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Mutant Test Review – Learn How It Can Help Your Test Levels

What Is Mutant Test?

Mutant test is a specially formulated supplement blend designed to increase testosterone levels in men. It is marketed as a testosterone booster and includes a variety of ingredients shown to boost testosterone, energy and improve blood flow to muscles. These effects may cumulatively result in some muscle mass gain. At the very least, it should result in noticeably improved workout performance. It is considered a powerful anabolic formula. It puts forth an extreme message and appearance to entice customers, but very little of its formula can be considered extreme. In fact, its ingredients are generally common and well supported by quality research.

This is a supplement that is best used as a booster supplement to enhance overall workout effectiveness. It is still wise to combine the supplement with other workout supplements along with protein supplements to ensure fast muscle gain. It is also designed as a long-term supplement, and it’s full testosterone boosting effects will not be immediately noticeable.



Mutant Test is created by the company Mutant. This company was started in 2006 and received a great deal of attention for one of its first products: Mutant Mass. They produce a variety of workout and performance enhancing supplements designed to help customers achieve better muscle gain, superior energy levels and superior workout performance. In addition to this testosterone boosting formula, the company also sells various workout supplements.

The company, true to its name is all about the image of insane, mutant-like muscle building and inhuman results. They sell products that are designed for massive size and strength increases and like to greatly play up the hype surrounding some of their more effective products. That said, the hype is justified on many of their products, which have a track record of being effective and consistent. They certainly present as a company that appeals to extreme bodybuilders looking for incredible results.


How Mutant Test Works?

Mutant Test is designed to increase testosterone levels along with accompanying increases in energy level, stamina and muscle mass. The product uses a variety of natural ingredients to achieve this result. Users simply ingest the recommended quantity of pills and go about their daily routines. The manufacturer recommends that pills be taken in the morning on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. This allows the various ingredients to achieve the maximum amount of absorption in the body.

Like most testosterone boosters, Mutant Test contains a variety of ingredients that promote the body’s natural testosterone production. Boosted testosterone tends to increase energy levels and muscle gain, which makes such supplements useful for bodybuilding.

The change in testosterone levels happens overtime. Users can expect moderate gains in testosterone that may be noticed as in increase in overall energy and a greater ease of putting on muscle mass and strength. Keeping overall health is still important when using a testosterone booster. This includes getting adequate sleep and a healthy diet rich in leafy greens and animal fats.

One caveat when it comes to testosterone boosting results is that the effects of testosterone increases are not likely to be noticeable immediately. Mutant Test does have several ingredients that may provide a rapid increase in energy level and blood flow to muscles, but this is not due to any change in testosterone levels. It is likely that any change in testosterone, even after prolonged use, would only be assured with a blood test.


Ingredients of Mutant Test

Mutant test contains a variety of ingredients that have been shown to help boost testosterone levels and energy to varying degrees. The ingredients in the currently marketed version of the supplement are much different than those in the original formulation. The Formulation was altered in 2014. The new ingredients are generally found to be more effective than the previous formulation.

Aside from the following active ingredients, the Mutant Test capsules contain a rather large variety of filler ingredients. Some of the more dubious ingredients include artificial colors, which are completely unnecessary in supplements. Also included are grape seed extract and curcumin. These ingredients have been shown to be healthful overall, but they are not well-related to testosterone boosting or workout enhancement.

Vitamin D2 – Ergocalciferol

A single study showed that vitamin D raised testosterone levels in a group of overweight men. It was not a particularly strong finding, but the supplement industry has latched onto it heavily since that publication. Mutant Test contains an extremely high concentration of Vitamin D2 in the amount of 25 mcg or 500 percent of the daily value. It is worth noting that some research suggests that Vitamin D3, rather than D2 may be more effective at boosting testosterone, so this should be considered a very minor ingredient in the formula.

