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Musculus X Review – Can This Product Boost Declining Testosterone Levels?

What Is Musculus X?

Musculus X is an original formula for an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement. The product is intended for men who are low on the male hormone, or are looking to improve their body’s physical appearance and overall health. This particular pill was elected the #1 muscle building product for its proven enhancement of lean muscle mass. This product is considered a quality supplement that can be included in any man’s lifestyle.

Testosterone levels can begin to decline as early as 20 years old in some men. From there, the body continues to produce less and less of the hormone every year until there is a noticeable drop that usually occurs around 30 years old. Men should be conscious of this and take steps to avoid this decline, since there are several health concerns that can arise with lower than normal levels. If the body isn’t producing a sufficient amount of testosterone, a man may find himself feeling fatigued or lacking motivation. Physically, he may notice that he is losing some of the muscle mass that he used to have. Though these conditions may not seem alarming at first, they can lead to heart disease, diabetes, or depression. Luckily supplements such as Musculus X can help men to avoid these problems.

Adding this male supplement to a daily routine is really simple. Men are to take two capsules a day at the same time of day. Some scientists recommend that the capsules be taken just before bed. This way, the body has plenty of time to work overnight while the user is resting. Many metabolic reactions are optimized during sleep, and therefore there seems to be evidence that this is the best time to ingest the supplements. Men should also take care to drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure that the body is hydrated and able to function as best as possible.

Sometimes the difference in available energy can be so drastic upon starting the supplements that some users report feeling better after the first day. Men who have taken Musculus X, in particular, claim that this energy boost hit them in record time. This is because these ingredients also supply the body with ATP, which can transport energy at a molecular level. As energy is able to move toward the muscles, workouts become a little easier and leave users feeling less fatigued.



Musculus is a manufacturing company for male hormone supplements that has been around for a few years. Musculus X is their latest formula made with all natural ingredients known to have very positive effects on the male body. The company has scientists conducting research all of the time, so that they can deliver a quality product to their customers. That is why that have sold a few different pills in the past few years.

This company operates out of Germany; however the product is available for purchase by United States residents as well. Since the production of these supplements takes place from the first concept all the way through to shipping out the final product in Germany, everything is done within the confines of German law.


How Musculus X Works?

Men are advised to take 2 capsules at a time for best results. There is some evidence to believe that the best time of day to take the pills is at night just before bed. This is because while the body rests, there is a lot of metabolic activity going on that the ingredients of Musculus X could assist with. Also, since the body is not undergoing any physical activity, all of the energy can be committed to only biological processes that improve the male body. The product is intended to increase testosterone levels naturally by promoting metabolic activity, so this is likely the best way to do that.

When the body begins to produce more testosterone, the first noticeable result is an increase in strength. This is because the ingredients that promote testosterone production also assist with the formation of lean muscle mass. Testosterone helps the body to become anabolic. This means that the body is able to combine existing muscle tissue to form larger and more complex muscles which lead to increased strength.

Another happy coincidence is that certain ingredients also help the body to burn off its existing body fat. Men who have lower than normal testosterone levels are likely to be carrying extra body fat as well. In fact, a study conducted on adult males with comparably low testosterone levels showed that about 40% of them were considered obese.

One final way in which these powerful ingredients affect the human body is by providing additional ATP. This extra adenosine-triphosphate transports energy throughout the body to where it needs to be. This is important because it gets the energy to the site of metabolic processes that need to take place for maximum results.



Musculus X does not advertise very much information about its formula or the ingredients. The label from the bottle can be found on the product’s website, however there is not much information listed. Information about what is listed on the site can be found below.

Proprietary Blend – This is the only ingredient listed on the product’s label. It is not very specific at all and gives little information as to what chemicals or herbs are included. This is a cause for concern for many men who may need the information due to allergies or personal preferences. It is explained on the product website that L-arginine, an amino acid, is a major component, however there is no information regarding what form this amino acid is presented in the pill.

As you can see, this is not a lot of information at all. The manufacturers do mention plenty of times that this is a completely organic formula, though. Concerned customers should contact the customer service line for additional information about the ingredients.



Though there is not much known about which natural ingredients are included in the Musculus X formula, there are a lot of claims made about their effects on the body. Plenty of these advantages directly benefit men who are working on a more masculine build; however some of them are just overall good health benefits.

The first result of this supplement, and likely the main reason many users decide to begin the program, is an increase in muscle mass. Subsequently, this gives users the additional strength that they are looking for. The additional testosterone speeds up the entire muscle building process for users of all types of body shapes. 65% of men who began taking Musculus X report an increase in pure muscle.

The next most relevant benefit to men working on their body is the release of additional energy. There is a lot of evidence that testosterone deficiency in males and a lack of energy are directly linked. This is because the muscle tissue is not receiving enough of the chemicals that it needs in order to function properly. After taking these supplements, 54% reported feeling more energized throughout the day.

As was previously discussed, these types of supplements increase the body’s natural metabolism. By boosting the amount of testosterone that the body produces, there are more of the necessary chemicals available to carry out these reactions. A positive result of this is that the user is able to lose body fat quickly. The average Musculus X user that was considered obese at the start of the program had about 47% less body fat after using the product for two months. Additionally these effects tend to make the body look younger and more radiant.

Finally, a great advantage of Musculus X over other similar products is that it is 100% organic. This means that none of the ingredients within the formula will cause any undesirable side effects to the body of the user.



Musculus X has not been evaluated by neither the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of the United Kingdom, nor the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. This is because the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any health condition and is not considered a drug or medicine. Instead, this is a dietary supplement for men that does not need approval.

