Muscle Test from SNI

Muscle Test by SNI Review – Does This Product Promote Anabolic Processes?

What Is Muscle Test?

Muscle Test, manufactured by the SNI supplements company, is a unique testosterone-boosting complex that includes a blend of components that also promote a healthy anabolic (building up) process in your body. This innovative sports action supplement revitalizes tissues of your muscles, tendons and bodily organs as well as your cartilage and joints. This fitness formula is thoroughly tested for efficacy and safety, and it steadily provides athletes with strong and lasting energy surges and sustained endurance, promoting major improvements in bodybuilding and sports training. While assisting you with increased willpower and perseverance to achieve new athletic skills and bodybuilding techniques, this empowering sports aid also enables you to build new, denser and leaner muscular mass. Within a few weeks after your first dosage of this unique fitness formula, you will be well on your way to developing a more streamlined, sleek yet well-muscled, ripped physique.



SNI sports supplements production company advertises that its products are the “Brand Built for Results.” The company logo is designed as a “Ring of Confidence” encircling the company name. Company leaders are committed to formulating and manufacturing supplements that offer optimum quality, purity and effectiveness for better sports performance and muscle development. Muscle Test and other nutritional fitness aids from this brand are designed for use by bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts of all degrees of training, experience and accomplishment. Whether you are a novice, an advancing intermediate, an experienced amateur or a recognized pro athlete, the SNI sports action enhancers will strengthen and improve all aspects of your athletics.

This company is focused on producing sports supplements with high levels of efficacy and safety for all users. SNI leaders and staff members want to provide athletes of all levels of training from around the globe with products that will give them optimal muscle growth, high energy and lasting stamina as well as speed and agility for better sports performance. Company officials believe that each fitness aid should bring athletes the exact benefits is is advertised to offer, and they place high emphasis on creating products that deliver these advantages. To SNI leaders, high-cost advertising is not nearly as important as creating supplements that have powerful, versatile and safe benefits that empower bodybuilders and other athletes, ensuring their muscular development and sports action advancement.


How Muscle Test Works?

This special sports formula has been scientifically tested and proven to have quality levels of efficacy and safety for users. With such pure, active ingredients as the amino acids, Beta Alanine and L-Histidine, that combine in your body to create Carnosine, you will experience new levels of skill, body speed and physical agility as you train at the gym. As a dipeptide, Carnosine can be found in muscle tissues and helps boost your energy and endurance for intensive exercise. This formula promotes overall enhancement of athletic prowess and strength, using only safe, natural components that have nutrient-rich content.

This fitness formula, Muscle Test, promotes greater degrees of T-production by your system, giving you greater supplies of free (active) testosterone to improved athletic performance. This supplement also supports anabolic (building up) activity in your body, revitalizing and repairing muscles and other body tissues during recovery following strenuous workouts and sports games and while you sleep at night. With increased supplies of sustained energy and stamina plus a well-rested, rejuvenated body, you will have the muscle power, stamina and energy to complete more advanced workouts and sports training as you develop lean muscularity and a sculpted, well-defined physique.


Ingredients of Muscle Test

Muscle Test includes nutritional, vitalizing ingredients, each with multiple benefits to enhance your overall exercise and muscle-developing experience, such as:

Beta Alanine

This ingredient is essential to creating carnosine in your body. Carnosine is a molecule that acts as an acid buffer within your muscle tissues and enhances your physical endurance and athletic performance. Carnosine also helps prevent catabolic (breaking down) activity in your body by free radicals, and Beta-Alanine is known to increase lean, dense muscle development.


This supplement component is an amino acid that promotes protein biosynthesis in the body for better sustained supplies of energy, stamina and muscular strength for exercise. L-Histidine also helps build up your red blood cell counts and increases bodily levels of nitric oxide for greater flow of oxygen through your bloodstream to empower all muscles and organs of your body. This versatile substance raises your iron counts for added body strength and helps rid your body of toxins.

Vitamin C

This vitamin helps your body eliminate excess water and toxins while strengthening your heart and circulatory system for better endurance and sports action. Vitamin C also energizes your entire body and helps prevent fatigue during and after strenuous bodybuilding workouts and athletic training. It also improves your system’s absorption rate of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, building and repairing bones and body tissues.

