and mental health and by elevating levels of testosterone completely naturally. It can do so with no side effects and none of the crashing aftereffects of traditional stimulants.


Ingredients of NOW Maca

This supplement technically only has one ingredients, maca, which is contained in a vegetarian capsule. However, there are various micronutrients in this plant that contribute to making it a successful workout supplement and testosterone booster. below are some of the micronutrients found in maca that help make it what it is:

Vitamin B – The B vitamins are known for helping to provide healthy energy, and they also can aid in metabolizing dietary protein faster. This can aid in muscle fiber synthesis and therefore, to better and faster gains.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C supports general health and energy. It is known for its ability to support healthy immune function, thus protecting you from illnesses and making it possible to hit the gym more often. Illnesses can hinder your fitness goals and make it more challenging for you to reach them.

Vitamin E – This vitamin can help protect against neurological issues including Alzheimer’s. Additionally, it can guard you against diabetes and help reduce the effects of breathing in toxins from the air.

Iron – This supports strong bones and tissues. It is imperative to have enough iron in your body, since much is found in hemoglobin, which transports oxygen through the bloodstream to the rest of your body. An iron deficiency can result in weakness and an inability to perform to your potential.

Calcium – Calcium can support bone strength and energy. A loss of bone calcium puts you at risk for fractures, which can seriously hinder your training progress.

Zinc – Zinc is an essential nutrient whose absence can cause a loss of testosterone. It also can help regulate and elevate mood, as well as help to sharpen your focus.

Magnesium – This nutrient is tied to nerve health and also can help naturally raise testosterone. A deficiency can cause insulin resistance and even metabolic syndrome, both of which make weight gain easier and threaten to derail your progress.

Amino acids – Depending on the origin of the maca, amino acids present may be different. They are the building blocks of proteins, however, and having them as part of this supplement can help to power better gains faster.



There are many advantages to taking NOW Maca as your testosterone booster. One advantage is that it works completely naturally and has no side effects. Another is that maca, and the micronutrients in it, have been scientifically shown to raise your levels of testosterone. It also contains an array of micronutrients that support general physical and mental health, thus making maca an unusually complete nutritional supplement. Lastly, this supplement is manufactured by a company whose associates have extensive knowledge of the human body and how supplements affect it. The product has been researched and made very carefully.



NOW Maca has not won certificates. However, the company that manufactures it is known in the supplement industry for careful research and manufacturing of a very large array of supplements and foods. While it may not be a certificate, this knowledge is vital, and the company’s reputation means that this supplement, as well as others it makes, are likely to be very high quality. The fact that the company provides free literature on supplementation means that it can also work with you. These factors combined make it likely that NOW Maca may well win a certificate for being a well-researched and supported, as well as effective, maca compound.



Sometimes it helps to hear from those who have used a given supplement. Here are words from users of NOW Maca:

– Josh, 30, Pines, NC, USA:

I wanted something that gave me an edge but no jitters or other anxiety. I have too much trouble with yohimbine and other stimulants, but I just needed something to give me a boost. I was pretty skeptical of maca at first, but I love it! The best improvement has been my mental focus.

– Drew, 22, Bend, IN, USA:

I’m fairly young to need a testosterone booster, so I didn’t want to go high-power. Thankfully, I found this. It gives me a nice boost but doesn’t put me on edge or make me feel aggressive. It’s good stuff.

– Manny, 50, Sarasota, FL, USA:

I’m an old guy, and I’ve noticed I eat less as I’ve aged. I wanted to make sure I got the right nutrient profile, so I went for NOW Maca. I can tell the difference in how I look, feel, and lift!


Awards & Media Coverage

NOW Maca has not won awards or received any extensive media coverage. However, the manufacturer, NOW Foods, has won the National Best and Brightest to Work For award for three years ina row. Because the company culture is dedicated to wellness and fitness, it is possible that this product may get some more media attention. After all, maca has only relatively recently come into vogues as a testosterone booster, and it will take some time for magazines and fitness experts to evaluate the many maca options available to consumers.


Money-back Guarantee

As of now, NOW Foods does not offer a money-back guarantee. It does, however, have an online store and several brick-and-mortar stores, and there are many ways to contact customer service. If you have reservations about NOW Maca or another item prior to buying, it may be wise to ask your individual store about any existing return policies. If you buy a product and are dissatisfied, call one of the company’s customer service centers for help, and they should be able to assist you, whether that means offering store credit, a refund, or something else. This is a company that stands behind its products, and representatives are more than likely to be willing to work with you.



Customers have many shipping options. If you shop at a physical location, shipping is not necessary. If you order online, various shipping methods are available, from economy to expedited. Most shipping options are currently on a flat-rate basis. The manufacturer may offer promotions where a certain number of products purchased or a certain grand total entitles you to free shipping. Rates may vary for buyers outside of the continental United States.


Customer Support

As mentioned above, NOW Foods is staffed with dedicated health and fitness professionals who want to help you achieve your goals. The company offers a few different ways to contact a representative. You may call their headquarters by phone, or you may send a web form with your contact information and any questions you have. Employees will generally get back to you as soon as possible. If you call or leave a message on a day where they are out of the office, or if you do so after hours, they will contact you promptly upon return. This is true regardless of whether you are already a customer or just considering it.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online is daunting for many, and for good reason. We all seem to know someone who has lost something due to a site’s poor security. However, the makers of NOW Maca employ the strictest of encryption practices to protect your information. It will be safe from the outside world. Additionally, employees will not share your information in any way. You won’t be sent spam, and your contact or payment information will not be passed on. It will only be used to place your order.



Unlike some very expensive testosterone boosters and other supplements, this supplement is actually very inexpensive. While individual retailers may have slightly different prices, a bottle of 100 500-mg capsules sells for about $6-11. One serving is one capsule, so that expenditure will last you a significantly long time. Different sizes are also available – 250 capsules sells for about $12-15. You can evaluate options and choose the right size for you, although all are reasonably priced.






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