Vitamin B3 – Niacinamide

This essential nutrient is involved in the production of testosterone. All B vitamins are strongly related to the body’s natural energy production. This means that a high concentration of this substance is likely to increase energy levels and lead to better performance, stamina and testosterone. The amount included in this formula, 24 mg or 150 percent of daily value, is modest and lower than that found in most vitamin supplements. Again, this should be considered a minor ingredient in the formula.


This essential mineral is very effective at increasing the body’s testosterone production. It promotes the release of luteinzing hormones, which has been shown to greatly boost testosterone production and growth hormone. At 30 mg, the dosage included is again modest and less than that found in many regular Zinc supplements. There is some danger that too much Zinc in the body can cause health problems, including lowered immunity, but the modest dosage contained in Mutant Test is unlikely to be a problem unless combined with other Zinc supplements. It can be considered a moderately important ingredient in this formula, more effective than the other essential nutrients but less so than the following herbs and substances.

MacaTest – Maca Root

This is a natural Peruvian plant from the ginseng family. This ingredient was part of the big change to the new formula in 2014. It replaced many of the classic testosterone boosters, such as DAA that were part of the original formula. This ingredient has been shown to moderately increase mood and energy, but it does nothing for testosterone on its own. When combined with the next ingredient, however, it becomes one of the best testosterone enhancing substances currently available. It also has natural estrogen blocking properties, which eliminates the need for a separate estrogen blocker ingredient.

MacaTest can be considered one of the most important ingredients in this formulation. Its effectiveness was proved by gold standard scientific research, including a double blind and placebo controlled study.

Testosurge – Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek has long been proven as a method of boosting testosterone and energy levels. It accomplishes this primarily by triggering the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has been shown to greatly improve blood flow and decrease insulin resistance. This makes it perhaps one of the most important substances in this formulation from a workout and bodybuilding standpoint. Even if it did not contribute at all to testosterone, it would still be an effective workout enhancer. It does increase testosterone, however, especially when combined with Maca Root. On it’s own, it helps prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Since more testosterone is kept in its original form, testosterone levels rise.

Like its partner ingredient, MacaTest, Testosurge has also had its effectiveness verified by gold standard scientific scrutiny. This makes the combination of these two ingredients one of the best supported ingredients on the market when it comes to boosting testosterone and improving overall muscle gain and workout performance.

BioPerine – Black Pepper Extract

This useful ingredient is being added to many supplements and vitamins because modern research has shown that black pepper increases the bioavailabilty of many other substances. This is very important, since a supplement only does the body good if it is properly absorbed. BioPerine ensures maximum absorption of the other ingredients and increases the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the product.



Mutant Test has many advantages for bodybuilders even if they are not primarily concerned with testosterone levels. Many of the product’s ingredients improve blood flow and energy and will likely show that effect within hours of taking the supplement. This makes it a decent pre-workout supplement although it is not necessarily marketed as such. The addition of Black Pepper Extract makes this supplement superior to similar supplements in terms of efficiency and absorption. By increasing absorption, the included nutrients are rendered that much more potent because the potency and effectiveness of any ingested substance is only as high as the body’s ability to absorb it. The dosage recommendations are another plus, at least from a convenience standpoint. Only a single large daily dose is required. This makes for much less hassle than many other supplements, which call for multiple daily doses.



The Mutant Test supplement as a whole has no official certificates attached to it. Many of its ingredients, however, are strongly supported with certification and research. The three main ingredients: MacaTest, Testosurge and BioPerine have all been clinically tested, and the base ingredients have been shown to perform under clinical conditions.

Despite some strange names, this combination of clinically certified ingredients can bring peace of mind to consumers that they are getting products that have been properly tested for effectiveness. The dosage included in this formulation, while seemingly very high, has also been clinically certified as an appropriate daily dose.