Vitamin B6

This B vitamin enables your body to transform carbohydrates into glucose to fuel all activities of your internal system and to improve your energy levels, physical strength and mental alertness for better sports results. B6 also raises your metabolic rates of proteins and fats for additional energy and stamina while helping you shred excess fat. As an aid to healthy brain activity, this ingredient also creates more neurotransmitters, or chemicals that deliver signals from your brain to your nervous system for faster, more agile athletics. In addition, B6 generates serotonin and norepinephrine, bodily hormones that raise moods, and it facilitates increases in your levels of melatonin for more regular activity of your brain’s clock, helping you sleep better and be more alert and active during all your day’s activities.


Piperine, trademarked as BioPerine, is extracted from both Piper Nigrum L (black pepper) and Piper Longum L (long pepper), and it is the component that releases their distinctive spicy flavor. This supplement ingredient improves the nutritional absorption rates of your daily food intake while enhancing your moods.

Magnesium Stearate

This white powder is a chemical salt compound composed of magnesium and stearic acid. It is not soluble in water and is frequently included in supplement formulas as a lubricant to keep ingredients from adhering to factory equipment during capsule or tablet production.


This supplement ingredient (also known as gelatine) is a clear, inflexible food substance without taste that is a derivative of collagen. It is found in various animal by-products. Gelatin is often used in the production of fitness formulas as a gelling component, speeding up the time required for manufacturing supplements.



This unique fitness formula and T-booster offers numerous benefits and advantages to athletes who use it on a regular daily basis, including the following:

  • This energizing supplement raises your bodily production levels of free (active) testosterone, helping you complete more advanced, intensive workouts for greater bodybuilding and sports action success.
  • The combined ingredients of this sports enhancing formula promote anabolic, or building up, functions throughout your body to repair and rejuvenate muscle tissues and joints during recovery after exercise and while you sleep at night.
  • This sports supplement includes such ingredients as Beta Alanine and L-Histidine, amino acids that produce Carnosine, a dipeptide, in your body, which raises your energy and stamina supplies significantly for long or demanding workouts.
  • This dynamic formula for sports improvement from SNI contains all natural, empowering and nutrient-rich ingredients, giving it high levels of safety and efficacy for daily use by athletes.



The SNI sports supplements production company upholds GMP production and manufacturing equipment standards for the production of Muscle Test and all fitness formulas. All their facilities are government approved for elite levels of cleanliness, safety and functionality to ensure the creation of pure, safe and effective products for the athletic consumers’ supplements market. SNI is respected around the globe for its production of fine quality, natural supplements that enable sports enthusiasts to build strong, powerful bodies and improve all aspects of their sports training and performance. This company informs you that you are purchasing a risk-free product that will help you make faster and greater advancements in all areas of your sports pursuits when you buy this sports supplement from the SNI brand.

As an innovative fitness aid producer, SNI issues certificates of appreciation periodically to known amateur and pro athletes as well as gym trainers for their efforts and success in promoting the use of this empowering athletic supplement among their bodybuilding and sports team trainees. Since they are often very influential sports figures for athletes in training, these professional members of the sports industry are often of major assistance to the company in raising their sales conversion rates for such unique products as Muscle Test. Because many of these experienced amateur and pro sports performers and training staff have used this effective T-booster on a regular schedule, they are very familiar with its many benefits for athletes. They understand the valuable benefits that this specialized formula provides to sports advocates when taken on a regular schedule, and they also appreciate receiving the certificates of recognition from SNI.



This unique T-booster is the best! You have to try it to believe the great energy bursts and lasting endurance it gives you for athletic training. Whether your main sports passion is building a lean, mean, ripped physique or winning your next team sports competition, this outstanding supplement offers you the muscle power, overall body strength, physical stamina and mental drive to succeed. Order your first month’s supply of Muscle Test from the SNI brand today for champion-grade sports performance.

