MyoTest by SAN Nutrition Review – One Powerful & Organic Booster for Bodybuilders & Athletes

What Is MyoTest?

MyoTest potentially boosts testosterone, increases vitality and power while helping to build muscle. The active ingredients are all natural and most effective when combined with a comprehensive workout program and a high-protein diet. It promotes a natural boon to testosterone and help to remedy a variety of low-testosterone scenarios, especially among young guys who require a bit more juice and older lifters who experience plunging hormone levels. Just three capsules twice daily with a meal can give guys with low testosterone

  • More energy;
  • More power to lift;
  • An eagerness to beast-out at the gym.

In addition to boosting testosterone, MyoTest also lessens the male body’s natural estrogen production and prevents the male body’s tendency to convert testosterone to estrogen. Both forms of estrogen-lowering are essential in order to promote a beneficial hormonal balance within the body of any serious lifter. Too much estrogen in a man’s body can obstruct or undo all the benefits of testosterone, such as muscle size, a sense of well being and steady gains in strength. Anti-estrogen components ensure that MyoTest product maintains its pro-testosterone capability, which when used according to the product’s instructions can result in more lean muscle and higher athletic performance.



SAN Nutrition manufactures MyoTest. The company’s presence in the sports nutrition marketplace dates back to 1996. SAN Nutrition manufactures dozens of sports nutrition products in many categories, such as diet, workout, muscle gainers, recovery and antioxidants. They also make supplements for skin and hair, contest prep, bone and joints, and vegans.

Based in Oxnard, California, SAN Nutrition has a rep for high-quality, innovative products. The development process for all of their products entails intense scientific research and practical application field studies. The company’s ability to back up claims with empirical evidence is unique in the sports nutrition industry, and it’s one reason pro athletes and elite competitors patronize SAN Nutrition with a nearly religious fervor.

SAN Nutrition also employs an industry-renowned in-house customer care department that consists of seasoned athletes. In addition to fielding customer concerns and questions, the department also provides support, product info and product recommendations to help customers achieve specific goals, from bodybuilding to general and extreme fitness. SAN Nutrition is also proudly socially responsible, supporting Save the Children as of 2016.

The company also sponsors a team of fitness professionals, professional athletes and IFBB pro competitors who participate at the national and international levels. Others are celebrity trainers and strongmen, such as Misha Koklyaev and Diego Sebastian. SAN Nutrition markets itself as the world-class supplement company for down-to-earth athletes, and the company frequently hosts open auditions for Team SAN. Applications are typically on the SAN Nutrition website. Open categories vary, but may include bodybuilding, fitness, cross fit, MMA or sports athlete. Competitive history, modeling experience and knowledge of SAN Nutrition products gleaned from personal use are a plus.

SAN Nutrition also sponsors a Street Team, which consists of fans and customers who represent the product countrywide. For compensation, SAN Nutrition gives team members free supplements. Propsective team members don’t require prior fitness or sports experience. However, on the application they must declare and explain the qualifications that make them a good fit for the team.


How MyoTest Works?

MyoTest is a pro-anabolic amplifier that increases testosterone production and free testosterone levels while lowering estrogen, which makes it safe and non-steroidal. It helps the body to naturally release much of the testosterone that is already present in a bound-up state.

What does that mean? The male body produces a certain amount of testosterone based upon many factors, such as genetics, diet, stress, age and activity level. At any given time, most of a man’s testosterone remains bound up with a special protein called albumin, while a small amount remains free and available for the body to use as required. Both bound and free testosterone are potent, but free testosterone tends to have a greater impact owing to its availability to the male body.

By balancing free testosterone levels with estrogen levels, MyoTest encourages a pro-anabolic environment within the body. This merely refers to the perfect muscle-building scenario. The perfect muscle-building scenario means that a man’s energy increases as does his power to lift heavier weights and for longer periods. His recovery time is shorter, he builds more lean muscle in less time, he burns more fat and hits his fitness goals over shorter periods without horrible side effects.

To experience the benefits, men must take MyoTest the product consistently without skipping any days. Like many pro-test supplements, the effects kick in after approximately two to three weeks of consistent use. Genetics, diet and workout regimens vary, so the speed at which the effects begin to show may vary as well. Fitness goals, supplement cocktails and nutrition go hand in hand for serious lifters and aspiring competitive athletes, so men taking this product may experience better results while consuming high amounts of lean protein, a mixture of quality slow- and fast-digest carbs, fiber-dense vegetables and lots of water daily.