Mutant Test worked great for me! I began to feel some effects almost immediately and was invigorated to head to my morning workout. I don’t like the idea of having to take so many pills at one time, and I do wish the bottle lasted a little longer considering the number of pills inside. However, it is great to only have to worry about taking it once in the morning with some water. It’s an easy habit to get into. This product has made me feel a lot better about working out, and I like that it has primarily natural and plant-based ingredients. – Robert L. Santiago, Sanger, California, USA

I have really enjoyed taking this supplement. I like the natural ingredients. Keeping things natural is important to me. It has stuff I can readily identify and learn about without having a master’s in chemistry. I’ve been taking Mutant Test for several months now, and I’ve noticed a real increase in my energy level and how I feel when working out. I don’t know how much its boosting my testosterone, but I sure do feel a lot better! – Michael M. Smith, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Mutant Test is one of the best testosterone boosters I’ve tried. I like that they are doing something different with the formula compared to so many other products out there. I felt something different about my body on the very first day and have continued to feel great ever since. My workouts have definitely improved. I know I’m going to continue using Mutant Test. – Richard L. Ehlers, Laredo, Texas, USA

This is one great supplement for bodybuilders. It promises fast results, and it delivers on that promise. I started feeling the effects after the very first dose. I love taking this right before I gear up for my morning workout routine. My body has never felt better during a workout! – Mauricio C. Lowenstein, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I was a little bit worried about he lack of guarantees or awards when I purchased Mutant Test, but I can safely say that it met my expectations. It isn’t a wonder pill, and you definitely still have to stay focused on lifting consistently, getting plenty of rest and eating right, but it does help give you energy and make you feel more prepared for the hardest workouts. – Michael K. Best, Plaucheville, Los Angeles, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Mutant Test has no specific awards attached to it. However, its producer, Mutant, has received quite a bit of media attention and hype for the effectiveness and popularity of its other products. The dramatic change in the supplements formula also got some attention in 2014 since this is not often done in the industry. It shows that despite a lack of official accolades, Mutant is dedicated to ensuring the most effective formula for its products.


Money-back Guarantee

This is one area where Mutant Test falls flat. There are no money-back guarantees offered by the manufacturer to be found. This is in contrast to the vast majority of similar products that may offer up to 90 day money-back guarantees. This product seems to offer no guarantees whatsoever, which is a rather dubious sign. It may still be possible to get refunds or returns from various 3rd party sellers of the product depending on their specific policies.



When buying directly from the manufacturers website, Mutant Test ships only to addresses in the USA. They do not ship to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses. Shipping is relatively standard with an 8 to 10 business day delivery estimate. Standard shipping and handling charges apply. There is no requirement for a signature, so deliveries will be left at the door. Keep in mind when returning unused products to Mutant that return shipping is paid by the consumer and is not refunded.


Customer Support

Mutant has relatively strict policies, and their customer service is not hailed as the most helpful group. Their return and refund policies are especially strict, requiring that bottles remain unopened. They offer a rather short 15 day window from the purchase date for returns. On top of this, returns are only accepted if customer support has been contacted beforehand and a Return Authorization Notice has been filed. This is fairly standard operating procedure for supplements, but this combined with an overall lack of guarantees may not sit well with many consumers.

The manufacturer may consider refunding opened bottles as well, but this seems to be a much more hassle-intensive process. A consumer will likely be asked many questions about why they opened the bottle if they intended to return it and the reason for the return. Remember, there is no money-back guarantee. Simply telling customer support that Mutant Test didn’t work as expected is probably not enough for a refund.


Safe & Secure Checkout

As with all quality online products and shops, Mutant offers its customers safe and secure checkout through its online store. This security is ensured with on-site encryption and is guaranteed as secure in statements on the website. Basically, there is no more or less risk associated with buying Mutant Test online than there is with any online shopping experience.



Mutant Test is not the most expensive testosterone enhancer out there, but it is not the cheapest either. It is sold by Mutant for $44.99 for a bottle containing 180 pills. This may seem like a lot of pills, but since the daily dosage is six pills, this is still only a single month’s supply. Mutant recommends an eight month dosage cycle followed by a four month rest period. This means that if a customer is serious about using Mutant Test to its maximum effect, they should be prepared to pay ten times of that per year for this supplement.






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