– Ray Salerno, Sacramento, CA, USA

If you want a sports enhancement product that can bring you all-around training and performance improvement, this is it. Muscle Test from SNI has it all. Not only does it boost your testosterone levels for soaring energy, stamina and perseverance, but it also increases your system’s anabolic action, enabling it to repair and vitalize all your muscles and other body tissues during your recovery time after intensive workouts and throughout your sleeping hours at night. It raises your nitric oxide levels for more healthy oxygen distribution in your blood vessels and arteries, empowering your muscles and organs while boosting your metabolic rates for better, faster fat shredding. For that totally lean yet powerful, ripped appearance you dream of, get Muscle Test now.

– Jerry Wong, Las Vegas, NV, USA

This pure, empowering fitness formula, produced by SNI, is a powerhouse daily sports supplement for ensuring better athletic performance. You and your coaches and trainers will be amazed at just how quickly you acquire new sports playing skills and bodybuilding techniques. Faster than ever before, you will begin to develop a sleeker yet more muscular, totally ripped body and persona!

– Lance Kowalski, New York, NY, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This innovative sports formula is expected to be awarded honors and recognition from such well-respected body development and athletic performance experts at and other major sports action authorities and organizations. This unique product will probably win such awards as the Supplement of the Year award and various other awards of acclaim for its versatile and effective properties for the benefit of serious athletes. Muscle Test is also expected to gain new media coverage from multiple sources in future weeks and months. For example, this effective fitness supplement is predicted to be spotlighted and featured on major sports news networks and channels throughout this year and beyond due to its unique composition, efficacy and safety.


Money-back Guarantee

SNI company executives offer each and every buyer of this sports enhancement supplement a full money-back guarantee if they experience any degree of dissatisfaction with the purchase, receipt or use of this specialized formula. All company leaders and staff members are committed to providing athletes around the world with unique, powerful sports aids like Muscle Test for optimum sports performance improvements. If your supplement order arrives damaged or you receive the wrong product, which is rare due to the care with which each order is processed, just contact the company’s customer support division so your complaint can be handled and solved promptly. If, for any reason, your particular problem cannot be resolved by the staff, a support team member will process a complete refund of your total supplement order cost.



Shipping of Muscle Test and all products to customers, new and ongoing, is always prompt and efficient for SNI supplement orders. This sports aid production company uses only reliable, professional national shippers and international transport carrier services for delivery of all fitness formula orders. Your supplement order will be packaged carefully in durable packing materials, and your shipping address will be checked for accuracy before your order is dispatched. SNI has an excellent record of safe, prompt product deliveries to customers. However, if your supplement arrives late or damaged, or if it fails to arrive at all, simply contact the SNI customer support staff right away to request either a replacement order or a full reimbursement for the cost of your ordering expense.


Customer Support

The experienced customer support team at SNI is available 24/7 to help solve any problems that may arise relative to purchasing, receiving or using your new T-booster and overall sports performance enhancing supplement, Muscle Test. The entire staff at this quality fitness formula production company is focused on providing top-tier support for all customers. Whether you have a question about possible sales pricing or any scheduled product promotion discounts involving this supplement or your supplement order has not arrived within the time period agreed upon when you placed your order, the support team is awaiting your call or email. You can contact this expert, knowledgeable team by phone, email or via the SNI official website to receive help in resolving your queries and issues concerning your sports supplement.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout services are secure and safe, always, on the official SNI website. Many bodybuilders and other gym regulars who workout every day seeking fitness and sports improvement are concerned about privacy issues involving their personal identity data required for placing online orders of supplements. SNI leaders and staff are equally concerned about protecting valuable customer information. Subsequently, every page of the company site has been carefully encrypted to prevent misuse or theft of all buyers’ data during product purchases. Whenever you visit this site to order your initial or continuing supplies of this fitness aid, you can be sure that all your data entries on the website are completely protected.



Although the retail price for a month’s supply of this athletic performance enhancer from the SNI brand is $42.99, this product is periodically offered for as low a price as $24.50. This company wants to make its pure, empowering sports supplements available to as many athletes around the country and the globe as possible, regardless of their lifestyles and budgets. By making frequent visits to the company website, you can benefit from any price reductions that are offered for this effective fitness aid.






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