Ingredients of MyoTest

Zinc as Zinc Monomethionine: Zinc is essential to cell division and cell growth within the body. It is the star of many pro-test and recovery supplements. Zinc is also crucial to a healthy level of testosterone production, and supplementation can raise testosterone levels in as little as four to six weeks.

Bioperine Is an Extract from Black Pepper

It stimulates metabolic processes and increases the bioavailability of nutrients and chemical compounds in food. Bioavailability refers to the ease with which a substance enters the human bloodstream for utilization based upon a specific delivery system. Nutrients conveyed intravenously have a high bioavailability. Since nutrients and supplements ingested via the mouth must pass through most of the digestive system before absorption takes place, bioperine mediates the relationship between the body’s metabolic-based needs and any useful compounds that enter the body. In this formulation, bioperine expedites the absorption of all the other ingredients.


A substance derived from plants and fruits. It has antioxidant and natural antihistamine properties. Quercetin lowers the clearance of unused bound and free testosterone from the male body via urine. Helping the body to maintain testosterone levels translates into a more consistent pro-anabolic atmosphere within the body.

Epimedium & Cnidium Monnieri

Flavonols, which are types of plant pigments. Epimedium, Cdidium monnieri and quercetin work synergistically to promote healthy levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and CYP-450. LH and CYP-450 are essential to the production of testosterone and the health of the adrenal glands.


An anti-estrogen compound found naturally in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and collard greens. It prevents the male body from aromatizing testosterone, or transforming it into aromatase, which is a precursor to estrogen production. Any freed-up testosterone remains in the body and continues to provide its anabolic benefits without interruption. Indole-3-carbinol results from a breakdown of glucosinolate glucobrassicin, which scientists theorize is an odoriferous defense that some plants use to discourage pests and diseases.


A type of chemical compound found in plants. Called a polyphenol, resveratrol works like an antioxidant while simulataneously behaving like a selective estrogen receptor modulator. SERM refers to any substance that inhibits estrogen levels in the body, which in turn increases testosterone. Studies show that resveratrol increases the lifespan of bacteria, worms and lab mice, and that it might have a similar life-extending effect upon human cells.

Urtica Dioica

Alternatively called common nettle and stinging nettle, Urtica dioica is the central ingredient in the testosterone-liberating blend. Urtica dioica works by preventing free testosterone from binding to albumen in the male body. It also mediates the production of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone. Though often associated with hair loss in men, DHT is up to five times more powerful than testosterone. When balanced overall with testosterone and estrogen, DHT bestows monstrous lifting power, quicker gains and performance.


Plant nutrients that help regulate hormone levels. They are present in certain foods, such as sesame seeds, flaxseeds and berries. Lignans also support the health of male reproductive organs, particularly the gonads. Gonads, or testes, produce a man’s testosterone, so the fitness of gonads can affect a man’s testosterone levels. MyoTest contains full-spectrum lignans, such as 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran, Neoolivil, Secoisolariciresinol and Isolariciresinol.

Microcrystalline cellulose

An inactive ingredient that serves as an extender.

The overall breakdown of ingredient groups and their amounts is:

  • 606 milligrams of LH and CYP support;
  • 490 milligrams of testosterone mediation;
  • 300 milligrams of testosterone liberating amplifiers.



A reliable, proven testosterone booster like MyoTest gives men many advantages. By creating the ideal anabolic environment within the body, guys can maximize gains and exploit every drop of potential locked within their genes. Testosterone is nature’s catalyst for muscle-building, period. Without an abundance of it, guys build muscle slowly or not at all. MyoTest’s product’s proprietary blend of pro-testosterone and anti-estrogen components promote a positive outlook and faster recovery time, so guys transform themselves into their ideal more quickly and in a better state of mind. Unlike hard core anabolics, there is no post-cycle withdrawal.



SAN Nutrition manufactures its products in a facility that is National Sanitation Foundation-certified. This is a major validation for SAN Nutrition and a vote of confidence to the consumer, since NSF certification confirms that:

  • Bottle contents correspond to whats on the label;
  • Supplements contain no contaminants;
  • Product formulations are accurate.

NSF certification involves testing standards in the first independent program of its kind devoted to sports nutrition supplements. NSF is not affiliated with SAN Nutrition. They are a third party that members of the sports nutrition community pay to rigorously test products for accuracy, safety and transparency.