As an all-natural product, the ingredients within the formula have been evaluated by the government agencies and have been approved. There is extensive information and research that can be found on the ingredients and their effects on the body. Other than this, this product does not hold any sort of certification.



I have been following this manufacturing company for about two years now. They are dedicated to researching the best possible formula that will give users the highest quality results, so I trust them. I don’t know a whole lot about biological chemicals or reactions, so I leave that to their professionals. I like that Musculus X is brand new and better than anything the company has produced before. I just take two pills before bed and go to gym first thing in the morning. I wake up feeling energized and ready to take on my workout. When I leave the gym, I’m not completely wiped out and still able to get through my day. I am working toward improving my strength and physical appearance and I owe a lot to this company for helping me do that.

– Jeremy, 25, Hollister, California.

I want to have kids in the future but I don’t want to do that until I am healthy and able to keep up with them. I don’t want to be losing track of them at the park or anything like that. I also want to improve my physical appearance for my loving girlfriend. I’m not exactly a small guy and can afford to burn some extra body fat but I needed some help with starting out. I tried going to the gym a few times but found myself feeling so tired and sore afterwards that I couldn’t make any real progress. Then I ordered Musculus X and everything changed. I felt more energized and I began seeing real results from the hard work that I put in at the gym. I am so proud of myself and can’t wait to see how much more I can improve.

– Frank, 23, Houston, Texas.

I was hesitant to make the order since there is so little about the ingredients listed online, but I gave it a try anyway. They really weren’t kidding when they said that the extra energy kicks in fast. It was just the assistance I needed to get more out my workouts. Musculus X is a quality product for sure.

– Alex, 32, London, United Kingdom


Awards & Media Coverage

Musculus X was just introduced to the market earlier in 2016 and has been available to United States residents for even less time. With that being said, the product has not received a lot of media attention with the exception of being featured on a variety of bodybuilding and men’s health websites. If this formula proves to maximize results, it is likely that the manufacturing company will push the product through several different media outlets to get the information out to new customers.

Though the product has not received any official awards, they have a few badges proudly displayed on the homepage of the product’s website. The first is advertising their 100% natural ingredients. The second one reads “quality approved,” implying that this formula is one of the best supplements on the market right now. Finally, they display a badge that says “#1 original formula.”


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturers of Musculus X want their customers to be as satisfied with their product as they are. They do recognize that some users may find that it is not a good fit, and they want to help these people out. There are return and refund policies in place that can assist when issues like this arise.

If one wishes to terminate their subscription to these supplements, they should contact the customer service department within 30 days of the purchase. The entire process is done by email, so if one wishes to return the product they should send an email to the support address including their full name, order number, and description for why they are wishing to cancel. From there, a customer service representative will be in contact to inform them of how to return the product and receive their refund.

Customers who complete the return and refund process can expect their money back in 5 to 7 business days. This is only after the company has received the return package. The address for shipping return packages can be found on the product’s website.



As a special promotion as of right now, the manufacturers of Musculus X are currently offering free shipping on all orders of the product. Regardless of how many bottles a customer orders, their package will be shipped with no additional cost. Packages shipped using this free option should arrive in 7 to 10 business days.

For men hoping to receive their order in a timely manner, there is a standard shipping option available for an additional € 6.99. Packages shipped through this option should arrive at the customer’s doorstep in 5 to 7 business days.


Customer Support

There is an international number listed on the contact page of the Musculus X website intended for customers to reach out in case of issues or questions that may arise. Though the company’s headquarters is in Germany, they try to reach out to customers all over the world in order to give them the best possible service and support.

For problems that are better addressed by email, there is also an address listed on the contact page of the website. Representatives are responding to emails as quickly as possible, but customers should allow 24 hours for a quality response. If the matter is more pressing, it is advised that customers use the telephone number instead.

Prospective users should probably reach out to the customer service staff before placing an order since there is so little information given about the product’s formula on the website. Even though the ingredients are supposedly organic, men who are looking to improve their body should be particularly conscious of what they are putting into it.

The listed email is how customers should reach out if they choose to cancel their subscription. An email needs to be sent to that address within 30 days of the purchase including the customer’s full name, order number, and reason for the cancellation. From there, the support staff member will walk you through the steps for returning the product and receiving a full refund.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Surprisingly, there no information on the checkout page of the official website regarding security or verification. Users should contact the customer support team to address concerns over this, since the personal information being entered could really harm someone financially if leaked. In fact, it is listed within the company’s terms and conditions that some information may be forwarded to third parties, which is sketchy.

When it comes to the payment, there are plenty of options to fit the needs of various individuals. All types of credit and debit cards are accepted including visa, mastercard, visa electron, delta, and maestro. If a bank card is not the preferred method of some users, they are not to worry. There are plenty of different ways that the bill can be paid such as paypal or a variety of other online payment services. There is also an invoice option in which the customer will need to send in a check to cover the cost within 14 days.



The pricing of Musculus X largely depends on the options chosen by the individual customer. There is currently a worldwide option for free shipping on any orders, but customers can elect to speed up the shipping process for a fee of € 6.99.

The starter pack contains only one bottle of the product for a price of € 69.95. There is currently a € 10 discount on this type of order, which means that the final price for a single bottle at this time is € 59.95.

For customers who are a little more confident that this is the supplement for them, there is a buy two get one free offer for a total of three bottles. The initial cost of this deal is € 139.90. The current discount on this bundle is € 20 for a final price of € 119.90.

The last option for a bundle of this product is a buy three get two free offer which totals 5 bottles of supplements. This package costs € 209.85 minus the discount of € 30 for a final € 179.85 price.






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