The manufacturer is also Good Manufacturing Practice-certified. GMP certification requires frequent, extensive inspections by the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Group or the FDA Office of Compliance. Manufacturing facilities and processes must meet very stringent criteria consistently in order to receive GMP certification, which connotes a safe, responsible, structured, effective, clean manufacturing facility and process.

The manufacturing facility is also GMP-registered through NSF. The company conducts in-house analysis of supplement ingredients and material composition using high-performance liquid chromatography and fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. These analyses confirm that materials are intact, stable, high-quality, pure and devoid of imperfection.

SAN Nutrition’s products also comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Made In The USA Standard. The standard stipulates that all or virtually all of the product must physically be made in the United States in order for any company to make such a claim about its product.

The manufacturer of MyoTest and its other products in a facility that also processes egg, milk ingredients, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, soy and peanuts. Guys with allergies to any of these foods should be advised, since taking this product might cause an allergic reaction.



Positive testimonials about MyoTest are abundant on bodybuilding and e-commerce forums. Most guys do a cycle of 45 to 60 days, and then they take a few weeks off. The effects of the testosterone boost become apparent about two to three weeks in. Some guys mention an increase in the poundage they can lift, greater vascularity, a pump that never died and a heightened sense of focus on the mind-muscle connection. A few guys mentioned acne as a side effect. However, the appearance of some acne in grown men who take an over the counter pro-test supplement means that the product works. Aside from aesthetics, acne is a wonderful confirmation that this product actually does what it promises to. Some men confess to feeling extremely “alpha,” good about themselves and ready to take on anything. Hardgainers who have used this product consistently rave about it, saying it is on the only supplement that ever helps them to put on quality muscle.

Some users have even supplemented with MyoTest during shredding periods and were still able to increas the pounds they lifted despite any caloric deficits. Other users who used it during bulk-up periods said that they maintained all the size they put on long after they stopped their cycle. This indicates that their gains were true and not just water.


Awards & Media Coverage

MyoTest has yet to win any major supplement awards, but it did appear on the Livestrong website in 2011, on a list of the top 10 natural testosterone supplements.


Money-back Guarantee

SAN Nutrition offers a full money-back guarantee on all product returned within 30 days of purchase and receipt. The company prefers customers to call first and request a return merchandise authorization number. The money-back guarantee does not apply to clearance items or short-dated items.



Domestic orders ship by Fedex Ground. Shipment costs on most deliveries to addresses within the 48 contiguous states are approximately $7.00. Orders of $75.00 or more receive free shipping. Deliveries to domestic addresses outside of the 48 contiguous states cost a minimum of $6.99 or by weight for larger packages. Unfortunately, Fedex does not deliver on weekends or holidays, so these days shouldn’t be factored into estimated delivery windows.

Weekday orders received and placed before noon typically ship the same day. Fedex does not require a signature to deliver a package, but they also do not deliver to P.O. boxes. Fedex drivers have the right to refuse delivery, providing this does not contradict any shipping instructions. Deliveries to military locations might take even longer than usual.


Customer Support

SAN Nutrition is committed to building and maintain quality, long term relationships with distributors and individual customers. There is a 24-hour message service on SAN’s website, and website visitors can shoot an email to the company about general matters, product info or sponsorship. The company is also accessible as of 2016 via toll free numbers. The domestic number is 888-519-9300, and the international number is 805-988-0640. The company’s fax number is 805-278-0862.

All orders ship from the SAN Nutrition fulfillment center. Its address is:

SAN Corp.
716 N. Ventura Road
Oxnard, CA 93030


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers enjoy secure 128-bit encrypted credit card payment powered by Secure Socket Layer (SSSL) technology. This is the highest form of encryption for online payments. Customers may use Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover. Customers may also pay with a Paypal card. All orders placed receive a prompt receipt of confirmation via email. There is an info desk for reporting payment processing errors.



MyoTest comes in a single size bottle: 90 capsules, with a three-capsule serving size that users must take twice daily to experience benefits. The 90-capsule size retails for approximately $26 to $46, depending on the vendor. SAN Nutrition offers no subscription trials, does not sell or share customer contact info and does not have any free trials. However, the company does respond to requests for free samples via email. The email request form is located on SAN Nutritions website and requires a customer name, contact email and a brief message of explanation.






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